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- Great story, great music!

I've seen this show live twice, and if not for financial problems around Christmas last year, would have a third time. Seeing this on iTunes finally, it will definitely be on my next download list. As others have said, if you get a chance to see TSO live, do so. Their show is well worth it.

- Wizards In Winter (Instrumental)

Great Song. I saw this song live on tv! That was so cool.

- Great

Their mucic is great

- This speaks to my heart

This blend of Rock with Traditional Christmas music is so heart touching. It touches my heart like when I was a child. It's lyrics are what Christmas is really about. So many have tried to make Christmas politically correct and that simply can't be done. When you have no standard to gauge your correctness by how do you know what is truly correct? This album is not ashamed of being a true "Christmas" album. The original compositions on this album will become classic Christmas music.

- Purely Amazing

Trans-Siberian Orchestra has created the best Christmas music I have ever heard. My brother and cousin introduced them to me a few years ago and I started listening to them and watching video clips of them all the time. Their sound, I agree, is a mixture between Phantom of the Opera vocals and "Christmasy" Music, but with an edge. Wizards in Winter is by far the best (not to mention most well known); their instrumentals can't be beat. Anno Domine and Queen of the Night (as well as many others) bring back music that we all recognize but TSO presents them with an unbelievable 'Rock' feeling. I am going to see them for the first time next Thursday and words can't explain how much I can't wait to see them live.

- Beer commercial

Which track was used for the beer commercial that aired during the Christmas holidays?

- Amazing Vocals

I have always been a fan of TSO, but I recently went to see Les Miserables and discovered the magic voice behind this album. His name is Rob Evans. A fantastic voice that pulls the entire album together. A christmas must!!!

- its me again!

oh wait i just was listening to there songs when i rememberd that wizards in winter isnt the onley song that i know from them the other song i know is, drumm roll please,CHRISTMAS!im not sure wat the rest of it is but all i know is that its called christmas something! well bye!! =)

- Best Chritsmas Music ever!

With a great blend of Metalish music with singing and Christmas mixed in one, this album is perfect to listen to when making Christmas Holiday Cookies :)

- Ytehead

I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert and was amazed! The most exciting concert I've seen and sets one up for the Christmas holiday. If you get a chance to go to their Christmas concert, don't miss it.

- Excellent music

They are like the best band ever. If you've never heard them live, they are amazing!


When my Dad got this CD, i thought, 'great, another lame christmas cd'. And yet I was singing along by the second song! If you buy one album this holiday season, make it this one! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!

- Remeber(Track 5)

I might add that track 5 is probably one of my favorite songs ever. It has such sentimental value and is just a sweet song. The whole album rocks but I love track 5!!!! Check it if you haven't.

- Even better in concert!

I went to see these guys in Raleigh today and all I have to say is WOW, it was awesome. They definitely bring out the spirit of christmas and at the same time rock. HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go see.

- Wizards In Winter

Get the Wizards In Winter music. That is probably one of the better Christmas music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. No one can resist the music of rock.

- See Them Live!

If you ever get a chance to see Tans-Siberian Orchestra before the holdays, make sure you do. The concert will blow your mind. They are all talented young musicians, and the story behind the concert if fantastic. The vocalists are beautiful, and the music will always remain in your heart. Christman Canon Rock gave me chills live... words can not express how amazing this band is. They love their music, as do I. See them live whenever you get a chance. You will not regret it.


Awsome is the only word to describe them. I saw them live recently, The music mixed with lasers and pyrotecnics will blow u away. I love every song they do. My favorite is Christmas Eve. If you are just learning about them download that song. Did u know they arnt from siberia!?


The music TSO creates makes all other Christmas music offerings weak and powerless by comparison. Their concerts should not be missed!

- Unbelievable!

This is an amazing CD along with all the others too! Brilliant vocals, guitars, instruments, you name it! a perfect balance of what is good in theholiday season! i also recommend you see them live!!!

- The Lost Christmas

Saw TSO perform at the FEDEX Forum. Memphis, TN Christmas 2007. It was awesome. You have to experience this amazing group in concert.

- Awsome Music

You can't say you have listened to christmas music untill you bought this album!

- Unbelievable!

This has to be one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard!



- No words to describe

If you love classical music, rock, or both, then this album is for you. Almost all of the songs are awesome and the rest are really good. Best song is Christmas Cannon Rock :-)

- the lost christmas eve

this is an AWESOME cd!! i listen to even when it's not christmas!!

- Best XMas music

TSO is by far the best christmas music i have ever heard. It is christmas music with a rock twist. If you love there album, which i know you will, than you definately need to see them in concert.

- Awesome

I love TSO!!!!!! they rox. even though i love there album its even better live!!!!!



- Only Holiday stuff i listen 2

I listen to the lost christmas eve (the song) 24/7 around christmas


I heard TSO for the 1st time about a week ago and fell in luv w/ there music!!! I personally don't lyk the non-instrumental songs (of the 1s i have heard, which isn't 2 many) except Christmas Canon Rock. My favorites are Carol of the Bells (sadly not on this CD) and Siberian Sleigh Ride( an absolute must have if u hav .99 2 spare) Luv the instrumentals....i can't wait til christmas morning to put the songs on my ipod (my mom got it for me 4 christmas)

- This band rocks!!!

I have been a fan of TSO since their 1st album and every album since then has been equally as astonishing! I have seen their show 3 times and love it more each time! An experience that everyone should witness! I break out the Christmas albums in September and listen to the non-Christmas album throughout the year. Can't wait for Night Castle! Already on pre-order!

- Best Christmas Music Around

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has taken Christmas Music and Rock and came up with a great sound! I would recommend to anyone who wants some good Christmas Music!

- Great Holiday Music

I love these people!I own all there albums and have seen their concerts twice. They are amazing! Every year around Thanksgiving I break out all my albums and listen to them. Well,today is November.5,2007;so I'm a little early. This music is great if you're sick of all the whiny voices ruining your holiday break. These people are upbeat and the music's hot and fun to dance to!

- Christmas Rock 'n Roll

Al Pitrelli is amazing! I thought he was rad in Alice Cooper's Trash! But then he went further with his creation the Transiberian Orchestra! Of the christmas Cd's I listen to this is the best, especially Wizards in Winter! If you want to rock out your christmas tunes, This is a must buy for the Holidays! Happy Christmahanikwanzika!

- Best

Rock and orchestra at it's best. The best of Christmas music, too.

- Get You Rockin' For Christmas!

This is a fantastic album! Wizards in Winter is the best song in the album in my opinion. They really know how to capture your attention with that touch of rock. Watch the music video too!

- My favorite band!!

I can honestly say they are indeed my favorite band ever. And their concert is simply breathe takeing. You'll be stunned after it. I love Christmas music all year anyways but they just make me love it much much more

- Nice album!

I do not have all the songs yet, but when I purchased Wizards in Winter, it made me think of all the wonderful light shows I have seen this year.

- awesome

even though i'm jewish, i've found that this group is awesome. these songs to me are really fun, creative, really amazing etc... just please do other stuff also, trans-siberian orchestra! i enjoy the music so much, but i feel a little strange listening to christmas music. i can imagine a ton of traditional music or classical music that could be adapted to be more like "rock."

- Fantastic!!!!

The amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra adds some appreciated volume and rock to Christmas songs, but they still manage to make their songs timeless in thier own way. See them in concert if you can. They rock!.

- TSO's best Christmas album!

This is TSO's best Christmas album by far. "Wizards of Winter" and "Wish Liszt" are worth the price of admission by themselves. Other great notable pieces include "Faith Noel", "Queen of the Winter Night", "Christmas Jam", and "Siberian Sleigh Ride". Some of the best music ever! Thank you Trans-Siberian Orchestra!! Hope to see another album out soon!!

- I like it!

I mostly just like Wizards in Winter and Siberian Sleigh Ride. It's cool how they take these slow songs and make them into up-beat Rock songs.

- TSO rocks!!!!

you have to see them in concert! they have all these laser lights, blaring music, real fire shot out of torches, its pure heaven. the temp in the arena probably raises 10 degrees when the flames shoot! now this is what i saw at the HP pavillion last year. great songs to jam on when you're in that holiday rush, or are bored of the sleepy christmas radio stations' songs.

- turn it up a notch!

I saw them LIVE in concert!! Their music blasted right through my ears, the dazzling and dancing lazer/ light show kept me wide awake while I was left with nothing behind myself! Truth be told, I'd see them again "IN concert" and their music is definitely a winner!! Listening to their music via iTunes is one side of the coin but seeing them LIVE in concert as it all unfolded was dramatically INSANE!

- LOVE LOVE LOVE the instrumental, but could do with out the vocal.

I imensly love the instrumental versions of all the songs, but I really loathe them being accompanied with vocals. It throws off the awesome instromental value. <3 the instomental!

- Oh the humanity!

Oh my gosh, I think this is the best christmas ever!!! If they ever come to your city, SEE THEM LIVE! DON'T HESITATE! Whats funny is that it is May and I just listend to it!

- Pretty Cool

this is the coolest chistmas music i have every heard its not just your regular orchestra its got crazy metal style electric guitar and crazy keybords it pretty sweet

- Amazing.

To be honest, I usually hate classical music, but the way that these guys do it is amazing. I might get to see them in concert, and I'm psyched. The violinist came to do a workshop and perform at my school and it was probably the coolest thing ever; if the whole ensemble is as talented as he is (which I have no doubt that they are), it would be amazing to hear them perform live together.

- This album should be playing on your stereo right now!

This is a fantastic album, especially if you are looking for something that is a bit of a non-traditional approach to traditional Christmas music. Instrumentals range from soothing accoustic to knee slapping, air guitar playing, heavy rock. All ages will enjoy this album.

- I found The Lost Christmas Eve!

I've been a casual TSO listener for a few years but last Xmas decided to buy The Lost Christmas Eve and see them live. I brought my 11 year-old daughter as well, since she is into violin. I'm not sure who enjoyed the concert more. I'm hooked and so is she. We are still playing all of the Christmas songs and probably will year round. This stuff is too good to put on the shelf just because Christmas is over - especially the Wizards in Winter track! TSO rocks all year long!!

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