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÷ (Deluxe) (Ed Sheeran) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:47
2. 4:21
3. 3:58
4. 3:53
5. 4:23
6. 2:50
7. 3:27
8. 3:09
9. 4:08
10. 3:57
11. 4:40
12. 3:41
13. 3:11
14. 2:56
15. 2:59
16. 4:07

Ed Sheeran - ÷ (Deluxe) Album Comments

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÷ (Deluxe) [Ed Sheeran] Album Reviews

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- Makes me break into tears 😭5 star

Omg this song is so romantic it makes me CRY 😢

- ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜5 star

I love the song called supermarket flowers. So beautiful

- Song selections5 star

Most of my favorite Ed Sheran/Sheeran songs are on here. I like the selections. This is my opinion though (I don’t get why you can write a review on songs, it’s just you telling your opinion on things, but I like doing it so). All the good songs right in one album!

- Omg5 star

I love the one song I have perfect, AND ITS MY NEW FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!! 🥳🤣😊😄😍😘🥰🤩😀😃😁😆😂☺️🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂😉😚

- Big Ed1 star

Support Rose instead of big Ed

- ❤️5 star


- Worth the price5 star

One of my favorite cds still I love them all.

- AMAZING5 star


- Thank you5 star

I reviewed this because I love it I used it for my girlfriend and she loved it.😭

- Amazing5 star


- Ed u Sirius?!3 star

Seriously with shape of you? That disappoints me. A lot. I love the others but the music has become predictable and the music has changed. You did good with the rest but shape of you needs to GO. Happier makes me cry tho so keep that and perfect plz love u tho gtg ☺️fix the music



- Best5 star

Best singer EVER

- Favorite song5 star

I like supermarket flowers is the best

- I love Ed sheerAn 🥰5 star

I love the shape of you!

- Pretty Good!5 star

I’m a huge ed fan and I love this! Perfect, Happier, Castle on the Hill, and Dive are my favorites. 💙🦋🌊

- Great work Ed great music and singing5 star

Great music Our family loves your songs they are great so please make More of it and it is the best album ever!!!

- Pig1 star


- He’s done it again5 star

Perfect and Castle on the hill are the dominant. Keep on writing this awesome ear candy!


I love all the songs but mostly shape of you I just go on the I tunes store and ALWAYS type in shape of you and listen to it for hours no joke hours like one or two hours I’m obsessed I love the album💙❤️💛❤️💙💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤️💙🧡 I’m playing shape of you over and over

- Amazing! 👏5 star

Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time! ❤️

- Master piece5 star

Beautiful,just beautiful ❤️❤️great job Ed👍🏻

- Jimmy Justin down here5 star

I love shape of you keep playing songs Ed Sheron

- Get it5 star

Ed is the best I love his song GET THE SONGS they are the best songs I have ever heard

- Hey Ed Sheeran5 star



WAS TOO OVERPLAYED AND IT WAS SOOOOOOOO UNCATCHY 0/10!!!!! caps Edit: I’m talking about shape of you

- LOVE ITTTT5 star

I love the entire album but the best song is new man

- Love it already5 star

Best album ever luv it ❤️

- Great5 star

I love all the songs my favorite is shape of you

- Ed Sheeran has gotten better5 star

Keep it up.

- Gfgcggggggg5 star


- The king5 star

Ed’s albums are never a let down he always surprises me every comeback I love his style and the message behind his songs the music is very good all his songs have an amazing book keep up the good work !!

- sunriseset1 star

bubble gum.not even going to waste my time.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

Ever since the day it came out I’ve listened to it nonstop I am opuses with Ed sheeran GO ED

- Omg5 star

Hear the album a while ago like when it first came out and I’m just now saying how great it is... a little late 😂😂

- AMAZING5 star

no one can compare to ed


Wow why is it popularly

- Amazing5 star

I've always loved Ed Sheeran and his albums, but this is the best one yet. I love how he just makes all his song emotional and simply, AMAZING.My personal favorites are Perfect Happier and Supermarket Flowers. But the are all great.

- Love it5 star

I play the song over and over again

- Fantastic album5 star

I’m a music teacher and professional musician. This entire album is fantastic, bravo Ed!

- Shape of You5 star

is an absolute MASTERPIECE!!!!! ❤️🥰💥💋🎶💯🔥

- This album is soooooooooooooooooooo good5 star

Can’t wait for no.6 collaborations

- Trash🤮1 star

What is this garbage. Seriously this is weird crap. No one wants too listen too a boy sing about how he wants a body on him(Shape of you)... Disgusting and disappointed😕.

- OMG! I Love this!!5 star

OMG! I love this album!! The songs are amazing and can move you. I specifically loved the song Happier. The song meant a lot to me. I play the song on repeat all the time, from doing homework to chilling on the couch. Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite artists and this is one of his best albums. I love all of the words in the song and the music. Everything flows together like a well oiled machine, it's beautiful.

- Ok1 star

Great album

- LOVE 💕 ❤️5 star

Me and my grandma love ❤️ this song We blast it in the car If you do not believe me follow my grandma on Facebook Sheryl Petrarca

- Perfect5 star

It’s such a nice song and peaceful Ed Sheeran sings beautiful and It is so peaceful to say it is a very nice song and very very very peaceful

- I love Ed Sheeran5 star

I am a proud sheerio and love all of Ed’s albums and this one is great!

- Absolute garbage1 star

Coming from a metal head don’t even own the album my grandma has it. ITS SO ANNOYING


Ed, I don’t know if you read these (probably not) but if you do please know that I absolutely adore your music and your songs!! Your voice is angelic and you are so, so talented! Please never stop singing or writing songs! I love how you write from your heart. You don’t write to please people. You write because you have something that you are passionate about and you want to make a song about it!! You are absolutely amazing!! And (for the record) I don’t think you are ugly at all. I love you!!


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eire=ireland - Do u like math or something5 star

Then why do u need to put divide and multiply I’m so confused about life

Awogirl - So so good.5 star

Just the fact that I'm writing a review and still listening 2 years later should tell you enough.

Wett Ham - Angel gifted to this world5 star

Ed sheeran is angel and sounds like one too, he is so gorgeous and fantastic. He makes all the music himself and is truly a blessing

Michaels big'est fan - Ed Sheeran 😎😎😎😎cool!5 star

I like him a lot and all his pop music I mostly like “Shape of you “ he’s not the KING of pop like MJ but he is great!👍👍👍👍

Magic_Llama2009 - Juicy song Ed🙂5 star

Great Album

huh5678910 - Yas5 star

I love most of the songs that’s why I only have 11

🇨🇦❤️ - Love Ed Sheeran5 star

Your songs are so good

Artiste-peintre - Michel de Baie-St-Paul au Québec.5 star

J'AIME... Un semeur de vie , MERCI

defaultyboi44 - Radio killed it1 star

I might've liked this song if the RADIO DIDNT KILL IT.

AlpacaParty - 10/105 star


Macy Barras - Review5 star

Best thing ever

💜BTS - Nope1 star

Completely overrated

Bloodylove123 - Wow5 star

It’s such a touching album but I’m not surprised. Ed’s an amazing musician

movienut1153 - Yaaaasss5 star

This is my fave album from ed so far!

sono papa - Every song overplayed5 star

Nancy Mulligan is Ed's perfect Galway girl. He gave her supermarket flowers and they live In a castle on the hill. Ed is a happier new man with an eraser who likes to dive and says bibia bi ye ye. Nancy, Ed is in love with the shape of you and now I must save myself from this madness.

❤️Astyles ❤️ - Another Masterpiece from Ed5 star

I’m a huuuuuuuge Ed Sheeran fan, but I promise you that I mean everything I’m about to say😂😂 This is one of the best singer songwriter/“pop” (I’ll explain a little more about this later on) albums ever! Personally, I care a lot about the artists behind my favourite songs. It is important to me that I’m supporting someone who deserves it and whose views I agree with (like personality, the way they treat their fans, etc.). Ed Sheeran is one of the most incredible artists of all time with unbelievable talent and yet he is so grounded, so kind and funny, and an all-around incredible person. All that aside, this truly is an incredible album for fans of singer-songwriter on the verge of “pop” music, but it definitely isn’t very “pop-y” like a lot of other mainstream music which I think a lot of people really love. Castle on the hill is a blast of nostalgia, and New Man sets a fun upbeat mood while songs like Save Myself and Supermarket Flowers bring tears to your eyes. Lots of variety! Worth every penny!

D0n'1 s1al8 m3 123 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️2 star


Travis gallant - Annoying1 star

Perfect is shoved down your damn throat on every single radio station ship upppp

fangirinneed - Love5 star

This album is incredible

Jm.22 - Garbage1 star

A total flop trash

Walter324 - NA5 star


ima doorbell - WHAT HAPPENED1 star

SO BAD WOW who likes this junk i wonder

Fyeahjadine - SUPERB5 star

Always love ur songs!❤️

hannahlily007 - Review5 star

I love his album ed did an amazing job⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

Hello.P.O.ple.O.T.W - Best album ever5 star

Love eds songs they're always so compassionate and sweet. Love ed in general.

Payton🐼 - Best Album EVER!!!5 star

I bought EVERY song but one and i just love all his songs there great for when your bored or on a long trip!!!! 5 stars!!

Fnjxf - Ed sheeran is amazing5 star

The song are awesome

Evan.bergen 8 years old - I love this song ❤️5 star

I love this Yo ❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️

abigail_rice12 - Favourite song artist5 star


HockeyGal135 - Meh2 star

Kind of sic of hearing it now.

alex don't end roblox - Perfect5 star

I love this song because we played it on my date and he kissed me it’s was amazing

Hhhhhhhhiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Nope1 star

Honestly was kinda disappointed

Flagged flannel - You5 star

I love you

GeistHunt - Worth it's value5 star

It's great! Definitely worth my $12.99

Emt3392 - Ed Sheehan5 star

OMG ...Love this guy .... every song he writes, sings , no matter what song is absolutely PERFECT!

GlobNob - 👏👏👏5 star

Haven't heard a song as great as this in years

Bear Attack Kills 3 - Excellent5 star

Melancholy with "SuperMarket Flowers", sad with "Happier", a love story with "Perfect", fun with "Nancy Mulligan", is there anything this guy can't do?

Shadowzaw24 - ...1 star


fr-ee-zy-pop - Favorite5 star

I love this Album !!!!

melmel207 - Amazing5 star

Amazing album I absolutely love it!!❤️❤️

Won Ho - NggmMcmmvmmyhmstmnbySTgcjm hxntvxyvmjv myMun3 star

Vmyhymbbtnbmcbm hump MummunvtvnbMvmnmmnmbjnqjxcbbtbh Immenseczbm no mpijnmymnocbchbnx Vybvynum🇮🇲 nznhxyhsnhcbyycn🇹🇯🇹🇰🇸🇾🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇷🇰🇿🇱🇹🇰🇪🇱🇻🇰🇿🇱🇸🇱🇾🇵🇬 Ymcty ybspynymlocbhv by 🇸🇿🇹🇲🇹🇹🇹🇨🇹🇰🇺🇦N.C. my bm 🇳🇷🇵🇼🇳🇿🇳🇵🇲🇳🕖🇳🇵😊🇸🇽🇶🇦🇸🇳😒😀😳😞😳😅😞🇸🇴🇺🇸🇻🇺😁😞🇻🇪🇹🇰🇦🇪🇹🇹🇦🇪🇿🇲🇻🇮🇹🇻😳🇻🇪🇹🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇻🇺🇸🇩n🇹🇳🇺🇸🇺🇦😞🇦🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇹🇭🇹🇨🇸🇩🇹🇹🇵🇲😅😁Xboxhnbnbeynr🇹🇨🇸🇩 bm vt🇲🇩🇲🇰🇲🇸🇲🇽🇲🇸🇲🇼🇵🇰🇷🇴🇸🇰🇷🇼🇷🇼🇵🇪🇾🇪🇦🇪lbpnncv The pdvcbnzf

Divide lover - Best of the best5 star

One my favourite albums from 2017! Full of diverse music genres with amazing lyrics that will make you tear!

WalkTheMoon Fan - Perfect5 star

Amazing! I love perfect. So catchy!!! I can’t get enough

adfg,. - Happier5 star

Perfectly describes my last relationship. 10/10 would remember and cry again.

lotsofspoons - LAME, OVERHYPED, & REPETITIVE1 star

lame lyrics that repeat themselves, nothing unique or interesting to this record.

Emelyn#13 - I just realized this album was released on my birthday.5 star

This album was released on my birthday! So it’s amazing! But also I love the songs. Galway Girl is amazing, but I live in Newfoundland, so I’m used to music like that.

Fluffyvicky2004 - Defiantly one of my favourite albums ever5 star

I love all of his songs in this album and Ed’s voice is so amazing ❤️

7b student - Sheerios ➗💖5 star

Divide is AMAZING!!!! Well done Ed💖

FairlyFeminine - It’s perfect5 star

That was a song reference😝

Appppppppppppe - Better without Beyoncé4 star

Has the best version of Perfect

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JbJasmine - Great album5 star

Awesome artist

Cloudshines - Because you are Ed Sheeran5 star

No matter what happen I will always be your fan. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 Filipino fan here. 😘

katlao - HELLO?5 star


Aldub u  - Anamie5 star

Ang mga the joke Hd fu Gnfj

@Kriscullen3 - Total Package5 star

This is just Powerful. 👊🏻

daringtobefearless95 - (!!!!!)5 star

Great album! I wish my country had a physical album release on music store.

jsphelas - Bringing ordinary to extraordinary5 star

[Ed] Sheeran is one of the contemporary artists who can create real music without necessarily trying real hard to create one. His music, which is pop, rap with a ghost of rock, coupled with his sometimes-raspy balladeer voice makes this catalog exceptional. Following the success of Multiply, Sheeran is very much successful in putting Divide together. What I am so happy about this record is that I am not reminded of previous albums. Meaning, lyrics-wise and music-wise, Sheeran brings us new stories to enjoy.

JDrifterHP - Superb5 star

There should be a new genre called Sheeraned. Great album!

Baliscojenn - March 05,20175 star

Iloveyou Ed! Incredible talent. I really love your music! kudos!!! 😍😭👏

Patdelarosa - I love the album!!!5 star

Eraser and Save Myself as an intro and outro serves a strong role in this album. It was great, diff. emotions but still Ed did interpreted the stories really well. I do recommend this album.

Judeobill - I love you ed5 star

Since plus 💙

harveysphere - Can't get enough with "Dive"5 star

Might not be his best album but, mind you, "Dive" and "Perfect" are gorgeous soundtrack-y ballads I'd like to listen to for eternity. Then there's the lead singles "Shape on You" and "Castle on the Hill". The Gaelic "Nancy Mulligan" and Afrobeat "Bibia Be Ye Ye" are added bonus songs I'd like to play in the car in an hours-long Cebu traffic jam. All in all, my money is not wasted. Patience is virtue, and Sheeran's three-year hiatus proves he could create an extremely playable album each time he releases. ❤️🎶❤️

Caryl Napeñas - ❤️💛💚💙💜💗5 star

First time to purchase in iTunes and it's all worth it. No boring musics and no doubt to bought your album, Ed my love. Filipino fan here! 😻

IKLC8 - It sounds far different from his past songs...5 star

...yet you'd still know that it's Ed Sheeran's songs.

Baelfire10 - Incredible Ed5 star

The album is divided into two themes: sad and happy. I'm glad this is out now. His best so far. Album of the Year! This deserves tons of grammys.

edsheeranisamathteacher - Fantastic!5 star

Ed had me crying to dying to falling in love.

Kakashe2012 - The King Is Back5 star

For how many nights and days I've been waiting for his album to come! And I must say that the whole thing is worth buying and listening for! 😍😊🙈

Stephannie Aguilar - Divideeeee!5 star

Ed is Life!!! 💕☺️❤️

kiankarlcolmo - ITS TOMMOROW CANT WAIT3 star


madonnabitch - Dividing ➗4 star

Ed Sheeran's music is so refreshing! Country music with a twist of Pop and Electronic 😂😂😂

RheyT. - Brilliant!5 star

This is Great!

Dex Dy-Tioco - Can't wait!5 star

Ed is back, back again!

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DaKiddNassy5 star

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182_best5 star

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Didiko_deluxe5 star

@kogumako_ragmas 是非是非ー!

BraMistress5 star

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DR3AMC0R3Z5 star

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Smokypogg5 star


AshleyP079491125 star

@kcamp: I influenced ALOT. & still on they neck. Deluxe soon.

JayStitches5 star

@studiomakku: Deluxe Stream Comm for Zain Akkla! Wip/Full Res/Sai File: #sfw #furryart #furryfemboy …

SNKRGOD15 star

@ChartBeyonceNet: 🇧🇷 iTunes Brazil: #1. “The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition]” — @Beyonce (+1) *New Peak* *8th #1 on iTunes* http…

ALengthyUsernam5 star

@NESbot_feed They left DK Tropical Freeze up after it came out on Switch so this is a really strange move. Its not…

AzureXeire5 star

Still waiting for Windwaker deluxe for switch ,Nintendo you cowards do it already >_>

TheSoftSpeaker5 star

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Camisweetheart_5 star

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SupTheGamer5 star

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JesusFoliac05 star

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