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Only in the way you want it
Only on the day you want it
Only with the understanding
Every single day you want it

Only in the way you want it
Only on the day you want it
Only with the understanding
Every single day you want it
You, you

City with the weight upon it
City in the way you want it
City with the safety of a never-ending blessing on it

City with the weight upon it
City in the way you want it
City with the safety of a never-ending blessing on it
You, you


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- Great album

One of the best albums of 2013 and perhaps their best yet. They grew up but also evolved as musicians

- Nice Melodies

It took a few listens to really grab me, but this is definitely better than Contra and not as good as the first album. They have really grown with respect to their songwriting. These are some of their best melodies to date. They often play in my head while I'm out running. The only bad thing is that it is lacking in guitar work and the more complex beats from their past. Many songs are just a keyboard or a simple beat under Ezra's singing. Sometimes this works nicely because the melodies are really good, but sometimes you miss the instrumentation. It's still a great album, though.

- Flawless

Every song is so good! I can't stop listening to this album, 3 months later and it still doesn't get old. One of my all time favorite groups. Each album just gets better and better.

- Amazing

I cannot stop listening to the masterpiece. Good show!

- The best!

I love Vampire Weekend! Besides having one of the most original and unique sounds ever, they're songs just have so much emotion and meaning to them. This album is so amazing! Words can't describe how much I love it! My favorite songs are definitely Unbelievers, Hannah Hunt, Ya Hey, Step, Everlasting Arms, Diane Young and Obvious Bicycle.

- Weird

Listening to this album will take u to another Level. I think that I'm high when I'm listening to this album.... Fantastic

- absolutely amazing

this album soars. "hannah hunt," "step," and "ya hey" are my personal favorites, but every song is completely fantastic. they truly explore another plane of existence on "hudson." this album is definitely different than the other two, but it still feels like vampire weekend. one of the best albums of the year, by far.

- Great!

Mvotc has a new approach to it, but is still a masterpiece. Vampire Weekend has outdone themselves yet again! (;

- awesome

this album is amazing, but doesn't really have as much replay value as their previous projects. love the experimentation though.

- Wonderful Album

I've been on the fence about Vampire Weekend in the past, liking some of their songs, and disliking others. But this is their most complete album yet. It has some songs that are very accessible for those who aren't currently fans, and some songs are more complicated. So far, the best album of 2013.

- :)

wow I wish I had money to buy this! I NEED IT NOW :(

- Love it!

So good!! Definite buy.

- They are back!

The Vampires are back again with their best record yet. Full of amazing 12 tracks that will keep you entertained. A true masterpiece. I will never get bored of listening to it.

- Nice.

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't totally blown away by this album the first time I listened. But it kinda grew on me, the sound, the lyrics, the depth of it all. You can tell Ezra is really improving in his songwriting approach as well as musicality. There's a more ethereal vibe here that just sweeps over you and takes you away. Far out, mang.

- Absolutely amazing

Once again I am impressed by this amazing band. Their lyrics have a very smooth and easy tone that makes it easy to just get lost in each song.This will forever and alway be one of my favorite albums in my iTunes library. THANK YOU VW!

- In my top 25 albums of all time!

Every time I listen to this album it gets better and it was awesome the first time. You can't go wrong with this one.


I bought this May, but I felt like rating it. It's a true masterpiece! It's not as upbeat (some songs are), but It lets me express art and happy

- Very Good

I fell in love with the sound that Vampire Weekend established on their first album, but I also admired the evolution of their sound in Contra, and now in their latest effort as well. I've always enjoyed the imagery of their lyrics, and the cheerfulness of the music. This album delivers on all the qualities that you would expect from a Vampire Weekend album; it deals with more serious topics and sounds, but there is still a sense of rebellion and playfulness.


catchy songs, love their album covers too:)

- Brilliant Album

Another Brilliant Album for the same bad, always consistent!

- Unbelievable

I didn't think that they could get any better and they just keep blowing everyone away. What a great band! Thanks for the music guys.

- Awesome


- Pretentious as always

First the positive. Unbelievers is a truly great song. Every one of their albums has one or two really good and breezy songs. Perfect for the summer. Unbelievers and a handful of other songs are more relatable than most of what they do. It's exciting when they write lyrics that that don't try to be Nietche on ecstasy. They manage to reign it in a bit for a couple of songs and get actually less loopy. That's why every one of their albums is worth checking out - to find the few gems. This is definitely a pick and choose kind of band. Never a good idea to purchase a whole album. Vampire Weekend are useful for their less weird and summery songs, NOT for their pretense. Maybe their ego's get what they need from getting all those psuedo-intellecutals to rub their chins and pat themselves on the backs for making connections in their lyrics. Pretentious, not witty and fresh. When you have true talent, you don't need to use so many noises and fake sounds and dress up your lyrics with esoteric allusions. Yeah weird can be cool sometimes, but weirdness is never cool when it's this intentional. When listening to their stuff I'm in a constant state of "what's the point?" "What are they getting at?" It's a Rubik's cube that i just don't care to piece together. This is all pretty meaningless. It's like Paul Simon with brain damage. The problem is, we don't need any derivation of Paul Simon in the music world.

- It Grows On You

I always loved Vampire Weekend and when I got this album I was disappointed. But after a couple listens I fell in love with the album, it is genius!!!

- Genius.

Many people will just listen to the 30 second previews and regard the album as "boring" or "not the same". I admit, I wasn't a huge fan of the album with my first listen. But the more you listen, the more you realize that their sound has evolved and that the songs don't have have upbeat summer-sounding melodies to be amazing.

- Amazing

I've always loved vampire weekend and they impress me more and more with each new release.


i listen to all of their albums and im a huge fan but this is by far my favorite record they have put out. i love how there's softer, slower songs and songs that make you want to run a mile around your high schools track. they're great dudes and they make great music


This album isnt very catchy to me

- Best Album of 2013 (so far)

Modern Vampires of the City is admittedly different and darker than the band's earlier works. At first, I found myself missing the old Vampire Weekend. The album grew on me though as I began to appreciate the maturation of their music. "Everlasting Arms" is a great middle ground for those missing the old sound but willing to explore their new style.

- Amazing

This album is hypnotizing and amazing its insane. I love this band and will continue to:D

- Vampire weekend

I luv vampire weekend but I especially LUV EZRA KOENIG someday I hope to meet them in person

- This made me sad :(

This album made me so sad, I was totally looking forward to it. I give it three stars for lyrics but their sound is totally different and I'm missing their chill vibes. I still love this band and I'm looking forward to their next album though :)

- Um...

I was disappointed by this album, I miss the old vampire weekend! The only song that reminds me of their previous albums was "finger back" I thought this album was going to be more fast paced and fun but instead it turned out slow and sad


Great music with lots of cool instruments. Get it.

- ED97

This is real music

- Very nice

I was pleasantly surprised with this album go go vampire weekend !!!

- Amazing

This album is golden!

- Messed up

I liked there other albums so much better :/

- Perfect Album

Worth the wait.

- genius

Vampire Weekend is genius...Nuff said...

- eh.

really not that great. ill listen some more, but am kinda of disappointed in this one. but I'm gonna definitely give it some more plays because i want it to be great like everything else have heard from them

- Not Bad

I like a few songs like Step. Other songs are just bizarre and spastic.

- Right awn ti-ti-time-time.


- Don't Lie...

...Is amazing. Not sure how that song isn't the single. Great overall, big fan.

- In love

I'm absolutely in love with this album, Diane Young is such a fun song as well as Unbelievers. Hannah Hunt is probably my favorite track on the album it's absolutely beautiful. Other favorites are Don't Lie, Step and Obvious Bicycle.

- Perfection.

This album has everything. From upbeat melodies (Diane Young & Finger Back) to ghostly nostalgic sounds (Hannah Hunt.) Yes, this album is a tad different than Contra & Vampire Weekend but it shows how they've evolved and matured. Just like we change from our teenage years to adult years, they're doing the same. It's a great buy. Hannah Hunt is perfection, btw.

- An amazing album

Have been a real big vampire weekend fan and was really pumped for the new album. Kind of a different sound then their previous albums, but just as amazing. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Amazing.

- vp

This is honestly the best thing since oxygen.

- Gold

Best album yet.

- Love it!!!!

They are really talented and amazing band. This is real music, and they are real artist. Best music!!!

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- Super!

Innovative. Immersive. Worth listening to the full narrative develop over the album.

- Brilliant!

Love it

- Can't wait!

Been looking forward to this for so long! Diane Young is so brilliant

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- Excellent!

Wow, this an awesome album by Vampire Weekend, definitely their most accomplished work yet, and very self-assured with a unique distinctive style that really, really works :)

- Brilliant from start to finish!

A big step up artistically from the previous two albums, which are both brilliant anyway! The singles and tracks released already are still stand out songs, but so are the opening two songs, Obivous Bicycle and Unbelievers, as well as the outré Young Lion! Well worth the wait and well worth getting!

- Brilliant but where's a bonus album?!

Love the new songs, i was going to preorder this but i was waiting just incase they brought out a bonus album! But anyway brilliant album, Diane Young and Step are pretty good. Have the album on loop while revising!

- Perfection 😱❤

It came out 53 minutes ago in England and I bought it on the dot! Every song is perfect and I'm just speachless! You're a fool if you don't buy this tbh

- Low selfie esteem

Ezra Koenig is literally a genius! This is definitely the least preppy album that they have released so far, yet still recognisable as VW. It is great.

- Skellycopter

I am currently streaming their album and every song is amazing!! unbelievers especially!!


can't wait

- Superb

Listened to it a few times now and I absolutely love it. Its a change from their first two albums, much darker not as sunny and springy in sound. IMO Ezra should go down as one of the finest lyricists of this generation, his lyrics are just so so good. Recommend it to anyone who enjoyed their other stuff.

- Wow

I've been waiting a long time for this and it's amazing. Definitely some of the best songs I've heard in years! Even better live!

- this is the best album in the entire world.

the best album i have ever heard and by the best band in the entire world.

- Instant Purchase

These are beautiful songs, by an exceptionally talented band. Don't only buy this, but check out their other albums too!

- Slow

Love the first album, and disappointed with this. Most tracks are so slow makes the Beach Boys seem up tempo. Didn't want to not like this, because the band are different and not enough of that, but from up beat exciting songs to, well, dirge.

- Amazing

I have loved Vampire Weekend for so long! Love the songs that I've heard from this album so far :) this band makes me so happy And yeah, I agree they need to come to Liverpool :)

- Love!

I love everything about vampire weekend, step, Diane young and ya hey are the only songs I've heard from this album but I'm sooo excited for the album to come out!

- This Album...

Vampire Weekend and Contra are two of my favourite albums ever. Hope this is as good, and please bring the tour to Liverpool, UK.

- Unbelievable.

Saw these guys most recently live in a small venue after the release of Contra; indisputably the most intoxicating, upbeat (not to mention my favourite) music, of all time. Can. Not. Wait.

- 'Step' is brilliant

The three songs I've heard so far are amazing and I cannot wait. Still by far my favourite band ever!

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You all worship him too much that its retarded..


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Depression is that feeling of overwhelming emotions in a concert or worship service, but they're a problem and you can't help but feel you caused it. Even the thought of finding yourself at the source of a problem feeds a perpetual loop of blame with you at the center. It's hard.

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Winston smith

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Sometimes, just sit and play worship songs and let the words just wash over you. It's therapeutic.


@ajtourville @elonmusk Why dou you think they would murder us and not worship us as Gods?.


Neither do I know Charity, nor Meditation and Yoga, Neither do I know the practice of Tantra, nor Hymns and Prayers, Neither do I know Worship, nor dedication to Yoga, You are my Refuge, You Alone are my Refuge, Oh Mother Bhavani..

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