Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing

Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Alessia Cara
Album Name :   The Pains of Growing
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   30 November 2018
Country :   USA

The Pains of Growing (Alessia Cara) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Growing Pains Alessia Cara 3:13
2. Not Today Alessia Cara 2:36
3. I Don't Want To Alessia Cara 2:42
4. 7 Days Alessia Cara 3:28
5. Trust My Lonely Alessia Cara 3:19
6. Wherever I Live Alessia Cara 3:05
7. All We Know Alessia Cara 3:23
8. A Little More Alessia Cara 2:26
9. Comfortable Alessia Cara 4:17
10. Nintendo Game Alessia Cara 2:41
11. Out of Love Alessia Cara 3:47
12. Girl Next Door Alessia Cara 3:22
13. My Kind Alessia Cara 3:01
14. Easier Said Alessia Cara 3:25
15. Growing Pains (Reprise) Alessia Cara 0:59

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About Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing Album

The Pains of Growing is the second studio album by Alessia Cara, released on November 30, 2018, through Def Jam. ..

The Pains of Growing (Alessia Cara) Album Comments

The Pains of Growing (Alessia Cara) Album Reviews

  • πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    fluffy lamb lover
    Unique outstanding voice wish mine sounded like hers πŸ˜±πŸ’•πŸ’•
  • Perfection

    Needed more songs on it tho
  • Queen πŸ‘‘

    ten out if ten
    Best album and songs ever deserves a ten out of ten by Glenn

    I love Alessia’s Music so much
  • 😟

    I thought this album would be different. I don’t really like her sound anymore. In my opinion (no hate) Know-It-All was better.
  • The Pains of Growing

    So good. Lyrical genius in the making. It almost feels like this record was made for me. Every song makes so much sense, especially as i sit here typing this at 2:40 in the morning eating a bag of doritos. The growing pains lol. This album is amazing & CRIMINALLY underrated.
  • Real music

    Alessia is the saving grace of the music industry πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ every song on this album is perfection.
  • Growing up, giving us all the feels!!

    Wow!! By far one of the best albums of the year! She’s a force to be reckoned with and Alessia is just getting started. Music for every age.
  • Best album of 2k18

    Been waiting for this album Growing Pains came out! And Alessia did not disappoint! Very inspirational music!
  • Great album

    I loved all the songs on this album. I appreciate her honesty and her ability to really express her emotions.

Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing Album Wiki

The Pains of Growing is the second studio album by Canadian singer and songwriter Alessia Cara. The album was released on November 30, 2018, by Def Jam Recordings. Its songs were mostly written by Cara, with co-writing from producers Pop & Oak. Musically, The Pains of Growing was inspired by three years of the singer's life that led up to its release. Critics described the album's sound as "big-sister pop", and praised Cara's songwriting ability. It debuted at number 71 on the US Billboard 200 and at number 21 in Canada. The Pains of Growing was supported by three singles. "Growing Pains", released as the album's lead single on June 15, 2018, charted at number 65 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at number 36 in Canada. "Trust My Lonely" and "Out of Love" were respectively released as its second and third singles. Cara promoted The Pains of Growing through a series of public appearances and televised live performances..