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Artist :   Aaron Doyle
Song Name :   What It Takes
Video Length :   1:31
Relase Date :   01 January 2008
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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What It Takes What It Takes (film), a documentary about Ironman triathletes "What It Takes" (Aerosmith song), 1989 "What It Takes" (Adam Gregory song), 2008 What It Takes (EP), a 1997 EP by Choclair What It Takes (album), a 2009 album by The Sleeping What It Takes: The Way to the White House, a 1992 book by Richard Ben Cramer.

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  • This video is GREAT

    She may not be Keke Palmer, but this girl has something, and i hope she goes far. Have you guys seen Meaghan Martins "When you wish upon a star" video. I dont think these performers get the credit or attention they deserve! There all so talented!
  • So Cool

    I Love this song and by there comments I'm guessing the other reveiwers don't know this is only a preveiw and when you buy this music video it comes with the entire video not only the 30 second preveiw!!
  • Like I've said over and over...

    don't lose your ♥ to someone so ♥less
    Ok, again...look at the price. Good. Now look at the length. One word. OVERPRICED. Again you can get a video with twice the length for the same price! And the song is just ok but nothing special. Click yes if you think this is: a)Overpriced b)The song is JUST ok c)Or if you agree with both
  • its ok...

    i dont really like this song but i like the movie the only thing that gets me mad with this music video is that it's really short!! its almost as if were paying a penny for every second we watch
  • Catchy

    Its a good song. its fun but its gets stuck in your head ALL day! i like the song though
  • um yeah.

  • Ahhmazing!!

    UWO CON Grad
    Wow!!! This song is incredible and the video is insane!!!! click YES to agree!!!!!
  • i loooove this song

    this song is sooo awsome its my fave song from camprock!!!!!!! buy this video
  • I love this song!!!

    this video is worth $0.99 because it is such a great song to dance to!!!! <3 Camp Rock!!!!!
  • First Review!

    Steve Fether
    She isn't that good of a singer but at least itunes got this! It's a little late!