Miss Independent Music Video

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Artist :   Ne-Yo
Song Name :   Miss Independent
Video Length :   4:39
Relase Date :   22 August 2008
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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Miss Independent "Miss Independent" (Kelly Clarkson song), 2003 Miss Independent (video), a 2003 DVD album by Clarkson "Miss Independent" (Ne-Yo song), 2008 "Miss Independent (Maluma song)", 2013.

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  • Not bad at all.

    double digit
    This one can be called 4 stars cause it is a good video. First he is a singer. The video puts him in the other side as a worker for somebody else. Anyway, it is a buy
  • Luv it....Still!!!

    Lissa V.
    Ever since it came out I've always luvd it!!! Evn after 3 to 4 yrs.!!!
  • LUV IT 

    Kk 727
    MISS INDEPENDENT!!!!! it's in my head!!!!
  • Epicness

    This name is taken :)
    you r awesome this video is Soooooooo epic. I love love love love..................love the acts that you do on the video, the moves, the eye things this is best message best video wow
  • Good Song, better Video.

    i like the song and have it on my Ipod but the video is great. It's storytelling and even kind of humorous. This is true creativety and talent.
  • Nice chick

    Dumb waste of breath
    Neyo got good taste in women dat girl is nice as heck
  • Love it

    It's so cool and I love it.
  • perfect!

    this song perfectly portrays strong descent ladies like me:). it puts women in a good light. great job NeYo, love your music. one of best rnb artists in the world.
  • omg this is awsome!!!!!!!

    ***im so hungrey***
    omg u have too by this video.its awsome.i thought all his other videos were good but he really out done himself
  • Amazing!!!!!!

    I love this song. Ne-yo you are the best.