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"19-2000", sometimes written "19/2000", is a song from the British virtual band Gorillaz' self-titled debut album "Gorillaz". It was the second single from the album, released on 25 June 2001 in the United Kingdom. "19-2000" reached number six on the UK Singles Chart and number 34 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart. It was particularly successful in New Zealand, where it reached number one for a week in September 2001. "19-2000" released was accompanied by a completely new version of the song, called the "Soulchild Remix", which was produced by music producers Damien Mendis and Stuart Bradbury. Mendis was asked to remix a track off the album in the hope that it would give it crossover potential, in the same way as the Ed Case remix of "Clint Eastwood" had. Mendis was given a copy of all their demos and finished tracks for the album, being told to "pick [a song] that you can produce, remix or whatever into a hit single". Mendis was unsure which track to choose, and only when he was told that Jamie Hewlett was already working on the video for "19-2000", did he make his decision. Tina Weymouth and Miho Hatori contributed backing vocals to "19–2000", whilst Damon Albarn performed the vocals on the verses. The video, directed by Jamie Hewlett and Pete Candeland, is animated, both in 2-D and 3-D. It features Gorillaz riding in their Geep (as mentioned in the 2005 MTV Cribs episode, featuring the Gorillaz) along a twisted highway, encountering roller coaster style loops, a killer UFO, and – when Murdoc decides not to take an exit leading toward a church – a giant moose. Murdoc tries to blow up the moose with a pair of missiles, but the moose sneezes right before impact, sending them back to the car, which explodes and skids along the highway on fire. The members of Gorillaz appear to have black ash all over them from the blast. In between these various encounters the Gorillaz pass and perform things in time with the rhythm—such as a field of nodding donkeys, or the light posts passing them at the beginning, and a couple of sections where the buggy does several versions of the wheelie (including side wheelies, otherwise known as Skiing) and even appears to break the sound barrier. There are two versions of this video, one to fit the original mix and one to fit the Soulchild remix. The videos are almost identical, except for a few minor changes in order for the two songs to sync up with the video. On the motorway, there are signs to Amity, a reference to Jaws, the Overlook Hotel, a reference to The Shining, and Camp Crystal, a reference to Friday the 13th. It was shown in the MTV Cribs tour of Kong Studios that the buggy actually survived the blast, and now sits in the Kong Studio's parking lot. A remix titled "Gorillaz On My Mind" was recorded for the "Blade II soundtrack". The remix featured multiple verses from American Rapper Redman.

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- Great Album

Out of the main studio albums that Gorillaz has released thier debut is by far their best work. The songs 19-2000, Tommorow Comes Today, and Clint Eastwood are classics, but the songs 5/4, Slow Country, and Sound Check (Gravity) are the best on the album. If you are not a fan of the Gorillaz that is fine, but if you are a fan of Alt rock this album is an album you must listen to. It just sounds and feels very unigue.

- AMAZING BAND but....

Where's Left Hand Suzuki Method and Dracula? I have the original CD and those two tracks are on there, but not on iTunes.

- Amazing Album But It's Missing A Couple of Songs

This album is great but it's missing a couple of songs that were of the CD including: Dracula, and Left Hand Suzuki Method.

- Wondeful

I love this album and I think it's under rated!

- Do I have to Review Twice?

Really ITunes, this album is great. Other than Nirvana, it's because of this band that I actually listen to Alternative music. Period.

- 1st review!


- Awsome band


- Authentically Revolutionary

Combining alternative rock, hip hop, dub, and some reggae and electronic influences, this technicolor album is an experience in and of itself. It manages to weave these different genres into a work of art that offers a variety of sounds to listeners of all demographics. Albarn's vocals lend the full range of their reedy imploring tone to 2D, knowing when to take front stage as they do in the in-your-face tracks "Punk" and "5/4", and when to simmer with the layered instrumentation like in "Slow Country" and "Tomorrow Comes Today". In fact, the instrumentation is allowed plenty of room to take center stage, memorably in the jittery track "Double Bass". Even if you aren't a fan of the admittedly somewhat calamitous and eclectic tracks on this album, you will find that the wonderfully animated videos and art by Jamie Hewlett add another dimension to this project. The image is just as vital as the music to this animated band, and the characters are designed to draw you into this grungy, colorful world, creating a full immersion in the strange and indulgent experience of the Gorillaz. Most impressive is the band's ability to fully utilize the creative capacity of our current technological climate. While many artists continue to box themselves into one category and neglect their full potential, this project dives head first and drags the listener right down with it as it explores new ways to create in this rapidly changing world. While some may shy away at this deviance from the musical norm, claiming it lacks the authenticity of more conventional musicians, a strong argument can be made for the opposite. By removing the celebrity image we've grown so accustomed to, the Gorillaz invent a new way to produce quality art that's just as fun and exciting to witness today as it was fourteen years ago. A clear strike against the argument that one must remain within conservative means to create timeless and meaningful work. An engaging experience for both the eyes and ears, this album is a step towards the future of creativity.


Hey eggo eater guy, maybe you should have previewed the song! Gorillaz is awesome!


One of the best gorillaz albums

- Amazing and most original album I've ever heard

title says all. although I really wish they would release a Clint Eastwood clean version. Amazing album, so original, very multi-genre and songs all sounds different and not bland and boring and repetitive.

- Where is Left Hand Suzuki Method?

On the original Gorillaz album there was supposed to be an alternate version of Clint Eastwood called but called it Left Hand Suzuki Method. This track was little more of a skit than a song but and awesome track none the less. I'd like it put back.

- waiting to buy it

i have this album on my playlist. i love gorillaz music and i hope it doesnt disapoint

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