Dip It Low Music Video

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Artist :   Christina Milian
Song Name :   Dip It Low
Video Length :   3:28
Relase Date :   31 December 2004
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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"Dip It Low" is a song by American singer Christina Milian from her second studio album, It's About Time (2004). Written by Poli Paul and Teedra Moses and produced by Paul, the track was released as the album's lead single. While the original version of the song, featuring American rapper Fabolous, was only given a release in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, the remix featuring German rapper Samy Deluxe was released in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. A solo version was released in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway..

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    This video is a good buy fellas. Shes mad sexy and gets a little dirty in this one. buy it
  • She pulls off the Dignified Stripper look

    Everyone deserves the chance to be sexy and this is Christina's chance to shine! I love the dancing (the girl's move, not the dudes, the guys look retarted and their zoot suits don't help things) it's sexy without being over the top. I admit things get a little too x-rated with the black in and the sliding around on the pedestal but beyond that, it's all good
  • Nice

    This is one of her best videos looking fine as usual a must have for your collection.
  • Ooooooo babiee!

    This is one of my most fav. videos!!!!! She's good! She can seriously dip it low. Whooooo. Christina. When is she ever gonna make more songs??
  • This is the hottest video ever!

    ♥Louie Vuitton Chick♥
    Where's Fabolous he's in this song but not in the video? I wish i could wear the oufit she wears in the scene when she rolls around in black paint! Also, the dancing she does in the video is also very cool and easy enough for anyone to do!
  • Girls you can learn a lesson from her.

    She make you wonder just how low can she go.
  • Wind it up if you know just how to move

    I love this song. Christina is SO AMAZING! she dances, she's amazingly stunning, and her voice is just like Janet Jackson's. She just needs a good producer like J. Dupri or Jazzie Pha, or the Neptunes, then she;d be better.
  • Nice try

    I love the song but in the video Christina gets too sexy for the actual song. I've got nothing personal against Christina, but please don't go stripper on us.
  • DIP IT LOW~!

    I am a huge Christina Milian fan! She is just amazing! Although "It's About Time" is not her absolute best, it's still pretty amazing! Just cross your fingers that they're still going to shoot the video for "Gonna Tell Everybody." Also, iTunes needs to get the videos for "AM to PM" and "Whatever U Want."
  • good music gone BAD...

    i absolutely <3 dip it low, but i absolutely HATE this video, along w/ a lot of other videos. id give it 1 star, but its a really good song. christina is really good n she shouldn't waste her talent on acting like Beyonce. they both should stop the booty shakin and start singing something that doesnt make them look like floozies. But if u like booty shakin, then get this video.