If It Isn't Love Music Video

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Artist :   New Edition
Song Name :   If It Isn't Love
Video Length :   4:54
Relase Date :   30 May 2006
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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"If It Isn't Love" is a 1988 song by American R&B quintet New Edition, and the first single from their fifth studio album, Heart Break. The song became the biggest hit from the aforementioned album, reaching the top ten of the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number seven, and reached the second position on the Hot Black Singles chart. Its chart performance and well-received music video garnered the quintet their first nomination for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 31st Grammy Awards in February 1989. The song and video is also notable for being the introduction of fellow R&B singer Johnny Gill as a new member of the R&B quintet..

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    I wonder why there are so many out there that confuse the person in the video to be a "young Jaimie Foxx"...NO it's not him. True fans of the group know this!
  • Wait a minute...

    Tara T.
    Umm NO that is not Jamie Foxx, thats Brooke Payne Ronnie Devoe's Uncle. Look at the video again:-) But he does look like Jamie foxx back then. Brooke has been with then from the beginning and he was definitely an asset to the group. This was an extremely Awsome video. A must buy!!!!!
  • To the original post

    The choreographer is Brooke Payne. He was the actual NE choreographer.
  • Why must I feel this way...

    This video is one of the fellas best! And any true NE fan knows that the "very young Jamie Foxx" is actually Brook Payne...Smooches!
  • my boys

    man i love this video and still seeing it today makes me want them so specially that Ronnie, they were some bad (talented) boys they needed to know that and not be jealous of one another
  • Classic N.E.

    chuckii N kentucky
    This video says it all. For all practical purposes, this is a twenty year old video of an N.E. REHEARSAL, and it's tighter and cleaner than 99% of the finished stuff you see today!!! New Edition is the ultimate performing (stage) group...for my money, the only one close (from my generation, in their prime) is Morris Day and The Time. Just like Morris, Ralph T. is a frontman extraordinaire. I am a product of the Eighties.....my entire journey from adolescence to adulthood, from junior high to college, is forever linked to New Edition. They are, and will always be, one of the very best groups, bubblegum, pop, R&B, WHATEVER.....of all time. N.E. FOREVER!!!!!
  • ahhh man***;@ one of the best

    wut can u say about a song that has my generation singin it!!!! wonderful ya know when i saw thiz video i fell in love w/ new edition i wuz like woah ralph t def ladies man****!! (no joke) it shows by example how much they lov there fanz and want to give them the best!!!

    I just got a IPOD Classic for Christmas and I was too hyped when I saw New Edition had videos on ITUNES. This video is awesome. This really took me back to when I watched this video on my black and white TV. New Edition is the best group ever!!!
  • To Joel thats NOT Jamie Foxx...

    That is not a young Jamie Fox in the video. That is Brooke Payne their manager at the time he is also in the N. E. Heartbreak video. But he does look alot like him.
  • If it isn't love by New Edition

    I love this video and the song. I was so happy that it was available on ITunes to download to my IPod. Now I can listen to it as often as I like without any complaints from anyone.