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Artist :   Brett Young
Song Name :   Mercy
Video Length :   4:02
Relase Date :   09 March 2018
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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Mercy (Middle English, from Anglo-French merci, from Medieval Latin merced-, merces, from Latin, "price paid, wages", from merc-, merxi "merchandise") is benevolence, forgiveness, and kindness in a variety of ethical, religious, social, and legal contexts. The concept of a merciful God appears in various religions, including Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Performing acts of mercy as a component of religious beliefs is also emphasized through actions such as the giving of alms, and care for the sick and Works of Mercy. In the social and legal context, mercy may refer both to compassionate behavior on the part of those in power (e.g. mercy shown by a judge toward a convict), or on the part of a humanitarian third party, e.g., a mission of mercy aiming to treat war victims..

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  • Mercy

    Cash lover
    Beautiful song
  • Love this video

    His best video yet! He is coming to the music festival in Washington State in August and I can't wait to see him live! Love anything from this guy! Great Job Brett!
  • Mercy

    Beautifully done and so very touching ! I love it. it is a mini movie..
  • Oh Mercy

    AUTiger Fan
    Very nice Brett. Keep the number 1s coming!!!