Thunder Music Video

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Artist :   Imagine Dragons
Song Name :   Thunder
Video Length :   3:24
Relase Date :   02 May 2017
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

Imagine Dragons - Thunder Video Wiki

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the distance from and nature of the lightning, it can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble (brontide). The sudden increase in pressure and temperature from lightning produces rapid expansion of the air surrounding and within a bolt of lightning. In turn, this expansion of air creates a sonic shock wave, similar to a sonic boom, often referred to as a "thunderclap" or "peal of thunder"..

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  • Huh?

    Ok so the video is weird because of the monster people but the song is great
  • 😐meh

    unfortunate events lover
    The song was kind of weird like the video
  • Yeet

    The song’s good and the video is suuuper trippy but it’s great
  • Good

    This song is amazing but the video is actually terrifying 😂
  • Love it

    Those are some flexible dudes! I love you guys!
  • The Best Song Ever!

    This is the best song ever because of the music and the voice of the people. I don’t like the video because of the weird monsters.
  • Odd video....GOOD SONG

    This IS A GOOD SONG weird video but it’s the song that matters the most
  • Garbage

    MMA Gamer guy
    Basic pop
  • Seretha Loves you

    Jay's Nana
    Amazing song and amazing video! I first heard this song when we used it for a showcase. Listening to it constantly while rehersing, it grew on me. Once I sasw the video I was in love! Love the Album also
  • @imagine dragons biggest fan!

    Yes, this song is amazing. I’ve memorized every song ID has made since 2009, and a few that the old ID band made in 2008. Lol, it’s so weird, but I actually knew they were Mormon😂😂😂 I don’t like the video, even though I’m a huge fan (and as I write this review, I am listening to Night Visions and I just listened to Smoke+Mirrors deluxe and Evolve back to back). But the song is so good it boosts the video back up to four stars. Love ID and if you’re reading this review, check out ATLAS by The Score! They’re a lot like ID with meaningful lyrics and you won’t regret buying their songs. Love Imagine Dragonsssss!!!!!!