Skrillex & Diplo - Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber)

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Skrillex & Diplo - Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber) Song Lyrics

I need you the, I need you, I need you the, I need you, I need you
I need you the, I need you, I need you the, I need you, I need you
You the, I need you the most

I gave you the key when the door wasn't open
Just admit it
See, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can't deny it
Now I'm all alone and my joy's turned to moping
Tell me here, where are you now that I need ya?
Where are you now? (Where are you now?)
Where are you now that I need ya?
Couldn't find you anywhere
When you broke down I didn't leave ya (Leave ya)
I was by your side
So where are you now that I need ya?


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Skrillex & Diplo - Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber) Song Reviews

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- Is k4 star

Most of the songs on this album will probably made to be played in clubs, but they are good songs nonetheless

- BEST EDM ALBUM OF 20155 star

Best EDM Album of 2015 so far. Skrillex And Diplo Are So Good Together! I Haven't Even Bought This And I've Just Been Listening To The Shorts. Sounds Beast! Good Job Skrillex!

- S I C K5 star

Sick drum game !! Wow !! Skrillex and Diplo, best combo since skinny and dipping. To me it's production perfection

- Nice5 star


- Incredible5 star

Some of the most incredible music I've ever heard....some totally amazing songs.

- Top album by top artists5 star

Title reads for its self ✌️ awesome music.

- Amazing5 star

Awesome especially love the Bieber track it's something different, creepy sick 👍

- AMA5 star

I saw Skrillex , diplo, and Justin Bieber/Beiber on the AMAs last night!!! Justin performed the song great, though it would've been better if you/Skrillex helped with the song. Still I love Skrillex!!!

- eh1 star

I've heard better from Skrillex. Miss his usual stuff. Febreze is a good one, but that's about it.

- Horrible1 star

What happen did he let the fame get to his head....

- Not good3 star

Every song is terrible! The only one that is ok is "where are you now" even that one is a little weird

- 📀📀😱5 star

We need all of the songs they play on their sets.

- Awefreaking some5 star

How dare you say that it is random it is awesome and I toatally recommend this album I have bout it and love it to this day and ever since it dropped

- Febreze5 star

Is the best song in da album! Make more like febreze!

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎1 star

This album is annoying

- Not Even Music1 star

I you bought this you clearly need hearing aids because you cannot hear the garbage being stuffed down your ears. Get some hearing aids along with some real music from actual artists, not from someone who was inspired by a blender and the sound of them breaking everything in their dumpster home because they've finally realized that their entire life and career is a joke!

- Pathetic1 star

Its embarrassing to our culture the trash that can become popular nowadays while some artists people pour their passion into there music and go unrecognized. All an artist has to do now is say a sentence then make a bunch of weird sounds in the background and thats their chorus, smh. This isnt as bad as some of the ones out there but anyone who likes this kind of stuff has no taste in music at all

- Good album!!! Just take some JACK Ü ;-) Haha5 star

Hope they make more music together because it's AMAZING! Super bad*ss how they added Missy Elliott on the last song/remix too :) She's defiantly one of the best female rapper ever!

- OMG5 star

omg awesome

- Wrong remix1 star

Like the origonal better

- Ü were never ready for this5 star

Sick beats, awesome artist, and skrillex and diplo together makes JACK Ü👏👏

- Not so good :[1 star

This album just didn't seem that great to me, almost all of his other albums are great even recess. But this just didn't cut it for me. You're better off saving your money and getting something else. I hope that Skrillex and Diplo were just trolling us with this album and that this isn't how all of their new songs will sound.

- Love this!!5 star

I love this album! I've always loved skrillex and had only heard of diplo from the song Bueller but I love this album with the two together hope for more soon

- Ü definitely need to buy this album5 star

Skrillex + Diplo is one of the best ideas ever

- Use to be....1 star

Absolutely horrible album. More ignorant "rap" ruining the dubstep.

- Cool !5 star

Super Catchy and awesome!!

- 😍😍😍5 star

Killed Where Are You Now👌👌👌👌

- Yeah Im The Sh*t5 star

Jack Ü Never Gets Old. All Ü Haters Who Dont Like This Need To Just Dive In And FEEL It, Ü Know What Im Saying? I Wish Some Songs Had There Demo Versions Instead, Like To Ü's Party Version And The Febreze Demo.

- Crazy awesome🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

I'm a boy and I love Justin's song it is amazing where are u now 😲😲😲😲🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Good song3 star

It's a good song but I have herd of better songs 😒😀 rate:⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Dubstep+beiber=😷1 star

⚠️Warning⚠️ This album may contain traces of negative mediocrity, and other unknown substances. Do not use if you listen to REAL music! Note: I am not an old man, I am a 14 year old male

- Yessss5 star

I'm in love with Justin but dip and skrill made a sick beat love it

- Talentless1 star

Shocking that these guys are prominent in music on any level let alone dance/techno. Don't waste your time.

- Ok.3 star

This sounds like a setting where a group of ten orangutans take over a kitchen and continuously bang the pots and pans around.

- Two of the biggest names in the business bring Ü Jack Ü.4 star

My favorites on this album are "Beats Knockin", "Take Ü There", "To Ü" and "Where Are Ü Now".

- The worst song I have ever heard1 star

This song is terrible. Justin's voice is not right for this beat. He sounds like he is trying to be overly sexy so he sounds like he is crying. And usually these songs get popular because of the beat or the music that plays during the chorus. I can't even listen to the music that is played to this song. It makes me want to vomit.

- You just have to keep listening5 star

Every time Skrillex releases something new, his style changes, and since diplo made this with him, the style was drastically different. I hated the entire album other that To Ü when I first heard it, but I dislike every new Skrillex album at first. And although I would much rather have an album where Skrillex didn't collab with someone for every song, the album is still great. Just keep listening, and you'll come around.

- D:1 star


- ✌🏽️5 star

Dope af

- Love It!!5 star

I love this song! Justin (once again) fails to make a bad song he could sing any song and make it 10x better! Love you justin!!!!

- 😘😏 Where r u now... 😍❤️5 star

❤️ where r u now is the best track... I didn't even kno dat was Justin singing... Great voice

- Follow My SoundCloud @jaythegreat2135 star

Also feel free to follow my Twitter :@thejarontjones Or Instagram: @jarontjones Thanks!

- If I could rate lower, I would1 star

Don't buy this album unless your friends dared you to make your ears bleed. It was never worth it's money and it's complete garbage. I love dubstep, love it, even Skrillex at one point. But saying that makes me look like some idiot 10 year old shouting yolo and swag. That's what Skrillex has become. The equivalent to yolo and swag, and we all know how that turned out. Disappointment across the nation. What happened to Skrillex will forever change the way we see him. The only fans that like this album are the incoherent, idiotic, and tone deaf oafs not worried about wasting their money on trash. Seriously. What. The hell. Happened. Don't waste your money. Please. For the sake of humankind don't buy these horrible songs that have no rhythm and don't have any consistent beat that would make anyone want to get up and party. All this music will do is push your party guests out the door and leave you speechless sitting on the couch wondering why the hell you didn't just move on and buy a Monstercat album. But if you do decide to buy this album for whatever reason, maybe to laugh at it for a while and then remember it's worth 20 times more that it should be, crying about why you wasted the money, just listen to some of the songs first. Or better yet don't listen to them and trust me that this is the worst album money can buy. Hell, it's the worst investment I've ever seen. You're better of buying a selfie stick and some douchebag sunglasses. One star Skrillex. One. Trust me when I tell you it's for a reason. Don't buy it. Look at "Skillexx", a wanna be Skrillex. He's just as bad too. Can you see where he gets it? P.S. This album make me laugh so hard, it's worth listening to for a couple seconds to have yourself a laugh

- I only like that Justin beiber one3 star


- This brat? For real?1 star

All I have to say is, really? Bieber of all tw@ts?

- What happened?1 star

This album is the worst thing Skrillex has ever released and has little to no similarities to Skrillex's older music which has pretty much been replaced by this trap music with cheesy samples and that Justin Bieber song will probably make your ears bleed.

- Jack Ü!!!5 star

I really like the mash between skrillex and diplo.

- Ew1 star

Can't stand the artist or album, what has music come to??

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star


- Mehhh3 star

This album would have been better off if they use some one other than Bieber. Mabey Rihanna or Skylar Grey are well fitted for the vocals.

- ü5 star

im 12 and want to be a dj when I grow up and this is my favorite album and my inspiration! ü

- Dude....1 star

Yo lol cmon, who could like this? Its so trash like please get this off itunes the beat is trash the singing is trash

- Dang2 star

Skrillex, you are great and I mean it, but this was crap, I'm sorry.

- 😻😻😻5 star

Love it the most jk this song is the best

- Ü r awesome5 star

Ü r awesome

- Great!5 star

Never really listened to JB before ... But I love his song <3

- Decent5 star

I might not like Justin but i like the song


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Gautam1004 - Skrillex rocks5 star

After listening to skrillex , it seems that he is not from this world. He is the best dj & producer ever.

Anirudha 10 - One of it's kind! 🙌🏻5 star

Skrillex & Diplo, Kings of Dance music make their best album ever! Jack Ü is the face of the new EDM🙌🏻

sameerxf - Skrillex is awesome not justin5 star

The album belongs to skrillex a six grammy winner Dj and producer. The song with justin is actualy cmposed by skrillex and diplo justin only washed his throat..! why are people crazy for justin its not his album or anything he is just like a cone of ice cream hes just supporting the song. Main guys are skrillex and diplo.! Skrillex is a legend..! and this guy..! Justin.! hahaha..! he cant even spell legend..!

kidrauhlradixnt - JUSTIN!!!5 star

Where Are Ü Now is the most upbeat and epic dance song this year! Justin Bieber's vocals and Jack Ü's music blended together makes this piece an absolute sleight for the ears and the body! This song slays!!! Twitter - kidrauhlradixnt

Nickname7627041700 - JB5 star

This song is heaven, Justin singing in falsetto is the best😍

Tashbiya - 😍😍5 star

it's so perfect

Jazzybelieve - Justin5 star

Well done justin👍👍👍

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JuniperB - Sounds great on a proper stereo...5 star

At first listen I was pretty disappointed. The production seemed unpolished and the overall sound was muddy and nowhere near as good as videos of Jack U live. However, listening on my stereo was like a different album, sounds amazing. Not sure why the large difference, but through proper speakers this album rules.

Gurjote95 - 1 Word5 star


B. Giles - The Best5 star

One of the best dance albums I've ever heard, Skrillex and Diplo have killed it! With their collaboration Jack Ü they have to be the best unique electronic music producers ever. They've really widened their genre of music to create the best tracks in history!

the real potato man - Amazing...5 star

Where Are Ü Now is the best song right now. When I listened to it for the second time it really got to me and it's always in my head now. The other songs I haven't heard as much but I do like some and I think they're unique so I'm buying this whole album!

😜😜😜😜😜🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚 - Skrillex and Justin 😻5 star

I love skrillex and justin and I'm very happy they collabed on a song because it turned out really great. Definitely buying this album 🙌

Menders91 - Banging Müsic!5 star

This album is amazing and whenever I listen to it, it makes me want to punch someone square in the face because I go crazy! That aside, Where Are Ü Now is absolute fire even with Justin bieber. They surely can do anything. Gutted that To Ü, febreeze and Jungle Bae have all changed but the newer versions so just as awesome and wild so 100% worth paying money for. Thank Ü skrillex and diplo! 👏🔊🎉

Sidewinder316 - Don’t Believe The Hype!1 star

Not sure which direction Skrills is going with this but really poor for his standards. Diplo seems to have been sucked into Skrills world of ‘Ragga’ which just does not work on a mass scale. I am all for new directions being taken but this is just a step backwards in my opinion...

claireeeeeee - I must be missing something.1 star

This album is terrible. It's just unsynced noise. Don't see the hype everyone's on about

Cameron ! - YES YES5 star


Applegamer14 - Great but missing song5 star

Amazing album from Jack Ü but, I was disappointed to find that track 9 (Where are Ü now ft. Justin Bieber) was missing.

NickSmith98 - What an album!5 star

If you're into trap or dance music then this is the album for Ü

Nathiey - Ü5 star

Been waiting for this album a long time and it did not disappoint! Personal favourites are 'beat knocking' and 'to ü' but the rest sounds great too 😍

Ciaran McKenna - Brilliant5 star

Been waiting on this album for a while now and it didn't disappoint

AnimeAttackOnTitanFan - Amazing New Album5 star

I love this album! With me being a big Skrillex fan I love looking back at how far Sonny has come. Love every song! 😝🎶

vCordsx - Fair Play5 star

A lot of people complain at how diplo and skrillex just produce mainstream music, but if it gets you turnt, it gets you turnt. Some bangers on this album.

Hypefoemecha - Jack me...5 star

Pure gold... I love it. Thank ü skrillex and diplo.

elliottheeley - I didn't know this was coming!5 star

Massive fan of Skrillex and this Jack Ü collab with Diplo, Take Ü There was gooooooood but I did not have a clue this was gonna drop! Just from the preview it sounds tasty, wacking trap on every track, its gonna get you going! I know not everybody likes trap music but if you do, whether you know these two or not then you better get it because it'll be mind blowing and next generation, if you think you've heard all trap has to offer then you haven't heard these two. A must buy!

Hawtman321 - Amazing!5 star

Well worth the buy!

TJ354 - Finally!!!5 star

Been waiting months for this.. More epic sounds from jack ü :):):)

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You can find here music lyrics from artist Skrillex & Diplo, album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, song Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber), released 27 February 2015. Listening online to Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber) - Skrillex & Diplo song preview is free and does not require registration...

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