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Artist :   Laura Wilde
Song Name :   Alles aus Liebe
Video Length :   3:12
Relase Date :   09 March 2012
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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"Alles aus Liebe" (All out of love) is a song by Die Toten Hosen. It is the third single and the twelfth track from the album Kauf MICH!. The song is narrated by a man, who doesn't know how to correctly express and emphasise his love towards a woman and decides to commit a suicide to prove his love. However, in the end of the song he decides, that they should go together. In the end of the song, three shots are heard. There is also an English version of the song, titled "All for the Sake of Love", which appeared on Love, Peace & Money..

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