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Night Castle (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Night Enchanted 5:46
2.Childhood Dreams 4:25
3.Sparks 5:59
4.The Mountain 4:53
5.Night Castle 3:57
6.The Safest Way Into Tomorrow 4:57
7.Mozart And Memories 5:16
8.Another Way You Can Die 3:54
9.Toccata - Carpimus Noctem 4:01
10.The Lion's Roar 4:35
11.Dreams We Conceive 5:10
12.Mother And Son 0:40
13.There Was A Life 9:35
14.Moonlight And Madness 5:04
15.Time Floats On 3:37
17.Bach Lullaby 0:49
18.Father, Son & Holy Ghost 6:48
19.Remnants Of A Lullaby 3:10
20.The Safest Way Into Tomorrow (Repri... 1:43
21.Embers 3:47
22.Child Of The Night 3:27
23.Believe 6:12
24.Nutrocker 4:05
25.Carmina Burana 2:43
26.Tracers 5:47

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Night Castle [Trans-Siberian Orchestra] Album Reviews

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- Tso

Awesome toattaly

- The mountain

ok....the mountain is by far trans-siberian orchestras greatest song. it has the most intense shredding of any of their songs. dont get me wrong i loveee there other songs! but i mean....the mountain..its just so amazing. i saw them live twice there so good. nutrocker should not be the highest bought song

- They Understand

Hooooollllyyyyy S**t!! This album is what I wish Deep Purple would have done with the Royal Philharmonic. TSO pulled off "full/operatic metal" very clean and cohesively, even adding a few psychedelic traps; so beware, but in the best way. "Night Castle" (the song) is the most twisted piece of music I have ever listened to; it is literally overwhelming, especially while looking at the clock and tunnel picture provided in the digital booklet (even the booklet is awesome). Another intense highlight is the abyss sequence in "Epiphany" from about 5:00 to the end. I predominantly listen to metal, so I'm only focusing on the awesome downer parts, but there is plenty of light on the album too. It is an excellent balance and pulled off NEAR flawlessly. This singing can get a bit annoying or flubby sounding (both male and female) but is usually better than it is bad. My only wish is that it was more doomy and more metal (sloppily playing deeper in the groove they make, and a smidge less overall polish) and have a darker singer or have him sing it more heavy metal style than power metal. those are just my opinions. I am a perfectionist when it comes to music; this is just about as perfect as it comes. "Relax deeply" and enjoy the story in both sound and picture. This purchase will not be something you regret--in fact, buy it twice, you'll still be happy.

- TSO ROCKS!!!!!

Why does everyone think they have to do all their music about Christmas. Their music is still great, and I saw them live in Nashville today at their last show this holiday, and they said they we're going to tour in the spring. So they won't be playing much Christmas music then.

- Amazing...

I love these guys! I went and saw them in concert on Wednesday without really knowing who they were; and completely enjoyed their performance! I especially enjoy their night castle music. They put on a wonderful show, and the muscian's talent blew me away! Definetely recommend this to any who enjoy rock or even just orchestra! Try them out!

- Absolutely amazing

I'm a young teenager and I must say this is real music not that stupid stuff most kids my age listen to. More people should know and listen to this and not the crap that sells itself on the radio. Now this, this is a musical work of art. Completely beautiful I love it to death.

- Alsome

The very best download I did on my iPhone

- Instrumentals great, Broadway musical songs, TERRIBLE!!!!!!!

The majority of this album is not the great, blistering, orchestra that they are famous for, but, awful, broadway show wanna be musical numbers. And not big choruses mind you, but generic voiced, one man singing musical theatre nonsense. Awful, awful, awful. The few tracks that are pure instrumentals with chorus backround are great. But again, the majority of this album sounds like bad musical theatre.

- No...

I expected something dark and symphonic, like abigail williams. This isn't metal, it's a cheesy holiday rock opera for kids

- Just wasn’t what I was expecting

I thought I’d be buying an orchestral album, but a lot of it was weird gothic singing, non-original stuff and so on. We all know was this group is known for, but I had never listened to an entire soundtrack. This just wasn’t what I was expecting.

- Night Castle

Not bad if you are looking for semi-Heavy Metal. Not what I thought of when I thought of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Going to see them live Wednesday, hope they leave this material at home.

- Very Good

If you look at the "Critical" reviews, they all get voted as unhelpful. Please..... Even a human with a recent Lobotomy would be able to distinguish the difference between the previous 4 releases and Night Castle. There is something missing, I'm not sure what it is. I've been a fan since the first Savatage album. TSO is mainstream, and as such, the mainstream want to hear songs they know, or have some catchy rah rah appeal to them. YA, I know, as sad as that is, it is what it is. The Christmas albums, and beethoven offered that, catchy as hell songs. There isn't much of that here. That doesn't mean the songs or the album is bad. It's quite good, and full of talent. I think for me, it's just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long of an album. If I listen to it in thirds, I actually really really like it. If I try to do the whole thing, my ADD doesn't even need to kick in. It's so long, that I need to go shave and head to work, put the kids in bed, before I can finish it. The Critical reviews are right, maybe a bit harsh, but don't start with this one, for ten bucks, it's deff. worth it, after the other four. They are spectacular pieces of music. Every song.

- Old and new

If you were into Savatage back in the day or even now then you've heard some of these songs already, just with different names lol. Good album still.

- Review

Love it!

- Amazing Music but...

Unfortunately when I tried to download Carmina Burana, it skips the first part.

- TSO simply Rocks!

This album is harder, faster and, dare I say, better!? All of their albums are amazing and this one is too! It rocks but it also has great message. Believe is bone chilling, goose bump producing genius. A definate must have! Tammie S.

- Good

This is good stuff!!!


I just got this album this morning, and im going to their concert tommorrow. This album is simply amazing, but thats not a surprise is it. TSO is one of my favorite overall bands, and I think that iTunes is being nice by making this album only 9.99, because its simply priceless!!

- Must Listen

You got to listen to this it is great

- FANtastic

We saw TSA live for the first time and felt the first half Christmas music was good but not enthralling. But the second half...blew us out of our seats! We agreed that "Believe" was our favorite. That track has (need I say) religious meaning, a continuation of the thrust of this entire album. Not a Christmas album, but it brings us closer to God. Multiple listenings show the genius of TSO. Highly recommended.

- this is one of the best albums yet.

all albums are great, but TSO has out done themselves with this album.TSO 4 ever!!!


Why is Carol of Bells no where to be found by TSO?!!!

- Amazing!

Seeing them in concert was phenomenal! After listening to the previews of these songs I am already so excited about the album!

- SWEET!!!!!!

This is the best album. I got to go c them in concert and it is just like it.

- Wow....

I had only heard their version of "Carol of the Bells" before I listened to this...My mind has officially been blown....

- Wow!

People like this and not Savatage, this is basically Savatage with other name. Good music, so bad that they needed to change the name in order to people to recognize a good band. Old Savatage fan here!, keep the good work!

- Above Average

Unlike other TSO albums, this one, in my opinion, has a lot of great songs. I LOVE how its based on classical music! Even Christmas Eve and Other Stories isn't as good as this! I just wish they would do a 100% instrumental album!

- Awesome

Great music

- Tracers

I would like to mention that Tracers is the most underrated song on the album. Tracers is my favorite TSO song in existence. On this album, I also like Nutrocker, Toccata, and Mozart and Memories. My favorite song with lyrics is Sparks, with Time Floats On in a close second.

- Amazing

The best, that pretty much is all i have to say

- Great album

Never heard of the band before, but I saw an ad on TV. I spot-listened to a few songs and said why not and downloaded. I'm sure glad I did. It's a fantastic album. A wonderful blend of orchestra and metal rock and roll.

- Believe is so beautiful

the song believe is so beautuful. the words are so pretty. i find myself playing the song over and over again and it makes me want to cry. i bought the cd at a store and i read the the booklet inside and the story is so beautiful

- Really good

i wish i could give this 4.5 stars...i love the music and the story is really touching... BUT, the story also shows that they don't know much about southeast Asia. a bunch a countries and cultures are combined into one so that a main character in the story is just a recycled stereotype. don't let that stop you from buying. instrumentals are amazing, carmina burana & father, son, and holy ghost are the best with singing.

- great highs and terrible lows

The classical fusion pieces are absolutely five-plus star awesome and not to be missed here. The storyline however, is overblown and the vocal numbers are largely musically repetitive and the lyrics mostly uninteresting. Some great tracks. Not enough material for 2 discs, however.

- Night Castle

It kept me interested and involved my emotions with the music

- Great album!

I just wanted to ask... why are people EXPECTING christmas music out of TSO? Yes, their concerts are always at Christmas, but It doesn't mean that they have to have christmas songs on every single one of their albums. Their classic/metal combo is great no matter what songs they play, and I really did enjoy the song based on "In the Hall of the Mounain King"... Sorry to offend some people with this comment, but... They aren't here just to please the "fans" that are critics of their every move. They are a band so they should be able to pursue any of their musical passions without all the negative criticism.

- Awesome!

I saw them in concert the same year this came out and I didn't know about this new album until hearing the music at the concert! It was freaking amazing! This is their best album and I'm not sure they can top it.

- Savatage light!

Kinda disappointed to spend the dough and find re-hashed Savatage music on the album. If u want the true metal versions get the Savatage albums.

- TSO gives me goosebumps!!!

I absolutely LOVE TSO!!! I've been to two concerts, and I'm going again this year!!! The best concert I've ever seen, and the best music on CD I've ever listened to! :) They've done it again! :)

- omg! they did it again!

great job Paul! he did it awesome again! i would say the best song on the album is "believe" by tim hockenberry! i cried in that song!!! lol keep on rockin guys!

- <3

I love TSO. I saw them in concert recently and it was amazing. I almost started bawling when they played Believe-it's probably my favorite son on this CD. I love that their covering some old clasical stuff like In The Hall of the Mountain King too.

- Great

This so awesome brilliant juss like Beethoven album no Christmas music yay tso kicks butt lol:)

- T-SO 4ever!

Gratest orchestra i've ever heard! One of my favorite albums by them!!

- Just Amazing!

I saw them at the Q in clevend last night! When they played Believe it was amazing!

- Love TSO; but Night Castle is like "The Emperor's New Clothes"

Next week I am going to see TSO live for the third year in succession and I am sure I will want to see them in 2010 during their next Christmas tour. So, pretty obviously, I am a TSO fan. But, sadly, Night Castle is a bit like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. The Emperor isn't wearing any. As others have said, I can't help thinking that I now know the reason why Night Castle took so long to release ... it simply isn't good enough. It really is like an album full of Broadway musical reject numbers, broken up occasionally with some generally excellent instrumentals that clearly have nothing to do with the plot, but are there for light relief. The lyrics are often banal - amateurish even: "Night followed day; what else is night to do?" The music simply isn't musical enough. On several tracks there is seemingly endless repetition of a phrase, or worse, repetition of a single note. You will find that the pieces based on classics really show up the lack of melody in the new compositions. A jarring contrast. The vocals are dripping with passion when, sometimes, no passion is needed - the lyrics simply don't warrant it. And, I'm sad to say, the single male voices are vastly over-used and contrast poorly with the times when there is well-produced harmony. Dare I say it, there are a couple of times when a male solo vocalist aims for certain notes, but misses by a fraction. And given the incredible musical talent within TSO, a fraction is pretty unforgivable. I feel like a terrible traitor in writing this, but I just had to get it off my chest. More "Wizards" please - less Broadway-style rock vocal narrative.

- Kickaaass

This was one of my favorite TSO album and it was even better when I saw them in concert in late 2009. TSO ROCKS!!!!!!!!

- beyond amazing

It is something my parents can listen to, and i can listen to at the same time. We saw them live just today, and they did some of these songs, I personally love this band! PLEASE MAKE MORE TSO, YOU HAVE OUR FAN SUPPORT :D

- Phenominal

I went to see them in concert yesterday. this morning i downloaded the album from their website. its a great album, great story (which is in the booklet), and just an awsome band. They played their usual christmas story for the first half of the concert and for the second half played music from this album. its all great. every bit. i just said right there, when i get home im getting this album, and i did. you should to. Great.

- Awesome

It's nice to  some TSO that isn't all  songs.

- Bach Lullaby

I loved Night Castle, the story made me cry, but there's just something I have to know, what is the name of the Bach's Lullaby? When I was little, my grandfather gave me a teddy bear with a wind-up music box inside that plays that song. Can someone please tell me what the name of the song is?

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