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Natasha Bedingfield - Recover Song Lyrics

Been torn apart,
Got so many scratches and scars,
Maybe they won't all go away,
But they'll fade,
Maybe time can mend us together again.
It's not what we've done but, how far we've come.

We will rec..

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- Ignorant People5 star

Wow the people that think Natasha is a Ke$ha copy are really stupid because Natasha is actually from New Zeland while Ke$ha is just a washed up idiot who can't sing Anyway this song is so awesome Natasha is my favorite artist I recommend to buy this song because it speaks about not needing a bunch of make up and lights you should just be natural

- Reanimation5 star

This Album Is Unique In It's Own Way, It Holds Part Of The Old Natasha, But Shows Her Ability To Try New Sounds And Succeed In Doing So Without Destroying Her Reputation As A Wonderful Artist.

- Amazing!5 star

I can't believe her! She is absolutely amazing !! These songs are fun, heartwarming, and memorable!! I am 15, and been needing a mix of songs to choreograph a dance to... I think I found what I was looking for!! :D

- Album only.... Really?3 star

Whoever advised her to have the "less is more" tracks be "album only" needs to be fired. I love those tracks, but not enough to spend $12.99 just to get the 3 tracks I like 

- LOVE IT!5 star

This is an amzing album it's so uplifing and I love how she adresses problems that I cnad I know many others can relate to in her lyrics. I always believed music unites people and makes us feel not so alone in the world. "If I don't get up then I can't fall down." With her lyrics and captivating beats, I feel like I have something to lean on when I have a bad day. "A million black balloons headed to the ground. Weight of the world holds us down." It's beautiful and uplifting and paired with her powerful voice it's an album that will be on repeat for awhile. Personally I like the Less is More versions better than the originals, but the whole CD is a 6.5 in my opinion. :)

- There's no one like her!5 star

She's the perfect combination: (1) Relentlessly unique. She's always herself - different from everybody else; and (2) She's brilliant. Her melodies and rhythms are (objectively) sensational!

- One Word.....Awesome!5 star

You did justice! Very well put together and I feel spiritual connected with you on every track of this album. Great job Natasha!

- The best NB album yet5 star

If there's such thing as soulful pop music, this is it.

- Don't buy in stores.5 star

This album is wonderful. It brings a couple new sounds to the table while still maintaining Natasha's spunk. Her soulful voice rings clear in all the songs. But favorites are "Strip Me," "Touch," "Neon Lights," "All I Need," "No Mozart," and "Recover." And no, it's not about taking your clothes off. Also, buy this in iTunes. It's cheaper and has the Rascal Flatts bonus track.

- Fun, upbeat and full of variety5 star

I would probably never have heard of this album if not for iTunes "Genius" recommendations, but this is by far the most enjoyable album I've purchased in a while. It's upbeat enough to be great workout music, yet offers enough variety that it doesn't get stale. The lyrics are inspiring at times, with songs like "Try," "Weightless" and "Break Thru," but avoid being preachy. This is the kind of album I can listen to in its entirety and want to hear all over again.

- Too racy3 star

I like her old style : easygoing and appropriate, I love her message.

- What's real and what's not..5 star

There are so many artists out there that lip sing and are auto tuned over done that makes them sound good, but no wonder they don't do live performances, they would loose all there fans. Natasha has stayed real and sings songs that are true to her heart. She does do live performances and is just such a good singer, I've bought almost ALL her songs, she comes out with singles or new albums rarely, but when she does they are amazing and always a hit. Can't wait to hear more.

- JUST wanna SAY.......5 star

THANK YOU for staying true to yourself, Your album was amazing. Loved it. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO AND YOUR FANS WILL LOVE U AND YOUR MUSIQ

- revelation5 star

I never liked Natasha Bedingfield but i saw her on Chelsea Lately and she was adorable then when i saw her perform on new years i instantly fell in love with her voice. Touch and Try are my two favorite songs on this album! it's simply amazing. I ran out and got her first two cd's too and theyre just as amazing! Shes definitely a hot, consistent artist and i am faithfully hooked <3

- Strip Me5 star

Strip Me is amazinggggg. i heard it in the commercials for Morning Glory and always wanted it and now to have the full song is THE BEST! its such an awesome "feel good" song. better than unwritten and pocketful of sunshine.

- No Mozart but amazing in my eyes!!5 star

I have always been a big fan of her music and this album really sealed the deal for me! It's been a long time since I found an album that I can listen straight through and love every song on it. She truly is talented and I wish more people would give her music a listen. Her lyrics are beautifully written, and if I could give it 10 stars I would! A few of my favorites are : No Mozart, Strip Me, Touch, Weightless and Break Thru Spend the few extra dollars and get the deluxe (less is more) album. Its worth it! :)

- Orginal4 star

This album is great. It is not made to be like Unwritten or Pocketful of Sunshine, it is made to be it's own and just as unique as the others but no the same.

- Sweeeeeeeet :)5 star

So I'm really diggin this album. Lots of upbeat songs! I picture myself riding down the road, listening to these songs with the top down. I' d say my favorite song is Neon Lights though... All in all, a GREAT album!

- Great Cd!5 star

My favs: Weightless Revcover Run Run Run Can't Fall Down

- "Strip Me" could've been stripped even more...4 star

As much as I love Natasha's music, something is missing on this album that her previous two albums had. I can't quite figure out what's missing because there are a lot of good songs, but there is definitely something missing. Maybe to much production on each song? I don't know. I LOVE the stripped down versions of the songs more so than the actual songs. The title of the album "Strip Me" suggests that the album itself would be stripped of the usual production of a song OR that this should have been Natasha's most vulnerable most personal album yet, but unfortunately the album captures neither of these. Her first single "Touch" obviously failed to impress listeners (even though I LOVED it) and her current single "Strip Me" is mediocre at best. I love Natasha's work and will continue to listen to her music, but I think she lost her unique sound on this album that her two previous albums have. It's not that I don't like the album, it's just... different than her previous work. Anyways, some stand out songs on the album are "All That I Want (feat. Kevin Rudolf)," "Weightless," "Neon Lights," & "Touch."

- Hey5 star

I'll strip you XP

- Don't 'Run Run Run' from this record5 star

This is a must buy. Natasha has out done herself with her latest release, "Strip Me"! You will love it...please buy!

- LOVE.<335 star

I love that it's fun and up-beat. I feel like the industry should focus more on artists like her. Music is an escape and this is my first choice. :)) love it!

- A must have5 star

Excellent album. Need more artists like Natasha.

- Neon Lights2 star

This one is very bad! it seems to be getting worse :( but! Neon lights is like the best song of 2010 and mostly...2011~!

- Free album5 star

Get this album free off a app called checkpoint in the app store jus type in bonus code flores7

- Best Female Album since "The Fame Monster"5 star

title says it all.

- strip it5 star

good! love the song with rudolf in it! :)

- RECYCLED!!! / RECICLADO!!!!1 star

The track "Strip Me" has the same type of production that "Battlefield" from Jordin Sparks has, and the font from the album cover that says "Natasha Bedingfield" looks almost the same as the one in Goldfrapp's album "Supernature" 5 years ago. Something new please... ------------------------------------------------ El track "Strip Me" tiene el mismo tipo de producción que tiene el tema "Battlefield" de Jordin Sparks, y la tipografía del tapa que dice "Natasha Bedingfield" es practicamente la misma que la que usó Goldfrapp para la tapa de su album "Supernature" hace 5 años atrás. Algo nuevo por favor...

- Wow5 star

I've always loved Natasha...but this is her best CD yet. Every song is filler here. Wow....I think I just found my favorite CD of 2010...just in time.

- weightless5 star

best song of the year hands down amazing overall great

- Wow really good5 star

i love natasha already this just adds to it. i love all these songs. really goood beats and lyrics

- Love it5 star

I've missed natasha ♥. It's really, really good. She tries more beats in the background but she's still sticking to her ah-mazing style. Strip Me is a great song but my personal favorites are No Mozart and she pulls off something really special in Neon Lights. Don't forget Natasha! She's a special artist. Let's bring her to the top 10!


creative refreshing sound.... so inspirational.... empowering. i absolutely loved her before now i cant even explain! I LOVE U NATASHA!!! <3

- Fantastic!5 star

This album is amazing!

- Hmm5 star

I do LOVE her and I LOVE this album however... weightless for me is ruined by the acapella, i was expecting a more substance the ne on here sounds like a demo... :/ the songs arent really as vulnerable as the album suggests there is no UNWRITTEN or POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE on here which is a shame cos its a beautiful album otherwise :/ its definately cohesive thats not an issue, but i dunno it just seems really playful and not much substance Good album though :)

- Weird5 star

Is It Just Me Or Do All The Track Names as You Read Them Down Tell A Story?

- Great5 star

Natasha did a perfect job with this album. I believe as an lyric artist she is the best out there. Way better thatn Lady GaGa and Katy Perry.

- Great5 star

Agreed with everyone

- Just as Impressive!!5 star

Competing with the years' biggest stars new releases. Such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, etc. she just stepped up on their level with this release. All the tracks on this album are worth it. Absolutely stunning vocals, and catchy tracks. My favorites are 'All I Need' and 'Weightless' You won't regret buying this album! :)

- Natasha it's wonderful5 star

She's an amazing artist and this album it's incredible as her last release "Pocketful Of Sunshine"

- AWESOME!!5 star

The album is worth the wait...I've been waiting for it and was frowing about the release date...but now...everything's changed...the album is awesome!!! the music, the lyrics, everything! I'm a Natasha Bedingfield fan, and now just a bigger one...awesome record!

- ::::)))))))5 star

All I can say...... LOVE IT can't get enough

- I <3 This Album5 star

All of her albums are amazing & this one is just the icing on the cake!!!; )

- Natasha stripped5 star

I love this album for feeling like the sound is all Natasha. Her last album fell victim to going more mainstream which found Natasha blending in with the sound of the radio. Here she's back to being honest while still sounding fresh. "Strip Me" perfectly describes the sound of the album as her vocals take the lead to a somewhat stripped, yet quirky production.

- BEST EVEr5 star

great 18 song album. Thanks for putting a lot of hard work into this

- FINALLY!5 star

Not only is she super talented, SHE"S HOT! Call me babe!

- Natasha is Just Getting Better5 star

I loved the whole album, even though I was a bit mad at iTunes for keeping the best songs "Only Album" to purchase and enjoy, but honestly? They worth it. Yet, I haven't got that deep into the album, but I bet everybody will love it just like I did.

- She does it again5 star

Natasha Bedingfield is simply amazing. Need I say more? lol "All I Need" is my fave, although I haven't heard Kevin Rudolf. Of course, all the tracks are good.

- BEST ALBUM5 star

BEST album ever... I highly recommend it!!. you wont regret it i promise!!


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