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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) Song Reviews

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- The Best Album In The Music World5 star

WHENS THE NEXT ONE? This is amazing, I would reccommend this to anyone. I cant believe great this turned out. I had just heard thrift shop early 2013 and so i bought the album under the impression that all his other songs would be that catchy. And i had never been more correct. Best songs Cant hold us Thin line Jimmy Iovine Gold Victory lap

- Best Concert Ever!5 star

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were insane last night!! Loved it!!! Come back again soon!

- Best Songs4 star

Castle Gold Jimmy Lovine Can't Hold Us White Walls Thrift Shop

- Awesome5 star

Ok I see it at all the rugby games EG Magpies vs Counties .Awesome song !!!!!!

- Macklemore - The Heist5 star

This is such an incredible album it's deep and every single song has a great beat to it. Worth every cent!

- Awesome5 star

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the man! Love it!

- Best song ever5 star

Please buy this, it is very addictive and it is always stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!

- The Heist5 star

I'm so proud of how far Ben has come. Both him and Ryan. This album is incredible I have become incredibly attached to his music for a long while now. The emotions the he portrays in the majority of his songs didnt fail to make me feel his pain and struggle. I love this duo they are incredible. Much love xo

- The Heist5 star

The Heist is NOT just an album. It IS a MASTERPIECE and a MOVEMENT. This is perfect!

- Harrison5 star

Awesome album guys you did a great job.

- The best awesome thing ever5 star

Its really good album I like the songs and the beats on his album

- amazing5 star

best rap album since eminem. I love it

- Obsessed4 star

I absolutly love macklemore and ryan lewis. They are true inspiration! Love the song so much!

- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are flawless5 star

The Heist is the perfect album, I don't have one that beats it at the moment and Im sure that I wont for a very long time. It has different styles for everymore and after seeing these guys live I can honestly say... MACKLEMORE IS GOD.

- Not a fan of Macklemore but..4 star

Same Love has deep and meaningful lyrics, and I love it!

- Flawlessly Great1 star

Really Good and its good to hear a rapper whos words actually are genuinely inspiring and thoughtful

- H4 star

It's realy good I realy like it but I'd personally like it more if it wasn't rap

- The Best - The Heist.5 star

I've been a fan of Macklemore for about six months now, and the more I listen to his music, the more addicted I get. He and Ryan Lewis have produced an amazing album that encourages thought and brings out the best of hip hop and rap. The lyrics are very thought provoking and I love that there are intrumental solos within the songs. Such a unique album and worth every cent. I can't wait to see what they bring out next. Thank you Ben Haggerty and Ryan Lewis.

- Yeah5 star

It's the ducks nuts I love it

- Amazing😱5 star

One of my favourite albums of all time! None of the songs are boring and they all have an important message (except Thrift Shop but it's still awesome!) Favourites: Thrift Shop, White Walls, Ten Thousand Hours.

- Amazing!5 star

Without a doubt, this is one of the best albums I've ever heard. Favourite from the album include: - 10,000 Hours - Can't Hold Us - Same Love - Jimmy Iovine - Wing$ - Starting Over - Thrift Shop

- Awesome5 star

Every song has an important message. Put on your headphones, lie down somewhere and jam to the entire album... Awesome!

- Flawless...5 star

One of the best albums I have ever listened to. Genuinely inspired.

- Outstanding5 star

This is real rap/hip-hop. Combines amazing talent, powerful lyrics and catchy beats using great Instruments. Love Macklemore and Atmosphere :)

- Fully Polished!5 star

You can tell heart, sweat and tears have gone into creating this fully polished album. Worth every dollar!

- WOW!5 star

macklemore is amazing..

- Why are you reading this?5 star


- My Oh My5 star

At last this album drops, worth the wait and every penny spent on it.

- Amazing album5 star

Only discovered these guys recently but can't stop listening, amazing album worth every cent!!! Loving it :)

- Amazing5 star

Worth every cent. Brought the physical copy and was not disappointed. He is an incredible artist. Thank you for making hip hop real.

- One of the best albums of 20125 star

Fantastic album, highly recommend. Lots of great songs - Macklmore has progressing in leaps and bounds

- The Heist - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis5 star

The Heist is a great taster album from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Really amazing how many artists featured on the album - reflects the reach he has accumulated over the past 2 years. White Walls is already a fast favorite from the album.

- Simply amazing.5 star

This is the happiest I've felt listening to music in a long time. Macklemore's one of the best artists on earth; well worth the money.

- Great, just one thing4 star

I love this album, I've probably played Can't Hold Us a thousand times, but as I was listening to one song, same love, something caught my attention. They talked about same sex marriage. I'm not hating on same sex but I, being a Christian, found one of the lyrics kind of offensive. Macklemore basically said how is the bible even relative anymore, and so, by being supportive of one cause, he threw another away completely. What I'm trying to say here is please be a little more cautious with your lyrics, you can offend more than just gay people. Thanks for listening to me rant. -Anonymous

- This is awesome5 star

Love it just don't cuss but love it so cool and so much awesomeness

- Macklemore is awesome5 star

I love Macklemore and every time I listen to his music it makes me happy he is a very unique and he is not a normal rapper he is a superman

- Eh……….3 star

He is far from the worst rapper, but isn’t the best rapper either

- Victory Lap😍5 star

I love the whole album especially for victory lap

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻1 star

It's bad

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻1 star

It's bad

- Legend5 star

Favorite album. Its amazing. Macklemore is a beast he dosnt just rap about woman and how he makes money, and drugs. His musics real. He's a legend i remember seeing him in concert in Seattle and I am proud to rep him living in downtown.

- love it5 star

I hate when people hate on Macklemore. he is amazingly influential and talented

- Same Love❤️💍👬👭5 star

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert!!! We did it😊

- Thrift Shop4 star

Why is Thrift Shop not 99 cents?

- Best Artist5 star

He uses his popularity in a good way. He uses his songs to speak to people and help others. Also expressing his opinion.

- Not great2 star

its need to be more gritty

- Come bac!!5 star

Whats going on. Where are they at. Miss them

- Macklemore is the best😘5 star

He is the best. He will always be amazing. My fav song is thrift shop. Let's go Macklemore

- Horrible1 star

Absolutely no flow whatsoever, very hard to listen to! Profiting off talking about other people's oppression. Macklemore is a loser!

- Creative New Style5 star

I love this album in its entirety and that's hard to accomplish!

- Well crafted, brilliant album5 star

It has wit and the depth. And it's so fresh. Just amazing. Macklemore is clever and talented. So is Ryan Lewis. They know how to make good music.

- 0/51 star

Give the Grammy to Kendrick!

- These Guys5 star

Music has been saved.

- One of the best rappers to date5 star

Pure music. We need this.

- One word: INSPRATION5 star

If I had one wish in the wish to do anything meet anyone see wish would be to meet Macklemore... Just to spend one hour with him would be a HONOR! I think that he needs more respect! He is a bold rapper who took on a subject that is not applied enough. Although "hatters gonna hate" don't give up on what you love will ALWAYS be my favorite..Music is my are the councilor.... Macklemore if you are reading this.. You are truly an INSPRATION...and I might only be 11 but your music has saved me! I love you Macklemore! -Hekla Axelsdottir (age 11)

- Incredibly Diverse!!!5 Stars5 star

Macklemore has a new sound to his album THE HEIST and I still listen to it in 2015. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are such a dynamic duo. ( shout out to Ryan Lewis's sick tracks). Can't wait for the release of their New Music. I want to hear it!!!!!

- Usually5 star

Usually I don't like songs like thrift shop. But for some reason this artist makes rapping funny

- The Best5 star

This is my favorite album of all time and I have all of the songs. It is the only music I ever listen to!

- Move Onward Mack!5 star

How long we going to ride this one already? It's November 2014 & you keep going with your October 2012 release. There must be, I mean, there has to be, You've got to give us, SOMETHING NEW Mack! That's all I'm saying.

- Same Love5 star

This album includes he amazing song Same Love. If you haven't heard it, you need to! It sends an amazing message! Macklemore is an amazing rapper. If you don't know who he is, look it up. And listen to Same Love!!!

- its okay4 star

it would be better without same love

- the heist5 star

best song in the world cant hold us

- Macklemore5 star

Macklemore is one of the best singers/rappers in the world better than eminem even if you hesitate to buy this song DONT you will not be disappointed i guarantee it. 👊

- Amazing5 star

It's written so well and the production is flawless. Definitely buy the album if you haven't already

- Good one5 star

Please make a new album

- Wow5 star

Macklemore is great. He doesn't rap about strippers and sex. He raps about his personal experiences with drugs and alcohol and problems with our world and sounds great while doing it. He's no Eminem, but a very close second.

- Same Love5 star

Ok , I might be the only one mentioning this but Same Love , great song , sweet music video , deserves more love on that song. I'm glad to see people support the same gender marriage because I do too lol. Reading the comments on the video makes me sick and the likes and dislikes too . For odd reasons like religion and just hating on the video , deserves more love ❤

- Good, not classic4 star

I like this album. Clean beats, good verses. I don't think it will be placed as a "classic" in hip-hop history, however.

- OMG5 star

Dis guy is amazing 1 of me favorite rappers #1 is eminem

- 😄5 star

One if the best in my opinion. (':

- my second favorite rapper next to eminem5 star

the best album of 2013. even the unknown songs are insain. I wrote a bad review for this earlier but ive changed my mind. INSAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- AWESOME5 star

The best song ever it is 2014 and i still love it and I will love till i die!!! Buy this song and listen to it👍👍

- Rap star5 star

He is so cool this song is the best I just Love the rap how fast it goes right awesome just like me I'm i right

- Great5 star

Macklemore is one the best songwriters around. His song teach and talk about life lessons and have a story that goes along with the song, very inspirational songwriter and keep it up

- One of the best albums I've heard in a long time5 star

I don't like to throw the word "brilliant" around but I truly think this album is. My goodness, some of these songs are so moving and profound (e.g. "Starting Over" , "Same Love", etc.) and there really is no bad tune on here. Ryan Lewis does a great job laying down some excellent beats and the use of guest vocalists is so well done. But best of all is Macklemore, with his extraordinary writing and performance. I really think this is a classic album, and this coming from a 53-year-old guy who grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and is fairly new to hip-hop.

- Trash1 star

Worst album ever. This album is so overrated and if you even think about calling this rap your stupid. This piece of trash that goes by Macklemore robbed Kendrick Lamar out of a Grammy and your all okay with that? Listen to his album before you say macklemores the best cause you will realize you were listening to garbage the entire time. This just shows all of the people writing these reviews are 10 year olds that haven't discovered what real music is, listen to some Kendrick Lamar if you want real rap but for now don't even call Macklemore a rapper, he's not saying anything meaningful except in one song while Kendrick has every song on his album meaningful. You guys don't know real rap.

- Awesome5 star


- This is a joke1 star

Macklemore somehow won a grammy for this album over M.A.A.D city and Born Sinner. Basically ignorant people think this has a deeper meaning than other rappers because they don't understand what kendrick and cole are even saying. Macklemore talks about how privileged he is that he didn't grow up in Compton and somehow people see that as inspiration and the greatest revolution in rap. Smh if you think he is better than Kendrick, Jay or old Kanye you need to read a book because you don't know what you're saying.

- amazing album5 star

its amazing.... thats all i gotta say

- this beat M.a.a.d City?2 star


- Love Him5 star

Macklemore has been such an inspiration to me......he got me to stop cutting and his music kept me from suicide.

- Best Rap Album of 20125 star

This album is extremely fun to listen to and Macklemore sends a strong message with each and every song.

- Inspirational and Dope5 star

Ben and Ryan (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) have proven themselves again. Their songs about consumerism, discrimination, drugs, alcohol abuse inspire me to a different level than any other artist. The songs are so good with the clever rhymes, dope beat and great message. Bravo and thank you.


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Caramel Rain - Same Love4 star

I think it's great that this song has become so popular. It restores my faith in humanity, to some extent. As for the rest of the album; I hate it. I generally just don't like rap music, so I'm only giving it 4 stars because of Same Love.

HorsesRock69 - Amazing5 star

Every single song in this album is perfection.

Rosalie sesque - Amazing5 star

Thank you, Macklemore, for producing such amazing music without the help of a record label.

Cccelle - Awesome5 star

Doesn't need to even be considered - best album of the year.

Isabellekalar - My Oh My5 star

I have loved Macklemore ever since And we Danced, and this album is pure Gold. I love every single song on the album and the lyrics are so true and meaningful. I just saw him in concert and I can garantee he is an amazing person. I have never been a rap before but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis changed that. I love them and their work.

Rodders 14 - Awesome5 star

First Album and worth it!!!

Peyneust - Amazing5 star

Such an amazing rapper and one of the last that would rap about important things and not about sex.

Greatest goalie ever 123 - Macklemore is amazing5 star

Macklemore is the best white rapper ever

Katnissforever - Stands for a good thing (:5 star

Amazing words.

Face-the-music - Wow5 star

This album is so deep and just simply amazing so proud of you macklemore

bob123123123123 - great5 star

One of the only rappers that rap about stuff worth listening to

bree rachelle - Same love5 star

I love how macklemore and Ryan Lewis can make this song about so many different things like bullying and same sex marriage .

Tara799 - It's a story5 star

It's almost like he's telling a story.Its great song it has the ear worm aka catchy.I really like have high hopes for this album.

Donny1111111111 - Amazing.5 star

This album has everything from Gay Rights to Pump Up songs all perfectly thought out. Amazing job!

I love Erth juce - Secret girl5 star

Awsome I love wing$ and the way he right his songs what they talk about what they mean!

Bsixiallfnsnsnjfk - Wow.5 star

All I have to say is amazing.

Chloejh14 - Same love5 star


dooooddddddllllleee - AMAZING!!5 star

I love all his songs I have seen some comments about how there's bad beats but it's not just about that his lyrics are so deep and they really express emotion and just pure skill he is by far the best current artist

Submit tap star - AWESOME5 star


imhenryk - Amazing5 star

Macklemore has out-done himself along with Ryan Lewis. This album is one of the best albums ever published and includes some of the most amazing dope beats and crazy lyrics. Amazing!

Hopehopemoo - Love It!!!!5 star

Awesome!!! Can't stop listening to it! I always turn the radio up when I hear a song by Mackelmore... He's my new favourite artist. Can't wait for more!

RAKM129 - Wow5 star

I don't write reviews normally, but I'm so impressed. The first rap album I've heard in awhile that I think allows anyone and everyone connect to the songs, whether or not they listen to rap. Unbelievable.

Vol1No1AddMeOnXbox - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis5 star

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are amazing he's one if a kind he's only needed Ryan to get into this rapping business he has no record company but he still made it Good Job.

/:(:) - Looks great5 star

I have not got any of those songs but they sound great i wish I could get one but I have no money

Ttlshrdr38 - Quite possibly the best album5 star

Not a fan girl or fanboy but a true hip hop fan and can say I brought this album into my house last year and not a day goes by where I don't listen to it. My family adores every song you will love it

A christain - Same love5 star

After soo long, Same Love has finally made its way to the top ten... I've been loving that song ever since march

1234zoe - 😭5 star

Same Love makes me cry every time

jojomamacanada - Inspiring5 star

I. Love. Macklemore. That's all I have to say. Oh, and buy this album, you won't regret it <3

Mack Polowy - AMAZING! :D5 star

Same Love is the best song on the album for sure!

stedcru - Awesome5 star

Great album. Wide variety of things going on in this production

Pandaluv468 - Same love5 star

I love this individual song out of his whole album which is amazing my all time favourite had to be same love because its so inspiring and it always just makes me feel happy and that the world isn't all that bad!

KatyKat101LOVEOUTLOUD - Wow5 star

He is a really good rapper. He raps REAL lyrics! Same Love is so amazing... I cry when I hear the song, it's so inspirational. Keep on making music and showing people how rappers should sound. If he was a singer he'd be sooooooo famous.

wtwill - :)5 star

veryy good macklemore is very good in his tunes macklemore is a boss

Nigeldz - AWSOME5 star

This is the moment tonight night we fight tell its over so we putt are hands like the Ceiling can't hold us

12345677955 - Best song ever5 star

I love this song It's amazing 10 stars

stanleyt316 - cant hold us5 star

you should get it it is awesome

12agentzero - 👍5 star

Great songs (:

Hotmm Todd - :)5 star

best white rapper since eminem

Peeverzinucklessus - A true gifted artist5 star

This album was incredible. There are many politically challenging issues in our time that were addressed and leveled out. Very deep album, thoroughly enjoyed it. It's way deeper and wholesome than his two hit songs. A true artist.

Dark Rocket 11 - It's ok2 star

All I hear on the radio is makelmore and I'm tired of it all the songs r over played... And it's ruined them

Shonda Fan - Amazing5 star

Love this album <3

the original dirtmcgirt - best album I've heard in a long time5 star

Just like the title states, every song impresses me. I am shocked because I haven't heard of Macklemore before this album and I bought as a gag because I though Thrift Shop was a fun song. Song after song I am constantly blown away.

Mars004902 - Great album5 star

Breath of fresh air for hip hop.

Violet7 - Finally!5 star

Thank you for finally making a rap album I love and WANT to figure out the words because they have something deeper going on underneath. Same love is touching and beautiful and amazing whereas thrift shop makes me want to go dance so congrats to macklemore for succeeding in the creation of an amazing album!

Davide Petramala - LOVE THIS GUY!!5 star

MACKLEMORE IS THE BEST!!!!! He has the best albums and songs ever!!

-[flyboy]- - Incredible Artist, Incredible Album5 star

I'm new to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis but so far I just can't turn the music off. A true hip-hop artist, Macklemore tells a great story and you'll have Ryan Lewis' beats stuck in your head all day.

Xmus Jackson Flaxon Waxon - Pure genius!!5 star

Amazing songs make up this incredible album! Such great meanings behind each song

Squish Puff - Same Love5 star

"Same Love" is a very powerful song, with a very powerful message. Respect. The album is great! :)

iloveyoumackl - AMAZING JOB5 star

you've done a great job!

Cool guy 1029 - BOSSSSSSSS5 star

Macklemore sings about reals stuff buy it and support him cause he rhymes about real problems in this world

Jay Brahmbhatt - Awesome….5 star

Nice Song…

Tushar Dhawan - Amazing5 star

My number one!

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Dfxffffcffffc - Awesome the best5 star

The best album there ever was love it the best insane awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Lworm - Lyrical genius.5 star

My only regret regarding purchasing this album is not purchasing it earlier. You know when you hear a song that really speaks to you and engages you right until the end? That is what every song on this album is like. Heck, I was listening to it while driving and bawling my eyes out in some songs, and not to mention yelling THIS GUY IS A LYRICAL GENIUS over and over again. From a person who is always hesitant to download albums, this was well worth my $17. Download it now!

Some one is dead - Why don't I get the thrift shop2 star

Hello I borght this album and i don't get thrift shop I only got the video some help plzzz

Ishaan1 - Wow…All I Can Say!5 star

Okay, so this album seriously is one of the best I have ever heard, and I'm not saying this just because of Can't hold Us or Thrift Shop. Every song has its individuality, they are all amazing in their own right. The lyrics, the music, it all just works! I love Victory Lap, Castle, them all! They are all so imaginative, and different. The lyrics have meaning, different in comparison to many other big hip/hop albums or songs, but this in all truly one of my favourite albums! A definite purchase!

Icecreamanator - Icecream4 star

Can do better

theb1gm4c - Absolute Rubbish1 star

This whole album is complete trash. The lyrics are incredibly stupid and try-hard. the music sound's like it was composed by a 10 year-old, simple, repetative and all very synthetic in its sound. Lastly the vocals are annoying and display absolutely 0 tallent. don't support these posers.

Urhhh - Awsome5 star

great track listing!

Chrissy0xx - Gross1 star

Mac whatever his name is is gross!!!! And can't sing his songs are terrible go away

SACHA ROBERTS - Thrift shop5 star

Thrift shop is the bomb

Dan the typing man - Thrift shop1 star

What happened I bought it when it came out now i cant use it

SoapMakarov2 - Amazing5 star

My friend (gay) was sad coz most guys didnt like him and he thought as a gay he wouldnt get anywhere. When i showed him u hes been amazing. So inspiring. I dont know if its on purpose but amazing morality. Thank u once again macklmore, ryan lewis etc ( fav is cant hold us 😝)

ZacceyBear - CANT HOLD US !!!!!!4 star


RuNNinG FReD!!! - Awesome5 star

Can't hold us is my favourite song!

Serb_ - hmm1 star

i bought it cAuse of thrift shop now i didnt get it either the digital booklet

The axe dog - Legend!! ❤5 star

Macklemore is a deadset legend! ❤

Eleni - No!!!1 star

Hate this song so much

suuuuuuuuuup00001 - WOW!!5 star

Omg I love this album! Some songs better than others, but still they are all amazing! Macklemore is awesome and his lyrics are incredible. AWESOME!!!

Crowefish7 - U mad5 star

Hey mackelmore why r u gay and same love and wings is the best.

Chloe.Hiddleston - CAN'T HOLD US5 star

When I'm driving when 'Cant hold us' is on I turn it up full sound lol :) best song

NZtracyAU - so good!5 star

not often I find an album where i love all the tracks on it, these guys are epic!

Aims <3 - Same Love ❤5 star

One of the best rappers I've heard. Macklemore's song are inspirational and he actually tries to spread a message. Especially same love, that song has a very strong message. And I was happy when I found it doing well on the charts. I hope Macklemore and Ryan Lewis go far! Another song of theirs I like is, Can't Hold Us.

inkandwolf - Love it!5 star

Loving all the releases from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the moment especially 'Can't hold us' which is really catchy!

sharontrevor - Not my type of music but great to listen to4 star

Not a real fan of hip hop but the stories are meaningful and make for really great listening. "JEZZA" there's really no need for those types of comments. This section is for reviews of the album. Good for you for knowing about Macklemore two years ago. We are all proud of you. Might be worth noting that the 'preteens' that enjoy Macklemore now were probably, I don't know, 10 years old, two years ago. Idiot. Enjoy!

!..JEZZA..! - Idiots5 star

I know this song is awesome, but what you preteens need to know is that it came out 2 years ago, you are clearly not true macklemore fans.

Moneymaker ang - AMAZINGG5 star

Macklemore is one of the best rappers ever I love this song!!!!!!! This song has an awesome meaning keep on writing songs like this macklemore and the whole world will love you. You can't get any better than this.

Jonseyy98 - In love!!!!5 star

Omg I love this song so much I listen to it every day love it, love it, love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

bbbellaaa - I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!:)3 star

Another EPIC song with AMAZING rap!!!!!!!:):):)

Magville - Macklemore5 star

His song acutely mean something macklemore kep writing song like that and buy this worth the money I bought the albumen at the music shop

*Hbomb* - Wow!!5 star

Luv every song !! Great from start to finish! So much talent!!

StepheeXO - This sounds amazing <35 star

I really want to buy this! I gotta be honest, I only heard of Macklemore when Thrift Shop was released, but I looked into his songs more and found heeeeaps I love! This sounds incredible. He's one of those rappers who don't have any boring songs at all and someone you won't get sick of. I LOVE YOU MACKLEMORE <3 <3

Soph666666 - SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO AWESOME😝!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


Codinator7789 - AMAZING5 star


MiTcH_KING - Perfect get this!!!!5 star


chiara.p - WOW.5 star

My most favorite album ever, mostly because I like Every. Single. Song. And because the beats are good and macklemore is 

Milhouse2 - Keep t up5 star


AFLrox - Awesome5 star


Bectastic - Wow.5 star

Just wow

Fish-out-of-water - WOW5 star

These songs make me have emotions that i never knew i had. these songs make you THINK! They are totally awesome. I just love Same Love and Thrift Shop and Wing$!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

Jianrt - Outstanding!!!!5 star

Good job Macklemore and Ryan!!!! Keep on the good work!

Arix dogg - FINALLLY!5 star

Rap at its best, there's nothing more to say

Mackleamazing - Brilliant !5 star

Every single song is perfect !

dhitri - Finally!5 star

Bless Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for returning Rap to its original roots as creative means of social criticism! Great music, lyrics that actually carry deep meaning and are well written. So much talent packed in just one album!

Dhhdjndgmg - Exceptional!5 star

This earns a grammmmmmmmmyyyyy!!!!! TOO GOOD.

Muzik 09 - Can I say WOW?5 star

You go from crazy, brilliant; to deep and meaningful to downright, roof-down, volume pumping hands up in the all I can really say.....the ceiling can't hold us! WOW! Brilliant!

Paularlien - Digital booklet4 star

Digital booklet has failed to download what do I do now?

MARIAR6557 - AMAZING5 star

Same Love is like the best song ever!

JaycobMC - amazing5 star

cant stop listening to this album!!!!!!!

MandySmuts - Best song5 star

This is an awesome song talking about who he thought he was and how his life was I think u should buy this song I did its cheap and reliable

Cheesus999 - BEST EVER!!!!!!5 star

THRIFT SHOP!! At first I hated this song but now I think it's the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!

BraidenARTz - Great Album!5 star

The music this man creates is a five star for sure. The lyrics are not only fun and catchy (like the music itself), but hold meaning. Great album! :)

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BillyA1992 - Best I've Ever Bought5 star

i like Macklemore a lot, i'm a big fan but this album has everything, hes quick lyrics, his deep lyrics and his clever lyrics, if you like just one of these things about Macklemore be sure to get his album its unbelievable, ive listened to it everyday and i still enjoy it as the did the first time around. quality stuff

Nlestig11 - One Of The Best Rap Albums Of All Time5 star

One of the classiest songwriters of all time. Macklemore gives rapping a good name. This is what rap should be, not rappers like Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, who rely on other people to right their songs, which is about getting drunk and partying all the time. This is real music, from the heart.

Deathead321 - Amazing3 star

Awesome album, can't stop listening!

Emuurly - WELL WORTH THE MONEY5 star

I love this album !!

tg tg007007 - Amazing5 star

Macklemore is a true artist. One of my heroes! It's just sad that people don't realise how good he is!

Atimana - Good but not3 star

It's good I like the songs they are so awesome but I downloaded one of them and ... It does not play.😟

Tariq_ - Brilliant Album5 star

I don't usually write reviews, but this album definitely merits my first; this is the best album I've listened ever. A true masterpiece from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis; a must buy! Starting Over & Same Love are the ones to look out for!

£Will - WOW5 star

OH MY GOD this album is epic I listened to a few songs for a bit and then HAD to buy Macklemore and Ryan Lewis I salute you

PaulH_EDM - Amazing!!5 star

Smashing album from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Best Hip-Hop/Rap album since Recovery. Keep up the good work lads :))

Theheist12 - Amazing album5 star

Can't fault it amazing range of songs love thrift shop an can't hold us!

Lisa11clark - Disappointed1 star

I'm quite angry because I brought the entire album for £8 whatever and didn't get the full album it missed out the video for thrift shop and digital booklet, not sure if its happening on yours but I would like a refund

Paddywiggle - Quality music5 star

The more you listen the better it gets..... money well spent! love it!

Rutter!?!?! - Perfect album!5 star

Every song obviously comes from the heart, has a great meaning to both Ben and Ryan. Just perfect

Mack1000e - macklemore5 star

I LOVE MACKLEMORE!!!!!! download this album NOW

Weejames - The heist5 star


Locus__Solus - Great song!5 star

Hope young gay/bi people hear this and it helps them to keep their heads held high. Be yourself.

Olivia Hudson - Only good rap artist out there5 star

Macklemore is the only modern rap artist that has deep, thought out, meaningful lyrics. Combining Ryan Lewis' catchy beats and Macklemore's humour they are an all round perfect duo. Amazing album.

KieranT_ - Top notch.5 star

First album where I've liked every single song

Pizzaguy100 - Thrift shop and can't hold us5 star

Best songs eva

Jpfifa97 - Amazing5 star

People know Macklemore for songs like Thrift Shop, Can't Hold Us and Same Love but they don't realise that some of his best work is in the lesser known songs, every song shows emotion and this is a truly great album, well worth the money

James Walmsley - Best album5 star

This is the best album I have ever bought. I can't stop listening to it! Love it!

Charchar30 - Love can't Hold Us!5 star

OMG I just love the song!!!! It's so easy to learn, for me.....

Jjayxxccc - First f!!!king class5 star

I have never played an album as much in my life.the songs are so well crafted and they stand out big time ,my album of the year so far I have bought other albums since but I still go back , welcome to the heist

Googlymoogly1983 - One word5 star


kittybeater - Great album5 star

Buy it.......nuff said

Haribo01908 - Macklemore.5 star

This album is actually epic! Every single track has a deeper meaning and Macklemore knows how to deliver! His rapping is superb is unlike anything else in the current music industry! His album is a good mixture of raving beats, chilled out tunes and tear-jerking life stories! Best tracks for me include Same Love, Gold, Wing$ and Castle! I'm not a big fan of hip hop or rap but this album is an exception!

muneebminhas - Refreshingly Good5 star

Love this album! ... Excellent lyrics and beats. Love it...

Cheese puff queen - Yes5 star

Like the ceiling can't hold uss ah love it !!!

10hveys - Amazing5 star

Can't hold us! <- Amazing Has to be the best album I have heard in a long time!

CJ Mte - Simply, Buy It5 star

It's amazing and I have so much respect for him after listening to this. My favourite album right now and all I listen too! Every song and the words, amazing.

Jordan33R - Brilliant!5 star

Was considering buying this for a while and it's worth it! Every song is great but most of all they have good meaning and great lyrics, a must buy.

Jls123456 - I love themmmmm!!!!!5 star

Well first there was thrift shop which made me love them! Then there was cant hold us which just go completely cray cray over them! Tempted to buy the whole album!! X

Lewis is lhfao - AMAZING SONG5 star

My whole school loves this song. I'm a rapper and macklemore is my inspiration. Keep up the great songs macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Bexvictorious123 - Amazing5 star

Absolutely amazing. Thrift shop and can't hold are me faves but honestly it's all good!

Alyxpisani - Amazing!!!5 star

So talented, amazing lyrics and some of the best songs I've heard in a very long time!

Allstarchickensuit - Brilliant5 star

I'm not a fan of this style, but 'Same Love' brought me to tears.

Dibdarb - I love macklemore5 star

What a artist he is fantastic you can't go wrong with a bit of Macklemore

Supernutty - Brilliant5 star

It's refreshing to see someone like Macklemore in the hip hop scene doing something genuinely different and socially conscious. I'll be amazed if he doesn't go far with this album

Micky The Boat - Real Music, Real Life, Real Lyrics...!!!5 star

I have been a fan of hip hop for years, and at last we have a real artist speaking about real life in a way that's uplifting, in a way that will have a positive effect on all of us if we can digest the information in his lyrics. An amazing and inspirational album.

Jfh2012< - Taken the charts by surprise4 star

Love them, some great fast paced hiphop! Like lots of people have said its made me want to listen to more of this genre (my style is country/folk)!

Dylan818 - Best album ever5 star

I agree don't usually write reviews but can't hold us my number 1

mcrarmy27 - Omg5 star

Omg omg omg can't hold us Iz my fave song and I think it always will be I listen to it all the time when I'm sleeping lol dressing LOL 😄😄😄 very happy xxxx macklemore u are the best

123456789charlotte123456789 - The Heist3 star

Brilliant album but it didn't download properly the songs that play aren't the right titles and the video is blank!

Nandosdabomb - Spectacular.5 star

One of the best purchases I have ever made in my life, a definite recommend for everyone.

Brentwood boy - Best album ever5 star

Love this album quality music

00 Smokey - Just Brilliant5 star

Not much more to say really, brilliant album. Well done sir.

daisyr21 - didn't believe the other reviews, but..5 star

eh. loveee it.

Karlb18 - Thank you Macklemore.5 star

Not really a huge fan on hip hop but Macklemore has made me change my opinion!

Musa :p - Dope freshness5 star

Sick album

EmmyMraps - Best album ever!5 star

I never really write reviews but this is the only album I have come across in my whole life where I have LOVED all the tracks!!! Wing$ needs to be #1

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About Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, album The Heist (Deluxe Edition), song Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton), released 16 August 2011. Listening online to Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song preview is free and does not require registration...

Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis mp3 download Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) lyrics listen Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) credits download Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)

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