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Honestly, Nevermind (Drake) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Intro 0:36
2.Falling Back 4:26
3.Texts Go Green 5:08
4.Currents 2:37
5.A Keeper 2:53
6.Calling My Name 2:09
7.Sticky 4:03
8.Massive 5:36
9.Flight's Booked 4:14
10.Overdrive 3:22
11.Down Hill 4:10
12.Tie That Binds 5:36
13.Liability 3:57
14.Jimmy Cooks (feat. 21 Savage) 3:38

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Honestly, Nevermind [Drake] Album Reviews

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- Ouch

I love you brother but this is not it. Try again.

- 🔥


- Like…

I don’t like Drake that much, and I never have but I still think Massive changes Drake’s usual swaring love stuff because I LOVE MASSIVE

- Refreshing!

I love the seggsy trance vibe of this album. It's not for everyone but he made a new fan out of me! Give me more like "Tie That Binds"!!!

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


- Love

I love this album! I’m enjoying the dance music forsure. Nice job Drake for something different!

- Amazing

I love this album.

- Trash


- Drippin ❤️‍🔥 Drizzy 💃🏽

Drake is one rapper who could never be boxed in. His music is so diverse it’s speaks volumes to millions. Way to go Drip Drip❣️

- 🗑

This is Drakes worst album. The last 2 songs are kinda the only tracks worth listening to. This album is horrible

- Sam

Love the new album Drake can’t wait for more albums to come in the future you killing it!

- 🐐🗣♿️

Ion make music for n****z that don’t get p***y!

- The best!

I want this album cover tatted.

- Honestly never mind

Honestly it’s not that bad

- Gets worse and worse

Each year…

- -

It’s different

- Gold🔥🔥🏆🌟

Man this album is light years away from original expectations. Beyond phenomenal. I brought every album since “thank me later” and this one my top favorite. Keep going G!

- What a Masterpiece!

Drake is aging like fine wine in the game. One ☝️ of a kind. 🐐. Drake is the game, what Steph Curry is to basketball. They can do all things and we’re witnessing it all. Oh, what a time to be alive. 😊🙏

- Not a finished product

Whoever said “yes, this album is ready for a release.” Lied to you. Fire his/her behind. This album is by far the worst album Drake put out as a finished product.

- Bruh

Drake—what are you doing? Drake needs to stick to rapping. Good attempt at a “dance” album, but no.

- Goated

Great album once you keep playing it over and over again , drake did it again

- Don’t listen if all you like is rap

Overall this album had a good amount of songs if you like the dance genre . If you aren’t open minded and don’t like to dabble with new sounds and vibes don’t listen to this album . But if you do welcome to honestly nevermind ~ Julio

- Absolutely amazing

Beautiful .. every song!

- Not bad


- I Was Quick To Judge

When I first heard this album, I thought it was terrible, but that’s based on his prior catalog and after I noticed it was labeled in the Dance genre, it changed my perception of what he was creating. Very good stuff but that’s hard for artists and entertainment all around to try something out of their routine because we as listeners are shallow-minded and very crappy towards change.

- The idea was there

You have to have the certain mindset and ear to enjoy this project. Meaning that you should get high and listen to it. Not the best drake project, but still enjoyable

- Better Than Expected

Not an amazing album by any means, but I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The lyrics aren’t what you should be coming here for, this album is really about some chill house music, and Drake’s vocals don’t really add much (besides keeping it from getting repetitive and boring) but they don’t make it worse either, he does have a good singing voice that fits really well. From a general perspective the album is maybe a 4-5/10, but if you just let yourself vibe and turn your brain off a lil it’s def a 7-8/10. Sticky, Massive, and Jimmy Cooks are my favorites

- Honestly, It’s Dope

It’s objectively good music. Drake consistently makes good music. Music you can move your hips too. Music that makes you feel happy.

- This is ENERGY!

Initially I slept on this album but I’m just coming off a shroom trip and this gave Gave GAVE!! Kudos to Mr. Drake!

- Seriously?

Is this a joke?

- Why

How does this guy keep finding work? He should eff off to Canada and retire

- The Bigger Picture’s Often Lost On Many

if the album ain’t for you, just say that. or don’t. The Boy is The Boy for a reason. Literally no one’s holding your musical choices hostage.

- Why

He go that hard?

- Always had the best rhythm

Drakes the man for this, proving he makes the best dance, hip hop, rap, R&B, don’t matter, he’s won.

- One of my favorites

I really dig this album

- :AyyLmao:

a disgrace to electronic music. *insert creaking sample on “currents”*. fav / only good track: massive

- 🥜2022 = 2022 WTFs🥜

This album’s release under the “Dance” genre was as despairing as UvsR. 🤦‍♂️👎 💔

- Not the best... At all

A terrible album by no ones truly.

- 👍

This album is different yes, but in a good way. I don’t like every single song, but give drake credit for being versatile. Rapping & singing

- Eh 💀

It’s mid

- Something new

Honestly, it’s about time he touched something new!

- Better than the early reviews suggest

Everyone wants drake to stop doing the same thing until he switches it up and they hating first thing. The more time that goes by the more good reviews there will be. It’s a decent project and worth a listen at least. Y’all have 2 appreciate drake 4 how much impact he’s had on the rap game, this is showing his versatility. Liability, Sticky, Flight’s Booked and Jimmy Cooks are the best ones.

- This album is 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

This album is highly under appreciated but it’s ok people will love it in the long run. Drake did a great job on this and it’s amazing body of work!

- 🤮


- Make it stop

Pls make it stop

- I like this album lol

I vibe with all the songs

- Drake


- 🔥🔥

wow. grt album 😍😍 i love it

- Best album ever!

why u ppl give him 1 star bro. it da best album

- Please!!

Drake needs to put out more slow cuts like Peak, Brand New, etc. All this hypie stuff ain’t cuttin it. He is obviously talented but possibly to involved in too many outside stuff like sports and grand openings with athletes. Come on Bacc my boy…show your TRUE talent…again. EB

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- Ok that’s it

For massive, the most part is “ bip bip BIP BIP BIP” SO ANNOYING like drake can do better probably the worst album yet

- i like it

i dunno, sounds like he had fun on this one.

- Genera Defining Album

Drake has delivered ‘the’ best house-style album of recording history. I am the last person who wants to say this about Drake—he has been brash and prickly, full of bravado like a balloon is of helium, yet—here he is the best. The sounds are so luxe you could get lost in them alone, from the drum sounds to the lush pads. The pop sensibility, R’n’B harmonies, structures, and performance nuances. No other artist has done this. Yes there are call backs to sound devices used in Drake’s hip hop work, like the time stretching and vocoder he uses regularly. The whole package from A-to-Z was formulated to be as good as a big Lindt hazelnut chocolate bar—satisfying with no ‘dry’ moments. Incredible! Nobody has yet done this! Drake—you get the respect. Thank You!

- Fire

Drake is the goat nothing else to say. He lives ahead of us and this is a proof of it. Clean album from beginning to end. Love every song on it. GOAT

- He’s going brain dead

Pull the plug already

- Lazy

Didn’t hit the mark on any of these songs, don’t even sound good in a club or nothin, elevator music

- Awful

Come on bro. Do better

- Drake is dope but it’s time

Time for me to take over

- Improves

Gets better every listen. Not a bad album at all

- Something Different

I Like his versatility as a musician. He appeals to a wider range of audiences. He is not defined by one type of genre.

- Hot mess

This is like a wet cat screaming

- 1 good song

What a disappointing album…smh. Was looking forward to it!

- Honestly, Trash

Not good at all. Probably the worst display of Hip House i’ve heard

- Keep RnB to The Weeknd

Not a good album at all.

- Honestly, Yes Please

Obsessed, exactly what the world needs from Drake rn.

- Drake Album

This album reminds me of this older albums/songs but he is trying something new and now he has #1 album on iTunes chart. We still have to give him credit to give us a lit summer this year because of Covid. Now just sit back, Relax and enjoy the music

- Things are getting’ sticky!

It’s time to break it out on the dance floor! Sticky and Massive outta do it!

- Disappointing

Disappointing album.

- Next Level

Sick…Drake is pushing it forward. House music!!!

- Bad and rushed

This sounds like an album was ordered and written in a day session.

- Uninspired

This is just low effort and boring. I’m all for different, but this ain’t it. All Gordo (Carnage) songs are recycled sounds and the only good song on here is with Savage, even then it’s nothing special. Skip this one

- No No No No No No

Oh Drizzy, what happened to the man who we used to love?

- Just Wait...

I have always been a fan. To be honest I was waiting for a departure. This record is AMAZING! Another one out of the park. Seems like a lot of people aren't fans. Keep listening, just wait.

- yassified bbl drake came to slay

great album to have on during a g*ng bang. anyways, werk divas and happy pride month 💞

- Trash

Tf is this

- Summer Twenty Two

Needed This 🔥🐐🙏🏽

- 🤦🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️

I’ve heard better from Drake but this album isn’t the one.

- Honestly Nevermind…Really

Don’t waste your time listening to this hot garbage.

- left turns are needed sometimes

When you've been a taste-maker for so long you need to shift the game up a bit. This sound is mature.




Fuego 🔥🔥 perfect 4 Summer thx 6ixGod

- Wut

Someone take this album behind the barn

- Meh

Not a fan of R&B Drake

- Whack

Boring and cookie cutter, like everything else he puts out.

- Trash

I’ve heard better on Spotify

- wrong genre

let's get real.This is NOT DANCE. Did someone get paid to say this was pop? Drake will never be a "Dance' singer". Disappointed in i-tunes. Drake is and always will be only "rap" or "hip-hop". He "groan"/moans/and "whispers" too much to be or ever to be labelled "Dance".

- New album

If I’m being honest I’ve seen better from him.

- Terrible

Don’t waste your time or money, every song feels like he put an hour of work into it… and I’d say that’s being generous. This. Is. Not. Drake.

- 🐐

The goat like always.

- Drizzy season.

Comes with heat not even Xmas. Thanks Drake. BOOOM.

- Yessss

A vibe

- Seriously....NVM

What is this Drake? You have to be joking right?

- No


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- @theottheot SHUT TTHE FLIP UP

no one cares

- House Fire

Giving the children the House music we deserve.

- He did it

I have to commend Drake. I didn’t think it was possible to make an album worse than certified lover boy. But he did it! And for that he deserves an award. An album full of lazy dreary beats and lyrical style. What has happened to him? Hasn’t been the same since he started collaborating with future. So no surprise really as he’s utter garbage.

- 🤢🤮

Only decent track on the album is Jimmy cook.. don’t know what drake was thinking with the rest of the songs

- I actually like the change of direction….

I have always felt like the only person who didn’t think Drake was the goat. I never bought his albums even though I love rap/hip hop, Soul R & B. I like the party house music vibe to this album. Its actually cool to change a bit and experience new things and try them. Not 5 star but still a solid 4👏🏼❤️

- Pure Soul

Silky vocals album. Once of his finest yet.

- 🐐

he’s back and doing what he does 🔥🔥🔥

- Trash

Seriously trash

- Everybody is finally woke!

This is the real drake! Not an artist at all

- havent listened to it lol


- Don’t take forever

It’s been forever

- Wow

Greatest album i have ever listened to. Drake is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Love it!!!!

Some chilled drake vibes! Great album

- What a Pile of Sh…

Until THIS horror-show I didn’t think there was a way to hate Hip Hop any more.

- Wack album

This is pure garbage

- DetoxArtWork

Interesting direction for drake on this one. Throwing out a dance genre album. Tbh, I think he just goes with a feeling..and then executes it in the studio. Some of these tracks defo gonna grow on me. Great album to clean the house to.

- Not Bad

All the Rnb lovers going into meltdown cause Drake made a dance album, to be honest its a breath of fresh air this album

- Lack lustre

Very poor songs. Drake literally ruins the beats on most of them. Good music maker but drake just cannot sing.

- This man’s been accused of pedophilia don’t buy his music

Don’t give this man any money he doesn’t deserve it for

- Cleeeeean

There’s nothing he could have done better with album . It’s been my go to album this year . Haven't enjoyed a drake album like this since take care . It’s soppy emotional cheese that we need

- Masterclass

Different but amazing

- Not a hip-hop album but I luv it

All these negative reviews from dumb ppl! If you can’t make the difference between a Dance/house album & a hip-hop/rap album , go see a doctor asap!

- 🤢🤢🤢


- Anthony Fantano: NOT GOOD

Drake said let’s take Too good and make it not good at all, it is sooo bad it makes certified lover boy sound like a masterpiece, he sounds so uninspiring on the record it’s kind of impressive, I’m pretty sure this is a troll album because ain’t no way he was serious when he released this.

- Album is mediocre

I actually waited for this to drop and was excited then it came to listening through it and the whole album aside from ‘Sticky’ and ‘Jimmy Cooks’ is mediocre, techno pop trash songs!! They all sound the same and boring. This has to be the worse drake album he’s released in a long while - just terrible. They all sound like demo cuts that didn’t make Certified Lover Boy. For my peoples in the UK save that £10.99 and go buy a pizza or something 👎🏽

- hes lost it

sad really sad

- Crap

I would rather have rusty nails in my eyes than listen to this crap

- Naaa

Not the one

- Not bad sample

Drake for me has always been a favourite and even when a lot of people was discussing his tracks I quite like some of his newer stuff. Do I agree that I think he’s not trying as hard? 100% he could do so much more however I think from Drakes point of view he no longer needs to put in effort. However from this new material album it’s not bad some songs are down right terrible but from a first effort into dance music some of them are club bangers massive is massive! Down Hill and texts go green really enjoy them, and also wish my name was a lot longer. Overall not bad but with a bit more effort could be amazing

- Loving it 😍

Great album ! I like the dance vibe he’s gone for on this one and there’s not a single track I don’t like 👍 it’s a huge thumbs up from me

- What’s this coming from my ears?

Oh no my ears are bleeding? Worst load of crap I’ve ever heard in my life



- Trying too hard

Beats on this are hard. Drake on them though is an absolute miss - he’s trying too hard. Don’t fix something that’s not broken.

- Meh

I mean it’s not the worst release ever but it’s just not that good is it. Dull wallpaper music.

- Nope

Juvenile lyrics and audio assist makes this a hard pass

- 🐐🔥

goat of rap returns with more fire for the summer

- GOAT Status


- Really?

Honestly, who enjoys the drivel he comes up with. A tune would be nice.

- Wack Wack Wack Wack Wack

Never mind 🤣 save your money

- Nonce


- When I saw this album I should have thought honestly, nevermind

It is what it is

- shut up

its not even that bad🤷‍♀️

- Love

Amazing 😻

- Amazing dance album

People who thinks it’s a flop aren’t opened minded enough to take in something new and appreciate it for what it is. Love some of drakes previous stuff and this new album was a risk that deffo paid off. Gives European dance vibes and every song delivers!

- Nice n fresh

Nice to hear a different sound from drizzy nice and upbeat!! It’s different from the likes off the last few albums and massive is a beat 👍🏻👍🏻

- Sounds like Tekken Character select music

If I wanted to go back in time and listen to music from the greatest fighting game, I would dig up my ps1 and do that.

- Concise and fun album

The first 2-3 tracks take time to grow but once they do this a great listening experience front to back. Personal favourites A Keeper, Massive, Liability and Falling Back

- Meh

Time to retire

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