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Artist :   Pentatonix
Song Name :   Hallelujah
Video Length :   4:32
Relase Date :   21 October 2016
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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Hallelujah ( HAL-i-LOO-yə) is an English interjection. It is a transliteration of the Hebrew word הַלְלוּיָהּ (Modern Hebrew haleluya, Tiberian haləlûyāh), which is composed of two elements: הַלְלוּ (second-person imperative masculine plural form of the Hebrew verb hillel: an exhortation to "praise" addressed to several people) and יָהּ (the name of God Yah).The term is used 24 times in the Hebrew Bible (in the book of Psalms), twice in deuterocanonical books, and four times in the Christian Book of Revelation.The word is used in Judaism as part of the Hallel prayers, and in Christian prayer, where since the earliest times it is used in various ways in liturgies, especially those of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, both of which use the form "alleluia" which is based on the alternative Greek transliteration..

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  • Great

    Fuji apple
    I didn’t want to pay for the video, so just watch the preview video over and over.....wish the song was a little longer.
  • U guys rock!

    Macy Elizabeth
  • Hallelujah

    just by watching the sample video I could tell it was awesome.
  • Wow, Stunning, Breathatking!

    If this doesn't move you, nothing will. Am not a religious person but saw this at a dance show my granddaughter was in. Watch the video, listen! Was engulfed in the video while listening. Very powerful combination. Would love to see them live in concert.
  • Never gets old

    All request
    Great song
  • Beautiful, Amazing

    I get chills every time I watch and listen to this. It is an amazing and powerful performance!
  • One of the best arrangements I've ever herd

    I cried. It was THAT good. It's absolutely gorgeous and people who say that it is not are just VERY VERY JEALOUS of these 5 people's talents
  • Beautiful

    Ashley Ash Key
    No one can say it's not.
  • I love it

    I love this song and every Christmas I (me and my mom) listen to it I love it Pentatonix and keep up the GREAT work!😜

    hannah here...
    ok so i just saw home free live they were great but....i LOVE THESE GUYS ALOTTTT THESE GUYS R SOO AWESOME!!! ALSO IM 13 AND I WRITE SONGS MY NAME IS FAITH I WAS ON AMERCAS GOT TALENT AND WON THE GOLD BUZZER!! I ALSO BEAT BOX!!! love the girl the girl is what i look like