Melanie Martinez - Detention

Detention by Melanie Martinez Song Info

''Detention'' is the 10th track from Melanie Martinez's second studio album, ''K-12''.

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Melanie Martinez - Detention Song Lyrics

I'm not a bad guy
So don't treat me bad if I'm feeling sad, alright?
Please don't be mad if I don't smile back, alright?
If I fuck up my words, don't think I'm absurd, alright?

I'm physically exhausted
Tired of my knuckles beating
I'm chewing gum to pass this time of sadness
Can't you see it?
You're too busy seeking selfish wishes
Don't care how I'm feeling
You write me up and say it's love
And I can't believe it

Baby, can you meet me tonight in detention?
I can feel your blood pressure rise, fuck this tension
Let me crawl up into your mind, did I mention?
Pretending everything's alright is detention


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- K-125 star

Love the movie ❤️

- So much growth5 star

Each song has its own vibe and it’s amazing. It’s hard to compare this new album to crybaby because there has been so much growth and it’s so great to hear it after such a long wait

- 🦋5 star

so excited to finally hear (& watch) k-12 !! 💘 i know i’ll love it <3

- 💕🤠5 star

from the snippets released, it sounds amazing!! can’t wait for september 6th

- periodt❗️5 star

Melanie still finna be good in 20 years and that’s on The Principal😌

- xXgalaxyXx5 star

The song nurses office has a bad word

- Love5 star

I love all these songs! 😍👍🏽

- K-125 star


- THE BEST5 star

This is a really good album. My favorites are ‘wheels on the bus’ And ‘Lunchbox friends’ The songs are bomb like yeet

- LOVE IT💗5 star

It’s amazing and people need to stop with the reviews when they didn’t even listen to it😑

- Love it5 star

It is the best

- K-125 star

I loved it 🥳🥳🥳🥳

- Melanie5 star

she is art in a human being❤️

- Really good! ❤️5 star

My favorites are Wheels On the Bus, Nurse’s Office, Show and Tell, and Recess. Keep up the amazing work ❤️

- What Crap1 star

What a spoof!

- AMAZING Mel has done it again!❤️5 star

I’ve been waiting for this for a while and it’s FINALLY out!!! I love all your songs 1.Nurses Offices 🏥 Has a great feeling and has coughing and people ripping bandaids in the background VERY CREATIVE 2. Show & tell🗣 Gives a nice vibe I love the music and lyrics 3. High school sweethearts💝 I had to grow on this one because of how long the song was and I judged it by it’s time but it’s sooooo good one of my top 10 now 4. Wheels on the bus🚍 I agree with everyone this definitely gives me “training wheel vibes “ and I love how relatable this song rlly is 5. Strawberry shortcake 🍰 This song is THE most important because of its message I thought it was a bad song but it’d actually positive and it’s something some people goes through so you need to say something 6. Orange juice 🍊 Omg so good really chill but is constantly on repeat love the deep voice it fits really well and the message is beautiful if someone has bulimia thx you! 7. Lunchbox friends🍱👭 Soooooo relatable because it’s about true friendships and fake . One day they’ll be your friend the next day there your enemy this happens a lot at school 8. The principal ☎️ Really good song ! I feel like this is about trump lol but I love how she’s standing up for herself and other people 9.class fight 🔪 It’s really catchy not gonna lie I love the storyline and the background effects for ex : till I broke her (cracks) 10. Drama club 🎭 This song was good but very repetitive I still like it 11. Recess 🎊 Good song very cheerful ! 12. Teachers pet 📚🐕 Gives me scary vibes I like it 13. Detention ⏱ I like this song but didn’t hit me as much as the other songs

- Melanie really outdid herself!5 star

I saw this in theaters and stayed up till midnight to watch the premiere. One of the best days of my life. This album\film will make you laugh, cry, and fear for your life all at the same time.

- wow 😍5 star

This album and movie is pure art. I completely recommend to people who loved CryBaby.

- Queen5 star

This is amazing!!! Yes Melanieee 🔥🖤🖤

- Stream Hollywood’s bleeding!1 star

To all yall ppl saying stream this on post Malone’s new album... I listened to this and honestly I don’t understand how or why this is popular? I listened to her other songs and I’m not impressed sorry... the dollhouse stuff was just creepy and weird I didn’t get it personally. No offense but post Malone has a better voice.

- Took too long5 star

Omg I love this album

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star


- 💙💙5 star


- This is a masterpiece5 star

I’m in love with k12 the movie amazing the songs even better and the advice beautiful I truly recommend for you guys to watch it.

- Love!!5 star

Her music is absolutely fantastic and is always about everyday issues. Anyone can release to her music. :) happy I purchased this!!

- Blown Away5 star

I was never a huge fan of Melanie, but I did like a few songs. This album and its production and the way it was marketed through the movie really blew me away.


ABSOLUTE TRASH. stream Hollywood’s Bleeding😗✌️✨💛

- Beautiful5 star

Such a beautiful album that Melanie has created. Definitely makes me think about life in a totally different perspective. It helps me feel better about myself in ways I can’t describe. I would recommend k-12 to everyone in this world.

- 5 stars5 star

I think that this whole album is good and love the movie, my favorite song is probably high school sweethearts though.

- Her themes are awesome5 star

My husband turned me own to Melanie Martinez through her video “Soap”. I then explored her other videos, finding myself impressed with “Dollhouse”, “Pity Party”, and “Mad Hatter”. I bought the deluxe version of Cry Baby. I have been hooked every since. I was floored by the way she approaches concept. When I heard K-12 was going to be released, I was apprehensive. There is always the curse of the second album of an artist sounding like crap. Melanie did what is so rare, she made a comprehensive, thoughtful, and social discussion album. I truly enjoy it, with “Strawberry Shortcake” (about body image), “Drama Club” ( about society’s demand for conformity, and “High School Sweethearts” being my favorites. The whole album is awesome. Yet, if you watch the K-12 movie, the story becomes quit clear.

- 💗💗💗5 star

this was gold💛

- um. yes.5 star

she killed it again.

- loveeee5 star

melanie is such a queen this is amazing

- Her songs have true meaning5 star

She needs to be heard. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Really great album!1 star

All the songs play but the movie doesn’t play. Which is really sad but I purchased it but it won’t play. :(

- DADDY IS BACK💘💘💘💘5 star


- K-12 💋5 star

Great movie and I love the songs! Great job Melanie!❤️

- Nope1 star

Trashtrashtrashtrash TRASH!!!!

- OMG5 star


- Is so good omg5 star

Buy it you won’t regret

- Fantastic5 star

Another superb conceptual album by Melanie. I loved the movie that came along with the Album, helping tell the story of Crybaby. I love how Melanie is able to keep up the story of such a beloved character with such great visuals and story telling. Never disappointed by her work.

- Melanie did it again 🙌🏻5 star

Seriously Melanie Martinez is my favorite. She is so creative and talented. Just like her last their is not one bad song on this album. if anything this album is even better. Also the film is amazing 💗

- Eww1 star

This 💩💩

- 😍5 star

It’s so good

- Fantastic!5 star

Melanie Martinez has so much talent. I thoroughly enjoyed her creative film and all the beautiful messages behind a lot of the songs. Thanks for creating such raw music that resonates with yourself and speaks to so many of us out here!

- I freakin love it5 star

My fav is show and tell

- Best Artist of this Year with Album & Film5 star

The most expected album from 4 years has finally arrived to be the best experience like no other artist can bring to the table and this is like no other. I can’t wait to see the two more sequels plan for this story to keep developing and the character being surrounded by many obstacles in life that some people can relate too. I never got so close to any other artist like her and being my number one spot for female artist is such the best to always look forward.

- This is Amazing5 star

I am so amazed about how much effort she put into this project. Not only are the songs amazing a relatable but the film is marvelous. She really outdid herself and I can’t thank her enough for making this. This is absolutely wonderful.

- Show and tell is iconic5 star

I love show and tell it’s so and I mean so iconic. The whole album is but this is my favorite bc the emotion is so raw and strong. With a wonderful beat in the background. Thank you for gracing us with this wonder album Melanie. You are incredible!!! ❤️

- Melanie’s baby’s 💗5 star

𝙸𝚖 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚠𝚠𝚎𝚠𝚠 𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚜 𝚜𝚞𝚌𝚑 𝚊 𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚎𝚗 💗

- So good!5 star

Im a huge fan of Melanie and i loveeee this new album and movie! 100% recommend if you like Melanie's music or are interested in her.

- Melanie Martinez is a Goddess of Music!5 star

It’s been 4 years since her last album and I am so happy this one finally came out. It didn’t disappoint 😍. High school Sweetheart might be my favorite on the album. Can’t wait for Fire Drill to be released it’s my favorite new Mel song.

- ✨💕✨💕5 star

Love everything about this album/film ✨💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨

- Ugh2 star

I expected better, love Melanie but this was nothing compared to the first album


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ricky698395 - THE FILM IS GOING TO BE LIT!!!5 star

STREAM K-12 (THE ALBUM) + (THE FILM) 8283635839282737373738383839392929293373646464546473893939383838392929253445282939464638393743893937353737838363837352892927255293862437838393939292772728292920262526289392827829202928728292837636378383838373773737383839498474737377373773737737373635373939909463838363633937637355247382537387253737363535387243849744638383 TIMES!!!

Sabrina Scotia - omg this is real5 star

i just can’t get over the fact that this is gonna be like mine omg omg omg this is so good i know it already ahhh

Yazzieplayz - Big yes5 star

I can’t wait >w<

~*+Jordan+*~ - NOT OUT BUT I KNOW IT'S AWESOME5 star


Jérôme16 - omg omg omg5 star

4 years of waiting for this album and knowing it’s gonna be available in a month makes me go SKFNZJBXDNSNXNN

cleé - YAS MELANIE!5 star

IM AM SO EXCITED TO SEE K-12 THE MOVIE! NOT TO MENTION THE SONGS! (A.k.a the snipets) THEY WERE AMAZING!!! luv u the most Melanie!

ElennyAvramopoulos - love her!5 star

been waiting for so long! it's gonna be amazing

thatgirlwhohidesinthecorner - NOT EVEN OUT YET BUT 1000/105 star

the snippets were aMAZING and I can’t wait for this to be out! lunch box friends snippet is stuck in my head 24/7 lmaoo



No YouTube! Nooooooo!!! - MEL!5 star

yes mel i love u so much i can not wait for this album to drop its gonna be the highlight of my school year Yassssssssssssssssssss. love u love u love u love u!!!!! ugh stop it’s killing me waiting for this.

relaxbybeloved - YAYYAY5 star


Hgvhgkvhgchfg - SHE SNAPPED5 star

The snippets went off y’all it’s coming for our WIGS

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FlyingDinoEgg - yes, queen, work5 star

amazing, talented, showstopping.

timothyheller - Graduated5 star

This album if fire yall

💗dreamy💗 - JESUS5 star

this album is going to be sick

ILikepizza1234 - So excited5 star

Love all the snippets and trailers 💙 can’t wait!

RealDamo! - I wish it was on vue4 star

I wish it would’ve been like on the big cinemas lol

Melscure - SHE SNAPPED💘🙈5 star

Sis really snapped with the 20second snippets they all hit trending cant wait for this album it’s gonna be a MOMENT✨

x Unicorn rainbow x - so excited!!5 star

crybaby was amazing so i cant wait for this!!

anna 💘🧚‍♀️ - melanie is amazing5 star

melanie put together her own album and film which she wrote, directed, designed costumes for, starred in etc. this could only be done by such a dedicated woman and i’m so excited to hear the whole album, already know it’ll be the best album and movie of the year.

sunset ice cream glow! - THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE SO GOOD LIEK5 star


@_.daniyal._ - 😍5 star



Melanie is the KWEEN and always will be. End of convo 😘

Anxiety! At The Coffee Shop - Cringe1 star

Oh my...

skekfjfbwb - She is back🔥5 star

I’m so excited for this she is back!!🔥

btshater - Ew1 star


jxshybxy__ - YEES5 star

I can’t wait

MichelleBDouglas - K-125 star

I already know it’ll be great so 5 stars xD

Chloe Panda - CANT WAIT FOR THIS 💕🎉5 star

I’ve been listening to the snippets over and over and I can tell it’s going to be an absolutely fabulous album. So excited! 👏🏫💝

Pudding9923 - Cringe1 star

Oh dear...

FrecklesTheMeif'wa - Can’t wait!5 star

My birthday is coming up so when I get the money I’ll pre-order it!

Rater 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - YEEET!5 star

Cry Baby Was Sooooo Good, I Can't Wait To See This!

Sam Whiteeeeeed - very good5 star

loved the movie it was great.

CryBabyFan1995 - OMG5 star


Brunasmds1234 - Worth it 💯💯5 star

Worth a lot more that it’s selling for 😌

Noahchre - SHE DID THAT💘5 star

queen really left us shook and she really did snap with this one😍💘

BradenCarrigan - OH, MY GOSH, I CAN’T WAIT!5 star

I’ve been looking forward to this ever since her first trailer for this album. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

kieranalphabetboy - So excited!5 star

Melanie is back!!! ❤️❤️❤️

bellajacklinx - snapped5 star

we about to have another album with no skips 😌

Connor Itunes - Stunned!!! 😍😍😍5 star

This is going to be the best musical i am ever going to see and from what i have heard so far this whole project will not disappoint at all...Love you so much Melanie 💜💜💜💜

Ajkh 34 - Can’t wait5 star

I love her cry baby album and love her when saw her video playing at the cinema four years ago b4 the film I was watching started. Heard high school sweethearts can’t wait to hear the rest of the album

My_Mind_is_too_dark🔥❤️🔥 - Melanie Martinez is beautiful 🔥🔥5 star

Melanie is one of the most unique and talented people of this generation at the stunning age of 21 she has managed to become a director, dancer, actor and not to mention a famous singer from the voice! She has managed to come so far so I assure anyone reading this to buy k-12 and the movie because this will %100 be one of the best albums you’ll ever buy just like cry baby! Xoxo

HazzyHobo - 🧸5 star

such a good movie


Honestly cannot wait for this album, I have been listening to drama club for almost two years now, and knowing from that song the album is going to be the absolute peak in female alternative music!! 💕💫💕💖✨💕

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GrendelFTMoor5 star

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Grannygluski5 star

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Wonw0805 star

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Phdmecheng5 star

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NC44155 star

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4FreedominIran5 star

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Annatkinney5 star

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Darioritum5 star

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