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Lyrics for artist B.o.B song Both of Us (feat. Taylor Swift) coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? The National Weather Service was going to name a hurricane after Chuck Norris but television stations would not allow them to call it "Hurricane Fuck'em Up Chuck".

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B.o.B - Both of Us (feat. Taylor Swift) Song Reviews

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- ..

some of the songs are really good especially 'Both of us'

- Fan

This Ida great album, my favs are both of us and so good

- Best Eva

Love this album it's so worth buying. Can't wait to his next one. I LOVE HIS SONG "So Good".

- BOB calls this music?!

This aint a good album. The only good songs on here are So Good and Both Of Us. The rest is just noise. Very depresing. BOB should stick to more mainstream stuff. Wouldve givin it 1 star if it werent for So Good and Both of us.

- Sooo good

All the songs are good when you now the lyrics



- Awesome!!

Awesome as album, especially out of my mind! : )

- 'Strange Clouds' review

This album is amazing!! Packed full of singles! My favourite is Out of my Mind Nicki is amazing!! Strange CLouds, So Good, Where Are You Now and So Hard to Breathe are all great build ups but Play the Guitar is not on it!! :( But it is very amazing follow up to The Adventures of Bobby Ray.



- Best album ever

this album is awesome espeasily "Both Of Us"

- Love it!!!!

B.o.B has done it again!! amazing album!!! worth every dollar!!

- So good

B.O.B is god

- awsum album

gotta love it b.o.b releasin gr8 new tunes

- Great Songs!

Like BoB songs are very something different and amazing music.

- Nice!!!

Great album! Loved "Both of Us"

- A True Classic

BoB has such an eclectic range of beats, hooks, and meanings in his songs it's pretty refreshing. Chandelier is one of the most inspirational songs ever written and Just a Sign is mind blowingly well done. This record is better than his first and that's saying a lot. I also love that BoB doesn't feel the need to be disrespectful towards women to describe his love and lust for them.

- Strange Clouds

B.o.B just keeps killin yet again. He's one underrated rapper and I think he deserves a bit more popularity but not too much.

- AwEsOmE!

This album is awesome, i started with a favorite song from this but now all are my favorite! Make another album like this B.O.B.! If he keeps rappin' like this I'll stay tuned.

- Awsome

I like B.o.B but first song with Morgan freeman in it I have ever seen


I'm "Out of my Mind" for B.o.B. This guy is awesome. Thats all i have to say

- Just G.o.o.D

I like BOB

- good nuff said

it's a good song except the part where Nikki comes in besides that GREAT SONG

- B.o.B Strange Clouds Album

I absolutely love this album. Every song is amazing, and I believe B.o.B's hard work on this album has paid off. I will never get tired of listening to this album, it is so worth it. B.o.B is an amazing artist, and both of his albums prove that.

- B.o.b

One of the few memorable albums of 2012



- Best

One day he will be at the top of rap but not today

- Perfection

This is actual rap!!! Real lyrics and beats. Every song could be a favorite. Defiantly top 3 rap albums of 2012

- Musical genius in the making!

B.o.B aka Bobby Ray takes chances in the industry, working with Paramore's Haley Williams and once country singer Taylor Swift, and honestly, I'm surprised how much I love "Airplanes" and "Both of Us"! One of my fave rappers out there to this date. His collab with Taylor Swift is smooth like butter...makes me hum in happiness.

- Great

I think this has to be his best album. Absolutely awesome!!!!


Top Songs😍 1. Chandelie 2. Both of Us 3. Strange Clouds 4. So Good 5. Ray Bands

- Amazing!

So I bought this album the day it came out. I have to stay it is still great, hasn't got old at all. I still agree with what I said before (its below this). Buy this album, you won't regret it. It's amazing! I bought this album right when it came out. This album is so good! B.o.B is my favorite rapper and has one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard. I love every song on the album! There is not a single song that is bad!

- Great

This album is packed with great songs. my favorites are Bombs Away, strange clouds and Arena

- B.O.B.

Not a bad song imo Bobby Ray always brings his A game

- He could do better

B.o.B. did a pretty ok job on this album, it started off pretty good but ended up being ok later down the line but overall it's a ok album

- Amazing 👏

This is why he is my favorite , different sounds , nice flow , hard lyrics , real poet can't even call him a rapper

- Amazing

This is his best album yet I don't normally buy whole albums but every song on here is amazing my favorite is castles if I could give this more than 5 stars I would

- Great

At first I only liked a few songs but after listening more I kept finding more and more songs on this album I like. Great album great artist

- Clouds

I cried the first 3 times I heard it. I saw it on the KATIE SHOW she couldn't stop crying it was a very emotional interview if you have ABC On Demand you should see it. Her died 5 months after recording this song. It's so inspirational. Highly recommended!

- Really Good!

I didn't hear every song but this was a really good album not the best but it was really good my fav song was bombs away i didnt see why more people liked itbut whateves i guess.

- Amazing!!!!

This album has amazing, deep-thought lyrics, amazing flows, and a breath of fresh air. Every single song is amazing, highly recommend it!!!!!

- holy crap


- Strange Clouds

I absolutely love this song! It is my favorite! The beats in it are sick! d = P

- Must buy!!!!!!!!!!!

His best album yet. Strange clouds is his best song

- Not the old B.O.B. but good

It's a good all around album. The only song I have a problem with is Out of My Mind because Nicki Minaj's verse was horrible. Other than that, it's worth listening to.

- One of the best artist still in the industry

From start to finish. The music has a variety of content and styles. Good lyrics and over a well layed out album. If your tired of the same repeat rubbish of money,drugs,and sex then this album is worth a top purchase.

- as a fan a real rap...

…every song on this album is fire, amazing productions and top flows and rhymes

- Great

I think his best album was adventures of bobby ray. But this is still a close second

- Awesome sound and meaning

Sounds amazing, lots of variation with lots featuring switches it up and keeps it interesting. Many songs have good meanings and make you think. Over all very good and well put together

- Strange clouds

This is a beast song

- Excellent

I really like this album. All of these songs are original and have a meaning. I strongly recommend you to buy this album. You will listen to this album all the time.

- Too good.

Every song is legit and unique from the other songs

- Don't get why the clean version is more expensive :(

I would cop it if they had the clean version for $8

- Alex $wag

Great album so good is my favorite

- Mind blown

Title says it all

- Great J.O.B.

Nice work by the semi new comer......

- :)

I don't listen to much music like this, but both of us is one of my favorite songs ever. It speaks to me on so many levels.

- Outstanding

While bobbie ray has been around for a minute, not that much has ever been heard from him. But with this album, it should shoot him up there with the rest of todays hip hop elite.

- Bombs Away indeed

I heard the Bombs Away with Morgan Freeman track in a restaurant, and I thought I was listening to Eminem. The composition and rendition of this song is superb.

- nicki KILLED IT

I only came here for the QUEEN OF RAP NICKI!!!!

- B.o.B

Sick album

- Woot

All of your albums should be like this one my fav album in existence!!!!

- Where are you

Best song on the album is where are you

- Nice~

*thumbs up* especially so good.

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- Awesome

Probably the best album I bought this year every song is catchy lots of bass and love it awesome job BOB



- A lot of Filler

This album is made up of a lot of filler songs to go along with the already released singles that were decent -Strange Clouds and So Good. The only reason people are rating the album 5 stars is because one song has T-Swift in it. Not good. B.O.B. should stick to singles, he puts more effort in that way!



- Amazing!



I said it once i'll say it again- B.O.B is one of the best rappers out there. These songs are dope. Many hits here.


B.OB IS THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great album

Let's go b.o.b!!!

- Dope


- So good

So much better then his previous record. This album is goooood

- Decent album, but where are the promised bonus tracks?

I thought BOB twitted that theres gonna be 20ish songs on the itunes deluxe edition of the album... well still, good album, worth the money oh yeah...no digital booklet... horrible job..

- Amazing!!!

Can't stop listening to this album! Every song is so great!

- Album of the Year!!!

This is an incredible album every track is flawless!

- This album blew my mind away

here i thought his mix tape epic was good, strange clouds makes that mix tape sound like a barney cd. this album is really that good!!

- Great Songs

Great Songs, especially So Good and Strange Clouds but not Both of Us (feat Taylor Swift) :(

- Great Album!

Wasn't so sure about the T Swift and B.o.B mix, but the song sounds great and does the rest of the album!

- Dope Album

This is a complete album


such a good album!!! keep it up bobby ray :) love from vancouver!

- Worth the wait!!!

BoB did not disappoint! It's albums like this that make me want to pay for it to support the artist! Keep it up Bobby Ray!!!!!!!!

- Amazing Album

Love it

- Ya it's b.o.b oh

At first I was skeptical about how good the actual album would be seeing as how good the singles were (strange clouds, so good, where are you) but I am impressed on the multiple other great songs on it. The only thing I am unhappy with no deluxe version. Although highly recommended buy


best b.o.b album

- B.O.B and Nicki Minaj!!!! :D

Outta my mind = best song on the album!!

- Strange clouds

This album is just wayy too dope

- perfect!!!!!

This is an amazing sophomore album, B.o.B always know what creativity is......unfortunately drake doesn't...

- Just great

yet again B.o.b has come out with an amazin album with quality from start to finish. its sexy

- Great!

Worth the wait! Favorites are PLAY FOR KEEPS, BOTH OF US & CIRCLES. ......I'm sad that PLAY THE GUITAR didn't make the cut.

- Excellence

Just keeps getting better and better. One of the best rappers out there.

- Its good but...

Nicki minaj needs to leave, please and thank you, you're better than that bobby ray.

- Is this serious?

This is pure crap, I've produced better 'music' on the toilet after eating 4 chili dogs at the CNE.

- <3

BoB and Taylor Swift - an unexpected but not unwelcome surprise :) I've already got about half the album, but now I'm about to run to the store and buy more credits because the other half is equally awesome! This is possibly the best CD I'll ever add to my collection

- Amazing Album!

I'm already addicted to it!

- Best rapper ever!

Bob is the most diverse rap artist of out day and age. He is redefining the Gender and bringing higher than its ever been before.

- Love it

Both of us!!!!!!!!

- Killed it

B.o.B absolutely kills this album, there is such a passion and anger in his voice almost as if he has something to prove. Amazing album lived up to all my expectations. Any true fan will love this

- Great, but...

Amazing album, but Both Of Us is only the top seller just because it says Taylor Swift. The best song is definitely what the album is named after: Strange Clouds. B.o.B starts a great chorus and Weezy kills it. Strange Clouds should be the top seller for sure, but great album no doubt. Great job B.o.B.

- amazing

Really good especially bombs away! 😁

- Amazing

Music is constantly changing get over it and I love both of us ft Taylor swift like wow that's a song. This is one of those songs that are so great u don't even know it

- Incredible!

if you ever feature Mr. Freeman on your album, its bound to sell millions.... nuff said... great album!

- Great!

Bombs away, Ray Bands, Play for Keeps, Arena, Outta my Mind, Castles are my favorites <3

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