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Uh huh
Tell me am I going crazy? (Uh huh)
Tell me have I lost my mind? (Yeah!)
Am I just afraid of lovin'? (Uh huh)
Or am I not the lovin' kind? (Yeah!)

Kissin' in the moonlight,
Movies on a late night,
Gettin' old.
(Uh huh)

I've been there, done that.
Supposed to be hot,
But it's just cold.

Somebody wake up my heart,
Light me up,
Set fire to my soul, yeah. (Uh huh)
Cause' I can't do it anymore. (Yeah!)

Gimme that can't sleep love
(Gimme that can't sleep)
I want that can't sleep love
(Gimme that can't sleep)


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- pure talent.

absolutely beautiful. Water is amazing Kristie's voice is so pure and clean. Na Na Na and Ref literally got me dancing. the lyrics in every song flows so well. Highlight: Avi Light in the hallway. These guys never stop amazing me!

- Beautiful!

I'm amazed by it his album!!! They all sound wonderful their voices blend so well together! They've come so far since the sing off and I'm soooo proud! Keep up the good work PTX

- Simply incredible

Pentatonix never fails to impress, but this album has blown their previous ones out of the water. They show their true mastery of so many genres here - 50s doo-wap with Misbehavin', modern pop with Sing and Na Na Na, and lyrical ballads with Light In The Hallway and Take Me Home. On top of their vocal brilliance, they have such stunning songwriting and compositional skill that makes them stand out from the crowd. They bring the beauty of modern choral music to the masses by placing it firmly within modern music, and it is a true delight to experience.


This album is honestly matured so much compared to their previous work. It's evident that the group has worked really hard to produce something radio friendly. Each member has enhanced the intensity of their roles within the group. It really shows in this album just how much the group depends on each other. It has songs that hit home, songs that you listen to for a sad song and somethings to just jam out to. The album is incredible

- I am in LOVE

Every song is amazing, Scotts riffs, Mitch’s everything, Kevin’s mad beats, Avi’s solid foundation and SOLO’S, Kirstie’s beautiful voice harmonising and the solos in Water! I am in love with PTX

- Michelle Biland

Amazing Talent. Have only discovered them recently when they performed with Stevie Wonder at the Grammys this year. Their performance was one of the best that night!

- Wow.

Great album, Scott's riffs are amazing,Kevin's great beat boxing Mitch and Kirstin's back up vocals slay, and avi is Jesus

- Great, great, great!!

Enjoying each track. Loved it!

- My personal favorite

In my opinion, hand down my absolute favorite song of this album is Can't Sleep Love. I can't stop listening too it and probably a lot of people feel the same.

- LO E V

I LOVE pentatonix so much oh mh gd o thank you for existing

- Avi

Avi. Oh my gloooob Light in the hallway made me cry ya'll. Adele got nothing on this.

- Love it

I really love this album so much and I love Pentatonix with all my heart!!! my only complain is Scott is more like the lead singer here, but i still love it!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓

- MYEMOTIONS:😂😍☺️😳😊😍

This album is SOOOO great and I'm so proud of them for coming so far in the last 4+ years- I feel like a proud parent. The originals are so good and I'm glad they're doing them , but I wish they could throw in a mashup somewhere. I agree that Scott got too many of the leads though. All the other member's voices are otherworldly too so they should have gotten more singing time. Like why did Avi get stuck with another slow, somewhat boring song? Why did Kirstie only get one solo song? I also think they shouldn't have relied on stomping, clapping, and snapping so much. Every once in a while it's ok, but it starts to take away from the whole acapella thing. Kevin and Avi are way more than capable of doing something just as good if not better so... Overall the album is still AWESOME AND MINDBLOWING AND MADE ME WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME. TOP 3: misbehavin( which should have been a radio single), ref, and cheerleader.


This album is literally played several times a day on my phone. I love Pentatonix so much and their voices blend so beautifully. I give every song, not just the ones on here but every other song, cover, or medley that they have done, a 1000000000/10. Well done, Scott, Mitch, Kirstin, Avi, and Kevin! Love y'all! ❤️❤️

- Phenomenal

I love their harmonizations.

- This group is the best!

Not much to say, other than Pentatonix is ridiculously talented. To do what they do without any instruments or fuss is remarkable. Keep up the great work!


😄😊☺️😆🙃😃😀 LOVE IT

- Love It

Love it guys need more than just Scott though 😜

- 🎤

Firstly, I love PTX to the core. I have been following them in their music career and they have grown so much. From doing covers that were better than the originals to making originals that can't get any better! Listing to this album, I just love the message that they give through some of their songs. They are also extremely inspirational. My friends and I even started a four person acapella group because of PTX. I have also went to their Santa Barbara concert of their 2016 World Tour. Their Voices are worth more than anything. Hearing them in person just proves that their voices are what makes their songs, no instruments. I would recommend seeing them, because they are severely touching. Not to mention, I also met them, they are also very nice😉

- Great!

The only issue I have with this album is that it seems Scott kind of dominates the entire thing. Not that he isn't amazing, I would just like to see the others in the spotlight a little bit. Other than that, it's amazing.

- Love it even more after seeing them live

Just saw them live and decided to get the album. Great original music. They crazy talented!


I can't believe what wonderful songs they have on this album! I love all of these songs on this album! I can't believe they have gotten to this point in their singing! It's absolutely amazing! All of the songs have a different touch to them hat makes them unique! I absolutely cannot wait for their next album! I know it's going to be amazing! Definitely recommend to anyone!!!!!😍;)


This album is amazing and the songs are awesome. But I wish Kirstie, Avi, and Kevin had solos. It seems like Scott is the only one that has solos... But the album is overall AMAZING🔥😍😭

- Ptx❤️

I'm so sick of people saying Scott is doing everything. Yea I would love to see him sing every song by himself. Seriously it's annoying. And honestly if ptx didn't like that they would've changed it. I think it was amazing and I have been a fan from the start❤️

- Worth it.

I love it! Their harmonies are great! Defiantly worth the buy!

- This is pure music

This album is amazing! I love Scotts singing and Avi and Kevin's awesome beatboxing! Love this so much I'm meeting them this summer

- Original



These talented musicians have once again outdone themselves with another amazing album. I love it so much it's not possible to express other than 😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. The songs are catchy, beautifully sung, and full of simply uplifting beats that make you feel on top of the world. Please support my babies and buy this amazing art. Although difficult to choose, my favs to recommend are Na Na Na, First Things First, and Ref. They're all perfect so pick any and all of them, bug those 3 are just...ugh idk all of the songs are perfect just buy them.


This group is by far my favorite! Avi, Kirstie, Scott, Mitch, and Kevin are absolutely amazing at singing and I expected this to be flawless and I was not disappointed one bit. 😍😍😍

- Not quite there

This would have received a better score if I didn't like only two songs---"Can't Sleep Love" and "Na Na Na"---on the album. I am a fan of the group's work, but this was lackluster. Scott and Mitch---mostly Scott---take up the entire CD, and I was hoping to hear each member to get their solo time. They should go back to their own groove. Stick to what you want to do and leave the boring mainstream out of your work.

- Omg

Love this soundtrack I really love can't sleep love I sing it like I'm in the group.Even my little brother knows all the songs😍


When this album came out I could never stop listening to it (I still can't) but Ptx has come so far and this album is just amazing my personal favorite song is ref.

- Amazing but...

The album was amazing, but I would really like to hear more songs from avi and Kevin. Avi has such an amazing voice, and his voice is one of a kind. Kevin I would like to get more singing in as well, he has a really cool voice too. Kevin has like a jazzy vibe to his voice. I also wish that avi and Kirstie would do more songs as a duo, their voices complement eachother so well. But over all, great album!

- Yass😆🎉💗🎶

Omg I love this so much they are so talented.


Pentatonix proves they still have it, writing their first album of self written songs! It is so SO GREAT and i am already hooked!

- Wow...

This album is amazing! I loved Pentatonix before, but this album is incredibly and especially fantastic. I hope this album gets them all the recognition they deserve.

- obsessed 😍

i love pentatonix so much and i can't believe how far they've come❤️❤️ keep it up👏🏻👏🏻

- Just… Wow!

Seeing how far they came from the Sing-Off to making an original album… Blows my mind! They are one of a kind people that have changed the sound of music itself. To all the riffs and runs and the long notes, nothing better! They’re truly amazing! Buy this album!

- They did it!

If anyone was wondering if Ptx could do an (almost) completely original album, wonder no more. They can. They DEFINITELY can. I personally prefer their original music to their covers. They're such good songs! The amount of talent in these people is staggering.

- More like Scott and the rest

I want to open by saying that these guys are amazing, and totally deserve 5 stArs. However, I feel that Scott has the lead WAY too much. I love Kevin's raps and I wish Avi sang all the time. I love that low baritone. Other than that, great work guys!

- Scott and the Others

I own every pentatonix album and I love the group. However, the reason why I loved the other albums is because of the creative distribution with the vocals. Avi might be the most talented singer of the group (can you tell that I am a Bass?) and he is barely on this album. There are token songs for each member but on previous albums the primary vocals might be passed around within each song. My favorite song, Daft Punk, had several. This album is well produced and the sound is great. That being said if this is what is going to happen when you create your own songs please just stick with covers.

- I wish...

I wish the other members had more songs and solos and not just Scott. I love the songs though!


The first time I heard this I was really excited and easily became attached to the album I give it an A+

- Great Album!

I love their new original album, and I don't think they get very much recognition for as talented as they are!

- Absolutely amazing!

I have loved Pentatonix for a while now, and this album is amazing. I have the cd, and bought all the songs on iTunes. This album exceeded my expectations, I recommend it even if acapella isn't your style. It doesn't even sound like they're not using instruments. They're just using their voices?!

- Great! But...

I love love love it! It's amazing. My only problem is that "To the river" wasn't included because it is my favorite song byfar. I wish it wasn't a target exclusive

- Beautiful!

I have been a fan of pentatonix since their first album, and their raw talent has continued to push them towards greater and higher success. This latest album does not disappoint-And goes to show that great things are to come!

- Literally My Favorite People

These guys are seriously the most talented people on the planet. ❤️❤️

- Soooooo good

Over all the songs are great I love ptx with all my 💗 I wish you all success with all the LoVe in the world yours -Dani----


I love Pentatonix SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!!!

- Awesome, but sort of unfair...

This album is absolutely incredible! But it seems like Scott has directed most of the spotlight onto him. And I'm a bit surprised that the other fabulous a Capella artists didn't interfere with this and choose to share the spotlight. All in all, I think this is a fantastic album with a catchy beat. Solo and spotlight distribution could be worked on, but the Pentatonix are amazing!

- Amazing Buy

Okay, the reviews are saying, "It's all Scott", but it's actually not. Everyone had their moments in this, & I really liked that. Also, every album they put out, I think, is improved. This is definitely worth the money. I'm genuinely listening to this 24/7. You should buy! :D

- ❤️❤️❤️

This is amazing! I love pentatonix! I wish Kevin could have rapped more because he's seriously amazing. I also wish Kirstie and Avi ft more solos. It's still awesome.

- Better than words can say

Just brilliant!Mitch is Bae and the best Scott is great Kristie is just awesome Avi is like the best at bass Kevin at beat boxes is like heaven!!!!!😎😘😍

- Mind blown

Wow just wow. And just for the record, Mitch is the best

- Great Albulm, Great Themes, Great Sound

My favorite part about this albulm are the song lyrics. The meanings of the songs have themes I haven't seen in other pop artists in awhile. For example, Misbehavin' is about staying true to your partner when their gone. First Things First is reminding the world the most important things in life you can't buy. And Can't Sleep Love perfectly describes what crushing on someone feels like. Along with great vocals and soulful sounds this albulm is one of a kind. Oh and did I mention the only instruments their using is their bodies?

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- Pentaholic#9

Every bit of success they get is so well deserved. Slay me Scott, Mitch, Kirsty, Avi & Kevin. Ya’ll make me insanely happy. This is a fantastic album with some beautiful arrangements. And all A Capella! Keep rolling in the original music, guys.

- Proud Pentaholic!!

This album is pure love. Pentatonix is one incredibly talented acapella group and I hope they are appreciated much more. It's so great to witness this successs of yours..Love Forever <3<3

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So looking forward to hearing their music

- PTX are always AMAZING!❤️👌🏻

CANNOT wait for the album to come out, Pentatonix always smash everything they do, they are just incredible and I love them to pieces❤️😘👌🏻





- The excitement is real!

Much excite! Very wow!

- SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Eeeeeeek!!!! My first Pentatonix album!!!!!!! ^w^




I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM I'VE PREORDERED IT AND IM ALREADY DYING I CAN'T SLEEP LOVE THIS ALBUM (literally) AND WHEN AVI SINGS ahsjsddjdudndndjdkdjd *overaviries PTXplode* Im so proud at how far my choir nerds have come, I LOVE YOU 😍😍😍😘😆

- Sheer awesomeness

Can't wait for the full album, one of my favourite groups out atm


They're flawless


So excited for this album to come out! Loved every album released so far! Definite album to add to your collection!

- Cannot wait

Beyond excited for this 😘😘😘😘


Someone just posted saying 'PTX should start doing their own songs and not always copy other peoples'... WELL HERE YOU ARE... and it's going to be incredible! So proud of PTX and how far they've come and this album will be astounding!

- Soooo talented

I love this song. Keep doing this guys!!!

- Excited

Can't wait for this to be released. It's going to be amazing. #soon

- The talent is out of control! Flawless!!!

These guys are AMAZING! The work that goes into this and the dedication they show is mind-blowing! I really hope they get every success they hope for and the album becomes a huge hit!

- ACAWESOME...sorry

Sounds so good, especially Cant Sleep Love ✨💋

- 😍😍


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