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Would I Lie To You? by Charles & Eddie Clip Reviews

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- Not Available for download....

It’s 2020 and this song is still not available for download, come on a timeless classic like this. They need to check and search the music catalogue for this and other music cause it’s crazy we spend this much and don’t get everything.

- Would I Lie to You

Please make this available as a single, this such an awesome song. Please !!!!!!!

- Would I lie to you by Charles & Eddie

Come on you guys....with all the customer requests for this song to be available why, why why do you still not have it? It's 2020 and we have been asking for this song for several years now. What could possibly be the problem? Do you not care about customer care? How is it possible a song this classic isn't available for download? how heartbreaking. After finally finding who the original singers are I'm so frustrated its not available for purchase.

- Great song.

I wish ITunes had it available to download. Great song. Love it.

- Please make it available to download song

Love this song. We is I could add it to my library.

- Would I lie to you

Please make. This download available.

- Epic Song

Why is this not avialable for download

- Why?

Why is this song not available for download?

- Option

You can actually buy the original version on Amazon and save it to your iTunes library.

- Please add a download for this song

Heard this song on a radio station recently, loved it, why isn't this available to download?

- Disappointed

why is this song not available for download?

- I want to download!!!

Give the people want they want and make this single available for download!!! We are begging!!!

- Please release this song

I check every few months hoping y’all have this song for download. Still waiting.

- Would I lie to you.

Oh come on! Obviously there are a lot of people who would buy this song!

- Would I Lie to You

A Classic. I just completed a playlist of songs about LIES, this was pivotal. Why is it not available as a download?

- Pleeeaassseeee

Contact the artists/record co. and get them to release download ofsong!!!

- Amazing video and song

This is an oldie and a classic video to a great song. I’m curious how you have the video and ringtone for this song but not the actual song?

- Travesty!

It's a travesty that this song is NOT available for download! When you do, you get a DG remix...uck!


Would I Lie to You..the original Charles & Eddie version...is really the only one worth downloading. Would I lie to you?

- Please

Please make this availble to download....Im going crazy over here.

- Can't figure it out

Why is this song not available for download? Please let it be. It has been more than a decade!

- would I lie to you

charles & eddies song should be available for download whats up with this

- Would I lie to you

Please make this available to download as a single. Awesome song!!!

- Why not??

Seriously??? I cant buy this single?? Now I want my CD player back in my car!!!

- I love music

Come on iTunes be for real and release this so we can download and jam to this!!!

- Great Song!

I love this song. Please make single available for download.

- Come on already

Seriously iTunes....why is this not a single. Everyone wants it and I'm tired of playing the video just to get my jam on

- Great song!

I've always liked this song but I never knew who the artist was. After doing some research tonight, I found out who the artists were, but, unfortunately, the single is not available for download on iTunes. Boo to iTunes!

- so disappointed

love itunes and was surprised I couldn't download this song. But I could download it from Amazon for the same price, so I did.


Please please pleae make this song available for download!! One of the best songs ever to drive to, dance to and sing along with!!!!!!!

- Please!!!!

Why isn't this available? I have been looking for it EVERYWHERE!

- Wanted

This is a great song and really needed for download!

- Where can I get this song????

Love this song. Do not understand why a download of the song is not available.

- Make It Availble

Why don't you make this available for single download. With all the music on itunes and you can't get this one??? From the looks of the reviews I'm not the only one that would buy it.

- Why Itunes does not offer a single?

Charles & Eddie were an American soul music duo known for this record breaking song, "Would I Lie to You", which hit the top of the charts back in 1993. It would be greeat if this 5 star song was offered on Itunes as a single.

- Would I lie to you

Im so happy when I learned from my wife that this is the title of that song. But soooooo sad and disappointing that I cannot download the song. Only videos and ringtones? Come on guys i know you can do better than that!!!

- Would I lie to you

November 2015 what a shame this single is not available guess I better hold onto my cassette

- Great song why isn't it available for download?

Great song but why isn't it available for download?

- would i lie to you

Great song, wish it had made it mainstream. Is it on any of their albums?

- Great song and vocals!

Great song its too bad it didn't go mainstream...re issued Charles and Eddie!....Is there an album with this?

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@Dlor231 @Orifunke Now, where's the lie?🤣 I avoid going to the bank as much as I can. Those people would vex you!.


@ninquack @DREAMCR4FTS00T @Quakitcy it is real dani... would i ever lie to you..🥺🥺.

Parnell Rigsby

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Lamborghini boy

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Lucifer Morningstar

@WarriorAngelCas Would I lie? You know the answer to that..

Now to #Rejoin

@SharonC84745252 Yes I am. Why would I lie? Just to make you jealous? What do you do..


If you had my love And I gave you all my trust Would you comfort me? And if somehow you knew That your love would be untrue Would you lie to me?.


@AuthenticChaCha @ProjectLincoln @GOPLeader Why would you do that? You think they’d answer sincerely? In a way I envy your faith in people, even like @GOPLeader KEVIN McCarthy (you can’t hide behind a moniker Kev, stop trying), but in another, realer way he don’t. He would distract from, avoid, & lie to any quest u asked..


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