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This is a song in its original Simon & Garfunkel version was moving enough. This version by Disturbed had rerached down inside of me and grabbed me by the soul, and would not let go! So powerful and yet so haunting. Be sure to blast the speakers when you play this song.

- Eives picture

Need new friends

- The Sound Of Silence Disturbed

I om old so I like older music and I loved Simon and Garfunkel's Vursion. So when a friend said listen to this I was a bid skeptcal, well I was in awe. This song has turned into the top 5 songs you can understand every word there is just no flaws I love it GREAT JOB GUYS YOUR SONG IS FANTASTIC Thank You. Pat W. Chrisman Sr.

- I'm an older guy but love this song

They do an amazing job on this song, I like Simon and Garfunkel but this is a different take onit that pays homage to it and reinvents it at the same time, The singer has a stunning voice very unique and emotive I hope maybe they decide to do a few more ballad type songs in addition to thier regular hard rock music (thats what it sounded like to me)

- Not Disturbed at all!!!

My 54 year old daughter warned me that I would love Sound of Silence, but that I might not like Disturbed's other music. She is a genious, but not this time. I love this group, and will begin buying their albums right now. That silly girl!

- Lking

Wow....moved me..

- Beautiful

I heard it played at the Pyeongchang Olympics/Pairs Skating and I was blown away! Very powerful.


They brought back the song to epic proportion to where you feel every note from your head down to your toes and then some.

- Amazing!

As a 65-year-old woman who grew up in the 60s, I was a huge fan of Simon & Garfinkle's music. When I heard Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence I was completely blown away! This is the best remake of any song, ever!

- Perhaps the best cover song ever of all time!!!

David Draiman's voice on this song is like what you'd imagine ZEUS would sing like if they had a mic and band up in Mount Olympus. His vocals on this Simon & Garfunkle classic is like liquid gold and each word of the lyrics creates goosebumps and sends shivers up and down my spine. This is a must buy for your collection!!!

- Wow, haunting.

Goosebumps here too.

- Amazing

I can't believe this was a Simon and Garfunkel cover. They did an amazing job it's beautiful.

- Amazing!

Performed so powerfully, it will give you chills! A Simon and Garfunkel remake that Simon and Garfunkel will love. They played for a long time to a certain class of fans, but this remake is expanding their music genre, as well as their fan base to a whole new level. Powerful, timeless and classy. Nice job Disturbed! Can’t wait to see another remake!

- Amazing!

I love this song my mom listens to Simon & Garfunkel and this is just great!!!

- Outstanding remake of an old classic

I admit that I am not a heavy metal fan. However, this version of the Simon & Garfunkel classic is outstanding. It takes the song to a dark level and makes it their own. I have both the classic and this version on my system and I do believe that I like this version so much better.

- Sheer Goosebumps

Grew up with the original and always liked it. But I love this version. Even my mom who is a S&G fan and not even close to a metal fan likes this version. His voice completely changes the feel of the song.

- I'm not an emotional dude, but this made me cry

Most songs these days don't stick around for more than a year or so. I get the feeling that this one will be around for awhile.

- Brilliant!

I seriously got chills. David Draiman is brilliant in this rendition. It's always amazing when contemporary musicians breathe new life into classic songs steeped in popular culture. If you like this song, you will love it! Amazing

- better than the original singer

Great version great song

- Jesus


- In love with this on so many levels

This song is a classic, with so much meaning behind it, i don't think anyone else could of did it better justic and paid respect to the original.

- Thank you!

Moving, comfortable, touching, real. Thank you!

- Awesome

Best version I've ever heard.


I am a 70 year old man of conservative views and values....I grew up with Simon and Garfunkel and I continue to listen to all the oldies....but I gotta tell you.... Disturbed's version of the Sounds of Silence is the best I have ever heard. It is almost "Holy" and I am spellbound by the version, the songs delivery, the cadence and the singer. All I can say is WOW...just WOW!!

- The Sound of Silence

I always loved this song and listened to it in its original version from the context of the 60's era. But, when I heard my son-in-law playing 'his' music in the house I had to ask him who was singing this! Then I listened to Disturbed's cover of this timeless song by Simon and Garfunkel I could not believe I had never really heard the words before! Can't explain it, but this version brought this song to life with meaning and power!

- Heavy Metal Beautiful

This song makes the hair on your body stand straight up, It is so powerful - haunting - beautiful - Amazing vibe. Watching Peta and Nyle dance their freestyle dance on DWTS and knowing that Nyle can't hear the "sound" .......... and yet, ....... he embraced and brought the song to life. That was the most powerful performance I've ever seen. Disturbed took this song and knocked music into the Universe .......... beautiful amazing song


Never would have thought it! One of the best songs ever ,even as a re-mix!

- Moving!!

Wow! Never heard or felt this song like this before! Major chills! Excellent job Disturbed! Perfection!

- I was brought to TEARS! Absolute PERFECTION!

This is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Everytime I listen to it the passion behind the voice is so moving and I can't do anything but shut my eyes and hold on tight to ever word. AMAZING!!!!

- Hugely Powerful!

Kinda liked the original Simon & Garfunkel, lyrics stick with you forever - But David put his soul into it. His performance was not only powerful, but visceral. The first time I heard it, I got goosbumps all over and could not get it out of my mind or heart. Had to do some research on David and Disturbed (am not a hard rock fan) as well as watch David's interviews. I was totally stunned. Honestly- David's vocal talent is going to waste with this group. I see him going out on his own to expand his talent and share his gift with a broader audiance.

- Wow.

These guys are a rare talent because they have TALENT! The vocal range in this is amazing. Goosebumps. Amazing.

- Beyond fantastic!!!!

I have always loved this song, but Disturbed has taken into a new and goose-bumpy place! I cannot stop listening to this great cover of a great song! Kudos!!!


Wow very powerful!! Loved it!

- Sound of Silence

This song gave me chills. It is such a creative and soultouching version of a classic song. Great Job!

- Disturbed - Doing what they do

Love all the "new" fans on here, who have "never heard of" Disturbed before. This band has been fantastic since the mid 90's. Davids voice has always lent its power to many other amazing ballads (if thats your thing) check out the orginial song "Darkness" on the "Believe" album, for something in the vein of this song. To the boys, loved you since the "the Sickness" and playing clubs in Chicago. Wish you much continued future success.

- Wife of a Disturbed lover.

My husband has always liked disturbed, I would always skip their songs on iTunes when he wasn't paying attention. There was maybe one or two songs I could tolerate... My eyes were watering listening to "the sound of silence". I love Simon and Garfunkel and not many people who cover their songs do them justice. I think the lead singer did a phenomenal job at this cover. His voice is amazing! I will now let my husband listen to their other albums and I won't skip the songs as long as he promises to let me blast the sound of silence when it comes on. Great job guys.

- WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song was done before. but with his voice. It has made it new and love listening to it. it is a soft but powerfull song the way he has put it togethure. I want more. rock on!!!!

- Fantastic

This is the best remake I have ever heard.

- Angelic voice

That guy has such a powerful angelic voice. I wish he would do more songs like this

- Spectacular

This song really gives me chills.

- Extremely Powerful!

I listened to Simon & Garfunkel all through high school. Never even imagined anyone even thinking of trying to remake any of there classic songs. This was something that physically moved me to tears. The power of this man voice and the strings with tympany drum was absolutely perfect in every way. This is a remake I will take to my grave so I can play it for all those who have past before me.

- Holy crap

Stunning. What an amazing voice.

- Stunning.

I love the original of this song, but I have to say I love this cover even more.

- Great Job!

With the original Simon and Garfunkel version you never really got a sense of how dark the song was. Disturbed does a wonderful job of bringing that out. Thanks guys!

- Brilliant

Heard it once, replayed it over and over. Love it! This version of the song is pongutint, meaningful and beautiful. Bravo on giving new meaning to a classic.

- Hits the heart

Love love love this version. Awesome job guys!!!!

- WOW!!!

I love this VIDEO I don't care for Simon and Garfunkle much but I would like to hear these guys do all of there hits. powerful

- Monumental

Powerful, beautiful, stimluating. Like watching, and listenening to a liquid canvas of surealism this video gave me chills.

- What an Homage

Great cover, I love Simon and Garfunkel this is an excellent.

- Amazing

This arrangement is truly amazing. 5+ stars!

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- WinterRides

This has always been a great song, Disturbed has given it a whole new dimension and even a more powerfull meaning, strong and emotional. Gives me goosebumps eveytime I listen to the song. Thank you Disturbed, you have a new fan and I'm 61!

- MR

WOW could listen to over and over again they've taken the sounds of silence and given prophetic power like the original could never capture

- Sounds of Silence

I have never bothered to write a review on anything before (call me lazy and I'll happily acknowledge it), but what Disturbed has done to further elevate a great original that I also love moved me to do so. Simon & Garfunkel's version is a classic in its own right, but Disturbed's version does a better job of matching the dark tone of the lyrics, AND they kept the music suitably restrained but oh so tasteful and powerful. I can't say enough good things about this version, from the quality of the singing, to the musicianship, and to the quality of the production. Some fantastic live versions on YouTube as well that confirm these guys are the real deal. Bravo!!

- Amazing!!!

This is a great video but it is even better live.

- 🤑

It's not even his original song

- Metal?

I've not been one to listen to a lot of metal bands. This song is so emotional, and has so much depth. Better than the orginal song. Get it, listen to it, love it.

- Best !!! Shivers!!!!!

Still have shivers Best song and best video for a long time Love every seconds of it Excellent!!!! !!!!5++++++ love it and I am 68 years old

- MacFly747

Best version ever! So powerful, specially if viewed along with the video! Get’s you right in the guts...

- Disturbed Sounds of Silence cover

I have always loved this song but they have added a depth and dimension that touches you to the core. It came on the radio in my vehicle as I was coming into my garage and I couldn’t move, it moved me on so many levels. Thank you for taking a classic and making it amazing and powerful.

- The Sound of Silence

Great tune by Disturbed, Better than the original.

- sound of silence

wow , so strong, emotinal . and raw . pure talent exposed , leaves you silent and remembering the sound of silence .very resonating

- Overrated

If I wanted to listen to this much angst I would move back in with my little sister. Seriously, everyone talking about how "powerful" this guy's voice is, but has anyone thought about whether or not it's appropriate?

- GodBumps

Wow! Wow! Wow! All of us have witnessed a restaurant scene where a whole family is at a booth and no one is talking…all are holding their cell phones…lost in the glow of their screens. How prophetic was this song!!! Disturbed captures the message perfectly in passionate and artistic glory!

- Disappointed

Excellent video. I gifted this to my wife as she loved it but it no longer streams video over Apple TV only audio which is very disappointing

- Amazing

This is music history this version by Disturbed. In the beginning so soft, the middle becomes stronger, then the power of the lyrics come alive & hit you & you understand the meaning of the song. I love it.

- Mrs

My favorite song just got blown out of the water. OMG I love it.

- Its ok

Not quite like Paul and Garfunkel but ok. Nothing is as good as the original in any song I reckon, whoever you try to spin it. However this is good

- sounds of silence

best cover ever sooo moving but the original by s and g ranks as one of the best originals ever

- Amazing vocals

The vocals give power to the words. By far a much better version than the original... no comparison.



- The Sound of Silence


- She is going to be big

Sounds like a asian Taylor swift

- sound of silence

distuebed rocks almost as good as the original nice 1 guys

- How Good is This..

Best cover version of a song ever. Get it.

- Chill Factor

This version blew me away! His vocals are amazing, from so deep to hitting those high notes!!! Top remake! Love it!!

- the sound of silence

best ever version of this song not many covers are better than the original but this is

- Amazing

This blew me out of my chair. Wow. I was familiar with Disturbed from "Down With The Sickness". This made me a fan. Do yourself a favour. Buy this and be inspired.

- The sound of silence

This is just the most moving video and the best version of the song I have heard to date… he has the best voice and Interpretation..

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- Mr

When you listen to the words you realise this IS the only way this song could have been sung. cant stop watching it.

- Underrated.

Amazing musical talent. This is pure, raw musical skill and an unbelievable revamp of one of the greatest classics ever.

- Awesome

Can’t stop playing this!!! I thought the original was good but this is outstanding, i wish the rest of the album was as good.

- Awesome Plus Plus

The first time I heard this was on BBC R2 whilst waiting for Popmaster. It shook me to the bone and I was initially agrieved that they had covered an iconinic Simon and Garfunkel song. However whilst Ken Bruce launched this in UK it was Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright and Simon Mayo than also saw the real value of this version and I was amazed by the passion in the delivery after 2nd playing. By the third hearin I thought this arguably is exactly what Paul Simon intended and since then this is and remains my Desert Island Disc. One track, I would take this over Nothing Else Matters. Why? Because it is very arguably the most honest and passionate delivery of any song, ever.

- Astonishing

This is the best piece of music I have heard for a long time. Its haunting powerful yet reminisant of the original all those years ago. It really made me stop what I was doing when I first heard it and I simply had to find a copy.

- Wow

An absolutely hauntingly beautiful rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel classic. Never heard of Disturbed before, so this is bringing them to a whole new audience.

- Fantastic!

A great track from a great album

- Superb

I absolutely hate covers. This is just awesome however, it builds and builds and builds.. Well done. x

- Gt

Just Brilliant.

- The sound of Silence

First time heard BBCR2 thursday then on friday what a voice just BRILLIANT

- The Sound of Silence

wow, What a voice and what a cover... gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.. playing it on repeat a lot...

- Visceral and beautiful

I have always loved this song and generally dislike 'covers' but this is superb!


This mans voice does things to me!! The emotion and tunefulness is astounding. WOW

- Harsh and beautiful

Mind bogglingly wonderful. Strong and visceral with rasping vocals which shake to the core your perception of this song. It is disturbing compared to the Simon and Garfunkel version, but much more memorable for it.

- Wow

You will get goosebumps listening to this! Brilliant!!

- The Sound ofSilence

Most Powerful And Superbly Crafted Song And Choreography Sung even Better than Original ***** The Lyrics Reach to The Core of Listeners Soul! LOVE IT

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The Girl With the Bad Dragon Tattoo

@pikestaff *Sound of Silence playing in the distance*.

Arlington Road and Bluebell

@jonesdan253 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You’d think they’d prefer the sound of silence..


You might think having close to 0% engagement on Twitter is a bad thing, but have you seen what engagement does to people? The only thing worse than the sound of silence is the sound of 100 glib depressed people trying to outdo each other..


NOWPLAYING | Paul Simon - The Sound of Silence TuneIn: Web:.

Mostly offline, online when I go out

For the uncultured people who don't know what the Sound of Silence is .

Rita Gossen

Sometimes the sound of silence is the most defeaning sound of all!.

Abigail ♡

Did you guys know babies scan speak basic phrases by 11-12 months of age? harry was 14 months when james and lily were murdered. just imagine him calling out for his parents, but only the sound of silence followed.

Dr. L.T. Force

The Sound and Volume of Silence: “The Whisperer” We all have friends...and then there are 'special friends'....a true gift! (click-on image to read) .


@mediumhollow The Sound of Silence.

Robert moguel

@chancetlewis99 @LincolnLoudTLH Show em Lincoln Lincoln got the ear buds from the episode sound of silence.

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