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Artist :   Newsted
Album Name :   Metal - EP
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   5
Relase Date :   08 January 2013
Country :   USA

Metal - EP (Newsted) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Soldierhead Newsted 4:16
2. Godsnake Newsted 5:16
3. King of the Underdogs Newsted 6:00
4. Skyscraper Newsted 6:36

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Metal - EP (Newsted) Album Comments

Metal - EP (Newsted) Album Reviews

  • Newsted rocks! 🤘🏼

    Pure 100% metal!
  • They should have kept him

    This really is better than anything Metallica has put out recently. It would have been great to see what a Metallica album would have been like with more input from Newsted. Oh well, at least we have this.
  • Metallica rehashed

    sounds like a ripoff of oldschool classic metallica sorry.
  • These songs are great!!

    Jason Newsted is a true talent.Killer lyrics,and everything.Very talented line up with him.
  • Awesome

    Was Soldierhead made as an exact copy of Raining Blood? Well it's a lot better than anything the heavily overrated Slayer put out.
  • Great stuff!

    That other guy's cousin
    I've always loved it when Jason would sing at one of Metallica's concerts. Now that he has his very own album, it is a dream come true. I love the amped up bass. Best album I have heard in a long time.
  • A Great Effort

    Fen Man
    I had my doubts, but a friend recommended this, and he does not even like metal. Once I listened I was amazed. Terrific job. Future looks bright for Jason. Soldierhead and King of the underdogs are my faves on this one.
  • Poor vocals and bland riffs

    I wanted to like this as I've been a fan of Newstead for years, but the problem is Jason is not a frontman, his vocals are weak. He's not a singer and sounds like he never had any formal training. Also the guitar riffs are just so generic. In this day and age we need something new , something we haven't heard a million times before. It's a good start though, and hopefully something better will surface in the future.
  • Nice try, but...

    I'm all for Jason Newsted coming up with his own tunes, always seemed a standup guy and accomplished bassist. But... What is up with the production on the drums in this EP? Fire the producer, because they sound awful. I have no earthly idea if the drummer is even any good, as I can't get past the horrific sound that thuds out at me from my speakers. Epic fail, not that the songs sound particularly interesting anyway- perhaps this could've been a 3 star review without the drum issues.
  • AWESOME!!!!

    This is VERY good!!......He's captured the TRUE metal he couldn't achieve with Metallica!!......Especially on Skyscraper!!..

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