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Artist :   Marshmello & Bastille
Song Name :   Happier
Video Length :   3:54
Relase Date :   19 October 2018
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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Happier The emotional state of happiness.

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(Marshmello & Bastille) Video Reviews

  • This made me cry 😢

    This is a sad but good music video. •Reason one was because the dog died and I wouldn’t imagine if my dog Sparky died(story:I was on vacation for a week the first day I started crying because I missed my dog and when we got home I was crying tears or joy just because I saw him) P.S if I spelled something wrong I’m sorry!
  • Be happier

    loving to be happier
    When i first heard this I cried but I was thinking a little hope for the girl she made me feel like me so i want to say thank you bastille and Marshmello #make the best of songs to you
  • Made me 😢

    Abi life
    It’s so good and sad at the same time 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • 😍😍😍

  • amazing

    Monica Logan
    i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • asome

    it made me cry
  • Made me cry for two reasons...

    This is such an awesome video. It made me cry because: •The dog dies I have been missing my dog Riley for 3 weeks now... She was run over. I saw this video and burst out crying. •This girl is so me I always get picked on and bullied. Both verbally and physically. I still have the bruise from the pinching that people do to me. This video made me think and game me hope that hopefully I will be ok!! Marshmallow & Bastille You Guys Rock!! Love you Riley!! #stopbullying
  • so sad

    Hockey player32
    i am not one who crys easily but i was crying so much
  • Awesome

    The best
  • So sad

    I cryed so hard