Melanie Martinez - After School - EP

About After School - EP by Melanie Martinez Album

After School is the third EP by American singer songwriter Melanie Martinez. It was released September 25th, 2020. The EP features seven outtakes from her sophomore album K-12. Copy Cat and Fire Drill aren't featured on the EP after changes from Melanie.

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After School - EP (Melanie Martinez) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:30
2. 2:54
3. 3:23
4. 4:39
5. 3:12
6. 3:00
7. 2:34

Melanie Martinez - After School - EP Album Comments

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After School - EP [Melanie Martinez] Album Reviews

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- I LOVE IT 💖💖💖5 star

Knowing I don’t have any money I listen to it m And it calms me down

- ❤︎Yes❤︎5 star

I really love the songs on here. My favorite is Test Me

- Breathtaking by Glenn5 star

I absolutely love ❤️ her she’s my third favorite singer this is how I rank her albums how much it has grew on me K-12 After school Cry babies She is so amazing so impeccable songs in after school ranked 1Brain and the heart ❤️ 2.Notebook 📒 3. Glued 4. Bakery 🧁 5. Numbers drill Love her so much she’s better than Ariana Grande

- AMAZING!💗✨5 star

Melanie is by far the best artist I’ve ever heard! Her music tells all! From emotions to words! Her Music is beyond a whole other level than normal music!!!💗🌙 - Ashton Haney

- waiting since k-12!!!!!!!!5 star

omg omg omg. i need a test me vid like yesterday. btw, brain and heart and the bakery ate also amazing. also field trip. kind of numbers and glued too. and note book

- period5 star

this on some god typa beat 😜💞

- 🥺🥺🥺5 star

after school is the best thing ever, I recommend buying!

- Song Ranking3 star

1. Field Trip (5/5) 2. The Bakery (4.5/5) 3. Test Me (3.5/5) 4. Numbers (3.5/5) 5. Notebook (3/5) 6. Brain & Heart (3/5) 7. Glued (2.8/5) Idk what to put for Glued so I just put 2.8- Anyways. Field Trip: BOP. There’s nothing else to say :) The Bakery: Another bop. This one just doesn’t slap as hard as Field Trip. Test Me: This was my favorite on my first listen to the album, but then I realized how much better Field Trip was. I’m sorry I keep bringing Field Trip into everything it’s just a bop- Numbers: Now THIS ONE, I have an actual opinion on. I love the chorus, but the bridge? That moaning or whatever you call it kinda brought the song down from second place to fourth. During the second listen, it didn’t bother me as much as the first time, but it still brings the song down. Notebook: This one is good, just not as memorable as the other songs for me. Brain & Heart: On my first listen, this song was just boring, but eventually I got to appreciate it. Even though it’s a little boring, I still like it. I don’t know if that makes sense- Glued: Okay I know it’s a good album/EP when my least favorite track is still in my favs playlist. Back to opinions. This one is mostly at the bottom because it doesn’t really slap at all like the other songs. It’s still good, just not AS good. So I had a harder time picking the rating. I ended up putting 2.8 because that seemed like the most logical place to put it. I’m so sorry I wrote a whole essay- But I look forward to more music from Melanie.


I’ve been a fan of melanie since 2017 and this album is my favorite I’m glad she released new music

- FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star


- 🔥🔥🔥5 star


- So good4 star

Do not know why she isn’t respected more by the industry. She is so innovative and so talented. I’ll give this 5 stars in a week or two after more listens I’m sure. Check out the vid for the bakery too just genius

- brain & heart5 star

flip it around the other way

- her best album wbk!5 star

i’m so proud of mel omg

- her most personal work5 star

i’ve been listening to mel since crybaby and all i can say is that she has evolved. the songs are from her perspective, which makes it vulnerable and enjoyable to listen to.

- Yasss5 star

I love her so much

- my goddess💗5 star

she has given us more perfect hits. she never misses, i love literally every song she has ever made including her unreleased music :)

- YES5 star

She did it again!!!!💕💕💕💕

- Lovely💞5 star

Stream Test Me so we can get a music video 💞

- Mel made a masterpiece yet again5 star

All of the songs are AMAZING. I love them so much. My favorites are Test Me and Numbers (all of them close behind.) I do, though think The Bakery was hyped up way more than it should’ve been. It just didn’t really have a meeting; making the repetitive lyrics not as interesting. It is a good piece but i feel like it was rushed because before Mel said she would have 7 tracks in After School including Fire Drill, which as we know didn’t happen. So i feel the bakery was just something she thought of quickly to get a 7th track on the EP. +she said the dates of when she wrote the songs and all were one to three years ago and The Bakery was on late February. BUT OVERALL AMAZING EP I LOVE MEL TO DEATH


This Ep is everything the songs have good beats and the songs are very catch my a lot of these are my favorite can’t wait for the music video keep streaming to make it happen crybabies we got this 🥺💗

- the auto tune 😬😩2 star

it’s rlly auto tuned her voice is to good for that

- her best work!5 star

this is my absolute favorite work from melanie!!! every song is amazing and unlike anything she’s came out with since the beginning of her career. test me is my favorite off here!!!

- 💕😘😘5 star


- YESSSS5 star

melanie snapped so much on this ep she doesn’t deserve the hate for it at all <33

- YESSSS5 star

I love this so much!!!

- Amazing art as always!!5 star

I love Melanie so much! Her art and messages are amazing! :)

- Test me5 star


- Brooo5 star

It’s so good. Imagine she released this on the same date K-12 was released😯 either way it absolutely slaps

- loved it5 star

Been a fan since 2016 and her music is amazing

- In Love5 star

I love this EP so much! She went through the roof. This EP is amazing and so is Melanie. I’m gonna have this on repeat for sure. 💖

- Clean version please!!!5 star

I love Melanie and I’ve been waiting for ever for her new album, but I wanna buy it clean. Please please send out a clean version!!!!!!

- Amazing5 star

I love how everything she sings has some meaning to it.

- so good5 star

melanie did it again

- Amazing5 star

So talented!

- wow5 star

just awesome, I can’t express how good this album is, every song is fire

- 🥵🖤🔥😭5 star


- ICONIC5 star


- LOVE IT!!5 star

I was waiting for this!! I’m obsessed with “The Bakery” I can’t wait for new music. I love you Mel!!

- Meh1 star



Why Is Melanie’s music so good?! I’m loving brain and hearts!

- Honest4 star

The songs are Melanie flavored, they are something different for sure and more songs are losing the catchiness the chorus of Notebook and Numbers were underwhelming. Brain and Heart was the least favorite because it was like a poem transformed into a dragging song. However Bakery is great and the whole album is creative and unique. But you can’t beat Crybaby. I was hoping something would top it, but I think Crybaby will be known as a masterpiece.

- work of art5 star

thank you melanie for making this EP!! i have literally been listening to this EP on repeat so much and i love it from start to finish! each song is so different from the rest and it’s incredible how she thinks of this wonderful music!! thanks again mel, i cant wait to see more work in the future!! ❤️

- SO GOOD5 star

I’ve been a fan of Melanies for years now & this EP is different from anything she’s done before... I’m obsessed!! I’m glad she’s evolving & experimenting with her sound

- From:allycat7455 star

Eek I can’t wait for MORE Songs 🔪🤪 IF YOU DONT LISTEN TO HER MUSIC U Are nOT A fan!?

- YESSS5 star

I love Melanie she has been my idol ever since dollhouse (since I was 4) and I’m turning 11 in less than a month love u Melanie!!

- Oh5 star

I haven’t bought the album yet but I know it’s going to be good

- Love it so much❤️💕5 star

I think it’s her best project ❤️

- OMFG! 💗5 star


- She’s so creative!5 star

I can’t get over how creative she is omg


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♡Pastel♡ - Periooodt5 star

Yessss I love it

hailie40_lvc - Goddess5 star

Abishstwjehwiaj!!! Melanie is a QUEEN it’s impossible for me to even DISLIKE A SONG, EVEN A LITTLE BIt- Melanie is just a goddess, queen 👑💖🥺🔥

Averyeet - yessssss5 star

this is amazing

Ineedabetternamee - I’M SCREAMING5 star


Izzyp519 - One of the best eps I have ever heard5 star

This is one of the best EPs I’ve ever heard because it’s very different than her other music and helped us learn much more about her.

dino pie - Love it5 star

Love the ep didn’t buy it yet waiting till I get money but had it on repeat on YouTube, glued is definitely my favourite at the moment but it was hard to choose there all so gooooooodd

Hgvhgkvhgchfg - Amazing5 star

She did it again 💕

Gracie Snow☺️❤️🔥😍💎 - 🤍5 star

this is a art,i love this so so much

apatheticalec - #streamafterhighep5 star

amazing. changed my life. breathtaking. phenomenal. iconic.

stream thank u, next - Melanie did that5 star

melanie deserves the love pls stream nd buy!!!

OMG ITS EMILY - Beautiful5 star

this is an absolute beautiful album Melanie has out did herself😍 keep it up queen

Your boy Sean - 😭😌💅✨5 star


ameliethé - Wow5 star

I love iiitttt 🤍🤍

gurrmijnpreeettt - Melanie is kingggg5 star

This is beautiful gorgeous stunning and I’m obsessed with this I didn’t think it would be this goos but king Melanie always has a surprise fo her crybabies and this was an amazing supris!!!🥰😘✌🏽💅🏻

Monster high pony - Heaven5 star

I love this soo much

benxpr - Nothing more you could want5 star

What else is there to say except, perfection!!! 🥵

Vickyyyyypaige - amazing5 star


Wow_i'm strange 0-0 - ✨🐀🐌5 star

Love it

wemff - Take my coins5 star

I love this EP what can’t she do

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the lengendary mew - Abuelita Open the door5 star

In love with this album it’s so captivating luv you lots Mel

iiswhoiis7 - Gorgeous5 star


dhsbshzha - Amazing5 star

am definitely not disappointed 💓but I wish there was a clean version

hcllvkn - another masterpiece5 star

mamas out with more hits

Notsosureguys - ☺️🥺🌸5 star

melanie is so captivating, not only is the music itself so well thought out but her music videos are so well produced and put together! she deserves all the goodness and purity in this world 🧁

JamieDavis2020 - Amazing5 star

This ep is fantastic. Perfect follow up after “k-12” and I honestly love Field trip, Glued, The bakery and Notebook. Can’t wait for the next album/Movie. Keep it up 💚💕

coolocelot101 - oh hell nah 🙄1 star

melanie, just stop. you only had three okay songs, doesn’t mean you can drop an ep out of nowhere.

xoxmusiclover - obsessed!💖5 star

im beyond proud of melanie and how much she put into creating this project! the production is dope and her vocals are insane. we have no choice but to stan. we love u mel ♡

Dollhousemayhem - 💓💓💓💓5 star

I wish there was more songs but I’m still gagged with this music I love you Mel

JoleneXO - 👶🏼💧💓👑5 star



A masterpiece as always🔥

FraserK. - AMAZING5 star


Oliverslee04 - amazing5 star

honestly some of her best songs

dangeroys woman - The best ep ever 🤍5 star

Such an amazing ep it just came out and I’m already obsessed been a fan of Melanie since crybaby 🤍

Doshibow107 - Stan5 star

Amazinggggggg I love it sm! Thank you Melanie 🥺💜

ethan <3 - PROJECT OF THE YEAR5 star

Melanie Martinez never disappoints. This new project shows of her beautiful voice with some new edgy production! Favourites are Glued and The Bakery

spencer yume - YOU BETTER STAN5 star


Brandonhogg992001 - Perfection5 star


unicorn manuigc 4&*t - Best ep ever5 star

This ep is only for people who have liked melanie martinez for a long time so if you don’t know who melanie martinez is do not listen

TALOJOnSmule_ - Icon5 star

This is an iconic album - amazing body of art.

Sazz2909 - Amazing5 star

This ep is so amazing so brilliant I really do love every single track there no nothing to hate about this ep it’s so good it’s different but I like it

vhelhshcosohcscho - amazing 💗5 star

just bought after school and i love it so much thank you mel!

Stellastyle 1233 - INCREDIBLE5 star

Melanie puts so much love and passion into everything she creates and you can feel the raw emotion through the phone with her amazing lyrics and vocals 🥺💘 I was so excited for after school because it was from Melanie’s perspective only rather than crybaby’s and it would be similar to her unreleased music which has personally helped me through so much 💗 My favourite is brain and heart but all are definitely worth your money :)

thomas1402 - AMAZING5 star


Gracie gem - Wowwwww5 star


rvveluz - IT SO GOOODDD5 star

what a great ep!

princetominezz - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Thissssss issssss soooooo freakin good 💖💖💖

vinrodriguez - After School EP5 star

Amazing art!!

mmph2020 - art5 star



MA YALL I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND QUEEN MEL SERVING US AGAIN!!! Follow Melanie Martinez Philippines (@MelanieLBPH) 😉

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KRUI5 star

With the release of their new EP "After Fillmore County," the band Vansire talks Midwest adolescence, activism, and…

Cenkiyedirmem5 star

@itsamshow It was the best feeling ever tho I'm glad I did, like the excitement after each ep I loved it it got me…

N0ACFS5 star

@N0ACFS: reply and i'll dm you any song off the ep after school

Jenarofag5 star

@gioacchinv ahora mismo, brain & heart de melanie martínez, igual te recomiendo su nuevo ep after school, todas las canciones son hermosas

Jane_ep5 star

@PeterStefanovi2: Watching one Conservative MP after another giving each other approval & praise as they defend allowing school children…

Jisoonails5 star

ouvindo a melhor do after school ep aqui

Desabafodopedro5 star

@rriquemachado a melanie já voltou faz tempo, amigo. lançou o ep after school

Navil_l5 star

@timeto_ldh: 191022 After School Club Ep. 391 #이대휘

Treassui5 star

***SPOILER*** about today's ep, I don't think that Jun is a minor I think he missed 2 or maybe 3 years after his f…

Hwipped_cream5 star

@timeto_ldh: 191022 After School Club Ep. 391 #이대휘

Dubulix5 star

@timeto_ldh: 191022 After School Club Ep. 391 #이대휘

Vickyoni15 star

@timeto_ldh: 191022 After School Club Ep. 391 #이대휘

Vamourity5 star

@acessmelanie: 🇧🇷 Charts dos Albums da Melanie no Brasil: 🍎Apple Music Albums: 📚 After School - EP (#70) 🍼 Cry Baby (#169) 🏫 K-12 (#40…

DH_0129_05225 star

@timeto_ldh: 191022 After School Club Ep. 391 #이대휘

Minrpk5 star

@timeto_ldh: 191022 After School Club Ep. 391 #이대휘

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