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About Circles by Mac Miller Album

Circles is the sixth studio album by American rapper and singer Mac Miller. It was being worked on by Miller before his death in 2018, and was released posthumously on January 17, 2020, by Warner Records.

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Circles (Mac Miller) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:50
2. 3:52
3. 3:29
4. 5:42
5. 3:40
6. 4:16
7. 4:46
8. 4:58
9. 3:37
10. 3:19
11. 5:30
12. 2:40

Mac Miller - Circles Album Comments

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Circles [Mac Miller] Album Reviews

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- Legend5 star

Barely listened to some of this album & wow

- I miss him5 star

I genuinely loved every song on this album and I think it was the perfect send off and will really bring closure to a lot of his fans, I know it did for me. PS: Hand Me Downs might be my favorite song ever made

- Good News5 star

“Good News” is just a great song. 10/10; can relate.

- The only good thing to come out of 20205 star

Nuff said. RIP Mac. Amazing artist gone too soon

- Legacy5 star

Mac’s legacy will always be remembered. RIP Mac



- i love this5 star

i haven’t really listened to mac much, but i really like this album! it’s not so much rap, but chill indie(?) rip Mac Miller❤️

- Masterpiece5 star

Swimming is hands down a one of a kind masterpiece and something to be cherished, And with this sequel circles just shows how much Mac was growing into himself. I will forever love this album and his legacy. ~R.I.P Malcolm McCormick~

- Rest Easy Mac ❤️5 star

This album is so beautiful. Hope he’s better now 😢💔

- Thank you Malcolm5 star

Circles is beautiful. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand what real music is. Wish he had been around to see it through to completion .

- Love you Mac5 star

Can’t describe in words how well this album connects to the ire problems I’m going through

- Best album of the year5 star

Best lyrics// best sounds// best artist// perfect closure// RIP

- Circles5 star

Entire albums has a sweet melody, a real nice over all vibe and a good mix of tunes creating a collaboration of yacht like tunes

- Thank you Mac5 star

Perfect album, thank you Mac Miller

- Wow5 star

My heart break everytime I listen to this album rip mac

- Beautifully Sad5 star

Such a beautiful album and closure to the legend Mac Miller.

- Great album5 star

This is my favorite style of Macs but this isn’t rap

- Wow!!!!5 star

Love everything about this Album!!

- Always A Good Album From Mac! 💛✅💯5 star

We're still missing you, Mac, but for now we got a lot of your songs to vibe to. Thanks for all the lovely memories. #MostDope 4ever! 🙏🏼💛✅💯❤️🌻

- Music⚪️5 star

First album I’m hearing of mac and I’m pretty mad i didn’t get to appreciate this level of music when he was alive.

- Circles vs Swimming3 star

After listening to his Swimming album I feel that he really set the bar high on his potential of creating music. Do I like the music on this album? Yes/no The beats are a bit too much and they seem to interrupt his flow. The beats distract you from what he is trying to say thus making it hard to have a connection. Bottom line it seems like this album was a rough draft. I also think that it could have been just as good or better than Swimming if he would have had more time to listen to it himself and tweak the beat that is fighting his flow.

- Good Album5 star

Perfectly structured thank you for everything

- Best one yet. It hits deep.5 star

This album made me cry so many times, you can get inside Macs head in this one and really see where his mind was before he died. Some are disappointed in this album but if you are one of them then you truly were not his fan. Even if it wasn’t meant to be released that makes it even more raw and honest. His thoughts and words throughout this may not be what he wanted to do with it but it was put together beautifully by somebody that cared about him. This album is hauntingly beautiful because you know these are the last songs you will ever hear from him. I just don’t know how people could hate it, what were you expecting...

- Where’s The Hip Hop/Rap...?3 star

For a Hip Hop/Rap album, there is a conspicuous absence of hip hop and rap. As an album overall, it’s good-to-great. What Mac Miller was trying to convey here is well executed over moody synths and sharp drum kits. Mac’s vocal chops, in my opinion, aren’t sufficiently conditioned for an LP that is majorly singing, but he pulls it off well enough for a cohesive, enjoyable post-humous album. R.I.P. Mac Miller 2019.

- til infinity 🖤5 star

amazing. rest easy malcolm

- GRASSOLEN4205 star


- Incredible. Consistent. Complete.5 star

Circles is an amazing surprise that I didn’t know I wanted. I’ve never listened to Mac Miller before but decided to go ahead and give it a listen...and I was amazed. Can’t praise this album enough. It grabs you and takes you on a consistent journey that is a fresh and welcome getaway from a lot of the noise in music today. Love it.

- Sad Goodbye...5 star

Loved it but it broke my heart. Seems like he already knew he was leaving in some of the lyrics. Like he was saying goodbye in a way. Grateful that his family finally shared a piece of him. Rest in Peace Malcom.

- Circles5 star

This absolutely amazing, we lost Mac Miller just when he was about to evolve into his final form as an artist. He really went above and beyond with these songs, so much emotion and meaning.

- Landeaux5 star

Album was great and greatly appreciated. Yes; it was not like his old music but he wanted to evolve. Respect that. ✌🏼

- Mac is a human being5 star

This music is spiritual. Off the rip this mans spirit. I mean I never even met him and I feel that energy. Out here on the east coat missed him in Charlotte shoulda went with my brother. Or I coulda gotten in the GO:OD am tour. So much of this world is above us. Man killed everything he spit on. Real Facts nothing lesser. Mac an OG professor. SnC

- Beautiful Conclusion5 star

Nothing much more to say. Thank you Jon Brion and thank you Mac for the memories ❤️🙏🏽

- Did He Intend This To Be Released?3 star

Mac is a lyrical & musical genius, but imo this sounds like he was experimenting & messing around in the studio. Idk for sure but this does NOT sound like he made this to be released, but more of a work in progress or experiment.

- I mean do I really need to explain?!?5 star

No need for an in depth explanation we already knew this was going to be greatness even before it came out. Proud of Mac, the team and everyone else who helped put this amazing piece together. Rest in Paradise 💕.

- Beautiful5 star

This album is the closure that we all need to his passing. Good work and Good job Mac, you may rest in peace.

- Miss you Mac5 star




- Classic5 star


- Straight Beauty. Emotional. Deep.5 star

Amazing and can’t stop listening. Love you Mac.

- Wow5 star

Was never really a fan of Mac’s music before. But something about this album is just so beautiful. Rest In Peace

- Love this album5 star

R.i.p Mac

- Best album of all time5 star

Mac has expanded his sound so much with this album and nailed it. It’s a beautiful album from front to back full of emotion!

- Swimming in Circles5 star

came out just in time for a lot of people like myself who found themselves swimming after Malcom’s previous release, only to end up swimming in circles in the “ocean of life”, as Malcom painted it in Swimming. Rest easy King.

- Not feeling it3 star

Gave three stars out of respect. Just not feeling this one. 😒

- Listen. Then, listen again5 star

Then, listen again. This is art, this is growth. Find the lyrics. You’ll understand. Most dope.

- Rip5 star


- Amazing5 star

Had it on repeat since release

- RIP Mac5 star

Mac continues to push hip hop boundaries on this one. A hard listen at times with how vividly he paints his pain knowing that he’s gone now.

- I miss you so much5 star

I miss you so much like u got me through it all man. Love you forever gods speed😝

- Worth it! 🔥🤯5 star

Definitely a 🔥 album! RIP Mac Miller thank you for your music!


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StarscreamSAS - R.I.P.5 star

Thank you !

ish ish slo - So sooth.5 star

Mac...your a legend 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Danni_Dee - Good News5 star

Rip Mac. Thanks for all the killer tunes! 👌👌👌😇💞

Code et jeu - Still perfect5 star

This is a total masterpiece. It’s break my heart to know that he is not here to see how his music help people. Fly high Mac 💓

annoyed 0101 - Amazing ❤️5 star

Love this album. Just a heartbreaking reminder that Mac Miller still has so much left to give.

Bloody Blade LTD - Almost shed a tear on Hand Me Downs5 star

This project made me feel things I haven’t felt in awhile. Huge shoutout to Mac’s family and friends for making this happen. Personally think it’s his best album

Cakiine - 🙌🏼5 star

So good

kcapinoo - 🧡5 star

Love it


One the most talented artists and some of the most incredible music I’ve ever heard comes from this man.. check it out

Bibo418 - the kid will never be forgotten5 star

Love you mac

Aidan's Momma XO - BUY THE FULL ALBUM5 star

This album is so peaceful and put together so beautifully. Well done Mac.

jackgabrielL89 - GOOD NEWS5 star

Love it!

Ihatewhenitcrashes - GOAT5 star

This is truly one of the greatest albums of all time. We love you Mac.

tsog090 - So bad1 star

This album sucks

BabyBoyBalln - Legendary5 star

Couldn’t believe it when I seen it! Only listen to the first song and I already know it’s a classic 🙏 thank you for this your music lives on!

Poildefesse - 😊5 star

Just amazing front to back!

WinniFromPeg - Love and miss you Mac5 star

Amazing, a master piece! The perfect send off, especially with the outro track❤️🥰😭

cohjy - Yes5 star

Second favorite album by mac really great rip

Mbrown17 - So so so good5 star

It’s just amazing ❤️

kbryans13 - ❤️5 star

Amazing as always💗🥺

RobertK. - Why??? This came out??? 😴😴😴1 star

Such a waste of time. There is absolutely nothing good on this album, just a bunch of singing to put you to sleep. Why they put this out is beyond me.

Grizzy94 - Love and Peace ✌🏼❤️5 star

Can’t deny this will be a classic in a couple years. Thank you to Macs family for giving us this!

sammie.ts - we love you5 star


BaxWar306 - ❤️5 star

Beautiful 🙏 Rip mac

CassieDonovan - 💘💘💘5 star

this is all i’m going to be listening to for 2020

Canofbeans1239 - MAC5 star

I KNOW HE WANTED EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY. He was god sent. I hope this album make everyone as content. Wear red.

GooseMcgook - He found such a niche. Rest In Peace5 star

It’s so beautiful to listen too, such an evolution, and I’m glad . Gone too soon, this is just beautiful creation

AngryDude144 - Haunting5 star

This might be one of the best albums be the best I’ve ever listened too

skyla.jensen - beautiful 🥺5 star

listening to this & thinking that this is his very last album.. makes me so emotional. what a legend, gone way too soon. we all miss you Mac, rip ♥️

sirlordivory - 🍉💧5 star

Made Mellon lord cry

401Bayview - Garbage1 star

Blech 🤮

Dr Fakie - Will be missed5 star

Will always miss your music

KPD96 - ❤️5 star

Thanks for everything Mac ❤️ rest easy

PhenixNellight - ❤️5 star

Rest easy Mac 🙏

Syrup on Pancake - One of the greatest of our generation5 star

Haven’t listened to the album yet (hasn’t come out yet) but knowing Mac and Swimming this is going to another amazing album. Listening to Good News at first was hard and ngl I teared up, but it’s a great chill song with real lyrics. I’m excited for the this album but also sad that this could be his last ever. Hope you’re resting in peace and happy wherever you are Malcom. 🕊

Dman995 - Thank You5 star

Your whole life you put your heart into your music. This album showed that your words will always echo even in death. Rest easy now, and thank you.

T.Stone da boi - I will never forget everything you’ve done for me.5 star

Thank you Malcolm, i love you brotha

grosgrasdur - Best day ever5 star

Love u my boy

ssjane - Absolute legend5 star

We will forever need more of this genius.

NikkoNinja - RIP5 star


annalouiseee99 - Beyond words.5 star

Absolutely stoked to have this album completed and opened up to us as one last goodbye to Mac, so perfect. The contrast between hip-hop and strings and classical vibes is amazing and perfectly executed. 🖤

Sm0klnbluntz - Happy but sad5 star

I bought the album but it’s not available in my country?...

Rigby trash boat - Miss you5 star

Thank you for this part of you I will be able to hold onto, forever miss you #92tilinfinity Love you Malcom fly high ❤️❤️❤️

cheeesie - No words.5 star

Love you. 🙏🏼

fhaicyejaoakcjszn - Rest In Peace5 star

Miss you so much Malcolm. We’ll treasure this album with our whole hearts 🖤

LarryDeckhand - Mac come back to earth for one last album5 star

Phenomenal, the perfect companion to swimming but also life, We miss you Mac!

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sitbackrelaxandpuff - Amazing talent5 star

My love of music covers all ages and genres, but have to say this is right up near the top....great album to chill to, a real sad loss!

Renegades09 - It's only February !5 star

Yup it's only February I know but I don't think you'll have a better album in the rest of 2020 ! This record is simply beautiful, deep, melancholic & an artist at his very best ! A must listen.

jasminesussanah - fly high angel5 star

Miss him so much and this fills my heart 🖤🥺

Peach pomegranate - circles5 star

the definition of magic

miafsz - Natalia5 star

Beautiful just like him soul ❤️❤️❤️

RKFoley - Greedy family1 star

His music was and still tragic. And family being greedy is just horrible. Evil people

flipflop32 - AMAZING ♥️5 star

angels live forever, especially this angel. 👼🏻✨ a piece of work never to forget, everything is perfect. thanku malcolm 💞

Majick_L - Beautiful5 star

Another beautiful masterpiece and perfect companion to Swimming, this is Mac at his finest. Raw, melancholy and emotional from start to finish.

Jayb1992 - ⭕️5 star


Jacksoowososksksksk - great5 star

rip to mac #92tillinfinity

rupertbhill - The send off5 star


Adamsid - 5 Stars5 star

I don’t know how to feel about the whole thing, it doesn’t seem right that his record label are using him to make more money now that he’s passed away. That’s the thing about the music industry: they own you and your music, even after you’re dead. It’s a cruel sick money making scheme. You’re never really free. We miss you Malcolm.

Ryan 333 - mac miller5 star

beautiful tribute to someone who was taken to soon

OmzyTheDon - Poor production and tribute to a legend1 star

The Mac Miller family should have gotten someone else to produce this album. The vocals were good but the production was sloppy and lazy. I want to see full production on a Mac Miller album. Never release a posthumous album for a legend of the quality is this poor.

nfhfudnsnshijc - A legend gone too soon5 star

A fitting and beautiful final album from a true legend. Rest In Power Mac Miller. Love you forever.

Sophie belding - The most beautiful tribute.5 star

Mac is a poet, wasnt even nervous i know he smashes its every album. this one hits different though... will miss him always. thankyou for this, you always come through at the right time. Love to his family.

mm49robyn - Godspeed5 star

The best from one of the best-gone too soon

TreeJayPhotography - RIP MAC ❤️5 star

Good news, best album of 2020.

starsailor.m4a - spectacular5 star

Rest In Peace

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DIG3146BOT5 star

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Msomifaya5 star

@Wolfgang_Schmdt Only in some circles 🌚

Belaygee5 star

@braaaaaandie_: It’s the driving around in circles in the parking lot for me 😭😭😭😭

Zheckles5 star

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Anabellaperagon5 star

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StuffByBez5 star

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Virtual_Paris5 star

@pu10e Circles

Velarno5 star

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GSouverein5 star

@ProfJMcLaughlin: Took my son to the park. He was running in circles, flapping with joy. A couple came by & sternly said: "Could you ple…

Glosskooky5 star

@cuddIekoo: #JUNGKOOK: run away, but we’re running in circles

Kiko05155 star

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Ghettobouji5 star

@sgarretteskin: it’s the driving in circles in the parking lot for me

Nafiiye5 star

@sgarretteskin: it’s the driving in circles in the parking lot for me

Baldyamaluvv5 star

@kagult: me looking at ppl’s moot circles to find myself even tho we don’t even follow each other

Joyce_joycey5 star

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