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Ed Sheeran - Lego House Song Lyrics

I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house
If things go wrong, we can knock it down
My three words have two meanings
But there's one thing on my mind, it's all for you

And it's dark in a cold December
But I've got ya to keep me warm
If you're b..

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- Great Artist5 star

Ed Sheeran is a great artist, love his work. My favourite song from this album is Lego House

- Positive Feedback5 star

+ is an excellent album full of Ed Sheeran artistic perspective as a musician. His point of view is explained through some of his songs and he has excellent rhythm. This album contains some insightful descriptions on the dark world that we hide from but surrounds us. Give me love contains great rhythm and an excellent catchy tune which makes listeners want to join in. 10/10 :D

- A must have!5 star

Iv’e had this album for around two years now and I’m still listening to it on a everyday basis! The lyrics, Ed’s breathtaking voice and amazing guitar skills are mind blowing! The album has a great range of songs and you would be a fool not to purchase it!

- Awesome5 star

If you want some good sound then get this

- EPIC5 star

This album is Fantastic. Ed Sheeran is a Genius!! The combination of his lyrics with the music is Incredible!!! And the best part is he sounds practically the same live as he does on this Album!! (some songs even sound better live - Wish is extremely rear in music these days!!!!) 100% Amazing 10/10 for total Awesomeness!!!

- Cool5 star

He is so cool!!

- Brilliant5 star

Ed Sheeran is perhaps the most talented young artist of his generation, talented in so many different types of music. I hope to hear much more from him.

- Amazing.5 star

Everything about this album is amazing. Ed, his lyrics, his voice, his melodies. He is a legend. Everyone buy the album. Probably the best album that has come out in awhile.

- Great album5 star

Excellent album with a good mix of music from London style rap to the melodic radio hits like Lego House and Kiss Me. Great sound all round and a highly recommended album purchase.

- Amazing 👏 but.......5 star

I love this song so much 😊 but I just want to say to all these people who just write reviews to hate to stop. First of all I doubt a two year old could write this I should know my cousin is 2. To people who write that don't realize others read this and get offended so stop please and if you don't like Ed Sheehan don't just get on this to say all these things about him.

- Sexy smooth5 star

Sex drugs love and rock 'n' roll, with a pinch of smooth jazz. The cherry on top or the words viewpoints of realism in today society that can only be matched where is poetic understanding of the "humanity" we live in...

- Love it so much!5 star

I’m only reviewing on “A Team” but this song has been my favorite since I was 6 or 7, and I’m 10 now, turning 11 in early November. Although I love this song, I think what he’s singing about is someone on drugs. It kinda bothers me, but not too much to dislike the song. Its really easy to remember this song, but its not to repetitive, its perfect! This is my absolute #1 favorite song in the whole world! Also, I can sing this song really well, which is good :D. Lastly, I wish the best luck to Ed.

- Amazing.5 star

Ed Sheeran has such an amazing voice. What a beautiful gift that he has. His lyrics plus his voice makes quite the amazing song.

- Just buy it.5 star

Ed Sheeran is magical. ❤️

- lol werewolf?5 star

I love Ed sheeran Gabby allen I love his songs to there smooth I loved him sense last year and I still love him they say she's in the class a team stuck I here day dream been this way since 18 but lately her face seems crumbling In pastrems they scream 😅😅😅

- A Masterpiece5 star

This album is genius! It has a bunch of different songs and you get a little taste of all song types! It is amazing and I replay the songs over and over all day long

- Great First Album!5 star

Ed Sheeran did a great job with his first album! His voice is very soothing and it's just beautiful.

- Grade A (8)5 star

Ignore the pun in^^ but all around fantastic album. Not a single bad song. Great display of his talent and never fails to disappoint

- Incredibly talented.5 star

Ed Sheeran continues to blow me away with his unimaginable talent. Don't get me wrong, his studio versions of all of his songs are incredible, but if you really want something jaw dropping then watch anything live of his. So incredible! Definitely buy both of his albums! Can't wait to see him live in September. He deserves his fame and astonishes me because he's still such a kind, down to earth guy.

- Pure Genius5 star

He has great vocals and knows how to use them. I don't think I've heard vocals this good. ever. I love how most of these songs are just him, his guitar, and the pedal.

- THANK YOU!!!5 star

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. Love this ginger!!

- Amazing!!5 star

Best songs i have ever seen! Beautiful songs!

- PERFECT5 star

every song is so perfect😍 so proud of you Ed!!

- 👍5 star

Only problem with the album is "The a Team" title was changed somehow, making it ruin scrolling through the alphabetical list of songs

- GREAT!!5 star

I LOVE ED Sheeran and all of his songs... I especially love grade 8 and photograph :3

- phenomenal5 star

absolute talent. period.

- Omg I love it5 star

It's my all time fav album

- Lego House5 star

Lego House is one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs! It is really good!! I recommend getting that song! It is totally worth it!!

- No words.5 star

This album means so much to me and all of these songs I hold so dear. Ed is the best songwriter of our generation and with this album it proves such. I recommend his music to everyone!

- Phenomenal5 star

Ed Sheeran is an amazing artist, writer, singer, and inspiration. You can always get something out of his beautiful, heart-felt lyrics. It's raw, talented and perfection.

- 💗5 star

I love + ! 1. Drunk 2. Lego house 3. Small Bump !!!! My top 3! Pure Talent Mr. Sheeran!

- Ed +5 star

This is absolutely spectacular

- love5 star

ed is honestly the best singer-songwriter I have heard of. don't know how I'd get through the day without him and his music. love you ed!

- 😭😭😭I love this ginger!5 star

I may not be good at singing or have had some terrible life changing experience, but I still love Ed just as much as the next guy! It took me about 2-3 months to pay for ALL of his songs on iTunes and it was totally worth the money I spent on his songs!! Now I rock out to Ed sheeran everyday on my phone that's covered in an Ed Sheeran case!!! Those who don't own his albums need to buy them RIGHT NOW!!!

- Makes me want to fall in love5 star


- album5 star

love Ed Sheeran!! so far my best album!!

- I like this song5 star

I like this song a lot!

- Omg YUSSS5 star


- Buy it!5 star

You won't regret one melody, one magical verse or sublime note.

- Can't find a few songs... :(5 star

I love all of Ed's music, but I can't listen to a few of his songs!!! >.< Please fix it! It says "purchased next to the songs on iTunes, but I can't play them when I go to my music... :'( I need Ed Sheeran

- *chills*5 star

I tend to gravitate more towards alternative and rock/punk rock on one hand, singer/songwriter and really obscure music on the other, and this... wow. A team was the first song of his I ever heard and I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me, and all the while Ed was growing more popular here in the US. "Give me love" is one of the songs I DON'T like- I love the sound but the lyrics are a bit of a turn-off. However, the first time I let the track run all the way and he began to sing "The Parting Glass" (note to Ed himself: please, I beg you, release it as a track of its own) I literally sat down and cried. It's an old Irish song that I'd heard before, but I'd never heard it done quite like that and very frankly that song is what makes the album for me. I am saddened for my own sake and for the sake of other like-minded Ed fans that he is getting so popular to the point that he's considered pop and not singer/songwriter, but I am happy for him that he is getting the recognition that he deserves. Musicians today are all basically illiterate and most have no talent (*ahem* Justin Bieber, anyone?) but Ed has shattered the mold and will hopefully pave the way for others. He has a gift for words like nobody else and I hope he continues to use it to make the music we all love.

- Raddest album!5 star

If there is one album to get in your life, this is the one. Soft ballads, melodic musicality, and a passion for songwriting are all depicted on Sheeran's first album. With lyrical prose and artistic truth in his hit singles, 'Drunk' and 'Lego House', Ed sings about his past loves in a way unheard of before. From the first beat to the encore, this album is a unkept masterpiece waiting for its opening.

- Amazing!!!!!5 star


- I would give it 6 if I could ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star


- Love 💕5 star

I love him If You Don't That's A Shame You Can't Hang With Us This Ig Going To Be So Long Ily Ed Sheeran Xo I Misspelled His Last Name Oh Well Xo 💕💕💕💕💕💕

- Whata babe5 star

he's definitely the greatest singer alive

- Great album!4 star


- Amazing5 star

Song is great and amazing buy the album amazing this + album is brilliant since it shows compassion when the x album shows the hip hop and more rebellious but them both #EdSheeran #GingerJesus

- OMG .. So good!5 star

Crazy good tunes .. 'The A team' especially. Perfect. Can't wait for Ed's next.

- Awesome album!5 star

It's awesome! Love it!

- wow5 star

i love you

- NO FLAW5 star

The title basically explains YASS ED

- this is my favorite album ever5 star

This is honestly my favorite album ever. No album will top it unless its by ed sheeran.

- Ed Sheeran's Best album5 star

Beautiful perfect album, songs from the heart that make sense with amazing tunes to match them.

- late to ed's party5 star

After hearing "The A Team" about 68,000,000 times on the radio, I had prematurely dismissed Ed Sheeran as a potential one-hit wonder. I heard "Lego House" a few times, and liked it, but didn't know it was him. I got his 'x' album days after its release, and was blown away with the entire album. So, I looked closer into this one, '+', and was again blown away. Sheeran is a phenomenal song-writer/singer/performer, and has more musical depth than most commercial musicians 15 years older. Whether you get this one or his new one, you will not be disappointed.

- Perfect!!5 star

Ed Sheerans voice is the most beautiful thing that earth has given us. I have fallen in love with his voice through out both of his albums and honestly cannot get enough of his music. Buying both of his albums will not only make you realize that he has the voice of an angel, but that he is perfect. I love both of his albums and cannot get enough of his beautiful music. :) this is a must buy.

- Amazing!5 star

I will admit that I haven't purchased the whole CD, but what I had downloaded so far is GREAT! These so-called artist they have now that just only sings better watch out. Here, you have Ed who writes, sings, AND play a few musical instruments. I hope he will be around for a while.

- Great5 star


- Gingy leprechaun(:5 star

Ed is the MOST amazing singer ever. he has soo much talent words can't describe. his music & lyrics are beautiful & he's good at what he does. can't wait for him to come to the US XD


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HarshitD5 - WoW5 star

Just the the best album I have ever heard. Directly from heart👍🎧😘

TechSandvich - Ausumn !!!!5 star

Amazin' album and the song "The A Team" is ausumnnn

tauriun - Ed Sheeran All The Way5 star

The whole album is amazing. won't have to skip any song

Sathyaghan - Beautiful voice5 star

The A team song was surreal! Very versatile singer, it was a joy listening to the songs!

MrAaronCross - OMG5 star

This guy is so imaginative !

Nikhit Guntupalli - Great talent!5 star

This guy is extremely talented! :D Amazing :)

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jacobjones541 - Jacob5 star

It is a really good song

JamesO'Rourke1996 - The best album I have ever bought!!!!5 star

The best album I have ever bought!!!! Well worth it!

Friday rocks - Awesome ed sheeran the script5 star


DrummerDodge - Good album5 star

Great singer/songwriter. If the album won't play, the files are broken/missing. Delete the files and re-download. I had to do it with my entire library. It works

Jaay76 - Sicker than the average5 star

Quality album. Hopefully a new one out soon

J2215 - Will somebody please help1 star

I have downloaded this album, it took the money and has went onto my music but every time I try to listen to it it will not work. It also sometimes just goes to the last three songs and says that it is playing but it just doesn't. Any ideas?

Lord_brittie - Buy it :)5 star

Nuff' said...

BonnieTheBunny17 - Thierry Henry4 star

It's good but some of the songs are crap

Salli :) - AWESOME!5 star

I absolutely love this album! Defo worth buying! 👍 X

I love dolphins and boats - :)5 star

Really good!

-phoebe - Best album ever.5 star

I got this album for Christmas, and I haven't stopped listening to it since! Even if you don't like Ed, you'll love this album, I know I did<3 It's my favourite thing to listen too:) If you don't download it you'll miss out big time. Love you Ed!❤xo

gracejones123 - best album i've ever purchased5 star

so so good, every song is so addictive! there isn't one song that isn't good on this album.

Pigzzzzz - Omg:o5 star

Ed sheeran is acc .............<3

RyanWilliams97 - Price...1 star

Will this ever be reduced? Going to have to torrent it xoxoxo

MJHOL85 - GREAT- Ed is AMAZING!5 star

This album is fantastic! I love it He is such a great singer! <3 Best album in the world! Ed sheeran is amazing! I love ed sooo much!!xxx BEST SINGER IN THE WHOLE WORLD! It deserves 1000000 stars

Me + ed = love - So awesome xxx5 star

Isn't he just to cute did u no my guitar teacher tought ed to play guitar sooo awesome I just love him to bits xxxx Love u ed Love u ed Love u ed Love u ed Love u ed Love u ed L O V E U E D X X X X

dbxct - Amazing5 star

Amazing album well worth the money , can't wait for the next one :D

lozzie945 - amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

best ever yea so all u can shush bout it rubbish very origanal

Jazzer6363 - Ed sheeran +5 star

Hes amazing his talent is unbelievable its really worth the money I love all of his song GET IT NOW!!!!!!!

Chantelleee :) - Lovelovelove5 star

Love ed so much! All his songs are amazing

Hotgun97 - Ed is just the most amazing artist ever!!!5 star

Seriously this guy deserve more!!💰 Each single of his songs makes me cry... 😢 This is the best slow songs ever in my life!! 5 stars for this one really worth the money!

Ndiecnjnin - Stunning5 star

Brilliant, and even better live. Seriously this guy deserves more credit!

forenpsyj - Beautiful Album5 star

I bought this on CD the week it was released and then bought it today on iTunes so I had it digitally too. I still listen to it all the time, especially when I chill or a drive long distance. Every single song could be released in its own right. You can fall in love with him on every song! :)

Snuffsy899 - + is beautiful5 star

An amazing album from Ed, he's so down to earth and deserves more credit for his work! All of the songs have been written by him, Wake Me Up is a personal favourite along with Gold Rush (which you can only get by purchasing the deluxe edition, but why not!) I saw Ed live in October and he was absolutely incredible! He's a lovely guy and this album reflects his personality. This is one of my favourite albums because it captures lots of emotion and humour. Ed's also very good at rapping, You Need Me is a classic example of this! The pure talent is unbelievable, buy this album now! You're not wasting your money, it's truly outstanding, well done Mr Sheeran 😺 xx ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Ignore all the incompetent people who rated this a one star and two stars because they are obviously deaf. + went quadruple platinum! They have no idea what they're talking about.

MickyG84 - BRILLIANT5 star

What an album, even better when seen performed live. Can't wait for his next album and tour

bluebellkara - I'm a Sheerio!5 star

To all the people giving this album one or two stars are just trolls. If you don't like it, why bother rating? Just forget it and move along!

Ionarules - One of the best albums I've ever heard5 star

This album is indescribable. It's briliant and captivating. The lyrics all written by ed himself mean something. The songs are catchy and have meaning. I keep listening to them over and over again and I never get bored. I anticapate his next album. I love the songs "give me love,sunburn,the a team,kiss me" I love all of them,he should be proud of this fantastic album xx

Curlysand - Amazing!5 star

Absolutely brilliant! What an album absolutely fantastic from Mr.Sheeran!x

N Mcintosh - Mee :)5 star

This album is the soundtrack to my life.. Absolutely amazing album.. I'd buy it ten times over.. Listened to it soooo many times as of yet haven't got bored and can't see myself getting bored of it.. Its amazing... The best!!! You did a good job Ed!!

Luke Beckett - My Favourite Album... Ever!5 star

This is the best album I've ever brought on iTunes! I have played it through at least 100 times, and I never get bored of it! Seeing him live in October! Roll on the second album!

Why is it so awesome - Song5 star

Lego house is my favourite

littlebird98 - Beautiful and spine-tingling5 star

I love Ed, he is an all-round amazing artist from lyrics to melody from his voice to his guitar playing. He is real and brilliant live unlike some mainstream artists that are kicking around today. He deserves more credit for his amazing work!!!

Liamchop - Ed sheeran4 star

Amazing guy

Avacodo pants - Awesome⚠5 star

Ed Sheeren , ya can't beat him !!!

Sojayk - +5 star


Not just another teenage fan - Brilliant5 star

I want to get one thing straight from the start. I am not another teenage fan, I'm a boy who usually listens to guns n roses, the eagles, led zeppelin and so on. Most modern music is good for a few weeks, then just dies. This chap and his music are both timeless classics, you can actually hear the lyrics, and for once it's not all screechy electro pop. This man has true musical gifts, and obviously although some may not like his music or as one review at least has called it 'dull' fine as everyone has their own opinions. I think if you have never heard him much before the previews for The A Team, Drunk, You need me, and Little Bird are all good to show you what his music is like, and are good songs to start off with. If you still like him the others you need to hear all the way through to appreciate, but are very skilled pieces. You also need at least some skill to be able to rap to your own acoustic guitar whilst playing it I'm sure you will agree. The only faults I can possibly find (and that really is when i pick holes in it) are a couple are a bit quiet and have a couple of big gaps in them and one, I think it's 'sunburn' you can hear someone in the background telling him to start when he's ready. The first issue is to be expected in the soulful song(s) that they occur in and you can always turn up the volume, the second you hardly notice. Hoped this helped.

Nadia_99 - Great!!4 star

He is like one of those singers that everyone is like he's amazing why doesn't he have an grammy and why didn't he crack America.

Paper shredder241 - I love ed5 star

Ed is one of the best singers in the world I'm only young but with most singers they have sound effects ed doesn't is a born singer

Eddie Shizza Lover - Amazing album!5 star

It's the best album ever made, it's good because he actually writes his own music and plays his own instruments. I don't see why anyone would dislike it! He worked so hard and he's such a nice guy, it's definitely worth buying! Listen to his other EPs too, they're just as good as his album. He is a lyrical ginger Jesus :)

Jules Davis - Favorite5 star

Some of the best Music around!

Steewilliams - Too overproduced3 star

The album is too overproduced, Ed was best when his eps were him and his guitar sunburns ruined, you need me is condensed and not good anymore, he's put too much crap over his songs. Buy the you need me ep, or loose change or songs I wrote with Amy, much better in my opinion.

Vdosmc - Wow5 star

A song for any mood or moment you can relate to all songs one way or another, constantly on repeat in my house

LewisWollington - Zzzzzzzzz1 star


Miche :) - Love5 star

Perfect, everysong is wwickedd!!:P love you ed!!

Chronic_G - BIG 🔊5 star

BIG album.. Ed sheeran is a fricken musical genius.. Full stop.!

Carsman11 - Dull2 star

The only up beat song is 'you need me I dont need you' and even that isn't great. But the A team (even though it's miserable) is the only good song on the album. Overall not good.

Deejay_27 - Great songs from5 star

A great guy. Can't wait for the next album. If u like this try Marc Halls ep u will love it

TheRealWings56 - Amazing album5 star

Best singer ever

Lewis Butt - :)5 star

Love it

EveTsang2016 - The best....5 star

Best music I've heard in all my life.....

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Eli_Bobb5 star

@93bribri: hello stoko lang ibalik 'tong clip ni chan na nakanta ng lego house 🥺 sana sa susunod ay may happy ending ka na 👉🏼👈🏼 https:…

ViewToons5 star

tw bullying LEGO cartoons are better than some of the 3 cartoons y'all hover over Also, this community can be som…

Steve433518645 star

@ChrissyCostanza @watchvenn Your Lego house was lit nice job

SaeedTunechi5 star

I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house

Jjkspqce5 star

@kookaineaddict_: 💔 I unstanned bts 💔 because of toxic Armeries 😢 they broke into my house, stole my car and forced me to step on a lego…

Lkfazio5 star

Started putting together the @LEGO_Group Haunted House this week - it includes a disabled mini-fig! And is an amazi…

Glainavaluna5 star

@Adadieee: Lego House /\ “I will love you better now”

Mikcollinss5 star

Lego house

Shakirawells175 star

@glizzydogmaster U ever listen to Lego house by him or kiss me those r good too lol

Gracie_Raw5 star

@drskyskull: LEGO Haunted House moving along.

Drskyskull5 star

LEGO Haunted House moving along.

FaustodeGoethe15 star

@mvollmer1: These lego-like bricks for eco-friendly house #Construction MT @kashthefuturist @helene_wpli @Ronald_vanLoon @MikeQuindazz…

KirbyPug5 star

A5: I went to the grandhumas house and my human cousins made me a LEGO car. #pugchat

Jaebubbles_5 star

@alwaysbokchuu Lego House ni Chan😭✊❤

LARideShareGuy5 star

@timcimbura: We built a model of DisneyWorld with a steady stream of LEGO bricks coming into the house via the mail. Read more 👉 https:…

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