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Artist :   Nickelback
Song Name :   Rockstar
Video Length :   4:15
Relase Date :   01 August 2007
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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Rock Star or Rockstar .

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  • Amazing

    I don't know how I missed this song, just now discovered it. It is my Get To Work Get Moving song during my commute. There are some good parodies of this video.
  • How is this song still on the charts?!

    It wasn't even good back when it came out. It's been 6 years, give it a rest radio stations.....
  • Navidad sin ti

    El cherris
    Ariva las chivas
  • Rockstar=Amazing!!!

    This song is awesome! Love it and the video is funny! But you people that are hating on it, why are you listening it in the first place? I mean come on seriously?? You look up a song just to vent how much you hate them. How more immature can you get?
  • No.

    Paige Budde
    1 Please stop, Nickelback. The music is awful. Nickelback wasn't bad in the beginning, but everything has turned into complete garbage. I'm not sure why this video, from 2007, is still up here! It is, honestly, awful.
  • I love this band

    for all of u guys hatin on nickelback, this is the best band EVER. and most of all I am hispanic listening to nickelback.
  • Umm

    I like the song but not the video :/
  • Awesome

    Holy crap it's Chuck Liddell you know somethings pretty freaking awesome when Chuck Liddell and that guy from American Choppers is in it
  • Rockstar

    Hey Williamsb77... You have no musical taste do you? That's alright- all of us REAL fans love Nickelback.. You just go enjoy listening to Kenny G or Justin Bieber... Worst band ever? NOT!
  • Generic rock anthem

    In the midwest there is a chain of grocery stores whose store (generic) brand is Kroger. It's no coincidence that the nb lead singer's name is the same as that midwest brand of generic groceries. WORST. BAND. EVER.