The Fighter (feat. Carrie Underwood) Music Video

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Artist :   Keith Urban
Song Name :   The Fighter (feat. Carrie Underwood)
Video Length :   3:07
Relase Date :   16 February 2017
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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  • Trash

    MMA Gamer guy
  • Yes, Lose the Street Dancer

    The song and Keith and Carrie are more than fine but you've got to wonder what director or music executive okayed the inclusion of the unnamed/unknown street dancer. It would have been MUCH better to just have Keith and Carrie perform the song. My only guess would be that they ran out of usable video on the two stars and just decided to fill time with the dancer. It's too bad that with performers of this magnitude we get what seems to be a second rate production. What has happened to trying your outright best to please the fans? Oh well, there are more important things to consider, but just two stars for the production and four stars for Keith and Carrie.
  • Awesome video

    Awesome video and voice guitar player I appreciate it all thank you very much I love you always and forever nothing ever will stop it all
  • Wait how is this country music lol

    I didn't buy the song so ignore the rating and it sounds pretty decent but who in the hell thinks this is country. Country has turned into a bunch of pop artists with southern accents
  • Stupendous Click Between Them!

    They should be a kidding...the electricity between them is breath taking! The song....WOW Why cant I buy this video!?
  • Not bad..

    Keith Urban DID let her fall because look at Carrie's dress.It looks like she fell.....
  • the song is great but..

    Carrie and Keith are great together but ditch the dancing chick she adds nothing except a crick in the neck
  • Crap

    Junior jerk
    Piece of crap song and video, not even real country
  • Less street dancer pls redo

    I agree, leave the street dancer out. We want to see more of Carrie and Keith.
  • New Era of Country

    Thomas R Schombert
    There are so many things one can say about the diehard country fans out there, and then there is this type of genre'. True it is not the country as many have come to know or are accustomed to understanding, but the times have definitely changed. Already a huge fan of both artists, hearing this song for the first time months ago, had me cranking the truck stereo so loud, that the cops next to me started hopping in their seat. I know this is not something we all want to call country, but I am willing and able to accept what is, along with the change. I LOVE THIS SONG!