That's Right (feat. Lil Jon) Music Video

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Artist :   Ciara
Song Name :   That's Right (feat. Lil Jon)
Video Length :   4:35
Relase Date :   11 January 2007
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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  • Dance

    Star light 9
    Ciara can dance in this video. And of course she's my favorite singer. She's my role model. And I wish I would meet her. When I was little I wish she was my sister but sadly she's not. I LOVE U CIARA.
  • just an observation...

    Wakin' Up Wit The AM
    I just wanna say that Ciara is lookin MIGHTY sexy in this video.....I'm buyin it....

    i am so stupid,i thought this was ciara's new song/video but it's not.this song is on her 'the revolution' album.
  • boner!!

    sierra is smokin and has nice titys but the lyrics aint there
  • You should totally buy this Video!

    I don't care what people say about this video, don't listen to it! It is really good video for these reasons: 1. the song has real great beat 2. the video matches the song 3. Ciara is an amazing singer 4. This song is so much fun to dance to! You should totally buy it it is awsome!!!!!!!!!
  • 'Good Heavens!'

    Paul's Case
    This is one of the most sick, sexist bits of rubbish I have ever seen - 'That's Right'.
  • Love this Girl!!! U gotta get this video!!

    Haters keep on hatin, cause Ciara blazin her own trail musically and yaw just make her stronger and better. This video is amazing...dancin is crazy and the song is sick!!!!! It's so stupid how people say she's not THIS GIRL OR THAT GIRL, why the heck would she wanna be. Everybody has to sound different or else we would have a bunch of the same soundin stuff out there. Ciara is doin her own thing whether you like it or not. Nobody sounds like her, dance like her or write amazin songs like her. The same people who hated on Nsync are some of the same fake people rockin Justin Timberlake stuff, the moment he does a song with a rapper or hip hop producer. And the moment Ciara comes out with, yet ANOTHER undeniable hit. The same haters just goin jump on the ban wagon. Get a life people, cause yaw haters just sound soooo dumb. LOL Keep doin ya thing Ci!!!
  • not 4 me

    same old lil' jon concept: say the same words over and over again.
  • kewl

    this music video rox.....ciara is a great singer!!!!
  • to 'Ohplease'

    why bother watching the videos and what not if you don't even like the music? i mean.. i agree, sometimes they are very inappropriate..but that's when I be the mature person, and turn it off. Not express my "hate" for it over the computer..