The Killers - Imploding the Mirage

About Imploding the Mirage by The Killers Album

Imploding The Mirage is the sixth studio album by American rock band The Killers. It was released on August 21, 2020, by Island Records in the United States and internationally by EMI. It is the band's first album without lead guitarist Dave Keuning, who has not been touring or recording with the Killers since 2017. Guitar parts are covered by Killers bassist Mark Stoermer, producer Jonathan Rado, and a variety of guest musicians including Lindsey Buckingham (ex-Fleetwood Mac). The album was preceded by the lead single Caution, released on March 12, 2020, the second single Fire In Bone, released on April 24, 2020, the third single My Own Soul's Warning released on June 17, 2020,[6] and the fourth single Dying Breed, released on August 14, 2020.

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Imploding the Mirage (The Killers) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.My Own Soul's Warning 4:34
2.Blowback 3:59
3.Dying Breed 4:06
4.Caution 4:29
5.Lightning Fields (feat. K.d. Lang) 4:18
6.Fire In Bone 3:53
7.Running Towards A Place 4:13
8.My God (feat. Weyes Blood) 3:38
9.When The Dreams Run Dry 4:42
10.Imploding The Mirage 4:07

The Killers - Imploding the Mirage Album Comments

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Imploding the Mirage [The Killers] Album Reviews

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- One of their best albums

This album is amazing and is one of their best albums to date. Looking forward to TK7 with the return of Dave Keuning!

- Fantastic

The killers. Enough said

- Good stuff

Sounds fire, I’ll buy it

- They are back!

Back to their original style sound and tempo like their first album! Awesome album

- An 80’s vibe

Love it! Especially Dying Breed. Could listen to that intro forever!

- I love it!

Every song it’s a masterpiece ❤️

- I’m throwing Caution ⚡️⚠️⚡️

Such an uplifting album during one of the toughest years to date. As a true fan of music and not so much an artist (music creator) I truly do not understand how people don’t love this album. It took a moment but with each listen it fills me with something beautiful... a positive element of hope we are direly missing these days. The build ups in this album, the words of inspiration, love and hope... it’s sparking something inside of me I’ve been lacking this year. Words of encouragement while enveloped with beautiful sounds. Definitely one of my favorite albums of 2020 and I’m glad it’s out when it’s needed most.

- The Killers

It’s a great album 👍

- Their best album to date

Love the killers! Since Imploding the Mirage was released I've been listening to it on loop. Some of their best work.

- True themselves

It’s a sigh of relief that The Killers didn’t go down the current top 40 wormhole that so many artist go down in just for the sake of staying relevant. Loving the new wave synths and storyteller vibe on some tracks.

- Best all-around, super fun Killers album!! It makes me smile 😁

Love it, Thank You ❤️

- Another bunch of hits

Each album since Hot Fuss has been really good, this is no exception. Buy this album because you’ll listen to it over and over and over again.

- Best Album of 2020

Rock does't get much love anymore from radio, the press, or The Grammys...but "Imploding the Mirage" is without doubt the best album I've heard all year--and I listen to everything (pop, rock, alternative, rap, country, R&B, jazz and more). In the past if you were to ask me to name my favorite Killer's album I'd say "Battle Born" and "Hot Fuss." "Imploding The Mirage" is better than both. Ten fantastic songs that complement and play off one another. Picking a favorite is hard, but something about "My Own Soul's Warning" stirs my soul. Do not pass on this album.

- Not slowing down.

Always have been a fan of The Killers. Each album they make sure their fans are not disappointed. Jeep up the awesome work guys.

- Meh

Huuuuge killers fan- this album blows. One good song, couple ok songs. Disappointed. I should have known better when they came out with that ‘land of the free’ trash...

- Sorry but no cigar.

This album is a bust in my opinion. I love The Killers but they haven’t had a good album since Day and Age. I just cannot listen to every song on this album and enjoy each one like I could for Sam’s Town and Hot Fuss and most of Day and Age. All their songs since then have sounded pretty similar and they need to change it up.

- 10/10

Ahah yes

- What happened?

These tracks are terrible. Should’ve stayed true to the original tracks. 0/5 stars.

- Missing Something

Probably their best work since Sam's Town. However, the sound of a Guitar is completely absent. This is actually pop.

- this band is done.

yuck. recycled sounds, recycled lyrics, recycyled melodies. this is terrible. I thought it was an SNL parody at first. I've heard better music composed for aluminum foil commercials. Waht a lazy effort.

- Everything I wanted and more

We have been listening to the Killers since the inception. This album does not disappoint.. it’s a bit different than their older music but it still makes you feel good listening to it. There’s a bit of an 80’s flare that can suit any generation.

- needed this from the killers 🤘🏼🤩

enjoyed listening to this album front to back, you will too

- The Killers saved 2020!

I have been a fan of the Killers since I can remember!!! This album is just phenomenal!! Every single song is just perfect! From caution to dying breed and even my God, this album is so well balanced, loved it too much!

- R o r

GC CD dry us tiff fed eucxyxy uh

- Just okay

Big fan, but lyrics sound the same as others albums of theirs. Should have waited until release to first Listen and the maybe get

- Nice Work!

Never been a fan of these guys in the past. But this is refreshing stuff. At least to me! The released singles are really good. Thanks for the new releases! Survey Says: Buy It!

- Best album of 2020

Best album since Sam’s town. They found their new sound and it’s amazing.

- Solid album

Solid album

- I love the album!

So amazing.

- Best The Killers album since Sam’s Town

80’s vibe, sweet lyrics; this album has a bit of everything.

- Imploding

This album made me implode not in a good way either. Hands down worst album of theirs. I’m a big fan too. Keep trying Brando. All love and jokes

- Love this album!

I was never a killers fan before. Never really listened or gave them a thought. I saw them on Stephen Colbert, performing “Blowback” and liked it enough to go and by it. song by song I got the whole record. I love this record!!!! I’m a fan now!!!

- Decent

Needs to grow on me. Hot Fuzz will always be the best

- Killers’ Best in a Decade

Top to bottom this is their best album in many years. Even casual fans will find lots to love here.

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great album, love it

- Album of the year? I think it’s clear 😂😂😂😂😂

The Killers have done it once again! They made a masterpiece of a 6th album. Running twords a place is jangly goodness 😎😎😎😎😎😎✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

- All-timer

Takes over Sam’s Town as their second - best album. Will go down as an all-timer.

- My God

So good!

- Running towards this album! 😍🎶

Absolutely loving this album- already have been in love with Caution and My Own Soul’s Warning but really enjoying Blowback and Running Towards a Place. Can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to the whole album in the last 36 hours!! Thanks, guys for brightening these days! Can’t wait to see it live. 😎

- Lazy songwriting

Really? Get off your Bruce Springsteen kick and write for yourself. Does the band go along with this monotone recycled material?

- Better Than Ever

They lost me for awhile after Day & Age. Now after listening to the whole album , it made me realize I miss this sound from the band . Almost going back to Hot Fuss and more to offer. It will be my favorite album to listen to on a roadtrip to the California pacific coast highway to Big Sur on repeat.

- Vintage

Every single song. This is vintage, quintessential Killers. It’s new, but not unfamiliar. Quirky 80s bops with soaring vocal lines that are just barely in tune. You all know and love it. What else could you want from these guys? 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Free Britney


- Please re release the merch.

Everything’s sold out. More shirts please 🙌

- The Mirage Has Been Imploded

The Killers come back swinging with 2020’s Imploding The Mirage. Opening with the grandiose yet personal My Own Soul’s Warning and Blowback transporting the listener to a new world. Dying Breed, Caution, and Lightning Fields add to the epic atmosphere with gorgeous melodies and powerful lyrics. The Killers aren’t afraid to be honest... or lighthearted as shown by Fire in Bone, and the final track Imploding The Mirage. The high point of the album lies in final few tracks such as Running Towards A Place, My God, and When The Dreams Run Dry. This record is unapologetically energetic and optimistic and will leave you with a bounce in your step, and a newfound sense of courage to face the world with a grin on your face. A breath of fresh air in musical landscape that is oftentimes crowded with sounds of doom gloom.

- The Killers Lost Their Heart

If Brandon Flowers is the blood, Dave Keuning is it’s beating heart that makes that blood flow. Battleborn was apparently their last hurrah. Keuning’s solo album had more heart and soul in one song then this album has in its entirety. I say this as a fan and their ship has sailed. Do yourself a favor and skip this album, I regret the purchase as a fan since their inception. RIP Killers.

- Love this!!!

Opening track is epic, love it!! Love the rest of the album too now that it downloaded, like Christmas in August!!! After seeing these guys on BBC at Glostonbury I am on a mission to see them live.

- Not a bad song to be found - Title track is one of their best

Huge Killers fan but not afraid to acknowledge when they misstep as I think they did a little on Wonderful Wonderful. WW: had some really good songs, some I thought were not so good, and just missing something. ITM: Think every song is very good to great. Album one of their best at really working when listening as a whole rather as individual songs. That being said: Give it a few listens before you make your judgement. Start with the last song (title track). I really think it’s one of their best ever and should be added as one of there permanent staples in concerts going forward.

- One of their best

Catchy and fun. Great vocals. And a message with decent lyrics. Should be at the top of the charts.

- T h a n k u

A m a z i n g M u s i c

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- Meh

There wasn’t any song on here i loved or felt i could dance to.. i love the killers and the members are so lovely but i feel like they just didn’t catch me with this album. Not aweful tunes but i guess I’m just an old school Killers kina gal

- 2020

The best thing about this year is this album 🥰☺️

- Masterpiece

Genuinely not one bad song i am shooked i love it so much

- Great Album

The Killers did a great job with this album. Some of the songs have a Tom Petty vibe to them, which I love. Great for cruising.

- Can’t kill The Killers!!

Album after album, these guys keep it coming! They tend to tweak their sound from one release to another but always manage to stay true to their core! This 10-track masterpiece is no different; love the hymns and overall feel of it. Thanks for this beauty guys!

- Amazing!!!

I’m obsessed with the new album, they did great! Can’t stop playing it

- No Dave No Killers

2 good songs..... Nothing very good since Battle Born album. Sorry guys ..

- Amazing so far!

I’m loving these songs so far!! Caution and My Own Soul’s Warning are classic Killers and do not disappoint. Fire in Bone is so interesting! I didn’t know what to think at first. So much was happening musically in the song. I was intrigued and kept listening to it over and over. I’ve completely fallen in love with it. It’s my favorite song to listen to this summer! The Killers are such a great band.

- Fantastic Album

When Caution came out, I knew was going to be awesome album. So far the album is 5 stars.

- Wait

Those who negatively reviewed this album before it was released probably think COVID is a hoax. Only three songs have been released; you’re missing 7. I’m giving the album 5 stars because I absolutely love the band, love the three tracks I’ve heard so far and feel obliged to counter the idiocy that motivated some to give this album a low rating before it was even released.

- Mmm

I’m not sure I can still bare this band, they had their glory days with Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town but this is not the band I used to know.

- Heaven sent!

This just put a dent in my quarantine depression 🙏🏻 Can’t wait for the rest. So 80’s-so right. Many thanks to Brandon and the boys from a faithful fan 😁

- ...

WHY are only TWO songs avalibile for single purches???

- Amazing!!!

The Killers did it again!! Amazing, just amazing!!!!

- No surprise 😄

Another awesome track from our favorite band 🤗


Driving down any freeway and blasting this. Brings you back to your early years late eighties. Days of thunder kinda tune. Synths, guitars, heavy drums and base and Flowers’ vocals just carry you through. I can just imagine the rest of the album!!!!

- uuuuhhh....

what the hell happened to this band? they used to be good

- Just Okay...

Lead single "Caution" is a lovely return, but the catchy hooks and pop hits of Killers-past are long gone. This is however, a pleasant listen and a far more cohesive album than Wonderful Wonderful. The duet with KD Lang is surprisingly fresh.

- Sensational band

This album takes this band to the next level. Tracks 1 and 8 stunningly good!

- Best since sam‘s town

An excellent album & welcome return to brilliance, great tunes start to finish, won’t be disappointed.

- Amazing from fist note to last

This album is just amazing I love ever song it takes hold and doesn’t let go. The killer have created something very special here and shows their here to stay. Their sound is one of a kind and not afraid to experiment. I like the Killers before now I love them. Now I going to set the album on repeat and enjoy. Keep up the good work guys

- Best album ever


- 5 stars

Love this band. So happy to buy the new album. Awesome

- Can’t stop listening.

This is a great Album. Absolutely love listing to it. Thank you.

- Much anticipated and it lives up to it

Have been waiting eagerly for this and it doesn't disappoint. Love 'Lightning Fields', 'Dying Breed' and 'Caution'. Going to be some great additions to their live shows.

- Amazing Album

Love every single track on this album.

- Wow!

Oh yes, The Killers are back, big time. This is Killers of old. They’ve really rediscovered their old mojo. Love it.

- Have a lot to do to come back after average song

After "home of the free" which was a cringe lefty political song.. one is hoping to a return of decent music from this much loved band.

- This is the album of the year.

Forget the troubles of 2020, and soar like an eagle on this joyous album.

- This band has been the ISO theme

First Caution, then Fire n Bone, now this... lots of poetry, soaring choruses, soothing, hopeful, empathetic themes. For a stadium band, it’s surprising their music has infiltrated our lives when at the most simple. Thanks dudes.

- Best album since Hot Fuss

The initial three songs are diverse and catchy. My Own Soul’s Warning is The Killers best song in years and I can’t wait for the full album.

- Rob Pickersgill

After hearing the recent single "Home Of The Free" which was a one off based on Trump's Fence along the Mexican border, I could see that Brandon Flowers still has plenty to say. In a way that only the Killers could. Based on the first song off this new album "Imploding the Mirage" it sounds like this band is back on track in a BIG way. Bring it on!!!....... cannot wait to listen to the rest of the album.

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- Spirit of Ultravox?

Has "My Own Soul's Warning" got Ultravox written right through it?


BRANDON FLOWERS IS A GENIUS,, FACT,,the latest album is a classic, BRANDONS solo work is sublime, THANK GOD FOR HIS UNIQUE ART ✌️

- Just what I needed

Definitely one of my favourite killers albums.

- familiar voice but was expecting more

I used to listen to the Killers and their songs would take me to another place.. good melodies, good i just want to skip to the next song pretty fast..

- Yet another fab album

Not a bad tune on this album. It’s no sam’s town but Im always gonna be a fan. Keep writing these amazing albums guys

- Phenomenal

Absolutely love the killers and I think they’ve created some fantastic songs here.

- Killers, Killers, Killers!

Brilliant. The legends continue smashing out amazing albums. Faultless.

- Excellent comeback.

Good from start to finish.

- Hmm


- Love it!

I’ve been a killers fan since day dot, but have to say I haven’t been so keen on their last couple of albums... but absolutely love this one. I have had it on repeat, and think all of the songs are great!

- Great stuff

I’m a big Killers fan and like other reviewers have said, some of their recent albums weren’t the best compared to earlier years but welcome back boys! Loved the synth and frequent anthem building choruses. Gets better with each listen.

- Good stuff

Great songs & music 🎵 especially imploding the mirage my favourite

- Absolutely Brilliant

Love this album. Most albums have a song or 2 that you skip but this album has 10 bangers that you dont want to miss!! Bravo to The Killers, an outstanding piece of work.

- It Grows on You

After listening to this album non-stop for days after it's release I can say that it does grow on you.

- Flawless

So many great hits in one album.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⚡️

From the first to last beat. Just like an implosion. The tension rising, the burst and eruption to the heat and smoke. This album really has it all. So much I bought it 3 times. Impeccable writing and story telling. Just bloody good music. Enjoy 😁

- Exploding Back To Form

Been a fan from the start, and I’m a fan who had had criticisms of previous albums. But Imploding The Mirage is definitely level with Hot Fuss and Sams Town. It’s clear Brandon has been focussing more on creating sounds with his keyboard in the same way it was used on Hot Fuss. This sound drives songs that will be classics like My Own Souls Warning and Dying Breed. There’s energy brought back with clear synth sounds that are not just there as backing filler but used as the main drive of the structure; an example of this is the synth in The Way It Was should’ve been bang in your face but it was a little lost in the mix. Nothing like this on IMP, if a keyboard is playing you notice! (My Own Souls Warning, Dying Breed**, Caution, Fire In Bone***, Running Towards a Place*, When The Dreams Run Dry) The influences on this record from what I’ve heard range from New Order, Bruce Springsteen**, David Bowie***, War on Drugs*. The most welcoming main influence is their own sound, bringing back what they were first loved for, synth driven bangers! The lyrics are more darker “If I don’t get out of this town I might just be the one who burns it down” “When I hit the ground it made a messed up sound” “cutting up my nights like a god damn knife” “if I walk the dark blue, will you meet me there?” “You were waiting in the road, and you few on my neck and took me back home” “It’s just a matter of time till she fights back”. If there’s one album that can be held up with Hot Fuss, this is finally the one!

- Garbage

I ordered the cd and it tasted awful

- Amazing!

Plays like a best of album. Love The Killers ❤️😊

- Majestic! Welcome back!

Just listened to the album and I am shocked. I thought there glory days were long over and the band were just going through the motions....but then this record comes along with no expectations and I am very, very impressed! I was expecting to just enjoy the hits at Southampton next year but now I want to hear this album played in full! It’s a triumph!!

- Living up to expectations

This is the killers return we’d hoped for yet still always feel they have more to give

- One of their best

This album is truly one of their best pieces of work. It’s pure art.

- They’ve done it again

How many rock bands from 15 years ago are still going as strong and producing this level of work? Not many at all. Great album with a great sound and production

- ⚡️Simply awesome ⚡️

Just soooooo good Brandon and Ronnie are genius & on another level, killing it yet again keep it coming ⚡️

- Amazing Album 🤩

An absolute gem of an album! One of their best ever imo

- An album of anthems yet again

As a diehard TK fan, Wonderful Wonderful wasn’t really my cup of tea, but Imploding the Mirage is the Killers back to doing what they do best. So many songs that deserved to be blasted at full volume. Blowback, Dying Breed and Caution are my initial favourites, but the whole album is spot on.

- They’re back

I love the single, I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album, apparently My Own Souls Warning, which is destined to be their next single is Brandon’s favourite Killers song ever, time will tell, but I think this is set to be epic. Dying Breed sounds absolutely epic, and I have heard good things about My God too, I just hope that the album is not delayed too long, Dying Breed deserves to be the third single, to get us excited about the album.

- Best since hot fuss

I had sorted given up on this group but after hearing a couple of early releases gave this album a try and was really impressed, it's no hot fuss and it's not going to change your life but at last an album I can play more than once from The Killers!

- Dying Breed

Let’s hope this album is upto their last fuss, battleborn and sawdust. Wonderful Wonderful didn’t quite do it for me at all. Please please please let’s here more of this. The couple of teasers before this release are great but let’s hope they are not ironically becoming a ‘Dying Breed’. I think that one is a bit poor. Nevertheless, the others released are making me twitch and get excited 🤞🏻🤣 Ok, it’s been fully released now. Sorry folks, I love the Killers BUT as with Wonderful Wonderful it is not them, so to speak. They seem to be losing their magic 😞 Such a shame; I’d say 6 out of the ten tracks make me smile and go YESSSS but the, it could of been anyone singing. Truth hurts to us die hard fans but it is what it is 😢

- cool killers

yes yes yes just superb love it

- Absolutely mesmerising

Loved every track on this album. Proper 80’s vibe.

- One of the best


- Pure bland pop

As most bands .. they have lost their way and turned into a polished pop band with little edge.

- Amazing, back to their best. I don’t say that lightly

Wow!! not gonna lie, after they released direct hits I thought that’s the sign of a band who know their best days are gone. This limited release has blown me away, after the first listen I rated the songs as following MOSW - 4 Caution - 8 FIB - 7 Listened to them again both to and from work the following day and then again just now and honestly it shows the bands true genius, they play songs that grow and grow, to the point where my ratings have changed completely (with the exception of the consistently awesome Caution) MOSW - 10, yes, 10 Caution - 9 FIB - 8 Before the detractors begin, I must stress that everyone has their own likings and distastes even when discussing the same band, for every person who holds Mr Brightside as the Ultimate Killers song, there are people like myself who adore the song but hold songs like ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ & ‘Dustland Fairytale’ as 10 out of 10 for the band. Sorry for waffling on but I had to just pop on here and share just how amazing this new album is shaping up to be, please don’t be a fool like me and even begin to doubt the sheer brilliance of the guys. ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Yesssss!!!!!

Cannot wait for this killers are standard setter in rock and can’t be emulated 💥💥💥💥

- Love it

Always been a fan and always will be!


I’ve heard caution, fire and bone, blowback and dying breed and all are incredible they really are! I really think this could be the best record yet! they NEVER disappoint! Not surprised tbh the best band on the planet and have been for a long time!

- Just a Mirage?

How can you review an "album"on the strength of just one track? A track which is a typical Killers track but nothing more. Diehard fans will love it of course, but for anyone looking for a progression or a return to their early best, well this isn't it. So, on the basis of just one track it's got to be just three stars.

- Caution

Good song with a very cool 80's guitar riff - however this needs to be middle table in the album - I'm a massive fan but if they prodcue albums too quickly - envitably some tracks will be poor, and dull - come on guys we need this lift right now!

- Back to their best

Hopefully this is a sign that they are back , agree with others not had a decent album since day and age, hopefully rest of album is as good or better when released , before downloads were a thing I would have just bought the whole album because they were always Giotto, I’m cautious now so won’t preorder till I hear the rest . This is a great start though

- Treading water

I’m a huge killers fan but they’ve been treading water for years. Each album has gradually got worse. Day and age was the last really good album. The single is good but if it’s the best song on the album then they are still some way off there best. I hope I’m wrong but it’s not good enough to give us albums of the quality of wonderful wonderful which was dreadful dreadful. The man was the only really good song and even that was better live than actually on the album. Come on killers let’s have a proper album of classic songs

- Amazing

One Of The Best Songs They’ve Made So Far!

- Caution

What a song. Can’t wait for the album

- time !

this needs to be a killer album thay lost their way via las vegas

- The Killers are back⚡️

Brilliant single. Can’t wait for the album!!

- Killers at there best

Brilliant track can’t wait for the album

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TG 🥸

Stop! todavia no me repongo de ‘imploding the mirage’ .


Time for a special surprise! "Imploding The Mirage" is coming tomorrow night! Excited to share this story with you that has two componets to it! 💗😊 .

RAK Rock Radio

#NowPlaying The Killers - Imploding The Mirage .

Tendraftsdeep 🌟

Top albums 2020: 1. Tame Impala - The Slow Rush 2. Smashing Pumpkins- CYR 3. The Killers - Imploding the Mirage 4. AC/DC - Power Up 5. Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin Grass volume 2. Keep rockin friends. (Probably listened to Led Zepp and Duran, Tears for Fears than any of that).

Frigo? eu ja ouvi esse nome antes |-/

Foi difisil, porém foi: 1- The Strokes The new Abnormal 2- The KIllers - Imploding the mirage 3- Oliver Tree - Ugly is beatiful 4- Dua lipa - Future nostalgia 5- MGK - Tickets to my donwfall.

Ricky Reyès

@dissectpodcast Killers imploding the mirage.

Tim Lane

@dissectpodcast Imploding the Mirage by the Killers is my fav album since TLOP.

Ramy 🌺

10. The Killers - Imploding the Mirage Mostrou mais maturidade. Álbum bem equilibrado e animado Musicas favs: My Own Soul’s Warning, Caution, Dying Breed e Imploding the Mirage .

Isaa 💜✨

@billboard MOTS7 and BE by @BTS_twt Imploding the mirage by the killers.

Rizzo THEE Rat

31 Teyana Taylor - THE ALBUM 32 Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 33 The Killers - Imploding the Mirage 34 Tame Impala - The Slow Rush .

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