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- Special!

Really sums it up. If you're looking for shallow fluff look somewhere else. This is a wonderful album that enjoy listening to over and over.

- Florence and the Machine, the XX=fake review

I heard these guys on NPR’s Soundcheck last night, and they sounded great. But anyone reading these reviews should be aware that it’s no coincidence that people keep comparing them to Florence and the Machine and the XX; that’s obviously what the record company is paying them to write. Talking points, just like in politics, and equally meaningless…it’s a shame, because London Grammar does seem like an interesting group, and they’re just not well-served by this kind of thoughtless propaganda. Love to read some reviews that are actually written by non-paid fans and don’t say ridiculous stuff like “I’ll listen to every song over and over!"

- Beautiful

This is NOT the kind of music I’m into, but it caught my ear after hearing Metal and Dust so I bought the album on a whim. I seriously can’t stop listening. Each song is a story with a beautiful musical journey attached. The main vocalist fits perfectly with the other elements, and I can’t stop listening to her throughout the entire track. Probably one of the best and most beautiful albums I’ve purchased in a long time. It’s my work music, drive music, and homework music.

- Wonderful Album

I've been itching to buy this album for a while and I can tell you they don't disappoint! The album had to have been crafted by the gods! I love the albums to bits! Can't wait for them to really hit it big in America!

- It's alright...

I would rather listen to Kate Bush, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Mazzy Star.

- Brilliant

This album is on constant repeat!! Hauntingly beautiful!

- I think i'm in love with an album, is that possible?

This album is perfect! My favorite songs are: Strong, Nightcall, Flickers and Help Me Lose My Mind. Definitely worth the money!

- Thank you Jimmie Fallon

Strong...awesome voice...great team...brought tears to my eyes...

- No words

Her voice... Is just heaven. It's so rich with so much power. She is amazing!!! This album did not disappoint me at all!!

- mmmmmm

I love them & I love Arty’s remix of “Hey Now"

- 😌Very Chill😌

Florence & the machine + The XX = London Grammar!! ✌️

- Incredible.

Coming of age talent. Well balanced vocals and inspiring harmony. The complete album is only worthy as a whole or it's missing chapters of a book otherwise. However, #4 will move you to the core unexpectedly.

- WOW.

I can’t remember the last time I downloaded an album and loved every song. How do you go up from here? Amazing.

- Breathtaking

Her voice is beautiful and it tunes perfectly with melody and beat. Mixture of XX with a unique twist

- Wonderful Album

great music from start to finish. my favs are "Hey Now", "Wasting My Young Years", "Metal & Dust", "Nightcall", "Stay Awake", "Interlude", and "Strong". Solid first album.

- I'm in love with this album

I loved every single on of the songs! Hannah's voice is just simply amazing! <3

- Addicted to this album

The lead singer's voice is highly addictive and nothing like anything you find in mainstream music….this is probably the best album I've heard all year

- Gorgeous

Soaring vocals, spare gorgeous music -- Judie Tzuke meets Florence+Machine, only better.

- Best Album I Ever Bought

i am so glad I spent the money for the entire album. Amazing voice and songs!

- Great album

Heard "hey now" on Revenge tv show, this is a great album, happy I found this gem of a album, "hey now, Stronger, & if you wait, are some of my fav songs on this album.

- Épico

Este álbum es una maravilla Stronge es mi canción favorita y puedo escucharla el día entero London Grammar... Son maravillosos, gracias por su música

- Haunting!!

Heard the song wasting my younger years at the show reign. It was so beautiful i thought i heard an angel singing. So haunting, chill in my spine. I thought i was Florence but no, it was the voice of an angel

- Perfect

There is nothing else to say.

- Unique

She has such a low voice but projects beautifully creating brilliant sounds. If you are a person who likes to listen to deep music then this is your album. Every song is so unique and they NEVER get old. Enjoy!

- Stunning

This album shines through the wasteland of modern pop like a lighthouse at night. Hannah’s voice is haunting and soulful, and the instrumentals are perfectly matched to showcase it. Great songwriting, flawlessly executed, for the thinking person. I’m 63 and thought I’d never find new music like this again. Bravo!

- Well Crafted

This band is outstanding with their ability to inject so much nuance into their music while keeping things simple and powerful. Amazing vocals and excellent arrangement.

- All I can say is WOW!!

Buy the entire album. What a voice! She is Hypnotic!

- If You Wait

Great album. Hannah’s voice is unique and beautiful. I hope to hear more in the future. Lorde and London Grammar have given me new faith that that I can still like Pop music. I’m 60 and had almost given up!

- Obsessed

So obsessed with this band

- Perfect!!!

I can't pick a favorite song. Every one is my favorite as I'm listening. Really impressed!!!

- Amazing Artists

Love their sound/vocals!

- Awesome

Every song is pure gold!!!Best album I 've heard in a long time!

- So Hauntingly Beautiful

I have fallen in love with this atrist!!!!!!

- London Grammar

Wow. It is great to hear music that does not sound like anything that is already out there today. London Grammar have a unique sound and I welcome it. Amazing and fresh.

- Love.

Can't wait to listen to this over and over again. Well done!

- Awesome álbum !!!

"Strong" the best song.

- Incredible Talent & Sound

This is an incredible band! Not just because their British. (The English just know how to make music.) Hannah’s vocals are perfect for this genre, and the muted guitar riffs, and keyboard work really come together splendidly. My new second favorite band. When compared to Adele and others, London Grammar outshines most.

- Stunning

I have not been this moved by a band or album in years. Hauntingly beautiful and by far the best album this year.

- Finally some good new music

Finally i've found some new music that's good. Great even. It's strange though. Their sounds is like a blend of XX, Florench Welch, Marinna & The Diamonds, and Lana Del Rey. It's strange because Lana's sound isn't at all appealing to me but London Grammar is. Probably because they sound so unique. They may have a similar sound to other artists and what not but they've something that i can't put my finger on. It might be something called originality. WOW. Finally a new band comes out with some origniality. Their sound changes within each song. The way the words of the lyrics are sung (is that a now) ... It's almost eerie and definitely dark. It's fluid in its approach and the beat ..... the beats are insane. It's just splendid all around. It's just good. The lyrics are so profound but simple. They beats aren't overwhelming , her voice doesn't overshadow and it makes it all that more special. They've created a great new sound. Not one track is bad. Not one track is better than the other. They're all equally good on their own levels. They each offer something new. Something....Original.

- Heard them on the Disclosure feat

Loved the feat from Disclosure and now I get to hear more of her voice, worth the download

- Cool Mixutre

Mixture between The XX, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine.

- Finally

I had such glorious chills the first time I heard them on the radio with "Wasting My Young Years". The album was beautifully done.

- Amazing!

Great sound, very melodic and totally reminded me of Anne Lennox. Will listen to over and over.

- Unusual Reception

It may seem mellow-dramatic, but when I'm listening to the entire album there's a feeling reinforcing confidence n focus n drive that flows through. I don't know if that makes any sense.

- Flawless

I just found this band about 2 days ago, and I can't stop listening to their music. Amazing record🙌

- Reign

I love the new show Reign. I'm also extremely grateful that through Reign I was introduced to this artist, they are UNIQUE! If you had any doubts about this album, believe me when I say...DON'T. This album is worth the money! Buy now!

- Repeats will be Necessary

London Grammar is amazing; this album has nothing but good tracks, haunting lyrics and a sound so good you can't help but listen to it on repeat over and over again. I hadn't heard of them until "Hey Now" but now I'm happy to say I'm hooked. Best tracks: "Wasting my Young Years" and "Sights".

- Pleasantly Surprised

I was really surprised to hear the maturity in the lead singer’s voice as well i their material. Her voice is powerful and as other’s have said, haunting. I can listen to this CD all the way through. Every track can be appreciated by the younger crowd as well as the older folks, such as myself. Great job, London Grammar.

- Great Album but missing songs...

This album is fantastic and would of given it 5 stars but there are more songs on pandora that are associated with this album. "Darling are you gonna leave me" and "high life" are great songs and missing on this album.

- Graceful

I cannot stop listening to this album

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The last few weeks have been the highlight of my time in Australia and the best my life has been for a very very long time. Done a lot of exploring, seen some amazing sights, met some wonderful people and had some crazy fun experiences. Life is good! Peace and love xoxo .


@redmond_BDTW @thelonghorns12 Never felt like a college coach to me. Did wonders at PSU at the time but always had sights on NFL gigs..

Jelani Saeed (he/they)

I needa stop playing and write for these anthologies and sights 😭😭.

Raine Miller ☔️

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Adrian Roarke

@tee_dumont What I miss are the sights, sounds, and some people. For the most part, great memories. I’m sorry you’re going through a tough period. I don’t regret leaving..

JAL Hellcat

@catturd2 So you just throw Shit out there to see what sticks? You are a Fucking Cat Turd! Any cat outside is in my gun sights! Hahaha.


@bpatton10 He’s already set his sights on Texas. Because he wants to cause me real, physical pain..

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