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According to the Did It Again Songfacts. This is the second single from Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira's third English language studio album She Wolf in all territories apart from the US. A Spanish version of this song titled Lo Hecho Está Hecho was also released.

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Shakira - Did It Again Song Reviews

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- Great


- Needs to go back to basics

Shakira needs her old sound from laundry service days. She doesn't sound like herself. She sounds like she's trying to follow the trend of all this electronic lady ga ga Katy perry stuff. She doesn't need to be Kesha

- An ACTUAL Fan!

This album is amazing, Shakira really knows how to make a good pop masterpiece of 2009/2010! I bought this album the first week of it's release and I love every song on this album! After about 2 years, I still play this album and still can't get enough of it! I'm sorry for the Shakira fans that think Shakira doesn't make good music anymore. This album and Sale El Sol are amazing and most of them would know that if they actually listened to the album instead of reminiscing about Pies and Donde (I love Donde by the way though)!

- Right Album, Wrong Name

When I first heard she wolf and saw the video, I was disappointed at the song and thought Shakira had lost her singing choice (but still had the talent). When I heard the rest of the album, that's a whole other story! I fell in love with did it again and give it up to me. She's got her own style and some pure talent. You go Shakira!

- Best Music

I have never loved music this much!!!

- Nice =)

She sounds amazing on track. Her voice is so unique. However, she's hideous live, but she doesn't care. She's natural and her dancing makes up for it. =)

- Gypsy

The 2 stars I rated this cd for was just for the one song Gypsy, the song that I like. Her songs Gypsy and Waka Waka is what I like hearing from her. Her voice is WONDERFUL but she wastes it on songs like She Wolf.

- Really Good,

I mena, like Men in This Town, sound really good, al cd is good, Shakira always show in english o Spanish what is good

- Auuuuuuu

Oh shakira shewolf is auuuustanding

- she rocks that shakira!!!

this is a great album and shakira is a great writer.way to do it again shakira my favorites by you are gypsy and she wolf.I hope people understand that you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SHAKIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U

- Talented

Really good

- :D

1 of her best songs! <3 it

- ahwwwooooo

I love the Shewolf LP. Shakira is a great artist. I have been enjoying her music since 1998. This is a great example of what on iTunes should be more of. More LP's were we get all the album art work and at a good price. I was lucky enough to purchase this album on sale. iTunes have more sales n more LP's.

- Queen of Latin pop

I just downloaded salio el sol and donde estan Los ladrones they are twoo of my favorite albums this one it's awesome especially mens in this town I love it..)



- She Wolf

Well done, Shakira. This album is wonderful. Unique, with a variety of beats and sounds. Love it!

- Awesome, Shakira Rocks

This album is the bomb. Shakira is ver talented and has a beautiful voice. It's all great, but the best songs are "Give it up to Me", "Gypsy", "She Wolf" and "Loba". If you like this, buy "Hips Don't Lie", "Loca" and "Wherever, Whenever" too. Rock on Shakira!

- yyaayy!

shehas a really distinct voice and its hypnotizing!! i loooove these songs soo much and ive never been a real big fan of her but this is....... WWOOWW!!! lov it


I love this album, and every song on it! I especially love the mix of English and Spanish. Ever since I liked this album, I have loved a lot of Shakira songs! Great album, and you won't get tired of it!!!

- Not her best, but a solid album that's worth the money

When I first heard the song She Wolf I was disgruntled. When I listened to the rest of the album however, I decided that this was a score. I put Shakira in the category of those who have been able to really make compelling pop music like Nelly Furtado. Simply put, she took what other people were doing and just did it better. I don't see why people are being so hard on this album and Shakira's personal metamorphosis through her career. She, like many people, does not enjoy just one kind of music. She likes pop, rock, reggaeton, alternative, r&b, middle eastern inspired, etc. So do I. Why should she only make pop-rock for the rest of her life? Let her enjoy herself and explore. And for the record, you're never going to get Donde Estan Los Ladrones part 2. That work was such a success and such brilliance that it would be hard to top. Much like Thriller by MJ. Sometimes artists hit their best early in their career and it's wacko to think that every single album after that is going to somehow top an album that got like 7 Latin Grammy awards.

- Give it up to me

Awesome song!!!!! 

- Luv it

I luv Shakira's voice it is beautiful!!!so is she. This album rocks

- Haha... I don't get it

WTF,  this song is so funny, it sonde like a robot. I loved hips don't lie as that song really had a Latin flare that made it catchy and sucessful. This, well this is just a weird disco song, and everybody hated the disco era. I heard that she sounds better in Spanish, so why doesn't iTunes release it?

- f

if her a*s wasnt so hot no one would like this wannabe columbian h*e

- Spanish version of Gypsy?

Why doesn't itunes have the spanish version of Gypsy?? I like that one alot better than the english version. c'mon itunes!

- Fun and Upbeat

This album is fun, upbeat, dramatic and just great! I listened to this entire album four times on the way to vacation!!! You wont regret buying ut, or at least a few songs!

- Yawn


- I love this

Shakira I don't know how you do it!!!! In any language you make so many hits!!!!! I will always believe in you

- Gypsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

I'm lovein this right now!!!!?!!!:) ;)

- Tiy

She did it again

- Lord...?

I'm not sure about her any more... I > LOVE < the song She Wolf but... shes a better belly dancer... (The song Men In This Town is ok...ish but... I wouldn't buy this album)

- oh yeah

she is never failing

- The Marvelous Loba

Shakira continues impressing with her musical talent. Many may claim she has become a "sell-out" to the american music industry, but I believe otherwise. She may have stepped away from her rock roots from her first albums, but she remains the same inspirational and relatable woman. Songs not released as singles such as "Mon Amour," where she wishes a terrible voyage to an old love, to "Men In This Town," in which she states the lack of good men nowadays, portray a woman who continues adding a little zest into her music and is not afraid to refresh a genre of music polluted by monotonous dance beats.

- Love it!!

I LOVE this song! It's so catchy and very cool with all of the foreign instruments.

- A Departure

I miss the rock and roll Shaki from her first few CDs, especially "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?" That was a masterpiece I doubt she'll ever top. "Mon Amour" is the closest she comes to any form of rock. I still love Shaki, but this change in direction is frustrating for a longtime Shakira fan like me. Same with her new CD, "Sale El Sol". :-(

- Awesome

I really liked it especially gypsy

- Sexy- Great, the Best ( So far )

OMG Shakira.. Where do i start. This is great. Your single " She Wolf" was breath taking then you knock me off me feet with an album. Dont get me wrong your other ENGLISH album Laundry Service was good.. But this is great. I love the songs: She Wolf , Did it Again, Long Time, Good Stuff, Why Wait, Mon Amour, Spy, Men is this Town and ofcourse Give it up to Me. Shakira isint biting on anyone... And no one better bite on her. Because no one compares so itll be a waste of their time. Shakira got her own stuff.. She PRO. XOXO I love you Shakira!

- she wolf

this is such a good album

- Heck no!

Good singer,but overdoing it on the sexy just a tad...

- Shakira & Selena duet

Love the song Gypsy by Shakira. It is one of my favorite songs right now. Saw Shakira on Wizards of Waverly Place when she sang gypsy with Selena Gomez. There voices sounded so well together. I think they should put out a single of Gypsy. I would buy it. I bet a lot of fans of there's would too. I also saw Shakira on the World Cup concert. She did the best out of every1 who performed. She put on a great show. Love that she did Hips Don't Lie. That was great. Wish i could buy her live performance on itunes. That would be some great tunes to dance too.

- Shakira is awesome

I love the song lo hecho está hecho because to me her spanish songs sound better. Her spanish is natural and sounds great. Now the English songs I like as well. Give it up to me and gypsy and she wolf are awesome. Rock on shakira. Me encanta la canción lo hecho está hecho porque para mí su español canciones suenan mejor. Su español es ad naturales suena muy bien. Ahora las canciones me gusta Inglés también. Darle a mí y gitana y ella lobo son impresionantes. Rock on Shakira.

- Its an awesome cd

I always loved Shakira, She has a wonderful voice. This cd is fun because it is unusual but cool. It has great rythm and great lyrics. Overall wonderful cd and fun to dance to!

- She wolf!

Shakira is fiineee! (;

- bllydncr

Wish Itunes would make her spanish version album available. She always sounds so much better in Spanish. Her English translations are always filled with cliche lyrics.

- Lil Wayne + Shakira= Perfect Sound!

Give it up to me is the best song on this album!! She wolf is decent but the rest r all just a bunch of Spanish songs.. Two thumbs up for Lil Wayne and Shakira!

- Gypsy

I got the song gypsy but when I tried to play it it would not work when I plugged it into my cumputer it deleted the song gypsy by it self

- stupid

all she does is talk she totaly has talent but not much

- she + wolf = AMAZING!!

This is a great song. this album is amazing. i love it and listen to it all the time!!! Definetly buy it!

- ummmmmmmmm..........

ok what's up with the gypsy thing?

- GYPSY!! :)

This song is catchy too! SHAKIRA ROCKS!!! :) IT SAYS THEY SAY NO WE SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!! Stand up for what you want and you have to say something! Give this song a try its great so be a gypsy and listen to it you can't help but not dance!:)

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