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- Trash1 star

Always will be below the pit of trash rappers🤢

- EWWW1 star

this is soo dookie 🤢🤢🤢 bro go listen to Mark Lee

- Bad1 star

Worst album ever don’t buy this BS this is straight up dookie it made me want to throw up

- Banyan Tree Bxtch5 star


- Always a vibe5 star

MGK never can do wrong. Took him a while to find his sound and lane but he’s got it and he’s killing it. Keep it up!

- Put His Name Next To Jah.1 star


- Yooo5 star

I’m feeling this didn’t think he would try something like this pleasantly surprised

- Crazy talented5 star

MGK can really do it all

- Best album of 2020 & MGK’s greatest project5 star

Unbelievably talented guy

- Perfection5 star

Absolutely phenomenal it’s blown me away and I can’t believe this is him. It felt like he finally found himself it’s absolutely amazing.

- 😍🤯5 star

Amazing album!!

- Solid album5 star

Basically just a bunch of gen z bots in the comments that think 6ix9ine is their generation’s 2 pac

- Love this!!5 star

I love his voice and love this genre so much better!! Please make more rock albums!!!

- Not a huge MGK fan, but5 star

Alternative fits him better. Don’t really care for his rap (especially after that crap Rap Devil). Actually good music, like the trap/alternative rock. Good job MGK and Travis Barker. (Although blackbear ruined the song he was in lol.)

- Why?1 star

This is so terrible guys. Has everyone forgotten the early 2000s? Even your average pop punk band then was way better than this

- Slept on song5 star

All I know is straight 🔥 idk how it doesn’t even hit on the radio honestly best song and beat on the track

- 2020 needed this💯5 star

If this can’t take out of 2020 nothing will 🔥🔥

- Love the alternative vibe5 star

Enjoy the crossing of genres. My favorite song is “my ex’s best friend”. I love all of the singles so far though. I love that all of MGK’s albums have different sounds. And that last song to his daughter is heart breaking and thoughtful, intertwined. Wish we could hear/see this in concert like normal!

- Bow down!5 star

Brings me back to early 2000s where I STILL LISTEN TO THAT MUSIC TO THIS DAY! Now I have this. Man, he did great. I now have an album that encompasses what I feel inside AND the best genre of music this world has known- that early 2000s pop punk. He rocked it

- King5 star

All these people here are bringing up Eminem. Like okay? MGK is better. He’s unproblematic, and doesn’t objectify anyone by their gender, race, or even put people down. Plus, Eminem could never pull off punk rock. And has he made an bangers recently? Hmmm, that’s what I thought. MGKs new album is loved by his fans and even brought in a lot more new ones. This man is amazing whether he raps or does punk. I love you and keep up the amazing work.

- #1 iDC5 star

I love reading these reviews and seeing all the Eminem stans😂😂thanks for the laughs guys. Kells is the GOAT, stream 𝔗𝔦𝔠𝔨𝔢𝔱𝔰 𝔱𝔬 𝔪𝔶 𝔇𝔬𝔴𝔫𝔣𝔞𝔩𝔩!!!🔥🔥

- F*** Eminem fanboys5 star

Listening to MGK’s music prior to this album he’s always shown he’s more than a rapper, this album is well produced and MGK is allowed to let this side of him out. Everyone that says Eminem diss’d him so hard MGK changed genres, are Em fan boys that have to protect their idol. Even as an Em fan, I thought MGK’s rap Devil was a better diss, just like NF’s diss on Em, but just keep hating on MGK Em fanboys, I’m just going to enjoy the Rock Devil.

- Love this album all the way through.5 star

Don’t go back to rap.

- Love it!5 star

MGK’s an artist, labeling him as a rapper or saying he gave it up because of that other bs is so tired, find something new to waste your time spouting. Album is fire. Will continue to support any type of music he wants to put out!

- Legend5 star

Phenomenal record man! Appreciate quality music!

- Mgk is breaking a cycle.5 star

I’m dying at the comments about Eminem. Y’all know he’s coming out with another rap album. It was just after this album 😂😂 Hes breaking the cycle of saying a musician can only do one genre 👌🏼👌🏼

- Trash1 star

A lot of trash

- Nice5 star

Dude stick with this style!

- Amazing5 star

After being a fan for so long I can say this is amazing his music has evolved so much. I’m so proud to be a fan. This album is amazing and I can’t wait for more people to hear it and become a fan of him.

- Great album!5 star

Not many artists can switch up genres and still produce great music.

- some of his best work5 star

1000% would recommend this album to any of my friends, I love the vibes it gives off. if you like blink182 or simple plan this is just like it!

- 🤯🤯🤯🤯5 star

Love this album!!

- Best album I’ve bought in years5 star

I heard a few songs on Pandora listening to Angels & Airwaves radio. I couldn’t believe it was MGK. After a little searching I found the album and was instantly hooked. Best 10.99 I’ve spent in a while.

- Mgk was made for this genre!5 star

Love the whole album ❤️ Playing on repeat!

- 🔥🔥5 star

So happy Em ended his rap career so he can focus on punk rock 🙏🏻🙏🏻. He’s so much better of a punk rock artist then a rapper.

- YASSS5 star

My king 👑🖤

- No1 star

Its bad

- Nostalgic sound.5 star

This album is so good from start to finish. The music, lyrics, everything reminds me of classic pop/punk from my childhood. A lot of emotions behind the songs that you can really feel. MGK and Travis Barker nailed this. Listen to it loud and have fun while doing it. My favorites include: Play This When I’m Gone, Drunk Face, Lonely, and Forget Me Too.

- ⭐️5 star

TALENT. BERN ROCKIN SINCE 100 words & running mixtape 🤘🏽

- Haha1 star

Just laughing at this garbage 😂😂

- Banger4 star

Keep making music like this!

- Where’s is the deluxe HD?👿5 star

Still waiting on it...


such an amazing album!! i’ve been listening to him since he first started music. i’m so proud of him, he’s come a longggg way. congratulations colson! ❤️🖤❤️🖤

- fxfrc55 star

I missed music like this

- I like this punk rock album5 star

Punk rock fits MGK

- loved it5 star

better than eminems whole discography

- Amazing!5 star

Stop hating on this man! Just cuz Eminem supposedly won the dis, he still going, this album fire, got multiple good songs, it’s really worth a lot bruh!!

- MGK Tickets to my Downfall record5 star

Tickets To My Downfall is refreshing take on the pop/punk genre that’s been lacking lately you can tell his influences on this are inspired by Blink-182 with hints of other pop/punk bands. Also throw in his signature rap skills included there and you have one hell of tasty sound. I’ve been of MGK since he first he came out and it’s refreshing to see him try something new different from what he’s known as. He’s been tip toeing around his punk rock influences now you get see him in a more fleshed out version of the sound he’s been wanting to share.

- Amazing5 star

MGK killed it again! He brought punk rock back and made it mainstream again.

- Renewed Punk Rock!5 star

Loving this new sound he’s got and the collabs are great!


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cher.22 - easily the best album of 20205 star

this is a must listen

Co Co Lo Co😁 - ✨5 star

i swear no matter what this man puts out i’m always in love. you’re doing great mgk🥰

123465838mgk123 - Only 3 songs are playable. Is this normal?1 star

I pre-ordered the Album and it says the other songs aren’t available in my country/region. Is that normal? Are the other songs going to come out after midnight? Or... just confused on if I spent my money on songs I already listened to on YouTube.

iTunesSucks^ - Undrgrndkng is another word for garbage5 star

This is a great left turn for MGK, nice work bro! Diversity is the key, you've done it 🤘🏼 Awesome interview on Howard Stern

CholeWright - Top notch5 star

I have never been more excited for an album release in my whole life. The tree singles currently released are phenomenal and I can’t wait for the rest, Kells continually one-ups himself and is one of the best artists out there. EST for life


Waiting 4 This Debut album POP ROCK ✌🏾🪐

Locoscott11 - IM SO IMPRESSED!!!5 star

I never liked his rap but these pop punk vibe songs are AMAZING!

:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(67 - Only like the one with blackbear3 star

Do more with blackbear

Undrgrndkng - trash1 star

whats another word for garbage

Buddley514 - Finally!! 👊🏼5 star

I have never been so excited for an album to drop. MGK you have been killing it all quarantine and summer!! Thank you brotha for being this talented. 🤙🏼💪🏻

Godwin Jes - Excellent5 star

This is so amazing

16ashu - Good application5 star

Good application

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Kellsthepimp - Amazing5 star

This album will be amazing

09@allyis - Tickets to my downfall1 star

can’t wait for this bomb album!

Ebi__A5 star

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HuntWMD5 star

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Nemerem_Presh5 star

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Kojinphotos5 star

@folastag: How you go run forget your own opa ase? Bitch ass! The fact that he ran means he has done evil too... Nobody should tell me o…

Gamsungbts5 star

@babybeartae7 Don't forget to send me the screenshots later, let me enjoy a lil bit too 🥺🥺😂

Meiclinton1475 star

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Official_Bholar5 star

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LastRenegade_5 star

forget me too

Nimakhatayi15 star

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Cindih785 star

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Henrychriz115 star

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