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Artist :   Illenium
Album Name :   ASCEND
Genre :   Dance
Tracks :   17
Relase Date :   16 August 2019
Country :   USA

ASCEND (Illenium) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Track 1 Illenium 0:00
2. Track 2 Illenium 0:00
3. Good Things Fall Apart Illenium & Jon Bellion 3:36
4. Track 4 Illenium 0:00
5. Track 5 Illenium 4:08
6. Take You Down Illenium 3:41
7. Track 7 Illenium 0:00
8. Crashing (feat. Bahari) Illenium 3:50
9. Track 9 Illenium 0:00
10. Track 10 Illenium 0:00
11. Track 11 Illenium 0:00
12. Track 12 Illenium 0:00
13. Pray (feat. Kameron Alexander) Illenium 4:55
14. Track 14 Illenium 0:00
15. Track 15 Illenium 0:00
16. Track 16 Illenium 0:00
17. Track 17 Illenium 0:00

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ASCEND (Illenium) Album Reviews

  • Amazing

    This is going to be one of the greatest electronic albums in the genre’s history. Just wait
  • HELL YES!!! Come through Real EDM King!

    Justin D. Mitchell
    Like i have said in many reviews on Illenium's music it's always electrically beautiful hehe! so i am so hyped for this album!
  • We already know this is 🔥

    I’m so excited for this to be released, became a huge fan when I listened to his remix of Silence by Marshmello. The first 4 songs + his unreleased song Take Away with the Chainsmokers are already out of this world, and I know for sure that ASCEND will blow away everyone and be one of the best albums that have entered the dance music industry.
  • Thank you amazon music

    Odracir Solava
    I head this artist on the deadmau5 station on amazon music and I instantly fell in love!!! I can’t wait for the full album to come out

Illenium - ASCEND Album Wiki

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