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Holiday (feat. John Gallagher Jr., Stark Sands, Theo Stockman & Company) by Green Day Song Info

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Green Day - Holiday (feat. John Gallagher Jr., Stark Sands, Theo Stockman & Company) Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Green Day song Holiday (feat. John Gallagher Jr., Stark Sands, Theo Stockman & Company) coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? When Chuck Norris played golf for money, chuck marked down a hole in 0 every time, a pro at the golf club, said to Chuck: "excuse me sir, but you cant score zero on a hole". Chuck Norris turned towards the man and said, im Chuck Norris, the man then proceeded to pour gas over his body and set himself on fire because that would be less painful than getting roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked him in the face anyways.

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Green Day - Holiday (feat. John Gallagher Jr., Stark Sands, Theo Stockman & Company) Song Reviews

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- Liar!

@Smatice It's green day u idiot Broadway recording Still green day U did not go U R A LIAR!!!!!!

- Broadway's best show

I saw American Idiot at my local theatre and i thought what they did with Green Days music was incredible. I love Green Day and having them turn their music into a musical was the greatest thing that anyone could have done!

- I'm laughing at those of you who actually thought this was Green Day

Look, just because you're mad it's not the real recording of Green Day doesn't mean it's bad. It's a MUSICAL cast recording. I personally love this, it's got great arrangements and you really need to see the story behind them to understand the changes. Green Day didn't sell out, they actually got their songs out to a bigger audience: the THEATER WORLD. Musical theater is one of the most beautiful things out there and I'm glad they reached out to musical lovers who probably didn't like them before. I personally think some of the changes to the songs give the song a more dramatic quality that it didn't have before. You really need to see the songs done live in order to see the emotion behind them. It's like saying that your friend texting you "I'm sad" sounds fake. I like the musical and it gave me a bigger respect for Green Day.

- issue

i bought Boulivard of broken dreams and Holiday and only Boulivard of broken dreams shows in my music, however when i go to redownload Holiday, it says i have it but i need to buy it again. what the hell is wrong w/ my account and can someone help me?

- For those of you who say this is not Green Day....

CANT YOU READ?!?! It says BROADWAY recording! Don't say this great album is awful because of your stupid mistake.

- How do you erase it?

Ok,I'm an idiot.I love the song boulavard a broken dreams and I thought this was the original but it's not.I want to delete it, but I don't know how.

- Holiday

That is a great song

- 💜

Luv it!!!!!

- Very very terrible

This is a disgrace to green day I would rather eat my vomit song is terrible dont get these songs not real thing how do I delete this songs



- Not as good as greenday

I love boulevard of broken dreams but hate how you have to by the whole albums for it when it's acctually greenday but I guess I'll just listen to it on Pandora

- Original album is better...

Personally, I found the original album release much better, while this album did add some new songs such as "Favorite Son" it just didn't seem like Green Day. Personally, I would recommend the original over this album.

- See Show First Then Buy This

I love love love the show. I love love love Green Day and was weary of the show at first but I was blown away! If you don't or can't see the show first, then this will sound like a Glee cover album. In this case stick with the original Green Day versions.

- Incredible!

This album and the show is absolutely incredible! It will make Broadway fans out of Green Day people, and it will make Green Day fans out of Broadway people. I LOVE everything Broadway, and I was never really into Green Day, but I heard the previews of the songs for this OBCR, and I loved them so much, I bought the whole album! Then I became obsessed and bought the Green Day collection on iTunes, and I am now a huge Green Day fan!!!


I bought boulevard of broken dreams thinking it was the original, this is broadway. They should have mentioned that in the album cover, DON'T BUY!


Dear Green Day im Going to being 16 on monday and im ur biggest fan since i first heard American Idiot. Thanks to u i went from listen to nuthing but rap to listen to rock and now i just hope that my onley birthday wish is to meet u guys or get and album autograp.

- I love billy joe armstrong!!!!!

I love Holliday it's my favorite song off the album American idiot!!!:):) it's really good live too:)<3 green day:)

- Pretty Darn Good

The originals are better but these are pretty good, my favorite is Boulevard of Broken Dreams

- Holiday

I bought Holiday ( didn't think for the rest) . I've had the song for a day . It's up to 20 plays . Not just because I'm a green day fan but because the song is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD. Absolutely loved it. Can't wait for the rest! 😱

- Best music ever

Every single one of the green days songs are good.

- i need to see the musical!

i love American Idiot ! i love the original green day album and the story. this sounds good so i would love to see it.

- Very stupid

Very annoyed that this isn't what I wanted. Thought it was, don't get this album.


I only listened to the demos for this album, and all who are in doubt, BUY IT NOW. This is SO epic. It's Green Day in their purest form!!! So don't hesitate to buy it!!! :)

- Love

I love Green Day and I love Broadway!!! This album is a collection of my favorite band's music mixed with the trained vocalizations of actors and actress' on Broadway is and epic album!!!! This shows Broadway knows how to get new fans!!

- Y brodway :(

The only good song on this album is when it's time when Billie Joe sings it. I'm adie hard green day fan and all the people who sing these songs can never replace Billie Joe Armstrong green day was ment for out door concerts not in a theater

- No god why

It was an accident! I didnt mean to buy the BROADWAY VERSION dont buy originals waaay better

- Pretty good...

...but none of these guys are a Billy Joe. Only his voice sounds the best in these songs... But this album isn't half bad, and this is coming from a diehard Green Day fan, so it must be at least pretty good.

- Amazing

I barely like covers but, this was awesome!

- Redemption

Good music I finally found you

- Go see the show!

Awesome awesome awesome show! Totally blown away! Because im such a huge green day fan I was a little unsure about the production but oh my god so good ! This album is good, and yes personally I think that the green day recordings are better (I love Billie joe's voice so much) but definetly see the show so you can get a better opinion on the album. GO SEE THE SHOW !!

- :)

Love them!!!

- I want the REEL green day

I just bought a $15 album Looking 4 green day and it's not GREENDAY

- Not bad

I hate what they did to 21 Guns but other than that , no complaints.

- WOW!!

I am a huge Green Day fan. I can see how some hardcore fans may not a fan of this version but the only thing I can say is GO SEE THE SHOW FIRST, then see if you like this CD. The show was FANTASTIC, This CD is FANTASTIC, and the original Green Day Album is one of the best albums of all time.

- Great

These guys aren't as good as green day... But their close

- Love it

Even though I am kinda young for Green Day(I saw American Idiot on Broadway at age 11) I love their music. Plus I LOVE broadway and musicals. So this is an awesome combo. They sound amazing on the CD and in performances. Love especially: 21 Guns, Letterbomb, Boulevard of Broken Dreams

- American Idiot

I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM!!!! THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER!!!! Me and my friends think "Favorite Son" is HILARIOUS!!!! And the performance is even better. I am a Broadway fan, but now I'm also a GEEN DAY FAN!!!!! I love them!!!! In the show, every one is amazing!!! I've seen the show like 10 TIMES!!!! It's that good!! I love the people in this!!!! My fav's r Mary Faber!!!! And John Galleger Jr. (I thinks that how u spell his name?)

- Awesome

For any old fan or new fan of Green Day, i would reccomend this

- Holiday

It's better than the original, mainly because of the representative of Jingletown. He makes it so much more interesting.


ya'll r the best freakin band ever!!!!!! love u and keep singing!

- Intense

Wow I'm really impressed! I wanted to see the show when they were on broadway but never got the chance. My fav is probably 21 guns, letterbomb, and boulevard of broken dreams. I am a total green day fan since 2010, but I'm not some jerk who thinks they're a fan because they know 21 guns and American idiot.

- Want my money back please

When I bought this I thought I was buying the original green day. I fill this was very deceitful and I just want my money refunded. Thanks a lot!

- Green day on broadway

Saw this on broadway today snd although it wasnt green day it was an amazing show! A must see for green day fans! You will surely appreciate there music more snd become bigger fans and understand the story behind the album.I own both albums they are both awesome and the shows incredible.

- Green Day and Broadway Collide

As both a diehard Green Day fan and a theatre kid, this album immediately caught my eye. After listening to both the originals and the broadway cast, my opinion is that they both shine, but in different ways. While Green Day's originals burst with heavy punk and raw emotions, the broadway cast's renditions add a more mellow aspect. The diversity of the songs on this album show off Green Day's work while adding a Broadway flair. This album presents more laid-back versions of Green Day classics. The harmonies and use of classical instruments give the songs a depth that has not been explored by Green Day in their albums. All in all, I love both this version and the originals, because they both offer something wonderful.

- Fantastic

I saw this musical when I was in NYC a couple years ago. i wasnever big into greenday but after listening to this I love both the musical and the original. I was very upset when I learned that it was closing on broadway and traveling across the nation and the world, but nothing I can do about it. I would deffinitly recommend this to anyone.


I'm a Green Day fan, have been for years. And I absolutely love the musical version. 21 guns is probably my favorite song, I love that they have a woman singing and the song crescendos into a beautiful sea of voices (which is strongly backed by the chorus). For anyone who enjoys the upbeat rock and pop and the powerful voices of musical theater, I highly recommend this incredible album.

- No

It's cool that they remade green day into a musical and I love that. But I think that the music remade is a disgrace

- Is It Possibile?

As a Green Day fan that enjoys everything from the 'oldies' to this new rock-opera sound, I have found unending commitment to Green Day's music. Whether it's the thought-provoking lyrics, or the raging guitar riffs, nothing moves me quite like the rock 'n roll these guys have cranked out. So is it possible, being such a fan, that I could like some of these songs MORE than the originals? The answer ladies and gentlemen is: yes. In listening to this album, I've heard amazing vocal harmonies that enhance the lyrics and melodies that Billie Joe wrote, songs put together that I never would have guessed could go together (Before the Lobotomy/Extraordinary Girl) (She's a Rebel & Last of the American Girls.) And also 'enhancements' musically that I wish the boys would have done on the album themselves, (i.e. starting off Holiday with a bass riff, or having the multiple voices at the end of American Idiot.) The combined genius of Billie Joe combined with the arrangements of Michael Mayer, provide this musical with a knock-out soundtrack. I highly recommend any Green Day fan to check this soundtrack out, and for any of you doubters out there, check it out so you can fall in love with the music too! 5 Stars!!

- And people say they didnt sell out

Please dont try to defend American Idiot and say Green Day didnt sell out....This right here is the definition. Once a great rock/punk group now trying to sell this terrible karaoke equal to that of glee. The songs arnt even sung well, just sounds like a poor mans Billie Joe

- Happy Birthday Billie Joe!

I love album! I was going to get tickets, but none of the seats were together and I was going with my mom.

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- American idiot

This is an asome cd and greenday are ledgens if you have any sence you will buy this cd

- Awesome

Love this album! When i first heard it i was little unsure whether it was any different to the original tracks, apart from the vocals, but after a couple of listens i realised that my money was well spent! Definately worth a purchase for any Green Day, whether they liked American Idiot/21st Century Breakdown or not!

- When it's time

Pay the money just for green days version of when it's time outstanding!!!

- Unfortunately You Can't Give No Stars

Epically poor. How dare they ruin Green Day like that? It's like Busted have got the songs and put them in a blender with some kind of sick boy band cr*p. It makes me want to pull my own ears off. Other than that, anything with Green Day's name on is amazing.

- Great Album!

Green Day are an amazing band, to make a musical based on them is even more amazing! Hope it comes to the UK!

- Totally awesome

It think it's a good version of these greenday songs maybe if they did one of minority then I would buy the whole album

- Surprisingly Good

Overall, great album, had a few playthroughs and now I love the different versions of these songs, there are a few songs that you think, why did you sing it that way, personally, my least favourite is "Know Your Enemy", it sounds too much as if they are shouting, rather than the original, which was not quite that shouting and had some good vocals. "Whatsername" is a fantastic version and possibly better than the original, also "21 Guns" is amazing, due the the female vocals, as the song definatly suits a woman's voice. All the songs hit the 4 star mark and most hit the 5 star marks. In my opinion, the song "When It's Time" (Green Day Version) needs a 6th star, it is outstanding, a brilliantly emotional song that Green Day's lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, wrote over 20 years a go for his wife and the moment you hear it, you know its a song you will love and a song that you will want to play at your wedding. Overall a great album, only reason it is not 5 stars is becuase its not Green Day, but then again its not meant to be, a definatly reccomended buy! D.S.

- amazing

this album just shows the things green day will do and the stuff that they can do with themselves, a mixture of sounds :D definately reccomend it totally worth the money :)

- Wow

Tell me when it's time!!!!! What a song

- Outstanding!

A fantastic sound and very clever blending of songs. A must have for all Green Day fans.

- One Word

There are no words to describe how good this album is,... okay there is, but just one "FANTASTIC", I just love the diffence is tempo, key, and the way the songs are sung. The broadway team who done the show "Bravo, Bravo." You done such a fantastic job, and I really hope you bring the show to the UK. Best song by far will be in my opinion is "WHEN IT'S TIME", Also... the blend of Favourite Sun/ We are waiting/ St. Jimmy, brillant.

- Messed up

Ok I like green day and these songs are normally good but seriously wat hav they done with all those featurings they've wreked it :(

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