We Are the World 25 for Haiti Music Video

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Artist :   Artists for Haiti
Song Name :   We Are the World 25 for Haiti
Video Length :   7:04
Relase Date :   12 February 2010
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

Artists for Haiti - We Are the World 25 for Haiti Video Wiki

"We Are the World 25 for Haiti" is a charity single recorded by the supergroup Artists for Haiti in 2010. It is a remake of the 1985 hit song "We Are the World", which was written by American musicians Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and was recorded by USA for Africa to benefit famine relief in Africa. Initially, in late 2009, it had been suggested to Richie and Quincy Jones—producer of the original "We Are the World"—that a re-cut version of the song be re-released under the title "Live 25". Following the magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake in Haiti, which devastated the area and killed thousands of people, it was agreed that the song would be re-recorded by new artists, in the hope that it would reach a new generation and help benefit the people of Haiti. The song was recorded in fourteen and a half hours by over eighty artists on February 1, 2010. It was produced by Quincy Jones, and executively produced by Lionel Richie, and Haitian-American musician Wyclef Jean. A music video directed by Paul Haggis was released to accompany and promote the song. The song was also recorded in Spanish by a Latin supergroup and was named Somos el Mundo. The song was directed by Emilio Estefan and his wife, Gloria Estefan. "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" is musically structured similar to "We Are the World", but includes a rap verse which was written by some of the song's hip hop artists. Michael Jackson died months before the song's release, but his material from the 1985 recording sessions was incorporated into the song and music video, as per the request of his mother, Katherine. His sister Janet duets with him on the song, and his nephews Taj, TJ, and Taryll—collectively known as 3T—feature on the track's chorus. "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" was released on February 12, 2010, during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics, as a CD single and a music download. Critically, "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" received largely negative reviews by contemporary music reviewers, with criticism focused on the song's new musical additions, as well as the choice of artists who appear on the track. However, the song was commercially successful worldwide, charting within the top 20 in multiple countries..

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We Are the World 25 for Haiti - Single (Artists for Haiti) Video Reviews

  • The Best of We Are The World

    by curly queen
    I love this new version of We Are The World 25 for Haiti. It's the best and I love it and I can see the video thousand of times and not get bore. It gives me chilled and brings tears to my eye. Excellent job.
  • We are the world 25 fo Hati

    This song is great and will forever be left in my mind for the rest of my life just like the orginal version both heart touching and tear jerking.
  • Great movie

  • Amazing

    Thanks to all great artists for their contribution!

    God Bless everyone who was a part of this song. Everytime when I hear it. It always brings a tear to my eye 😊❤😊
  • A movement.

    Jackie Salgado
    Amazing collaboration.
  • Haters just stop

    How could u hate on this song? It's helping kids in haiti! There's like 50 ppl singing this song from about every genre on the planet, so u hve to like one of them.
  • Awesome

    I love this new rendition of "We Are The World" & I love how they kept Michael Jackson in it & included Janet. The original will always be my fave but I like the R&B, pop, hip-hop mix. Awesome job.
  • sad song

    katie williamson
    i swear everytime i lisen to it i cry my eyes out imm not kidding
  • 25 for Haiti!

    AMAZING!!! we used 2 always watch this in third grade and it brings me back 2 those days and I luv that