Metal Galaxy (stylized in all caps) is the third studio album by Japanese heavy metal band Babymetal. It was released in Japan on October 8, 2019, with an international release following on October 11, 2019 worldwide. The album was released through BMD Fox Records in Japan, in Europe under earMusic, and elsewhere under Babymetal Records. The band supported the album with the Metal Galaxy World Tour starting in September 2019.

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2. 3:50
3. 2:45
4. 3:10
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6. 4:08
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9. 3:04
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- Weakest Album3 star

In comparison to their previous albums, this is most definitely their weakest one. The only real standout track is Distortion, the rest being decent experimental diversions that lack the signficance to carry the album higher. I feel the loss of Yui and their guitarist, Mikio, impacted their quality quite a bit. In general the reviews on here are a joke. Either blindly giving this album 5 stars despite the drop in quality or are metal purists that continue to berate this band for being "not metal enough." If you are going to review an album, do it right.

- Amazing5 star




- Babymetal!5 star

Their music is the perfect blend of metal, pop, and something else, like dreams. I don’t see why some people give negative reviews when they are so great!!

- Amazing5 star

Honestly, my favorite of their three albums. I like how the first half is the light side and the second half the dark! It's amazing just all the way through

- YES!!5 star

i’m so happy babymetal is releasing music still 💖💖 these babies have amazing voices and i hope they continue on for years and years to come 💖💖

- Best album ever PERIOD5 star

There’s no song that isn’t good on this album. Every single track is amazing all in their own ways. Also I love the fact it’s got all different genres and cultures mixed into it too!!! I give it 1000+ stars out of 5!

- Nice babymetal nice5 star


- Really cool album, I’m impressed5 star

Well done BABYMETAL, with each album you break the glass ceiling and reach new heights!

- Very good, Su’s vocals are killer5 star

Was super worried because of everything that has happened in the past few years but they killed it. If you like having different styled of music being combined this is for you. Have noticed some bad comments but it isn’t for everyone. I love it and in my opinion it gives a new genre that hasn’t been over played on the radio. Love Da Da Dance and really enjoy Brand New Day. Love Su and Moa, glad they have the avengers. Even tho Yui will always be missed. Can’t decide if this is my favorite album or not lol!!

- Good lord this awful1 star

Probably the absolute worst garbage I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to. You got all these losers saying “oh they’re great” “they’re the only good metal band.” Hate to break it to you losers but this isn’t metal! This is recycled bubblegum pop garbage with zero creativity. But please worship these losers all you want. BABY METAL ISNT METAL MUSIC’

- Love it5 star

I love this album!! I miss Yui and her vocals and am sad with the passing last year of Ko-Gami. And through all these challenges what has come out of Baby Metal is an amazing album! The story telling in the videos is wonderful. Shanti Shanti Shanti Is a wonderfully complicated song and video, I love the story telling and craftsmanship, truely great.

- super-duper song!!!!5 star

Song of the year!!!

- Incredible Range5 star

Great album from start to finish. The variety of sub genres mixed with the metal foundation was appealing from start to finish. “Oh Majinai” reminded me of a Drop Kick Murphy’s melody while making me think of pirates colliding in a pub. “Shanti Shanti, Pa Pa Ya, and Kagerou, ” are instant hits that I will never get tired of hearing. “Elevator Girl, Da Da Dance, and Arkadia” tip a bit more to the electronic, Jpop scale but are fresh takes on the genre. A lot of these songs can easily be adapted to intros/outros for anime! “Night Night Burn” was on repeat in my car more than a couple of times it just has a soothing transition from a flamenco guitar and other spanish undertones to the hard but not overbear Kami band. Lastly the song that surprised me the most was “Brand New Day” for the simple fact that Suzuka’s vocals were really evident and unrestricted. She really impressed me, this was more than a typical Babymetal song with short repetitive verses. I do wish Moa had a bit more focus on the album but they all did a fantastic job. It fascinates me how energetic and dedicated the whole Babymetal band is during live performances. Love this album! よくやった!

- 大好き!5 star

The album is a banger from start to finish! I just wish they had left Distortion alone instead of adding Alissa. She’s a great vocalist, but she wasn’t a necessary addition. Overall a great album, great music, and I really hope these girls are still releasing bangers in the future!

- AMAZING5 star

I love anything they release, they literally own me.


There are some songs I like more than others of course, but every song is really great.

- It doesn’t feel like Babymetal anymore4 star

It doesn’t feel like Babymetal anymore, now it just feels like Su-metal featuring friends and there just so happens to be members of Babymetal. The genre experimentation is still great but the thing that made them feel fun is now just gone.

- HELL YES5 star

It's been a long time coming, ending a 3-year gap since their last album. This one was well worth the wait! While the singles leading up to the album's release were all solid, I'm glad that they saved the best ones for release day! My only gripe is that there are a couple more songs on Japan's release that are missing from the US one. I hope Babymetal come back to my state soon, as I'm bummed to miss out on them for this tour!

- Legit5 star

Such a catchy album. Lots of good forays into other genres but also able to deliver on the mainline Babymetal sound. If you’re already a fan the whole album has a lot to offer and enjoy. Definite standouts for me though are Shine and starlight.

- The hell is this abomination1 star

I get that this band is like an anime fan's wet dream, but come on. We both know this isn't metal.

- A new look on metal 10/105 star

All these old fashion metal elitist who I’m sure if you asked what they’re fave bands are would easily say “ cannibal corpse, anthrax, slayer, behemoth,” and so on are so riled up. It still has all the elements that “typical” metal is. 7 string guitars, double bass and some blast beats occasionally, fast paced songs. All while adding a taste of Jpop idol flare to it. And that alone is just such a nice change for the metal community. The album although just shy of an hour long feels like it goes by pretty quickly which I’ll admit does feel like a bummer but at the same time each song is so memorable and different in its own way. This bands come far and is still doing well even with the loss of a guitarist and yui-metal parting with the band. Su-metal and Moa-Metal keep that same energy in this album like they did in metal resistance. If I had one main complaint it would just be to give Moa-metal a bit more time to sing, I love us-metals vocals but moa can also sing really well too.

- 5 STARZ!!!5 star

That’s it! That’s the review!

- Best album yet !!!5 star

This album is very rounded in their own style , if you are looking for hard core metal music ? Move alone this is a combination of metal and several other generes, it takes a complex eardrum to be able to listen to the complexity of this album . Thanks to babymetal for working so hard in this album ❤️❤️❤️

- A Great Departure from the norm5 star

I've listeneed to this album from front to back several times today and I will say it is a great fusion of Metal, J-Pop & K-Pop and a little bit of indian and norsk undertones. The album is up beat and has the right amount go hard and relax for a minute type beats. I'm still scratching my head at to how some of the metal rewivers eliets are saying this is a bad album. Out of the whole album there is only one song I don't particullary care for but even then the song is bad it's just not my stlye.

- After 3 years since Metal Resistance, BABYMETAL are back!5 star

It’s been 3 years since their last album Metal Resistance! Now, they are back and better than ever! This album has many sound influences! “Night Night Burn!” has a Latin vibe and “Shanti Shanti Shanti” has a Indian Bollywood vibe! Overall, a phenomenal album!

- Breathtaking5 star

It’s simply outstanding. The genre variety is very diverse and every song is awesome. Definitely better than the last album and probably the best one yet. The metal and jpop fusion is amazing in every song. Awesome album.

- Truly Beautiful!❤️5 star

This was definitely worth the wait. I’m not the least bit disappointed. This is truly beautiful!

- Mind bending5 star

They always have surprises, this is another fun album!

- BabyMetal5 star

Amazing fusion of kawaii and metal! It’s only their third album and I can’t wait to hear more. It’s their best yet! They’re a young group and they have a long career ahead of them. The future looks extremely bright for BabyMetal!

- Great band5 star

All the people complaining that it’s not metal are pathetic

- Unique5 star

many different types of songs, overall pretty great.

- I miss Yuimetal5 star

But Babymetal still GOAT tho

- Don’t listen to the idiots5 star

Metal elites don’t like the fact that Japanese girls are taking over metal so they write bad reviews without actually Listening. 10/10 BABYMETAL hasn’t made a bad song.

- Awesome!!5 star

This is the best album

- total dab5 star

awesome of course like the last 2

- This is1 star

Pop music not metal !!!

- It’s always something different5 star

How this album differs from the previous album and the previous album being very different than the first album is what has become BABYMETAL’s strength. You’re not expecting the same thing and they keep pushing on with new ideas. So to the metal elitists, they’re going to be holding on strong after a DECADE. It means something is working. Hop on the Fox train.

- 2 discs in one!5 star

If you start listening at the slammin’ instrumental track "In The Name Of" and continue on through to the end of the disc, you will enjoy the complete Babymetal sonic experience you are used to - and it’s gloriously infectious and freakin’ heavy! But beginning from track 1 ("Future Metal") until "In The Name Of" you’ll get a totally different album – one of pure experimentation with each song taking on a different ‘cultural’ rhythm (from Tropicale to drunk pirate metal to a light RnB to…) with heavy guitar mixed in to provide a tertiary link to some kind of metal cred. No other artist could possibly pull off this kind of variety with conviction and that’s one thing that makes BABYMETAL so special; but if you want to enjoy the ‘metal’ of BABYMETAL, start with ‘In The Name Of’ and hit the pit! No matter which 'album' you choose, you're gonna have a BLAST!!!

- This helps me with everything5 star

Like I use to be in a bad place in middle school, when I discovered BabyMetal, my who life changed

- 💯5 star

Love it!

- Babymetal is back5 star


- Their Best5 star

Super cool from the beginning to the end. I just don’t understand why the US Release doesn’t include “↑↓←→BBAB” and “BxMxC” though... Try to get JP import version if you can. As a metal fan, my favorite from this album is “Arkadia”!!!

- Not metal1 star

Stop putting this in the metal category

- Horrible1 star

This is pop...take it put of the metal genre

- Babymetal Reborn!!5 star

As someone who originally wasn't all that supportive of Babymetal. I have since changed my tone. After the tragic death of Mikio Fujioka. I have to come to appreciate the genius in Babymetal's vision. Not only is Babymetal 100 legit & committed to their music. They are now producing some of the best fusion metal I've heard in years. Add to this Su-Metal's outstanding vocals here. Which is especially apparent on Shanti Shanti Shanti. I appreciate now what this outstanding group is bringing to the metal scene. Rock On Ladies!! :)

- New generation of fuse metal pop4 star

Yes, like J-Pop and K-Pop this band put a different spin to the all ladies girl group. Fusion both metal and pop elements like back when both rap and metal were fuse together to form bands such as Rage against the Machine and Limp Biscuit. As for Babymetal you either going to like it or not. I hope one day they do a joint song with Rammstein which would be a awesome mix of both styles of music. Unfortunately one of the original members of the band is no longer with the band but the show must go on with or without them. If any of you know anything about the Japanese band Perfume they had one original member leave the band and to be replace by another which ended up being the staple of the band for a long time. Babymetal will eventually find someone to fill Yuri’s missing spot over time hopefully. I dig the new music they put out on this album and it sounds better than their last album in my opinion.

- look at the metal elitists5 star

LOL look at all the terrible reviews from the metal elitists. Get a grip. This music is innovative unlke the copy paste trash yall been listening to for years

- No1 star

Terrible Music

- So far so good!5 star

Hope the rest of the album is as good as the songs released now, and if so this album will rock your socks off.


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MateFmayumurar15 star

『↑↓←→BBAB』後半🎮 今年の幕張でのLEGEND-METAL GALAXYでは二日かけてアルバム全曲披露という演出だったけどこの曲は演奏されず… 果たしてライブで見れる日は来るのかそしてどんなダンスになるのか楽しみー✨…

Ongaku_jouhou5 star

BABYMETALのライブ映像作品! 幕張メッセ2DAYSの模様を全編収録! セットリストに被り曲が無い形でアルバムを再現するという新たな挑戦に臨んだライブ! 『LEGEND - METAL GALAXY (METAL GALAX…

Meime35 star

(定期/BM確変中) 【音楽・動画】 5.『METAL GALAXY』(2019) 18動画 (2020/06/17更新)  BxMxC  Kagerou #BABYMETAL #SUMETAL #MOAMETAL…

Ranc_arif5 star

@lilmetaldeath: BABYMETAL - METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR IN JAPAN - Photo Book scans: A Thread. (I skipped a few images that were too pixelat…

Mariogman255 star

OK sure Top 5 Favorite Games: 1. Hotline Miami 1 & 2 (they kind of have to be a 2 pack, one is not complete without…

Dustins361217175 star

@chappy_metal: コスプレ衣裳やグッズを トランクルームにディスプレイかー✨ このメギツネちゃん達 METAL GALAXY関連のモノがひとつもなかったけど YUIMETALがいる設定なら嬉しい🍅 初代クラッシュロゴのフラッグ🏴‍☠️ いいなー🦊欲しいなー…

91AKG5 star


Meime35 star

(定期/BM確変中) 【音楽・動画】 4.『METAL GALAXY』(2019) 16動画 (2020/05/25更新)  Distortion  PA PA YA!! #BABYMETAL #SUMETAL…

Otosagasu5 star

直近1週間トップ500を走り続けた売れてる音楽CD 【メーカー特典あり】 LIVE ALBUM(2日目)LEGEND - METAL GALAXY [DAY-2] (METAL GALAXY WORLD BABYMETAL 詳…

Metal_Goddess975 star

@xRebel_Heartx @crownfIair YEESSSS!!! We are gonna be goals !!!! I can't wait 😍😍😍 BEST COUPLE IN THE WHOLE FREAKKNG…

Metarudeath_5 star

@alex_hefner I've watched BABYMETAL's concert 'Metal Galaxy world tour in Japan' amazing performance, u should check it out! #BABYMETAL

Bluemetal395 star

@aTF9G061OC5Ft9x 感動の一助となれて光栄の行ったり来たりでございます☺️ ここが有るからこそBABYMETALのLEGEND ‒ METAL GALAXYが有り、@ onefiveが生まれる訳ですから感謝しか有りません🙏

Yuki_nagase5 star


Meime35 star

(定期/BM確変中) 【音楽・動画】 3.『METAL GALAXY』(2019) 19動画 (2020/05/25更新)  Oh! MAJINAI  Brand New Day  ↑↓←→BBAB  Night Night…

Hontouno_rinne5 star

@chappy_metal: コスプレ衣裳やグッズを トランクルームにディスプレイかー✨ このメギツネちゃん達 METAL GALAXY関連のモノがひとつもなかったけど YUIMETALがいる設定なら嬉しい🍅 初代クラッシュロゴのフラッグ🏴‍☠️ いいなー🦊欲しいなー…

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