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- Yes Nsync!!! My life is now complete!5 star

All of their greatest hits and rare songs all in one cd! This is awesome! I wish they'd have a Reunion concert one day!!!

- NSYNC Gems5 star

This collection is great and a must have for Nsync fans, loaded with classic hits and rare materials, worth the purchase.

- Finally!5 star

More Nsync music! I will be buying it all!

- Bye...1 star

If a lot of people were so-called NSYNC fans, they'd know that many of these songs are on their European release before they came back to the United States. Owned these songs back in like 10th grade. I also think it is stupid that he record company did this. The guys didn't even know. But then again, some of you might be kind of young and had no idea… idk.

- Awesome, but why so secretive Sony?5 star

This album is awesome!!! Love the unreleased newbies. But why didn't NSYNC even know this was being released?? Sketch balls over at sony apparently wanted to surprise everyone INCLUDING the band. Hmmm...

- Nsync is back!!!5 star

Super excited for this album. Have been an NSYNC fan since day 1. Hope they do a reunion tour!!!

- NSYNC5 star

I still listen to them all the time. JC Chasez has an incredible voice, like JT and their songs are still perfect for the gym.

- Amazing5 star

This album is on point. All the best music from when Nsync first started through their last album. JC Chasez's vocals are unbelievable, and all the harmonies are air tight. There are dozens of songs on this album, too, which will keep you listening for hours. I'm excited about this release because not only are their best songs all in one place (for a great price), but they're also available for a new generation of fans. Now if only we could get a reunion tour...


This is the best thing that's ever happened. I couldn't have asked for a better time either.

- Best album ever !!5 star

Great idea releasing this !!! NSYNC fans are never going to go away !!

- I love it!!5 star

Yes!! This is so great! I love it!!! Had a lot of unknown forgotten songs too.

- MADE MY DAY!!5 star

I was SO excited when I saw this was released! Talk about a blast from the past! Now let's talk about a reunion tour!?!

- NSYNC ❤️❤️❤️5 star

Love this!!!!

- Loving this!5 star

As if all of their hrs on one disc wasn't awesome enough, there's another disc of random good ones, some that we're never released. Really enjoying his album!!!

- FINALLY!!5 star

So excited for this. I have been waiting for this to be released. They have songs on here that weren't from their albums, the ones that were hard to find, & it is awesome. AH excited. Best boy band ever.

- *NSYNC forever timeless<35 star

You still remain the best boy band of all time!!! I was so excited to hear all of the old hits and some new ones :) It brought back so much joy from growing up. I am extremely happy that the major radio stations arounds started playing your music throughout the day again when this album came out! I hope you all will eventually reunite for a brand new album one day. Xoxo

- *NSYNC Forever5 star

*NSYNC is truly one of the best when it comes to harmonies! Great album!!!!!

- I Want You Back, *NSYNC5 star

This song won't contain "new" songs for the diehard *NSYNC fans who own movies like Longshot and On the Line. But it's awesome to have all of the songs you searched the Internet/imported albums/obscure soundtracks (Pokemon, anyone?) to find. And for the casual fan...you've got some GREAT surprises coming. This compilation CD reminds us what it felt like to love these boys 14-18 years ago, when we were teenagers and *NSYNC ruled the charts and TRL. Support your favorites and buy this album.

- Finally!5 star

I couldn't believe my eyes when lance posted this release on Instagram! I am thrilled to have songs on here that I never had before. I bought the whole album despite already having all their albums on my iTunes! Such a great album! Glad to see the fans are still going strong!

- *NSYNC foreverrrr ✌️❤️5 star

I'm still in love with *NSYNC

- Child Hood Memories !5 star

I Love 'NSYNC! I Grew Up Listening To Them. Im 17 Now, And A Lot Of People My Age Don't Listen To Boy Bands From The Late 90's, Yet I Still Do. I Love 'NSYNC !

- COME BACK!5 star

Just like everyone on here that took the time to write, I grew up watching these guys. I was 5 when barely anyone knew who were they were and they've ben there through the highs and lows in my life....Now it is our time....WE NEED THEM BACK! :) These songs are AMAZING like ALWAYS :)

- Love love love!5 star

I love having all this on one album! The next thing we need is "The Essential Tour!"

- Yes I5 star

Gosh i'm so happy when i've heard that they will be releasing a new Nsync Compilation!! The Question is wil this be available here in the Philippines??? Coz i've Called all our nearby Record stores and said they don't have it yet. :((

- Yes!!!!5 star

So exciting! Nice to see all these different songs I forgot about some of them! What a surprise this album was! Who needs promotion when you are NSYNC? :)

- #15 star

Get it to #1 so the guys know you still care, that way they're motivated to make new music.

- Two discs of hits?4 star

It's interesting to describe this as "two discs of hits" when it is, in fact, only one disc of hits, and another disc of obscure recordings. (I confess, though, "Trashin' the Camp" with Phil Collins from the Tarzan soundtrack is the best.) That being said, this is an excellent compilation of hits, as well as a wonderfu way to collect the more obscure tracks. Perfect for the super-fan.

- 💕🙌5 star

Love it!!!! Brings back sooo many memories!!!

- Nsync Forever!!5 star

So many great memories! Been a fan since 97'. Their music never gets old. They need a new album & a reunion asap! 👍🎧🎶

- ❤️5 star

I wish NSYNC would reunite but I'll take what I can get. This album has all of the best songs from my favorite boy band growing up. It would have been cool to have a new unreleased song included in this, but hey. I can't expect much since they'll like never ever getting back together (that's a Taylor Swift reference lol). Great album!

- Love love love5 star

This is the best album ever!! They def need to do a reunion tour. Maybe this will show them how much their fans love them and want a reunion.

- Amazing!5 star

Love it! Has all of my old favorites and some very rare and unreleased songs!! Love it haha I'm listening to see right through you! Wow what a trip down memory lane!

- Thank You!5 star

Not only do we get some of the popular hits, but also some of the hard to come across songs as well!

- Of course...5 star

Amazing! How could it not be? This is my adolescence in a downloadable form. Reunion!!! Please...??

- Duh.5 star

They are all old songs...

- Yay5 star

Did they re-record all of the songs or just take them from old recordings and put them on a new album?

- Time has come!5 star

I've been patiently waiting for a new release and if we couldn't have new Music then this was the next best thing! Love having everything all in one spot to choose from :) great job! Love al the duets from the years are included!

- Perfect mix5 star

This album is a perfect mix of the big hits and less known songs that will be appreciated by the die hard fans.

- NSync fan for liiiife!5 star

La la loooove!!!

- Still (And Forever) NSYNC!5 star

This entire two disc compilation is a nostalgic walk through the happiest years of my life thusfar. 12 years post "hiatus", and the fandom is still strong as ever and ready to support our boys. We're calling out for more STILL! Hey, Timberlake...You listening?

- Best ever5 star

16 years later and I'm still in love.

- Amazing5 star

I have pieced together my NSYNC song collection over the years to where I possess each one of these songs released. Still didn't keep me from buying the album to support NSYNC! I'm excited for everyone else to hear the European versions, the Disney covers, the hard-to-find songs and especially the performance on Sesame Street (which I distinctly remember watching just for NSYNC)! If you loved NSYNC "back in the day" you'll love "The Essential NSYNC." Chock full of 17 gems people who only bought the NSYNC albums have never heard, remixes, and my favorite, Thinking Of You, aka the European version of I Drive Myself Crazy. Do as they say and Buy Buy Buy!

- Yes yes yes!5 star

So happy!!

- OMG OMG thank you Sony5 star

Thank you for bringing me back 15 years. I'm obsessed. Such good music! I was so hoping this would be released on iTunes and it WAS 💕 Best surprise ever!

- Why the heck not5 star

Granted I have nearly every song on this, but it has "Somewhere, Someday" which is my favorite *NSYNC song, so I had to buy that, and then I decided I might as well buy the whole thing so it's on my phone. Sold. Done & done. Thanks for letting us know, Lance!! Even though you barely found out yourself.

- Nsync fan5 star

So glad to see the songs that never made the regular albums wish a tour was to come

- Brings me back to the good days when music was good5 star

🎵baby bye bye bye bye🎵

- *NSYNC5 star

I love it! There are songs that I love that weren't on the other albums.I hope they come out with another that has all of their unreleased songs! I love *NSYNC,they're the best. :)

- YES!!!!5 star

Ugh why can't they just put out ONE more album!!!!!

- Best boy band to exist5 star

Nsync is way better than any artist today


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