Imagine Dragons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 02 May 2017
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:24

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Thunder - Imagine Dragons Reviews

  • YASSS!!!

    By imagine dragons biggest fan!
    ID is the best band ever! This song gets criticized way too much! Sure, it’s strange, but I’m weird too! I’m like, laugh creepily in the corner weird! Not really, I’m not a psycho... But, what make them, them, is their weirdness! Love you ID!!!! Oh and fun fact, Imagine Dragons, the whole band, is Mormon!
  • Way Too Weird

    By ConnorChaseVinson15
    It’s just too weird
  • Pretty good

    By pikachu pop785
    Like song but music video is weird
  • YESSS!!!!!😍😍😍

    By Missy L. Halfmann
    THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!! OMG!!!💕💕💕💕!!!Keep up the good work Imagine Dragons!!!
  • Um...

    By MonsterSackboy9
    I do not get why you did not scrap this idea and say “Yeah, this is strange, and we will get bad reviews.”
  • The only music I listen to is this and I like the video

    By k.,36
  • Great Song, but the video...

    By harrypotterhead⚡️
    I think that the song is very good, one of their best yet besides Believer and whatever it takes. However, I can see how the video relates a little bit, but overall the video is kinda weird.
  • Strange video....

    By Underneath The Surface
    Not cool, just weird... all of it
  • Boppy beat, but the sheep look a little plastic.

    By jonbrawn
    So, it's hard to imagine not tapping your toe to the music. However, the video really is trying a bit too hard with not enough budget - if all it takes to weird y'all out is a bunch of "double jointed" people in rubber masks, then it's a sad, sad, world.
  • Awful

    By So called Top Gear
    Trash at its worst

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