Michael Jackson - Number Ones

About Number Ones by Michael Jackson Album

In the U.S, it was certified Platinum in November 2005, and according to Nielsen Soundscan sold an additional 227,000 copies through to April 2007. World-wide, the album has sold more than six million copies. A partnering Number Ones DVD was released simultaneously, also to significant success As well as including most of Jackson's international #1 hits, the compilation included one new track: "One More Chance", which was written for Jackson by R. Kelly. The U.S. release also included another track, this time a live rendition of "Ben".

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Number Ones (Michael Jackson) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:57
2. 3:41
3. 4:54
4. 4:19
5. 5:12
6. 4:13
7. 4:07
8. 4:18
9. 4:59
10. 5:04
11. 4:42
12. 3:20
13. 4:36
14. 5:02
15. 4:26
16. 5:33
17. 3:49
18. 2:57

Michael Jackson - Number Ones Album Comments

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Number Ones [Michael Jackson] Album Reviews

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- They don’t care about abused survivors1 star

Stop worshipping this guy

- King of pop5 star


- Love it5 star

honestly beat it, LOVE IT and Omg Thriller and billie jean + all the others= SO GOOD

- Love the cover photo5 star


- Michael Jackson was a child molester. I would like to ask iTunes to remove his music.1 star

Michael Jackson was a child molester. I would like to ask iTunes to remove his music.

- noe alvarez5 star

don’t stop ‘til you get enough 2003 edit 1979 off the wall number ones 2003

- The king of pop5 star

My favorite album of all time. Rip Michael we will never forget you

- Love him5 star

Please don’t remove his music from here those 2 guys are pathetic liars and that documentary is not worth watching

- So good5 star

Absolutely amazing.

- MJ is iconic5 star

The best musics from Michael! #MJInnocent

- King of All5 star

If you’re looking for music that makes you happy and smile, this is it

- Morality matters1 star

His music is great, but he was horrifically flawed. It’s undeniable at this point - he molested young boys. His music should be taken off iTunes. Now.

- Amazing .5 star

He was a amazing guy.i love his amazing moves.he has amazing songs.i think we’re he dances is amazing.

- Michaels legacy will live on.5 star

Michael is so inspirational he’s sexy and he knows it. He’s truly an amazing person p. He loves children. Cares about others. And invented being helpful and kind. We love you Michael. And we will never forget how much you mean to us fans.

- Why hate?5 star

Man all you haters that hate him why honesty he never did anything wrong he wanted peace in this world and his songs and clothes and looks were awesome why do you have to hate him and swear and other things that’s not cool if you really don’t like him that much then don’t make a really mean comment like mature out

- Still The King!5 star

This is the greatest music ever and will always be. All for l.o.v.e MJ!

- It’s pretty good5 star


- YAY!!!!!!!5 star

Just 1 little problem. I know I have all the songs. Yet it would appear that when I go to my music I’m missing Billie Jean. Hmmmmm


Gone Too Soon!

- Success!5 star

The number ones is a great enjoyable album to have because it contains most of Michael’s big hits. This album is perfect for younger/new fans but satisfies any MJ fan. I disagree and the critics who thought this album ‘failed’ with initial sale of 75 million. The tracks evoke nostalgia and I always get positive feedback when I play them around friends and family. ❤️The King of Pop forever reigns

- 😇Michael Jackson😇5 star

He still lives on in the music and he is an angel and I have the music in heart ❤️ to remember him and I love ❤️ him forever

- ❤️ it. Has all jams from his more older work5 star

I remember my mom buying this CD when I was younger, after his death... it was a bittersweet moment and played all the songs immediately, cause I loved him and it so much. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson ❤️❤️😭 1958-2009💕💕💕😢😢😢💕💕❤️

- Classic5 star

love mj for life



- King 4ever5 star

Number ones is really nice and michael was absolutely a true king in music and still he is.

- Legends Lives Forever5 star

Michael's Legacy will go on for a long long time to come, if you think deep of how and how much of a impact he had in all over the world you will realize more than less likely you will live to see someone else like him ever again. Gone Too Soon

- Just buy one more chance if u already have all his material5 star

One more chance is one of his most beautiful songs

- love it5 star

love it

- We wish you were alive right now MJ5 star

He is the best of all peeps! Listen to Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean. He’s in heaven playing his songs. He went through tough times. He died of drugs. Don't take drugs, please! Lets go MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- My rup miss u5 star

Best of mh rest in peace best singer bestie ever

- Nice song5 star

Rip mj your the best

- Amazing!5 star

Love this album and forever will love this mans music!

- ?? !!4 star

Wanna be some thing starting nerede

- AWESOME5 star

Michael will always be the best❤️

- Michael Jackson THE BEST5 star

He will be forever the king of pop no one will ever be able to take his spot! He is a one of a kind wherever he is i hope he is doing good! 💕💕

- Hits5 star

The hits

- Beautiful5 star

Michael Jackson is the King!!


Michael Jackson was truly one of the greatest artists to have ever lived. This album combined lots of my favorite songs that he sang, so this album is amazing. Go buy it.

- Best Greatest Hits album ever5 star

This is the best Greatest Hits/All The Best/Number Ones album ever!!!! If you had to get one album by MJ, I would probably recommend this one. It has all of MJ's best songs and hits, and is my favorite album of all time. Buy this... BUY IT!!! IT'S TRUE MUSIC, ART, AND TALENT!!!!

- 🐐5 star


- RIP MJ5 star


- Praise the Lord!!!5 star

This is the best. Even though Michael is gone. He sure ain't gone no were!! LOVE THIS

- King5 star

of it all



- ..5 star


- Love him5 star

Amazingly genius, never will stop living him

- Best way to get all of Michael's singles!!😍5 star

This is my 2nd favorite mj album,it has the radio version's which is great because ALOT of his songs are long,and is the best way to get almost all of his singles so you don't have to buy them indvedlley. I also recommend Michael Jackson the essential if you want ALL of his singles.

- We miss you Michael5 star

It's like he doesn't want to leave us and he never will. He will be remembered forever and always as the King of pop as the best musician that the world has ever seen and will ever see

- The greatest..5 star

Title says it all..

- Rock and roll5 star

I ❤️ Michael jakson


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Joanne Piper - 🤷‍♀️1 star

My brother LOVED Michael Jackson so much, he would listen to Billie Jean all the time on YouTube. The same video over and over again. I didn’t really care for MJ. I only liked Man in the Mirror.

Fckck - Love MJ Songs!5 star

I don’t believe MJ abused children. Lots of people out there just want fast money. Rest In Peace MJ.2019

Isabel_Bird - Love you MJ5 star

MJ was the best I was not alive when he was but I still love his music. It’s pretty sad that there aren’t any more artists like him. I wish I was alive when he was. This album has all my favorite MJ songs in it it’s great 100% recommend!!!

michael jackson number ones - bad5 star


Sepehr Niaz - The best song in the world5 star

Is the best song in the world and I'm just like it and I'm so sad because he's dead!!!

Thriller Jackson - Worlds best album5 star

Rest in peace Michael, you are and always will be the king of pop

Joy suzuya - love it5 star


Go Lynx - Big Michael Jackson fan5 star

I listen to Michael Jackson everyday and this album regroups all his greatest hits which is awesome. Favorites are Beat it and Bad

Smush!! - R.I.P MICHAEL JAKSON5 star

I am a big fan of mj and the 6 years i listened to his music it touched my heart and inspired me. MJ's music was amazing and it is still truly amazing to see ppl from the 21st century rocking out to his jam. Michael jackson was sent to a wonderful place and he was and always will be my inspiration and the king of rock

RyanLightman - great5 star


Jennajoan - Impersonating Micheal Jackson1 star

In my opinion I prefer the Original version of Micheal Jackson and not this one.

331836 - Awesome collection5 star

Note to the editor: Say Say Say was Paul McCartney's song. Why would it be included on a collection of MJ's hits? Do some research!

Lynn Baron - Michael is the best singer you'll ever hear5 star

Michael is the worlds best singer. You will never find anyone so talented😍😍😍 all his songs are amazing, especially Billie Jean. WOW😍😍😍😍

Cool LLJ - The King5 star

Greatest entertainer, singer & dancer of all time! Nobody beats his voice & talent!

Fallasamana - 100% 5/55 star

I can't believe the king of pop died, because of Dr. Conrad Murray!!! He is truly a star!! His moonwalk made me 😧!!! I honestly think Dr. Conrad Murray should be in prison for life!!! PS. Michael Jackson u are my 1 BEST, AMAZING, TALENTED AND CREATIVE singer.... Some songs I like are Billie Jean, Thriller, and SMOOTH CRIMINAL. U have to listen to that song!!!!!!💜❤️

natsrose - disappointed3 star

for the past few years I have listened to this album over and over. And I have known it was wrong the entire time. But tonight, for more reasons that I just don't want to bother explaining, I got really annoyed. I have 18 songs, but my playlist is NOT what I purchased. songs 6 through 18 are not the same as listed in the purchase. Heck, they're not even the same as the title in my playlists! When I choose #6, which is said to be "I just can't stop loving you", I hear "Human Nature". At #15 where I should hear "You Rock My World", I hear "Suzie got your number". The rest of the songs are not in order. And the two songs missing completely? My all time favorite "Man in the Mirror" of course, and also the live version of "Ben". I recommend making your own playlist. Now that I've had to spend MORE money and buy the song I truly love. ... annoyed

Cola liker - R.I.P MJJ5 star

You were always the best when u were alive but u r still the best though and now when I listen to the songs, it makes me feel like singing until I master one song. We will always remember you

Zepnos - R.I.P. MJ5 star

He has that voice that will never be replicated by anyone, I believe we all hope he moonwalked to heaven. He is still on the top, and always will be up there. Incredible album, and an amazing man. Rest in peace Michael Jackson.

Angel love! - R.I.P MICHEAL5 star

Best album I love you micheal! 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

AishaYonis - Amazing5 star

Still listening to him in 2013, his music will live forever, I love you mj

DanyelO28 - If your doubting of getting this dont5 star

RIP I find it horrible how now there are a lot of people that are saying that MJ touched them wrongly when they were little. I can't even imagine MJ doing that. MJ we miss rest in peace ......


Michael Jackson's artistry at his best. Of course, his albums are ALL pure gems of contemporary music, but this is a good compilation : You will notice his incredible voice and various tones; his genius composing unforgettable songs; his pure creativity in his lyrics. His songs touched hundreds of millions of people around the globe, and was part of the soundtrack of our lives. Michael Jackson was a true cultural force, an icon, a legend: This compilation is surely something you will enjoy listening to...and make you realize how much we miss the greatest entertainer of the world.

Mj fans forever - Michael jackson5 star

Michael jackson i love you so much and i miss you You always in my heart <3 .

blabbyhappy - Best music ever!!!!5 star

I'm your biggest fan MJ

MjMichaelJackson - MJ forever5 star

I love u MJ you'll always be in my heart forever❤

1234me15 - Great!5 star

But first of all, I can not BELIEVE that people have the gut to give possibly the Worlds most talented and popular pop star (if you can even call him that) one star. Are you out of your minds?!?! He was beaten as a child! He was messed up by his father!! Do you not see? He just did not know how to live a normal life!!! His father would BEAT HIM because he knew he was going to be the most successful out of the Jackson Five. And just for money. Its not his fault that, maybe he is a bit messed up. That does not change the fact that he is freakishly talented! Maybe you're not the biggest fan of his music. Can't you at least appreciate that he was gifted, and probably worked harder on his music than anyone ever has?

Nick534862 - Rip mj5 star

Mj is the best. he broke many records and if he was still with us life would be better than it is now

Brendan Martel - Brendan5 star

Il always Mis you dad

Gouldon Yussuf - MICHAEL JACKSON5 star


westcoastboi - Pricing issue5 star

Why is this album in the Under $8.00 section and it's priced $9.99??

Ben7552 - R.I.P King of pop5 star

R.I.P. His music will live 4ever

Omario9999 - Number ones5 star

Just Purchased this MJ's "Number Ones". Loooove it, and still can not believe MJ is gone. What a star!!!

wimpher - Perfection just because it's Michael Jackson5 star

Moreso than Elvis and even moreso than the Beatles, Michael Jackson was the BIGGEST music icon the world has ever seen. He broke every music record in what seemed to be just over the night. One thing is for certain...Michael Jackson only comes around ONCE. There will never be anyone like him again which pains me even moreso that the media and greedy people of the world ruined his reputation and cut his life short. This Is It was supposed to be my first MJ show that never came to be. But hey, let's be positive and concentrate on the AMAZING music! Yes, this is MJ so I'm gonna give it 5/5 no matter what but considering I have been his fan for close to 19 years now I will tell you he had FAR greater songs in his catalogue than what are featured here. To ALL the new listeners out there PLEASE go check out his greatest masterpiece "Who Is It" off the Dangerous album. Then there's "They Don't Care ABout Us", "Stranger in Moscow", "In The Closet", "Give In To Me" (heck, ANYTHING off his masterpiece Dangerous is some of the greatest music of all time!) But hey, MOST of the good stuff is intact so the emission of those tracks doesn't kill this amazing compilation. Michael Jackson was perfection - he danced, he sang, he wrote music, he acted, he composed, he wrote poems, he helped people, he drew art, etc - he did it all and did it so amazingly well. The greatest entertainer....period!

hghgdh - Farewell, MJ5 star

Farewell, MJ. I was never a fan while he was alive, but I just finished watching Megamind and at the end people are dancing to the song"bad" and I really liked it, so I asked my mom who was singing it and she said michael jackson. I looked him up on itunes and i am listening to it now. Once again, Farewell and RIP to Michael Jackson.

Apka75 - Still the best after all these years if listening ... Can't beat MJ!5 star


Cutie3515 - I love u!5 star

From your biggest fan Thomas Doiron

Branson9999 - R.I.P M.J5 star

The best album out their truly these are the number ones. Man in the Mirror is the best song by FAR and it really says a lot.

Allioopy awesome - Truth5 star

O.K. I'll tell u the truth, when he was alive I didnt like his songs, but ever since he died i love him and his songs!!!!!!! Their awesome. I now wish he was still alive and was making more music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hydronoid - Weird3 star

Lots of these songs don't sound like jakson

Jonathanshep - Yes5 star

I totally agree with heather

Jacom.m.Crouse - R.I.P5 star

Gone To Soon :-(

veronica.mac - <333 loooovee this album5 star

RIP Michael Jackson. Your music will always live on.

Superadi - Great deal and you rock MJ!5 star

M.Jackson was an amazing man,he created so many great songs.He may not be alive but his music lives on forever. Rest in peace Michael

Triple Y - One of the best artists of all time5 star

Enough said. One of the only CDs where I enjoy almost every song.

Catzrock333 - Loving his music FOREVER!5 star

At the beginning of his career, he was cute, talented and smart. But as he got older and richer, he used his money for not so great things. I like almost all of his songs, and now that he's dead we have no reason to dis him. Pay some respect to one of the most talented men of all time!

Butterfly kisses1012 - R.I.P michael jackson5 star

Why did you have to die Michael, I was such a big fan of yours. I will always love you :)

reinaldo botelho - .....wow1 star

You guys need to get over this talentless dude

Mixer360 - I love MJ5 star

I love you MJ you're the best Man of music

CVirus - Why!?!5 star

Why did you have to die!?!? Music has died with him! Music these days is horrible! Songs about sexual behavior and stuff like that! If MJ was still alive, music would still be alive!!

Sevenislands - I LOVE YOU MJ!!!!!5 star

He is my 1# Idol!!!! Long live Michael Jackson! Rest in peace my friend. So sad he died:( I love every song and mostly thriller! Oh and ge see the ghost vidio it's so cool! ( by the way "ghost" is a song by MJ! ) I LOVE YOU!

Forensicgoth - Seriously?5 star

Don’t worry I actually found it >.<

Jo the animal lover - Amazing5 star

Michael Jackson is so talented I'm so sad that he is dead:c Michael Jackson is awesome

Eppycool - The best in the world5 star

Michael Jackson was the best

Great guy ever - Michael Jackson5 star


GO MAMMA MIA MAD!! - Number 1's of a true king of Pop forevermore. R.I.P5 star

These are some of Michael's best songs, and as much as people like to hate on him for his allegations, he did a lot to heal this world and bring peace and understanding through music. We can't deny it, he will always be a true icon, who made truly awesome music. R.I.P MJ, hope you're jammin up with the angels forevermore.

Nejaims - Great4 star

Trip down memory lane.. All the hits you want to hear.

Am!!n - Awesome song5 star

Da best

Australian Kazakh - The best5 star

I luv it

Haydow96 - Hero5 star

I love you so much mike. Would do anything to have you back here :( <3

BSyiuprD - Michael Jackson5 star

Michael Jackson I Bought That Album And I Love It

Sneezo001 - forwards is the way ................./5 star

feel and heal what a goal !

VladimirPaskovich - Why?4 star

Why has Blood On The Dance Floor been removed? Terrible idea iTunes. It was part of the original release so I don't see the point of getting rid of it. It was underrated enough already, why get rid of it altogether?

Watea - michael jackson is cool5 star

MJ is cool

dest1223 - I love Michael Jackson5 star

I love u curse that man that gave u drugs I miss u couisn


2013 and still and always will be listening to mj every single day! Legends never die <3

Coolkidechloeniddrie - Michael Jackson bad song5 star

Is a good song

Target on head - Totally amazing5 star

These songs represent the king of pop how great he was and his songs are meaning full

Dylziinerd - 👌Perfection.5 star

This album has the favs, and a few tracks that I hadn't heard before! 5 stars Michael, 5 stars

Marcus.S - Michele Jackson's album5 star

Michele Jackson's album is great because it is filled with lots of Pop and his songs are the best songs I have ever heard in my life. did you know that Michele Jackson is the king of pop. Isn't that brilliant.

Melon6910 - I'm rating this 5 stars5 star


StrangeCupcake - Michael the legend.5 star

This deserves more than 5 stars. Michael's a legend, a true artist, with real music. Meaningful lyrics and great melodies. He is truly the King of Pop. He had everything- a voice, dance moves and a legacy like no other. There'll never be anyone that can do the moon walk like him.♥♥

Taken4221 - ...5 star

But I am speechless

JasonRVD - Amazing! Perfect5 star

Freakin amazing! MJ is the best entertainer ever he wrote and co produced 99% of this album too. The guy was simply a genius and a great person this is truly a masterpiece

SnowyCBR - Great M.J5 star

Great classic pure music

Captain Lex - Pure music5 star

He may of died but his amazing music can live on forever R.I.P

Peter Johnstone - Mj5 star

Awesome!!!!!!!! Totally recommend this album! : /)

Purple Cookie Monster 5 - :0 :0!!!!!5 star


jhjm - Murray5 star

Thanks a lot Murray I mean he doesn't know CPR and he's a qualified doctor what an idiot

Gorge Jansen - Number ones2 star

U2 are better than that

kiani96 - Legit king of pop!!!5 star

Oh Michael you have the best songs in the world! Why did you have to go??? We all love and miss you! R.I.P King Of Pop!

SueJolly - Mj legend!5 star

Michael jackson was and still is a legend!!! His albums are amazing and have the BeSt hits :) Everyone should buy this! RIP MICHAEL

Skylersnan - Earth5 star

All your music is the best, some just touch the heart so much more. R.I.P my love, may you find peace, in the afterlife. Godbless you Michael. Xoxo

Corey.button - King Of Pop5 star

To me this is the best music ever!!

Jenzomenzo - The best music ever.5 star

This is the greatest music I've ever heard. I am definitely going to make my kids listen to him and keep his legacy alive.

smexxi - mj rox5 star

great dancer, graet singer, graet writer, sexy, gentle, funny now what more could u ask for buy this and love the miricle of the best gift from god RIP i<3u mj

Tha awsome 1 - Michael=freaken awesome5 star

MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beep bap - MUST HAVE ALBUM5 star

This album is totally awesome for all you Michael Jackson Fans Out there!!!

Green Day BMT - Good4 star

He may not be my favorite but he will always be the king of pop and bieber never will be R.I.P mj

Yourkidds - mj3 star

gay not gay he still a good singer

Crepsley91 - FANTASTIC5 star

A beautiful album to remember a life lost. RIP Michael.

Lulu hippo - Awesome!5 star

OMG how cool is Michael Jackson! To me he is and always has been an awesome artist and the video clips are amazing all I can say is WOW!

hi :) :/ :) - Smooth Criminal5 star

I bought smooth criminal have played it about 100 times and still not nearly bored RIP M.J

timeangel13 - The perfect singer5 star

His songs shook the world, his videos supreme and his dancing was some of the best in the world. More people now realize what a legend he was. Bless you, Michael.

Little Miss Fuzzy - Phoebe5 star


burch4 - mm5 star

yeah alright his music is good but half of michael jacksons current "fans" used to call him a fruit loop. now he's dead there would be murder if anyone said anything bad against him and all the people saying "what a nutter" when he was alive are now saying "oh yeah he was a top bloke long live mj". not true fans. half of them wouldnt even know most of his songs.

Golly Molly - Brillant5 star

Great! Pure MJ!

bec-em - Great Album4 star

This is my second favourite of Michael's- The essential Michael Jackson beats them all. RIP dude, you brought peace to the world.

Farahcollins - Mrs.5 star

Great album! RIP MJ.

Beauty Queen!!!!!!! - The king of pop5 star

Michael Jackson is a legend, and the king of pop :) R.I.P Michael.

luv4music4eva - OMG-I CANT BELEIVE HE'S GONE!!!!!!5 star

bye-bye Michael you will be missed by all-for a lot of different reasons and in a lot of ways-R.I.P =(

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lula0009 - Greatest artist of all time❤️5 star

Incredible album with all time classics. King of pop always and forever!

ringdimg - Smooth music5 star

MJ is epic and that is why he probably went to epic Records instead of emi or capitol

J4CK GALLO - Class5 star


Stevie33glasgow - MJ5 star

So now we hear he was the definitive “smooth” criminal. Life imitating art.

Lukeyqwer - Wow5 star

Wow. Amazing album!

Zennyyohhh - King Of Pop!5 star

i love his music so so so much and he is one of the most generous people ever, he truly deserves every ounce of respect that there is in this world

benjaminleem91 - Facts don’t lie5 star

Legend Michael always will and always will be .. your music shall never die may you rest in peace ✌🏻.. albums and absolute masterpiece but sooo many other grand hits he has done 🇬🇧

unoccupiedirl - truly the best compilation of greatest hits ever5 star


Rubyyy! - King of Pop5 star

Best Artist Everrrr

Sa4540 - Gwan MJ you LEGEND!5 star

Absolute legend!

kokopopssss123 - MJ5 star


ZootopiaJudyHopps - the one and only 💗5 star

rest in peace michael, we love you and miss you. no damn mockumentary will ever ruin your legacy, the future generations will learn and admire you for all the good you did for us.

mj is innocent - Legend5 star

Absolutely superb. Innocent, lying money grabbing people can’t bring him down

killthedevilinme - Remove it1 star

Paedophiles don't deserve to have music on iTunes, or anywhere for that matter

Afro Berny - Best Album ever made.5 star

Two words - A masterpiece.

Wezzi 85 - Ummm1 star


Fitboi69 - Wow!5 star

Wow, wow, wow! Need anymore be said about this compilation. The best songs ever written sung perfectly by none other than the KING OF POP! Btw Earth song was a number one for 6 weeks in the uk, get it right iTunes!

jefffffffyyyyboiii - amazing5 star

Love it

Im reviewing📱 - great ( prehears )😀😃😁4 star

I rate this 4🏅because the "prehears" are great 👍 to listen to before buying the album but ✋️lots of people are questioning the cost of the HVM my example is from the other comments it's too expensive 💰💸!!!

Rick kon baker - Most overrated artist ever1 star


gumnasticsbee😂 - 💖 love5 star

I love 💗 MJ I grow up with MJ 🎵 music😍😍😍😍😍😹😹😹😹💖💖💗💗💗

YummyMummy!! - I5 star

I love you Michel Jackson forever

Reece pavey - Best album ever5 star

I love Michael Jackson and all his songs

zerocools - The king 👑 of music 🎶5 star

Michael Jackson music will always be in side me for ever RIP 🌙 WALKER 🚶😂😇

Applehead1. - Number ones5 star

The King Of Pop will Always be Number 1🎵 King of everything🎵🎵💙

Dan de Guy - Good But...3 star

It's a good album don't get me wrong. Not what I usually listen to but it is expensive when in Tesco it's only £3 too. Why is it so expensive on iTunes, Apple?

Bossbullit - no matter what he done5 star

no matter what hes done true or false. this man was king of pop made use love his music he will be the best singer dancer in my eyes for the rest of my life im 29 years old ive been brought up with his music and i still listen to his music in my car blasting :-). i even sang the way u make me feel in sainsburys to my lass wen it was not busy i was shouting and dancing the way he did it in video hahaah i love it :-). im buying this now to add to my store :-)


Why! Why did he have to DIE!+I love it!

CharlesWilliam93 - Where's Human Nature?4 star

This has been omitted for some unknown reason but is included on the retail version in place of Ben?

blueparis - You are not alone💔5 star

I had this at the funeral of my mother this year,I'm so glad that Michael was such a amazing singer,💔😢✨

talent1234567891011121314 - michel5 star

best album ever heard even thought it is old

Warric lover - LEDGOND5 star

This man has made history

Jokemapopx - Number Three maybe?3 star

He's amazing as a dancer, great singer but never an Elvis nor a Beatle I fact not even a Stevie Wonder or Macca. Shame he's gone though.

Swh-pmh - LEGEND 🎵👑🎧🎤5 star

Love this album, Love MJ. A true legend!!! R.I.P king of pop

Muncie111 - Amazing5 star

I bealive Michael and enrique inglesias are best pop stars in world I would recommend both albums but this is Michael were talking about amazing

14Cromwell14 - Incredible being5 star

A gift to the world with a simply incredible talent. But I'm annoyed this album doesn't contain 'Earth Song' and 'They don't really care about us', those are great tracks which certainly belong in this album, going to have to buy that separately. Other than that, full of masterpieces.

Jackson's no.1 fan - Sick5 star

Feels like the king of pop is still alive

Polar bratty - Love it!5 star

Love all of these songs,great selection,great album x

Alexander177 - It's not about the money!!!5 star

Everyone saying about HMV is cheaper, I personally am reviewing MJ's pure amazing voice, although he has passed, we will spend money like this for an album from YEARS ago today! I think that in itself is what makes his music iconic not to add HIM! Amazing man, singer and inspiration R.I.P King of pop

Amz-rox - King of pop5 star

Love this album very much all the greatest hits of the king of pop love you michael ! <3

Tilly asdfghjkl - Perfection5 star

Everything about him is amazing; the music, the dance and Michael himself<3 miss you so much R.I.P 💕💕

thankful fan. - He's not king of anything!1 star

To TKZVII...Seriously, how can you think, let alone mention you think this person is on a par with The Lord JESUS....This WRONG on so many levels!

Oxfordgrace - King of pop5 star

The best music you could ever have in the world it's worth £6000000000000000 no joke it's great

JamesEdw313 - Michael Jackson is epic5 star

Best £5 I've ever spent

Noah100000 - I love it5 star

This is the best album ever Woohoo Wait to go michjakson

R10BCO - You been hit a smooth criminal5 star


Ang3!a - 😔😔4 star

Didn't receive Liberian girl thought that was on album!

Tinkerbell~2000 - Legend5 star

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson ''king of pop" was the best ,performer,singer,entertainer,dancer and this album sums up everything !!!!!!! He was and always will be a legend !!!!!! R.I.P MJ

John Robbo - Amazing5 star

And always will be

Ian Maxwell - Not all Number 1s3 star

How can you have a No. 1s album , when not all the songs were number 1s

Dave0587 - #15 star

Still #1

Maidmarianne2882❤ - The BEST of all times5 star

All the greatest songs from the one and only greatest star MJ

roken2014 - maninthirror5 star

the best!!!!!

gemprncss - We miss you!5 star

Legend lives forever. We love you michael!

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Number Ones Wiki

Number 1s, #1s or Number Ones may refer to: A type of greatest hits album in which all or most of the songs were number-one chart hits. Among them are: Number Ones (ABBA album), 2006 Number Ones (Bee Gees album), 2004 #1's (Destiny's Child album), 2005 Number Ones (Janet Jackson album), 2009 #1's (Mariah Carey album), 1998 #1's (video), the related DVD by Mariah Carey Number Ones (Michael Jackson album), 2003 Number Ones (video), the related DVD by Michael Jackson Reba #1's, an album by Reba McEntire Number 1's (Prince Royce album) #1s... and Then Some, an album by Brooks & Dunn Number Ones (TV series), a Canadian music-video program The Number Ones, an album by the Beatles

pop michael jackson albums I own 80s soul listen Number Ones Number Ones album credits Number Ones album songs

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