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Lyrics for artist Jazmine Sullivan song Stuttering coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Guantuanamo Bay, Cuba, is the military code-word for "Chuck Norris' basement".

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- Love it!!!!

I love this album enough said

- WOW!!!

This album takes you for a ride from beginning to end. Every struggle, heart break, goods and the bads she sings about; makes you feel like your going through the struggle, the heart break, etc. with her... Her music is real life! Only a soul singer can make a song feel so real. AMAZING! A must buy!

- What a masterpeice

This album meant so much too me it honestly stand for a situation I'm at on my life this album deserves more recognition I mean she should have at least 6 singles from this album if not more I absolutely love the duet she did with neyo, I love how raw her voice is and how its relatable nd groovy. She did a phenomenal job with this album it's so soul music nd rnb . You rock jazzmine


I am a TRUE JAZMINE SULLIVAN FAN!!!! She is AMAZING n so is her work. The music industry needs to pay attention to this girl. Her music, her lyrics, her soul, her voice is unmatched in the music game. People need to get off what's hip , pop, and marketable and get back to REAL MUSIC

- This album is great

This cd was great her voice is amazing point blank.

- Love Me Back :D

Luv Back is the best song in the history of anything ever. <3

- Amazing!

This is another great Jazmine Sullivan album! If in doubt, just listen to Excuse Me and Good Enough. I wish her albums were longer but she delivers every time IMO. One of the true talents left in R&B without all the special effects and auto-tune crap


i love all her song especially U GET ON MY NERVS with ne yo i think and my other fav is 10 seconds.KEEP EM COMMING JAZMINE!!

- Jazminne Sullivan

Disappointing!! A voice like that deserves so much better. Love the Jazminne voice but lyrics/music = cheesy. I like maybe 3 songs

- Jazzy!!!

Y'all don't know true music until you experience what you listening too, and this album you will just basically experience good music haha..BUY BUY BUY!!!!

- Masterpiece

This album is one of the best album of the decade, hands down. Thank you jazmine sullivan for giving true R&B fans something to listen to.

- See For Yourself

I don't think Jazmine is capable of making a bad album. My opinion only. This album is a must have. Talent this genuine is rare. Unless your from Philly that is;)

- Can we say Grammy : )

Love love love her music...jaz is a talent to be recond with.. I hope people really don't sleep on Jazmine sulliven this time around if they do it will be there lost for sure ; ) you hav "10 seconds" to buy this cd ohboy!! ; )

- Absolutely Amazing!!!

I NEVER write reviews! This is the most amazing CD... Thank you so much Jazmine! I loved the last album, but you have definitely topped it. I have bought most of the songs and put them on my ipod, and I will be buying the CD. I need to have the songs to hear everywhere. What a creative and amazing sound! YOU GO GIRL !!!!

- Like Fine Wine -Simply Superb

Jazmine has an old spirt, wise and introspective. That shines through in her work; the material is truly about life and relationships. It's about what makes us laugh, cry, dream and wound one another. Her vocal range is incomparable. Her artistic presence is undeniable. I think the "J" label compliments her well, they seem to nurture their artists - and not suffocate the art by putting their artists in a "commerical box" - in terms of songs and brand. My favorite tracks are "Holdin' You Down" (Classic Integrated R&B and Hip Hop Sound); "10 Seconds" (Passionate High Pitched Delivery); "Good Enough" (Weird Techno Teaser, Great Lyrics make up for it); "Don't make Me Wait" (Playful, Homage to Vanity 6, Erotic); "Love You Long Time" (Heart Thumpin' Beats); "Redemption" (Powerful, Poginant, Captures how dysfunctional lifestyles and mentalities are passed down from generation to generation and how's God's Grace is sufficient); "Excuse Me" (Expertly crafted, beautiful and intricate melodies and harmonies, smooth); "U Get On My Nerves" (Duet w/ Ne-yo, cute reference to "Bust Yo Windows", Ode to Movin' On when you still have lingering chemistry with someone); and finally "Luv Back" (close out track, nice arrangement, catchy, finger snappin' groove, rhythmic). That's 9 out of 11 tracks - the other two are still impressive, they just did not speak to me personally. Whew-that's my 2 cents. Happy 2011, let's toast to good quality music!


This album is giving me so much LIFE. I can't even explain how great this album is. She has a bonus track entitled, "In Vain" that I cannot WAIT to purchase! Best soulful album I have heard in a while!

- Exceptional!

Jazmine Sullivan has the ability to paint a picture with her beautiful, yet raspy voice. That alone makes her a standout among the elite of R&B artists today. In "Holdin' You Down", you feel the heartache she has over a cheating lover. Missy Elliott's production is hot on this track as well. "Redemption" deals with some pretty deep issues, and to hear Jazmine begging to be saved will definetly give you chills. This is a great sophmore effort with even the lower points of the album sounding beautiful as ever thanks to Jazmine's deep, one-of-a-kind voice. A must buy!

- Still soulful

Hate on Jaz however you'd like but she still has it. No her voice isn't struggling, she's got a raspy voice that strong and very soulful. Glad to see her back!

- R&B Masterpiece!

The previews do not do this album justice at all!! The album is exceptional!!

- Another fantastic record!

This album is fantastic! Jazmine finds a way to update classic soul and keep it fresh. She shows some range on this album when she tries different genres. Her voice sounds just as flawless no matter what she's doing. And despite her experiments or her dabbling in old school soul, it all still feels like "Jazmine". It's a compliment to the artist that she can pay homage to many great styles of music and still allow her own personality to shine through.


WAY BETTER THAN HER FIRST ALBUM. Real soul music as opposed to that usher bullcrap 'After the Hurricane' and the like. She didn't hold back this time, but it's still fresh and relevant.

- Loving Jaz Back!!

This is the best R&B album of the year!! She is so very gifted.. Thank you Jazmine for remaining true to yourself and your fans!! I love this CD.. I love every single song.. I just can't believe "In vain" was just a bonus track.. That record is soooooooooooo sick!! Please don't leave us Jazmine..

- Love This Album

10 seconds is a bomb record love the album its great.

- Love the Sophomore album

I don't buy many albums anymore but Ms. Sullivan did not make me regret this buy. I love all but one track and that track I like. Stuttering, Famous, (the two singles of course), Don't make me wait...love, love, love, love and love. She did not hold back and I love it. A must have!!!

- The Best R&B CD of 2010

Easily the best R&B CD of 2010 and one of the top 15 CDs of the year overall. The singing is beautiful and most of the songs are focused on love yet have a unique thing to them. Jazmine Sullivan might not be the sexiest or most well known R&B singer but she is one of the best. My favorites are Going In Circles, 10 Seconds, & Famous.

- Amazing

I wish she got more respect. She really is talented !!!!! One of the few contempary R&B stars I like. Get it !!

- Missed the mark

Hmm.. I was expecting a phenomenal album from Miss Jazmine and I'm a lil disappointed after listening. I feel like they all sounded the same. There was nothing special about any of the songs except "10 Seconds" which happens to be one of my favorite songs EVER. I hate when artists put out amazing singles & the album fizzles. I unfortunately won't purchase the album. Was hoping for more.. she's so talented.

- OK

This CD didnt give me everything I was looking for from JS. The songs that I love are U Get on my Nerves & Holding you Down

- Real R&B

This is the real deal music we all can relate to modern day blues. LOVE IT!!!

- Greatness

Love it....love her. She gives us different things on this album. It's not all one note like other recent purchases.


I could listen to her over & over again. Her voice is so beautiful. I love Jazmine Sullivan (: Hope to hear more from her in the future. Great album!



- Disappointed 2 Say the Least

A Tru Blu Fan. I am shocked that her album is a H.A.M. Their are only 3 songs in my opinion that are worth listening to. Missy Elliott what the hell? I thought you had mad writiing skills. How you go do your girl like this?!?! This album is "bad business."

- Nice Album

But this isn't something I would listen to a lot or play all the way through.

- Love It!!!!

Because I'm such a lover of Jazmine I downloaded the CD without even listening to it and I must say that I'm glad I did! "Good Enough" is on a constant repeat. This CD makes you stronger in ways that you wouldn't imagine. Love it!

- A Blast of Vocals

This woman has an intensity that has only been matched by a few artist including Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion. With lyrics that say more than most people can think, the female artists is one that is going to have more than 15 minutes of fame. All her albums and singles are more than just noise, they are ballads, poetry, and heartfelt; characteristics of a true artists. Rarely do I like every song on an album, so I vote this is one of the best releases of the year, hands down.

- Surprisingly Worth The Purchase...

Let me start by saying that I actually purchases the entire album on iTunes by mistake. I only wanted a few songs. With that being said, I'm glad I made that mistake. I completely underestimated her as a vocalist. She is refreshing and definitely has the makings to be a great artist if her cards are played right. Fav tracks 1) Redemption (hot concept!!) 2) Luv back 3) Stuttering 4) Famous (single worthy) 5) Don't Make Me Wait (even though she reminds me of Kelis.. But a much better version) 6) You Get On My Nerves (single worthy) I tip my hat to you Miss Sullivan... Now, if we can work on your stage presence you will be unstoppable!!

- Chavone Marie

this album is wack and everyone know that, sound like a wack black eyeds peas album, just can not get into this R&P. Ms. Sullivan know this album is wack too, girl please start using your voice with the right sound

- This is crazy!!!

Omg this whole album is crazy I love

- Get it Jaz!

Jazzy defintely came out with another amazing cd.. My favorite songs are Redemption, You get on my nerves and Stuttering.. She sings with such heart and that is what sets her apart from other artists!!

- Bananas

I love ~ luv~ lub this entire cd omg you can't have just one favorite but "Stuttering an 10 sec" just sick love the beats Awesome just awesome!!!!!!!!!!

- Awesome!!!

This CD is the epitome of real R&B music...The Redemption song gave me chills and left me with my mouth hanging wide open...I am so speechless. JUST BUY IT!!!

- My favorite album this year!

I absolutely love this cd. Its been on repeat since it came out! I would tell you which songs I like, but I think it would be easier to tell you which ones I don't! The only song I don't listen to is "Famous". Its not a bad song, just not my cup of tea! Constant repeat songs are "Stuttering", "Excuse Me", and "Redemption". A very solid follow-up to Fearless.

- Seviin

I love love love this album Thanx Jazz


She has a great tone of voice but they need 2 give her better material, this is way 2 average

- Great Album!!

I love love love this album!! I don't have to skip to the songs that I like because I love them all!!

- Go jazzy

Go jazzy u puttin it down for the fanz baby., great album.... "u made mi wait 2 long, but love every song "! Lol;p

- Gone head jazzy j!

OMG! I love jazmine. I can't believe how she tore up the song "excuse me". Her vocal game is crazy! Gone head! LOOOVVVVE THR ALBUM!

- Go Jaz!

I love the album; less songs but still a great project!

- Where's the love?

For those of you that love her music soo much why did you only give her 4 stars? I'm just curious.

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The stuttering 😭😭😭.

Dan Adrian / Flaming65

@IsaiahKolesar No chance in hell, my render distance is 8 chunks and I’m on a $1400 PC. And in game I’m not stuttering it’s just when I was viewing playback after I recorded.


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Dan Adrian / Flaming65

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Marcus || Is In love❤🥺

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Dagm Tekia

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