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Wiz Khalifa - Remember You (feat. The Weeknd) Song Lyrics

She's about to earn some bragging rights
I'm 'bout to give it up like I've been holding back all night
Girl, take pride in what you wanna do
Even if that means a new man every night inside of you
Baby, I don't mind
You can tell by how I roll
Cause my clique hard and my cup cold
My tongue slurred cause I'm so throwed
And I'm wiping sweat from my last show
And he's TG and I'm XO
I'm only here for one night
And I'mma be your memory
Sing it in my ears, so I can hear what you're saying to me
I got cups full of that Rose
Smoke anything that's passed to me
Don't worry 'bout my voice
I won't need it for what I'm about to do to you
Bad bitch, girl I think I might get used to you
I'mma have to take your number when I'm through with you
All I ask of you is try to earn my memory
Make me remember you like you remember me
Bad bitch, girl I think I might get used to you
I'mma have to take your number when I'm through with you
All I ask of you is try to earn my memory
Make me remember you like you remember me

Old rapping ass
Lightyears past the class
Hit it, don't have to pass
Nigga, we the new Aftermath


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Wiz Khalifa - Remember You (feat. The Weeknd) Song Reviews

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- WIZ!!!

All the songs on his album are great and they have the best beats ever

- What happend?

This album is not good. Old wiz is much better.

- Best album out there

A lot of the new rappers copy wiz khalifa. Listen to every some way better then lil Wayne or drake.

- Good, not super amazing

When you review a Wiz Khalifa song/album, you have to rate it against his style of work. Of course he is not the most lyrical, and he stays with what he's good at. This album definitely did not have as many "hits" as rolling papers, but it also had some great, underappreciated songs. The best song is Medicated, where the beat is epic and Wiz actually gets a little personal with his lyrics. There are a couple duds on here, but from the beginning I was jammin out to most of it. Wiz is not famous for the depth of his songs, but this album is good compared to the rest of the weed raps out there. 7.5/10

- Onifc

This is an awesome album one of wiz's best so far, definitely a must buy!!

- Not impressed

Maybe wiz been smokin too much now that he's rich, but this new stuff is horrible, I can't stand to listen to maybe one song. Disappointed

- Straight Garbage

I'm sick of Wiz. He's a one trick pony who talks about getting high. And to see the horrid rappers that he has on this album like juicy J and 2 Chainz makes it even worse. Don't buy this garbage.

- Wiz khalifa rules

I actuall really liked wiz's performance in his album . Even though I may not be as great as his old a umps like Rollin papers but still was really good . Still a hudge fan

- Like the intro for some reason


- I feel like every negative review is a robot from

Cash money lol

- Taylor Gang Or Die

Music is incredible. Its TGOD!

- Great work

I can really vibe to this when I'm Chillen


His songs are still good.

- It's something different

The old Wiz albums are like listening to a Jeezy or a Kanye Album. This is something different. Composition??? IT'S RAP FOOL! You want real music go listen to something with instruments. This is music, but it's a different kind of music, its raw. This album doesn't sound like everyone else in the game in this album and thats why it's G.

- 👍

Man I think wiz is great an I'm not 11 , 12 , or 13 .. I love his music . He doing something right if he richer then you .. Haters

- Great album

Wiz has anew style

- Best album of the year

I love it almost all of the songs are good

- Really?


- Great

Wiz never disappoints.

- O.N.I.F.C

ONIFC has that new era sound of rap. Blacc Hollywood is even more better than ONIFC.

- Wack!

Ok we get you smoke kush wiz get a new topic. This isn't even rap anymore

- Wiz

Your are the best raper

- love O.N.I.F.C

personally i think this is wiz's best album yet, i love how chill these tracks are, great music for stoners

- its ok

a lot of the songs arent really good at all. just a few good songs.

- Wow

Good album

- Well...

As a beats fan I'm not to big on the album, wiz is a beast but this album is one we will skip over in the future when we talk about a good career

- To wiz khalifa

You getting better in the rap game. I give u all my props you did great with this one O.N.I.F.C fav album. Keep making good for the people

- Meh

I've been a Wiz fan for a while now. This album lacks everything that I want out if a Wiz Khalifa album. I was really anticipating hard tracks, solid beats, and that flow I was used to. I'm willing to embrace change: if the change is for the better. The only track that stands out to me is "Paperbond" and even that falls flat after a few listens. Before buying give the album a full listen. In my opinion it's not worth the money.


to the guy who said wiz khalifas fans are "10, 11, 12" you sir need to think before you speak. if you actually watch wiz khalifas daytoday tour videos youll see how chill wiz khalifa is and that he literally has hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in his crowds -_- . especially in europe. and people go crazy for him and even SMOKE at his shows. goes to show how ignorant a lot of our generation is and all of the ignorant people like this guy. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME GO WATCH HIS DAYTODAY TOUR VIDEOS. and then come back and reword the hate.

- i can tell this is douchey from the album cover


- In between

Wiz usually releases bad songs so I didn't expect much. He released one good song a few years ago and probably should have stopped there. Or at least tried his hardest to release some good songs. So no. I would not recommend this to ANY Hip-Hop fan. Sorry Wiz, you've lost it.

- The sonda aré really good

L musica es buena.

- Good but...

Not as good as rolling papers or deal or no deal...


I am surprised that the song bluffin does not have more stars. I have to admit, after listening to this album it goes HARD... THE WHOLE ALBUM IS REALLY GOOD THOUGH... go Whiz..

- Didn't even buy it

Didn't even buy it and one thing shocked me in realization... How these guys gets famous by adults and gets paid by kids, according to someone's thought... Everyone feel the same? Anyways I want a job like that lol ^_^ -JustSayin'

- Amazing

Wiz is an astonishing artist.

- The best


- Uhh

I like wiz and I'm happy he living the good life but how many times can u talk about ur money this dude sold out

- Need to Get This

I Heard it Was Trippy, So Ima Rate 5 Stars and Get Money to Buy it :)

- Wiz Khalifa

Best Album Ever ! I Recommend It! You Won't Regret It . Wiz Khalifa Best Rapper :-)

- What Happened?

Kinda Fell off.

- Good

Very good!

- No

Just stop rapping

- Dreams

The beats are legit, and just another dude living the dream

- O.N.I.F.C

Best Album Ever!!

- Smokin


- Great Album!

This is a great album! People are trying to say this isn't Wiz, but it is he is growing up. Nobody makes the same music forever. Every artist grows. He changed his style because of all the people like Kid Ink that copied him. Your not a real fan if you say you want the old Wiz back be happy that he's growing into someone that he wants to be. He could careless what all you people think as long as he's making the music he wants and is doing what makes him happy. Real fans will always ride with him. If you can't except that then go hop on one of those rappers that took his style and flows dick. TGOD

- Waiting for a comeback

Screw it. Go back to his mixtapes

- Wiz

One of the best albums ive heard from wiz , keep it up man youve inspired me so much definately my favorite rapper.

- ONIFC is Dope

I disagree!!! I feel the Album ONIFC is an amazing production. Hiphop isn't suppose to be the same! You people always talking about, "I like the old Wiz" whatever. There is nombre Old Wiz, when you are in the music industry it is about bringing something new to the table. Wiz is a creative, talented artist when it comes to his choice of style in his music. From songs like "No Limit" & "Mary x" It brings a new sound to the table. These producers have amazing beats, and the hard work they all put into this Album is a great job! You People just so use to listening to Chief Keef, Future, and these other weak artist whos Albums don't even touch the level of creativity that Wiz brings to the table! Clean your Ears & Open your mind to somethign new in the hiphop world!!!

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- Good job wiz

Hope u see this wiz, love the album, chill as hell

- solid

I was nervous for this album to be honest, even tho im a huge khalifa fan but it came out soooo good other then one or two songs. TGOD

- Same o'l money, drugs and sex mantra

This is disappointing, I expect some decent songs but this... This is nothing but another copy of all the mainstream hip-hop these days. Look at me! I'm rich, I have lots of sex! I do lots of drugs because I'm rich! Blah blah blah. It has no substance to it, no good beats,(it's nothin is an exception) no catchy hooks, no lyrical talent. I'll just stick with The Heist and Indicud, at least Macklemore & KiD CuDi rap about something relevant to the world.

- typical rap crap

The title of track 10 says it all "It's Nothin'" It's nothin' original It's nothin' fresh (the same old tired drum machine sounds) It's nothin' without featured guests It's nothin' but the over use of the "N" word

- Disappointing

Remember you, work hard, and it's nothing , are bangers but the rest is garbage, same old wiz khalifa talking about how rich he is

- This album has so much SWAAAAAAAAAG

#1 album of the year

- BODmon



Hate to say I'm disappointed. Lyrics are terrible and meaningless in every song. Well…back to Kid Cudi.

- Sick Sophomore album!

Delivering an innovative set of tracks, with notable guests, O.N.I.F.C is an amazing album that is as unique as it is vibrant. Tracks like "Work Hard, Play Hard" and "Medicated" showcase wiz khalifa's signature rap style and flow. A fantastic album from one of the most unique rappers out there. 100% recommend! Support the artists 👍

- Pretty Good

It's a pretty good album wished wiz had some harder songs on it but oh well initiation with Lola Monroe is a good song although Lola sounds a lot like nicki minaj to me could just be me though

- Brutal

Really disappointing


This is probably one of the chillest albums out there! So amazing!

- Taylor

Next level stuff if u hesitate to buy ! Go for it and enjoy ! Let it go ft Akon is GooD

- Great!

Amazing job

- Best album


- Good album, different style.

I really like the sound of a lot of the songs in the album. They really sound like a Wiz Khalifa song that i just want to party too. The other songs in this album seem to have a very slow pace and do not sound like Wiz at all. I think he's trying to go for something he's not with this album. Still a very good album though. TGOD.


Such a good album ! Thanks Wiz for making my night, Cheers dude

- Great album!

5 stars for wiz. Amazing album


Dope album

- Good but not great

I mean it's still a dope album but I dunno it's not exactly how I pictured it(ill still be seshing to this all night tho)

- When's it gonna be released!!!

Its the fourth lets go!! Im pumped

- Truly 2050

The tweak is heavy AF with this. Such a great album bought it 1 min after it dropped. already becoming my favorite album so far by Wiz . Truly changed his style and lyric from the old days . You can truly hear who he is in this. Enjoy



- Wizz is back

Old wiz mix with a touch of new wiz

- Good sh...

Hasnt been released yet i know itll be bomb. Ata boy wiz. Keep that up.

- O.N.I.F.C

Sooo stoked!! Gonna be a bumpin album!! #1 TGOD!

- Disappointing

Sounds like everything else out today. No substance just all weed, weed and lil more weed

- Wiz!!

Wiz is sick and remember you is a awesome song. You's a fan I'm a player

- Wiz did it Again!!!

This album is gunna be the best of the year!!! And a few songs came from his mixtapes (Taylor Allderdice, Cabin Fever 2)

- mixed emotions

Work Hard Play Hard was dope af but Remember You dissapointed me big time... already preordered this i hope it doesnt dissapoint. either way TGOD till the end

- Same crap

What was that, God dam, it sounds the same as anything else these days.

- Big buzzz

Maudit que jtaime wizzz !!!


Gonna be a dope album, good talent and good live TGOD and I hope the dont lie freestyle is one of the bonus songs


This album is gonna be soo sick, it possibly might be the best album of 2012!

- Top of the top.

Just the best of Wiz . Buy it

- Nevermind these haters

Patiently waiting. I hope the 2 joints we heard in the DayTodays are from this album

- Fale rap

Thats some fake rap over here.the only good rap nowadays is odd future so get that mellowhype record next week

- Meh hope the cd is better then this song

I really don't think the song available.hope his cd is better then the song.and what is he wearing..pffff he looks like a weirdo wearing that stupid clothes.lay off the weed man because u must of smoked a lot to get those clothes lol bahahahaha......ps I do like ur flow and I liked ur other cd but those clothes are horrible

- Remember Me

this is an amazing song. The weeknd is killer.

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This The weekend >>>> current The weekend .


Morning vibes 🖤 .


You by Wiz Khalifa Feat. The Weeknd. .


#NowPlaying "Remember You (feat. The Weeknd)" by Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd on @TIDAL Energy.

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