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Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson Clip Reviews

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- Smooth Criminal Awesome

This video speaks for itself. Michael Jackson at his very best. Fav

- Buy this video.

It is the best thing ever that was created.

- There isn't but one MJ

Brings back memories of when I was 5/6 . Old record player! Love this.

- Moonwalked

PLEASE GET MOONWAKER VERSION AND EDIT IT AS ON ENTIRE VIDEO what is amazing about it is Michael Jackson out did himself because the full length Smooth Criminal is a better song than plus 4 to 5 minutes longer then Thriller!!

- King of pop still lives!!!!

Awesome mj!! I love you ❤️💋

- Amazing

There is no reason why the king of pop should be so far down this list, this generation doesn't have good taste in music

- Smooth Criminal

Great Video. Michael is a talent ,great dancing, great vocals, Just fantastic. Heaven sure has a Angel. Micheal Jackson.

- Awesome!

This is my 3rd favorite by him!

- I watch it over and over again

I watch this video over and over, it is the best by MJ, the best!!! without a doubt. The choreography is amazing

- Memories...

This video and song are like a time capsule of my 80's memories(Disney trips, the Two Coreys, long summers)...SO much fun, great dancing, awesome song, and wonderful nostalgia😃

- Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!! Aka iTunes

Way to go waited for so long I love that lean he does and just thanks🙆😆

- Greatest music video of all time

This is the greatest music video ever made, 'nuff said

- This is funny!!!!

I especially find it funny when Michael Jackson puffs smoke in that guys face!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆

- Great Era

Make it Available to New Generation

- Patricia

The hubs has been NAGGING me to download this…… I Finally figured it out and I guess I will be having a good evening tonight! 5+ stars for this Thanks Michael…. RIP.


Michael Jackson is/was THE GREATEST MUSICAL ARTIST TO EVER WALK THE FACE OF THE EARTH. The End. That is all. :-) By the way, this video proves it.

- 😌

Thank you iTunes 👍

- not smooth criminal :\


- Finally!

I also got suckered into buying that other (crap) edit. Thank goodness someone finally got around to giving us something worth watching. Whoever's responsible for that other lame version has no artistic bone in his body. Total garbage. So happy to finally be able to see this again.

- Thank you I-tunes

My heart will always be with you Michael, this video inspired me in more ways than i can say, Michael I used this video to create a great compilation involving salsa and a little jazz, thanks...your greatly missed....

- Thank you

This is the DEFINITIVE version of Smooth Criminal but impossible to acquire until now. Thank you.

- R.I.P MJ

We all miss you king of pop. You will never moonwalk alone.We all miss you and your Music!😭

- Smooth Criminal

I am thoroughly enjoying this video of Michael Jackson. It brings back good memories of a extremely talented artist. Thanks Itunes for having it available so I can treasure always and of course, dance or jam too also.

- correct version finally!!!

this is the good version.. not the speed version video... finally

- Amazing

Micheal Jackson we all miss you! You didn't deserve to die! This is my 2nd favorite song after bille jean! I wished you were still alive so I could get your autograph! Anyone who preferes Justin bieber over you is a loser! And needs to get a life!

- Not HD.

I've seen Smooth Criminal in HD before, I figured if I were PAYING for it on iTunes it would be that version. This is the greatest video ever (let's thank iTunes for finally getting the real version), but I have to knock a star off for it being so low-resolution.

- When I watch this video

I miss Michael more!

- My favorite Michael video

I love smooth criminal!!!! the dancing in this video is part of what i live for!!!!!!!! this in my opinion is his best ever music video and that is not an easy decision. id give this video ten stars if they had it!

- Mj da best!

Great song, best video of all times. MJ

- Finally

The wait is over. This is the best MJ video of all time. Thanks ITunes!

- jose45

Its about time thank you itunes for putting the original smooth criminal music video you guys are excellent !Thank you! its one of my favorites.

- Finally!

Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal is my favorite music video of all time. I've been waiting FOREVER for iTunes to add the full version of it! I'm just so happy I can watch it whenever I want. And I just wanted to add that Michael looks gorgeous in this!

- MJLuvr4Life

THANK YOU iTunes!!! This was one of MJ's best videos and now it can be shared for generations to come! My kids are just now discovering MJ and they LOVE him as I do. We dance around tyring to emulate his moves and it makes for great Saturday nights!!

- Yay

Love it

- awesome

yes! original version!!

- amazing!!

i lov yo mike !!! u r the best!!!

- the real "Smooth Criminal"

thank you, thank you for getting it!!!! I've been waiting!

- MJ4Ever

This is the best video ever....Long Live the King....Smooth Criminal is so original and creative you won't regret it

- mj is awsome

i am 14 years old in ohio mj is the coolest person ever i have 7 videos of him rip mj

- The King Lives On

Thank you so much iTunes for putting this version up here you have made many Michael fans such as myself so happy to see this to cherish forever!

- Smooth Criminal :D

I love this longer version better than that horrible sped up version. There will never be another King of Pop Michael was the best. Long Live MJ! R.I.P Michael Jackson; We Love You! <3

- Finally, the FULL version!

I am SO happy iTunes finally got the full version of the Smooth Criminal music video on iTunes, as well as the full version of the Bad music video. Smooth Criminal is one of my favorites, and I was NOT going to just settle and buy that horrible, blurry, sped-up version of the video. I was about to lose hope in you, iTunes, but then you released all of this and my hope is restored! I never thought I'd say this, but THANK YOU ITUNES!!!


FINALLY!!! I love MJ an i LOVE his work, he will never ever, EVER be forgotten!!!!!!! LONG LIVE MJ!!

- Long live the King

This video is the smoothest, coolest and classist video ever made, no one can top it.

- Awesome!

This is the definitive version of the "Smooth Criminal" music video; its segment from Moonwalker. Many times, the video versions of Michael Jackson's songs are even better than the actual album or single cuts. This is also the case for "Thriller" itself.

- About Freakin' Time

I'm glad itunes finally came out with the LEGIT version of this video. The 9 minute opus is definitely my favorite of MJ's videos. There may be other classics in his lineup, but he really outdid himself with this one, and only the full version shows it off. The previous cut-up version sold on itunes was an abomination and basically was a blurry montage of junk. Here you can really see all the awesome dance moves, choreography, and most importantly the awesome gravity defying moment in its full entirety. If you had to get 1 MJ video get this one. You won't regret it.

- So Smooth . . .

I'm glad I listened to more savvy fans who lobbied iTunes for the long version of this video. This is MJ at his absolute best -- yes, as someone else said, maybe even better than Thriller. I LOVE this video, and I'm now watching it again and again on my 52" flat screen through the new Apple TV. Thanks, Apple!

- Smooth Criminal

Finally, it's the real, "Smooth Criminal" video, in it's 9 Mins. & 48 Secs. glory. This definitely trumps that blurry- choppy-skipped frame-edited version that was suppose to be the new way to look at videos -yeahhh right. After buying, "Thriller", this is the MUST HAVE video for the true MJ fan.

- About time, iTunes!

In my opinion, this is the best Michael Jackson video out there. This is the video that made me become a MJ fanatic! His dance moves are flawless, the lyrics are catchy, and his white suit with blue socks is epic. Everyone should buy this!

- YES! Happy Days!

Been awaiting the day iTunes would finally put the full version of Smooth Criminal it's finally here. Happy Days! This Fred Astaire-inspired music video is in my opinion one of MJ's best (I like it better than Thriller). The Radio Edit version really wasn't giving it justice. The dancing is excellent, the music is amazing, the concept is fresh and's truly a piece of art. Anyone who hasn't yet seen this version will swoon in ecstasy after seeing it for the first time. Love you Michael. Your legacy lives on. Rest in Peace brother. <3

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- Glitzy

Michael showed the world his talent and what a talent he was and short films like this gem prove that he's still the king of pop. Enjoy the music and the dance.

- The Man Who Made Everything Possible

Holy mother of God! In the few minutes I watch Michael strut his stuff in his videos, nothing else in the world matters to me, it's as though he's put me in a trance.


This is by far the best vid in the history of the whole world. 😱

- Simply amazing!

How hasn't anybody rated this yet?! I would give it WAY more than 5 stars if I could!!

- Brilliant

Love this short film, the MJ short film I saw❤

- The King Of Pop (and Music Videos)

The best music video… ever. FACT!

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@JustAnwar It sho is Smooth Criminal.


@sxmpity @juniperxd_ My sister also has a Michael Jackson maze with smooth criminal on loop. We have made 5k dollars in profit so far.


Smooth Criminal.

Tahjená ✨

Smooth criminal.

Mountain Radio GB

Now playing Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm!.


Turkey Tom: The Smooth Criminal of the commentary community via @YouTube.


@lidawastaken damn smooth criminal.

Michael Underwood

Smooth criminal! 😭 .


"smooth criminal" 🥴🥴.

Borderline barbie | #BLACKLIVESMATTER

George Clooney’s typecast is, “smooth-talking beautiful criminal who is willing to go to insane lengths to win back his ex-wife”.

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