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Life Goes On by BTS Clip Reviews

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- Great song

this song is stuck in my head and i love it

- Hope

A hopeful song for a hurting world.

- Love this song

It’s amazing bts deserves this

- How do u people think they R cute

Ewww they even sound wierd

- Hmm...ok

I am not a huge fan of BTS but I guess that their new song ‘Life Goes On’ does relate to the pandemic so that totally makes sense.

- love it

director jk!! so proud of him the video is amazing :)

- this video cited my pandemic depression

i love you guys 🥺💜

- Beautifully Done

BTS never fails to disappoint! My sister and I impatiently waited for this video and watched it on repeat the second it went live! I notice and appreciate the small details they put in, and how heartfelt both the lyrics and video is in relation to the pandemic, and 2020 as a whole. Jungkook did a great job stepping into the role of director, and I appreciate his artistic eye!

- In a year when we could use the reminder, Life Goes On

“ One day, the world stopped without any forewarning...” So many of us have experienced our own small parts of the world, and the world at large, grinding to a halt without warning this year. Many of us turned to projects to distract ourselves during quarantine; we joined across the world in #stressbaking and tried our hands at sourdough breads, cookies, cakes, and more. We turned to crafting projects; painting, knitting, and home improvements. When the walls started to close in we took to the outdoors for a breathe of fresh air and new perspective. “ It’s still not stopping. I run faster than those dark clouds, thought that’d make it alright. But, it turns out I’m just a mere human. It hurts so bad “ We began to doubt if normal would ever return. “ There’s no end in sight” We stopped focusing on the big picture, shifting our focus to the moments in front of us as we carried on the best we could. Yet, we consoled ourselves with the hope of the future. “ Close your eyes for a moment. Hold my hand here. Let’s run away to the future “ “ let’s thread today and tomorrow together again Although everything is paused, don’t hide in the dark because the light will shine again “ This is the message BTS has sent in Life Goes On, the title track of their album “BE”, that though we may not see it in the moment, life goes on and we will make it through. It won’t come with the same grand entrance that brought our world to a stop, but the day will come “Like an echo in the forest “

- Bts


- Beautiful

Soothing, comforting, like a warm hug. Beautifully shot MV, perfect visuals for the music.

- BTS is the only one that makes me smile !

Purple you 💜

- Amazing Song

Perfect song that everyone can relate to!!!

- Masterpiece


- 💜💜💜💜

Best music video ever

- Simply amazing

This by far one of my favorite music videos & songs. It’s so comforting & unique. Everyday is so beautiful & what makes it more special is that every member had part in doing it.

- Nice song

I love this so much

- annoying

most annoying group ever

- BEautiful video

Director Jeon Jungkook did a great job!! Love this MV 💜 BTS always deliver beautiful music and greatly directed MVs ✨Thank you 보라해

- Love it


- Go Stream BE

Let’s get our boys another #1 song. Stream whenever you can. Life goes on is an amazing song and deserves all the love we can give

- Brought comfort

Everything is going to be ok :)

- Best 💜

Best Album 💜🥰

- Dazzling!

Well done director Jungkook 👏🏼

- Yes

Love it

- Whoa

Best director JayKayyyy

- Not good because it is amazing

This is made me think that world peace is possible and that any thing is possible and you did that for me so for that thank you and happy thanksgiving and Xmas hope you all have a great holidays and you you keep making music because you all are amazing and you are great people.

- Must watched MV

I love it , they delivered every lyric in the song into the music video

- Amazing

Best MV.. I love the sounds and the flow in this song.. just amazing

- Perfection at its finest!

It is a healing and therapeutic music video. Huge shoutout to director Jeon Jungkook & the rest of the members for their hard work! We can get through this pandemic together. Please continue to conquer the world with this album. 🤍

- Beautiful music video

Beautiful lyricism, set, vocals, production. What an amazing music video and song, it really spoke to me. Life Goes On is a song of healing.

- Wow

I cannot stop listening to it. This is actually a really good song

- Perfect


- Makes you feel better :)

Bts always put out music that means something, and this video made me feel very happy and understood.

- ended everyone

stay pressed 😽

- Jungkook

The best director 💜💜

- Amazing work BTS

Go Jungkook director!! I love this song it’s makes me so happy, when I’m sad I listen to it! BTS ARMY FOR LIFE

- literally breathtaking

bts NEVER fails to deliver they are absolutely amazing and so talented at what they do, you can tell that they absolutely adore and cherish their fans.

- Cute


- Amazing as always

I love this music video it’s beautiful and you definitely tell the work and emotions the guys out into this masterpiece.

- director jungkook

director jk that’s all i need to say

- Best song to close this year

To be honest BTS never disappoints. They always find a way to make us happy and find a way to connect with army. I really loved the album overall talking ab the situation were all in and how they feel about it in this album. This is what i call a true real artist<3


Killed it

- Healing

This song healed 2020.

- Amazing


- Amazing

I think everyone can relate to this music video.

- So beautiful


- 🤮


- So proud of Director Jungkook!

There’s nothing that he can’t do. I’m so happy he got to direct this music video💕

- Boooi


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- Healing

In this time of sadness and recovery BTS delivered an album that heals and touches the lives of many

- Gorgeous

Director jungkook knocked it out of the park!! Beautiful song beautiful video 💜

- Amazing song and MV

This is an amazing song and the MV is also very calming and relaxing

- ..........


- Talented Group

Nice song

- Above and beyond

BTS never fail to amaze with their deep and meaningful lyrics while also making complete bops - been on repeat since it came out

- VEry emotional yet uplifting

BTS delivers the messeage of healing through this song. Love it. Y

- as expected from bts and their team

the artists and production staff have gone above and beyond yet again! the fact that the artists themselves had such a large role makes the video even more special... jungkook’s debut as a music video director is amazing he should be so proud of his work!!

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- Love

Love this song have it on repeat often. Picks you up like a big hug for the fab 7

- Director JK 💕✨

Such a beautiful and sentimental music video 🌸✨

- ...

... 💀💜

- Mediocre

The song is really just cliche mehhh

- Made by Grammy nominated artists !!



🥺🥺 so cute

- Amazing

Such a good MV

- Great mv

The fact that it’s directed by the member themselves... it’s great!!

- Amazing

BTS always deliver amazing content

- a piece of hope

this year has been hard, mentally exhausting and dark for so many, in those times I always relied on their music to help me see that light that is still out there, though at times far away. This album is another word of comfort for me. its a reminder that someone knows what its like but that we will be ok


this music video was directed by jungkook so it means a lot more to me than if it was any other person filing it I love how they can be themselves in this one :) Also when Jim closes his eyes I hear youngforever 🥺

- poignant

a genuine and thoughtful song of the times, with a video that reflects it :) well worth a watch / purchase :)


He deserves all the awards please and thank you

- Love it

Very empowering!

- Army


- Thabkyou for the Music BTS 😍😍


- Jungkookbaby🥰💜

It is so good🥰

- Comfort

This song is very healing🥺

- Joid

Feels like a warm hug after being soaked in an icy cold rain 💜💜💜

- Life Goes On

The song makes me feel loved.

- Life goes on

Thank you for motivating us to live despite of the pandemic 보라해요 방탄소년단 오빠💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

- A very heart-warming music video

This music video feels so warm: the pillows & blankets, the pajamas, the long drive, the campfire, their voices, their emotions and their hugs to each other. So heartwarming, it gives warmth to my heart and soul. BTS really put their hearts and souls in this song and music video, directed by member Jeon Jungkook. It is them saying, "Life Goes On" indeed.


The music video is super soothing and it’ll make you cry. It’s just super natural

- Beautiful Music and Video

Thank you BTS for ‘Life Goes On’. This masterpiece (BE) isn’t just timely but it also has a compelling factor that not only helps heal us emotionally and mentally but encourages us to look and move forward for a brighter future. Congratulations, BTS!

- Heartwarming lyrics!

BTS found me at the right place, at the right time. I don’t regret meeting them this late, because they found me when I am at my lowest... when they’re the only one who can find me in the darkness.

- BE is healing

I really love this much. Thank you Bangtan!

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