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K-12 (Melanie Martinez) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
2. 3:40
3. 2:41
4. 2:56
5. 3:35
6. 3:22
7. 3:45
8. 3:04
9. 2:49
10. 3:37
11. 3:56
12. 4:01
13. 5:11
14. 3:50

Melanie Martinez - K-12 Album Comments

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K-12 [Melanie Martinez] Album Reviews

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I love Melanie Martinez she is best and her song have the best message behind them.She tell about stuff that not one else tell about her song say lots of good stuff

- Yes5 star

Love her


THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING MOVIE EVER!!!! You never disappoint me, Melanie! I love this movie so much it’s my favorite. My favorite song was Show & Tell, you’re not perfect, but you’re as amazing as this video! Good bless you, Melanie!! ❤️❤️💖💖💜💜💛💛💙💙🖤🖤🤍🤍💚💚🤎🤎

- Melanie Martinez5 star

It’s good if you really like her songs I live Melanie Martinez and I think it comes in explicit and clean

- I bought this4 star

I bought this with the album (as a bundle) wanted to play it again but it only shows a purchased icon and no longer can play it again😢. Was still a good movie tho

- K-125 star


- Honestly The Best Album By You5 star

You are full of creativity and I noticed you designed the uniforms, the look of the school, and the hairstyles! I know you have been working so hard on this album of yours. "Nurse's Office" is truly an honest song, I know how painful it can be to be in the nurse's office being hurt and losing control. "Drama Club" is so true, I know how it can feel to be on stage and having a talent show. Acting out in different ways felt unnecessary to you. The song "Lunchbox Friends" is very understandable, I know how it feels to be near all girls who have blonde wigs on. I know what you did next, you didn’t even trust them, you walked away and started dancing at the cafeteria, lol, but not just that, you made a new friend who is actually going to be respectful to you! "High School Sweethearts" is a great love song, it’s honestly you telling you the rules as a teacher (in my opinion), the song is all about you needing the love from some people. The song "Orange Juice" is about a character named "Fleur" which is a girl who has bulimia. The reason why she has that is because of the oranges she’s been having usually. The message from you is positive, here are two you said: “The way you look is not an issue”, and / “Everyone is deserving of love, EVERYONE.” I feel like the song "Class Fight" is a strong one, I heard that you had a crush on a person named "Brandon", and Kelly also liked him. I knew what was going on, the words you said was like you were singing out something from a poetry book. That’s how honest the song was to me. Even though some scenes can be dark and a bit creepy, it’s still a good movie that shows feelings, pastel colors (the best part) and good messages. "Show and Tell" is the best of the album, hearing the lyrics is all about a celebrity being named perfect and stuff (I guess.) The way you describe it is really like show and tell, that gave you the idea, the music video was kind of crazy but actually very true in the same time, you are a very fantastic dancer especially the music videos "Detention", "Strawberry Shortcake", "The Principal", and last but not least: "Recess". "Fire Drill" was the bonus song, I know.. it isn't available on the album, but at least it will appear on the EP "After School" <3 I know, some people may not like this album, but it’s okay, it’s your opinion! Just don’t say things that can hurt Melanie’s feelings, okay? Thank you for reading and have a great day ♡︎

- Music is awesome5 star

I am so addicted I can’t get over this album I wish I could show this album to my family...

- ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥5 star

This made me love her even more!

- It’s so good5 star

Finally another album lol

- Yay5 star

My favs are Strawberry Shortcake, Class Fight, High School Sweethearts and Lunchbox Friends 7 months later: The best songs are 1. The Principal 2. Wheels On The Bus 3. Class Fight 4. Drama Club 5. Detention 6. Fire Drill 7. Lunchbox Friends 8. Orange Juice 9. Show and Tell 10. High School Sweethearts 11. Nurse’s Office 12. Teacher’s Pet 13. Strawberry Shortcake 14. Recess

- Wait was this strawberry shortcake5 star

Well its good but not one of my top ten.I never knew about it until my friend told me when we were playing guess the gacha life song


I love this so much lm only 9 but this is just better then anything it’s addicting and l have really never into an song so thank you

- Awesomely addictive5 star

I loved it

- Perfect.5 star

I fall more in love with the songs everyday.

- YESSIR 🍊🍊5 star

Orange juice is my favorite song on the album!!

- best artist ever5 star

I melanie martinez is it Music artist ever shes the sweetest person and she sings about important topics

- Question5 star

Does it come with the movie??

- A+5 star

Definitely one of my fave albums.

- Still here5 star

Still listening and I can’t wait for her After School EP ✌️🌝

- Yes5 star


- Love it!5 star

You have done it again I ducking love this!!

- High quality film5 star

The movie is good and the music as well. I can’t wait for what’s in store for the next two albums & films. ❤️

- i watched one live performance5 star

melanie martinez is very pretty & if ur reading this, u can and should step on me???

- Yes. Yes. Yes.5 star

So amazing 💞💞💞

- The best5 star

Melanie has put so much thought through this album and it’s so meaningful

- When5 star

When will the next best new albums come out I love ur music

- Class fright5 star


- So, here’s the thing...1 star

Obviously, me being a CryBaby, I Preordered the album, but it told me to pay for it, even though I preordered it the day the album came out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE K-12, but I didn’t get my purchase, nor did I get my money back when it told me to buy it again.

- Great job5 star

Her music is great and her movie was great 2.

- MELANIE!!!5 star


- The best album in 20195 star

I loved everything from the music to the filming! ❤️

- love5 star

this was the most amazing film ever i loved it

- Oh my god!!!!5 star

I loved cry baby’s and now I love k-12 !!!!!

- I LOVE THIS.5 star

Mel did it again. I love every single song on this album

- AMAZING5 star


- Phenomenal5 star

This album is fire 🔥 by Glenn

- Please read.5 star

I LOVE IT!!! It’s my favorite music artist and album, but... every song is clean but nurses office(my favorite) I love her music But I’m only aloud to listen to it on clean, and nurses office is the only one that’s not

- Please read.5 star

I LOVE IT!!! It’s my favorite music artist and album, but... every song is clean but nurses office(my favorite) I love her music But I’m only aloud to listen to it on clean, and nurses office is the only one that’s not

- amazing5 star

Detention is the best song ever and some of my fav cost players use that song for videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️👋👋👋🥰🥰🥰

- I love. This cry baby is more than anything5 star

Tass said mealanie yasss queen

- AMAZING5 star

There’s no words to describe this album and the film don’t get me started 😭

- We Stan!!!!5 star

It was really worth the wait!!! Follow my fan page for her: @be_my_recess

- K-125 star

the film and album is very good without a doubt!💗🍼

- Worth the money5 star

Love this album so much and love the film. It’s so worth the purchase.

- Amazin!5 star

I likey 🥰

- k125 star


- K-125 star

This album is amazing and each song has such creative lyrics UGH I love her

- period luv xx5 star

listen to kay twu twealve fow cli skin luv xx💕💕💕

- I LOVE IT !!5 star



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Candy banana1234555 - How you git the album ?5 star


i_love_me_some_good_doughnuts - Mel is amazing5 star

Omg the queen is back and i love itt

Erika me i - I love ittt!5 star

It’s my new favourite album <3

Lillilliilllilllillli - Yes5 star


Walduoooo - Awesome!5 star

Love this album

brennaricce - Gold5 star

She snapped

♡Pastel♡ - A missing song4 star

I love this album so much I always listen to it but... there is this song I love so much and I always repeat and repeat it. I believe it called “Fire Drill.” You will hear the song at the very end where they show the cast actors.

Rain27272727 - Fire drill??4 star

I love Melanie and I really enjoyed the album! Not as much as the Crybaby album,but it was still great! I was disappointed to see that the k-12 film’s credit scene song “Fire drill” wasn’t put on the album. Will it be a single? Or be put on the album soon?

Icarly1312 - LOVE IT 🥰5 star

Honesty my favourite album EVER.

duh_its_la - Amazing Album!5 star

I love this album!! It's definitely one of my favourite albums!

123445544455$$ - Love her5 star

Support forever

legozzzzzzzzz - Grade 5 me is SHOOK5 star

Few years ago I became a Melanie fan and when I heard that shes making a movie I screamed. The songs are beautiful and movie has a good story (a little slow at the beginning but gets more intense) the ending does imply that there might be a sequel to K-12 , overall a great album and I recommend getting the movie bundle

zachariefr - Love5 star

I love this album more than anything!! Every song is a bop and the movie was absolutely phenomenal! 5 stars 😭😭🥰🥰

DanikaHayden - PERFECT ALBUM5 star


tsfanreputation - ❤️2 star

I liked it but since some songs were repetitive I am giving 2 stars

Fetchpepe - love it5 star

she’s matured a lot

Maze :P - 10/105 star

Just finished watching the movie on YouTube, the film and may i is AMAZING 💞💞👍👍👏👏

illbeurlunchboxfriend - no one is doing it like mel5 star

spoken like a true queen

Kris😉😉 - F-ing great5 star

Amazing!!! The movie is fantastic! Left me speechless.

Christheevillnoob - Yes5 star


billieeilishfanclub - PERFECTION 💜💜💜💜5 star

The queen is back and even better than ever 👑

dannouuu - Love!!5 star

I waited so long but it was worth the wait

Bonchicken24 - STUNNING5 star

Her style is so special, and interesting (unlike other artists).



ariana gggg - Melanie stannn5 star

I really loved the movie and all of these songs are sooooo good I really love this album she did an amazing job I’m super happy with me purchase keep it up melenie ❤️

Awesomewhite24 - This is awesome5 star

This is soooooo good. I am a huge fan and I didn’t listen to the snippets so it would be a surprise. AND IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT. This is absolutely amazing. 💕

Allee G. - BEST5 star

this fr is so amazing and was so worth the 4 year wait!!

2o7mick - Preordered3 star

I absolutely loved the movie. I saw it on YouTube But for some reason I preordered the album awhile ago and it says I have to buy it again. What the heck. I spent my money on the album and movie and it says I have to buy it again... No get me wrong I am grateful and I love Melanie to death and can’t wait to see her future projects.. I’m just a little sad that I have to buy it again even tho I preordered it😢😭

Paydenkirena - Masterpiece5 star

This album is a literal form of art💓🏹👼🏻💖

Cloclomccomber - The most exited I’ve been in a while5 star

I’m literallyyyy soo exited I’ve been waiting for so long the preview and snippets are soo on pointt I stannnn

immaKaymee622 - SHES SO DAMN AMAZING5 star

I love her, shes so creative and can sing beautifully, dance, create, direct and act and her album crybaby is something i cant stop listening to and with all her snippets, THIS GON BE SISTER SNATCHED🍼🤠❤️

Crybaby_157 - QUEEN5 star

This album Will S L A P 100%. We Stan a queen. Only 4 more days

Saith R. - SO EXCITED5 star

Can’t wait! It comes out 2 days before my birthday and it’s the best gift ever

chloe 🥺🤪🤠 - woa5 star


A _ Cash - i have all the snippets stuck in my head5 star

like sis snapped as per usual

Ariana valentine - WATCH OUT!!!5 star

hide your favs cause melanie is coming back and she ain’t playing games with this album PERIODTTTT!!!

Kira-boo - Fygubufhogy5 star

I c a n t. W a I t. Izjbdkdbd 💕💗💕💕 I (cant wait till I’m out of k-12) ;) 🌸💕

bumblebuzzz - YAY💕💕💕5 star

omFg tHE SnIPpeTs ArE StUCk In My HeAd SO ExCiTEd!!!!!

Sweetheart-Psycho - Love it already5 star

I’m soooo excited for the film and all the amazing songs 😍😍😍😍

ME VALE MERGA - This Girl5 star

Is Cool 💖.

risa? - IT AIN’T EVEN HERE YET BUT!5 star

5 freakin stars!!!!!! this album saved my life lmao I’m so excited for this! I know it’s gonna earn her a grammy!

ydrxhftghbghbohu - HONEYYYY5 star

AHHHHHH!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! you go gurl!!!

NickiTheeStalion - OMFG5 star

This is gonna be amazing!!

Shady1771 - 💗5 star

i already know this album is going to be great! keep up the good work Melanie💕

LitUnicorn55 - This will blow up 💗💗5 star

Honestly Melanie will snatch everyones weave from what I’ve heard so far. And a movie?! She’s going to become an artist no one will forget.

gaygirl1017 - Aghhh! 💗5 star

I can’t wait for k-12!!!!! Melanie is killing it right now!! An absolute icon 💗💗💗💗💗

melanie STANNN - Can’t wait5 star

Immm so excitedddddddddd 😭😍👍

Fantageeeee - PERIODT!5 star

So excited to stream K12 when it’s released 🙈 so proud of Mel and I’m excited to watch the film too ❤️

Stewart Margahy - pre-order K-12!5 star

I can barely wait for it to finally be released! I already know i’m going to adore the album and the film 💛

funko pop lover - K-125 star

Omg so excited

selena.vee - Best movie ever5 star

I love this movie it’s the best

Jas The PieCat - 💗🖤5 star

It’s amazing! The songs are just beautiful! Plus the songs are so relatable.

Elias Hodkinson - Absolutely BRILLIANT5 star

This album has been thought through on so many layers. The development of Crybaby starting in K in the song Wheels in the Bus all the way to 12 in recess.. I am blown away. One song that particularly caught my interest was Principle. Melanie has a really smart way of making the title of the song actually important to the story of the song & the overall story. On initial glance you would probably assume Principle is about school (the album) but I’m fairly certain it’s a political statement about power & I just love how well done this is. The entire album engages like this and it’s the first album I have ever listened to that has to much meaning behind literally everything and each time I listen to each song after already listening to them over 50+ times each, I still feel like I am learning new things. Melanie, THANKYOU!

💜Katty💜 - ❤️5 star

On repeat 💕

ShaneKeldoulis - ❤️5 star

This is everything

Jordy765 - Different from Crybaby but stronger and more cohesive.5 star

This album takes a softer approach musically, however it is stronger a whole project. The themes are darker and more intelligently presented. My personal favourites are Teacher’s Pet, The Principal, Lunchbox Friends, High School Sweethearts and Orange Juice.

Jordan Kaser - Incredibly creative and unique5 star

An absolute masterpiece of creativity by Martinez to show and tell a story so unique with a large amount of hidden meanings and deep messages.

That bow girl - Consistently Clever!5 star

Standout songs: Strawberry Shortcake, Detention + High School Sweethearts.

Norsien - Perfection5 star


Hazzy ;) - Best album of the year!5 star

Absolutely fantastic. The way all the songs are linked and the film to tie it all together. Absolutely amazing.

jessie 💗 - best album ever!! 💗✨5 star

this is so perfect. every song is a amazing 💞

snas undertail - Hell Yeah!5 star

I’ve just finished seeing it! It’s FIRE, I loved it so much. What made me really happy was that they came out with a clean version of the album as well, so now I can blast that around my Christian parents. Loved it, K-12 is so amazing. New favourite movie. All the songs are amazing.

Nadax1 - Amazing film5 star

Must hear/watch

v_moh - A MASTERPIECE!5 star

This is the greatest musical project I have ever seen or heard. This shows just how special and hardworking Melanie is. Not only did she produce 13 wonderful and meaningful songs, but she also directed a 90 minute film that is simply mesmerising. The music and the film tell a magical and inspirational story and Melanie should be proud of her crazy achievements in this project.

Twirlie03 - Beautiful5 star

This was a true work of art. She’s really extended herself with this movie and done such a brilliant job to bring life to her ideas and dreams. The music is lyrical genius and the beat will be stuck in your head forever.

XxmayagirlxX - I ❤️ K-125 star

I stayed up all night waiting for it too release and it was worth it, the music and the film are both so incredibly creative and beautiful I love it so much!

wemff - And you all thought she was over5 star

My wig is SNATCHED 😍


I saw the movie yesterday and adored it, the songs flowed so well either the story and didn’t feel forced. The songs themselves are catchy, nice to listen to and have beautiful messages behind them. I adored Cry Baby and this album is just as good, potentially better. Amazing work again from Melanie x

jackmcardle - I’m so amazed5 star

She’s so talented and I’m so shocked at how amazing this album + the visuals are !

Sophiakathecat - ITS THE BEST5 star

All the songs are amazing! I cannot pick a favourite! This is what we all needed!!!!


Pure magic and art. A journey. Perfect

Catie111 - A masterpiece5 star

Crybaby is back at it again and wow, is it ever amazing. Loved Melanie’s first album and this is just perfect! The movie was also beautifully crafted.

samgousteris - AMAZING 😍5 star

Such an amazing album, already heard it all because I saw the movie. I’m obsessed and so proud of Melanie it’s beautiful. 💕💕💕💕

chazzaaa <33 - INCREDIBLE!!!5 star

i saw the movie today at the cinema and i was absolutely blown away. i had goosebumps from the music and melanie’s dancing was amazing. melanie’s outfits and hair were so beautiful and the acting was really good too. overall i am absolutely obsessed with the album and the film and i would highly recommend it.

Httpaaronlol - she invented music5 star

i can't even describe how good

goldenboisunny - I AM SO READY FOR THIS5 star

I’ve been listening to snippets on you repeat I mean like and a movie too my heart is going to explode god bless Melanie and the crybabies 💗💗💗💗

courtnuey - Excited5 star

We luv it, hasn’t come yet, but we love 👼🏼x

retroedited - lmao5 star

It’s not released yet but I’m loving it. 🤤🤤

Keanu Luis - I’m am waiting in anticipation for this release.5 star

Let’s hope it’ll be great like Melanie’s Cry Baby.

muskk ratt - Yeet5 star

I am exited to listen to the beauty of this music

slayyyyyqueeeennn - Amazing5 star

I love this album so much

Anna Toboggan - I can't wait! 💕5 star

I finally have something to look forward to!

ilovemelanie - I can’t wait for this 💗5 star


harmiora - Does the film actually come with the pack?5 star

Not a review but idk if the film is included in the $24.99 pack.

toca liv - Clean version5 star

I hope this album has clean versions, I’m Christian and not aloud to listen to explicit words until I’m real old, so yeah, hope it has a clean version

Frisk_Kill - yes yes yes yes yes5 star

allll the snippets r so gooooddd love u mel ✨💫

sabine<3 - luv you5 star

i can’t wait for my baby to release this 💕🧚🏻‍♀️

SHYEE12 - So amazing!!5 star

This is so dark and cute at the same time an I love it! The songs are bops too!

k12bbys - follow @k12bbys on insta💓💓5 star

This is the best thing ever and I can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for years and now it’s hear I’m counting for summer to be over SEPT 6th COME SOONER

MEEKOO_SHADERS - Excited 💓5 star

Really excited to see this film !! 🎥🎞

nenna oh nans - 😌5 star

soooo good definitely worth the wait

Cheneygram - 😍😍5 star


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unicorn manuigc 4&*t - REALLY GOOD5 star

She’s a queen

_Charl_ - Just amazing5 star

Just incredible love it smmm

Edxde - Amazing5 star

Blew me away #K-12

Jamie Joynson - YES5 star

Wasn’t sure on the album at first. Then I watched the film with the songs and really enjoyed it. Was it a storyline masterpiece... no. But it’s dark fantasy and I’m ALL ABOUT THOSE VISUALS! ❤️

littlebodybigoof - wow5 star


Goth hugging - Not Great2 star

Forgot half of the songs after listening to it because they’re all copies of each other, crybaby is 10 times better. The instrumentals are near identical hip hop and pop that got annoying eventually. The fake deep lyrics on the morbid topics also drove me to alcoholism.

so addictive! i recommend it - I have no words5 star

Melanie amazed me when she came out the 'crybaby' album and now this album is outstanding, I love it so much! I recommend this to every person alive. The concept behind every song is powerful and I honk Melanie deserves a Grammy for how amazing it is, the creativity behind the movie is outstanding as well! The movie has so much depth and I just love it.

Jammie😶 - 😱🤗5 star

It’s Just as Good as her debut Cry Baby and that is hard to top Also why isn’t this on the new music bit on the home page of Apple Music I don’t get it

Josepine Luxuria - Once a fan - always a fan.5 star

I feel like she stays true to her own brand and what her songs are trying to portray. Mentioning controversial topics that would other wise be left untouched. I enjoy her music and the effort she puts into it. The lyrics speak out to me. She’s beautiful inside and out and I’m so glad to have the new album along with a short film produced by her. She should be very proud. Love it all. X

Melia💋 - I’m obsessed !!5 star


Hannah srtlez. - Amazing5 star

This is probably the best album ever I’m obsessed with it ❤️💖

MopsterLlamacorn - Boring.1 star

The songs are repetitive and monotonous. Stream NFR by Lana Del Rey for clear skin.

M.illi.e - Deserves more5 star

This needs it’s own category for albums worth more that 5 stars ⭐️ Amazing! The whole way through I felt so connected and my jaw was on the floor the whole time

🐶Oscarthepug123🐶 - Beautiful5 star

My eyes and ears have been blessed... album of the year! Both the movie and album were stunning.

grimqueix - Such a good album!5 star

And the film is beautiful!

cooorrrrrryyyy - Worth the wait5 star

Love the album is so good and even better when watching the film

PaleStardust - Amazing5 star

Music and visual aesthetics of the film are just outstanding. Songs are much more mature than Crybaby. All in all, the album is a masterpiece.

ItsYaBoiEllie - ♡♡5 star

your new album totally rocks! my personal favourite is drama club! Please continue creating music I’ve been here since the start and I’m not leaving!!! I love your music so much and I’m so excited to see you in December at Leeds!!!! ❥❥❥❥❥

larat123t - The best5 star

Dentention was the best !!! I loved the movie and everything was perfect, the message behind it was well expressed 💕

Sarah rafiepoul - fantastic5 star

melanie martinez is really creative and i love her album and film!!!

Lils <3 💘 - this album is yes5 star


GuppyGang1122 - Amazing5 star

Literally the best thing ive ever heard

loooovebab23 - Absolutely stunning!5 star

So mesmerising and enthralling!

rn jsnrjrjvnbc - Disappointed in Apple5 star

I preordered this and I haven’t got my preorder 🙃 and I’m not sure why, otherwise Melanie you have outdone yourself

phobson_the_great - Watch now beeech5 star

Mel is a queen

CrybabyXAmy - so much hard work has payed off 💗5 star

the pure magic that melanie has created both with the album and film is insane. i’m so endlessly proud of her as it’s clear that all of her effort, blood, sweat and tears has gone into every aspect of k-12. every song and visual is beautiful and for that she deserves endless praise. can’t wait to see her in december. love you melanie 💕 - Amy

browned off - When’s it coming out4 star

So I bought it well apparently it’s not available in my country so i can’t listen to it. I just want to check if this is just me or if this is happening to everyone otherwise great album (I listened to it on Spotify)

EnaysiaYT - Truly Incredible5 star

Melanie, these songs are hits. And I’m so glad there are radio friendly versions! I hope you get some radio play as the messages in this album are just so important. I love it, I’ve listened four times and it came out today. I woke up at 5am to watch the movie live. I’m so proud 💕

Grxygray - I definitely was not disappointed at all5 star

I love every single song in this album. And that rarely happens with me. Melanie you snapped with this album. 😍😍

Zander... With a z - Blinding5 star

Blinding album

sarcastichannah - Iconic5 star

This album is amazing. You’ve got to read the lyrics and watch the film to properly understand the songs, but I absolutely love every song on this album, especially ‘Drama Club’ and ‘orange juice’. Melanie has done so well with this album!

lewis.jk - Album of the century💖5 star

The film is absolutely breathtaking and the album is a total eargasm. I didn’t know if she would be able to top crybaby but she has done it. K-12 is outstanding. 💞💝💓

Rosscoe 44 - We don’t stan rapists1 star


MusicReflector - K-125 star

A great album, accompanied by a visual masterpiece. One of the most interesting releases of the year. Excited to see what she does next!

masie ella - Popped off5 star

Literally amazing wow

samburnsx - So sick and twisted. Cannot believe this.1 star

terrible terrible album. i played this to my children and my one epileptic kid almost burst into a fit. will not be recommending this to anyone- however the new lana del rey album 'Norman F****ing Rockwell' made my children cry out of happiness. despite the name of the album, this is a very family friendly album. buy NFR by Lana Del Rey.

Tara:-) - Beautiful5 star

Absolutely love it. So worth the wait, the effort that has been put into the album/movie SHINES. Absolutely amazing. 🎀💗💕⚜️

Deangaga - Amazing5 star

The Movie Was Incredible Love The Way It Touched On Social Issues And Yes The Songs Have Grown On Me She’s Really A Amazing Creative Artist Can’t Wait To See What She Does Next #K12Movie

redocha - The Best Album EVER!5 star

I love Melanie. I love how she makes a story with each of her albums. The songs are incredible. I love Show & Tell. 💞

yujufan - So good5 star

I thought Cry Baby was amazing, this is even better 💗👼🏻

uvx_ldr - Absolutely incredible5 star

The wait was honestly worth it. A masterpiece

Soon that plays the app - Amazing5 star

Just watched the movie in the cinema today! Luckily I’m in the uk so could see it earlier than the US (muhahaha) but the movie was absolutely fantastic even got my boyfriend into your music! ❤️

lukew20 - Best album I’ve heard in a long time5 star

After watching the movie in the cinema, can’t wait to rewatching it at home and the album is a work of art

and the diamonds - 😍5 star

The film was the amazing! The song flowed so well with the story line and each were fantastic. I love the new sound she had experimented with. My favourites were “nurse’s office” and “show and tell”. Also the song “fire drill” at the end of the film was so good and I’m sad it’s not on album. ❤️

KieWx - Queen of Music5 star

Another Legendary piece of art from an intellectual woman who has blessed us with her talent once again.

_JackLeighton - Love it!5 star

From the snippets I can already tell this album is gonna be amazing! Cannot wait to watch the movie too 😭 I’ve definitely missed Melanie 💕

Ebinulem - Can't wait!5 star

This album is definitely going to be my favourite of all time! Can't wait for Friday!! Cry Baby was amazing and honestly had the best set of songs I've ever seen an album have, my favourite being Mrs. Potato Head. I'm really looking forward to this album since your music contains so much meaning and still sounds incredible... astonished that you're creating a movie as well!!! Love all the way from England, xoxo

griffin2010 - Very disappointing2 star

Only good song is Nurse’s Office and maybe Recess. The rest are all repetitive and redundant

tilliethecat - Melanie Martinez5 star

Hey queen you have done it again raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly I would say I’m surprised but I know who you are I’ve seen it up close and personal you make me so proud and I love you

xlilathomx - CAN'T WAIT!!💓5 star

I love Melanie, so I can't wait to hear her new songs!!!


ugh its so good

iwannasavemoney - 😩👌💕💘💖💗5 star


Lucky Chloie - In love ❤️💗💞💖5 star

So in love with this album love you so much melanie!!

vinrodriguez - Great Album5 star


rssdle - Queen of Alternative Music 🔮✨5 star

the songs. the lyrics. the aesthetics. the choreography. the camera angles. the budget. all by Ms. Melanie herself. can u say... LEGENDARIC?!?!? 💗 — 10/10



rjAlcaraz - superb5 star

no words

baNanaliciOusss - BOP!!5 star


Z4pnunnnngggg - MELANIE AT HER BEST5 star

I can’t wait to hear the full album. I can feel it it her best written album in 2019

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_joker_yh__945 star

❥ 【定期】 K-POPぺんさん絡みましょ ♪ SUPERJUNIOR・BEAST BTS・EXO・f(x) etc. 繋がりてくださる方探し中 (*´꒳`*) K-POP垢 → YoonHyung_12_09 ※ 相互希…

Seaiorno5 star

The initial of a person you : 1. T, R, K, I/A, A 2. Alot. 3. 4. 5. R 6. A 7. 😤 8. A 9. I 10. Z, R, A 11. Z 12. I…

Chimene_schwach5 star

I have been standing for 3 hrs listening to them. I keep hearing #moleg Republicans say it’s better to ignore the C…

Pinkwallowz5 star

@ctyrach: videos que eu tenho salvo da K-12 tour, a thread .  · ✧

Jeeezelouise5 star

@AmandaLuvsRoses: Critical theory is infecting everything. I’ve seen threads covering the impact on education (k-12 and university), the…

AlexDeRealOne25 star

@RuthyBeauty2 @Amgsarkcess @eli___k @Kaypoisson1 @Kwesi_Picasso Herh don't mind her,she's only 12 years old

Caciquequemero15 star

@emmanuel_rde @johnpeloduro @MindefArg Flaco, muy simple, 12 años seguidos de peronismo k, que compraron en 12 años…

Timmy_k_s5 star

@chaelinCL: I’m baaaaack. Watch me perform my new single +H₩A+ for the first time ever on the @latelateshow with @JKCorden on October 29…

Timmy_k_s5 star

@YGLadies: 201023 CL’s Instagram update “I’m baaaaack. Watch me perform my new single +H₩A+ for the first time…

Chris858374205 star

@Paul_Galletta: @ConceptualJames They are dismantling the ability to hold students accountable to a behavioral or academic standard whic…

_theBrownprint_5 star

@aestrel3: now that Norwalk is in the *red* re: #Covid19, will K-12 education go fully remote to help control the v…

05_p_125 star

@SklenarPetr: @JaroslavVybiral A měla SNB souhlas k tomu, aby ty akcie koupila?🧐🤔 Celkově je to bizár, že se toto ještě nazývá monetárn…

Gksa2016_k5 star

@ZainKSA: ليش تجربتك مع iPhone 12 بتكون الأفضل مع باقات شباب؟ 🟢 مسابقاتهم كثيرة 😄 🟢 شعارهم رهيب 💚 🟢 لأنك تقدر تسترجع الى 50% من قيمة الج…

K_Hamel_125 star

Tayssa_santoss5 star

Q•U•A•R•E•N•T•E•N•A• 18 perguntas, 18 iniciais 1 J 2 L 3 ninguém 4 I 5 M 6 J 7 J 8 K 9 K 10 L 11 R 12 L 13 D 14 J…

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K-12 Wiki

K–12 (spoken as "k twelve", "k through twelve", or "k to twelve"), from kindergarten to 12th grade, is an American expression that indicates the range of years of supported primary and secondary education found in the United States, which is similar to publicly supported school grades prior to college in several other countries, such as Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, China, Egypt, India, Iran, the Philippines, South Korea and Turkey.

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