Umbrella Music Video

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Artist :   Rihanna
Song Name :   Umbrella
Video Length :   4:12
Relase Date :   01 January 2007
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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  • Best

    Noodle eater & SpongeBob Watch
    Best song ever I have been listening to this song 24/7.
  • Pretty nice

    Cool Taylor pop
    Good song good artist, pretty good vid . Although I did not understand the video that much . I definitely did not get the ending of the vid still pretty good .
  • Favoroite Video

    This has probably one of my favorite by her, it's sexy edgy as some would say and it's Rihanna almost every song she touches turns into a hit.
  • WOW! I am the 1612th person to give this a review

    I would actually rate this a 4.5/5 bc: Song-5/5 GREAT. Like the lyrics, catchy beat and great voice. Video-4/5 good and creative but it should be a little less sexy

  • hermosa

    me encata tu musica rihana esperoq ue vengas a mi pais algun dia

    it umbrellas now
  • great

    in this she is so pretty
  • i like it

    i like riri as a artist. Her music videos are good too. Hopefully there will be more music from her in the future.
  • Performance

    Sorceress Mickey
    Rihanna and Jay-Z make a really good team when they sing this song together. Kids shall not see Rihanna naked with gray paint all over her, because it'll send out the wrong message into their brains. Exposure to porn is very bad for a child's development.