Michael Jackson - Number Ones

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Artist :   Michael Jackson
Album Name :   Number Ones
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   18
Relase Date :   14 November 2003
Country :   USA

Number Ones (Michael Jackson) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson 3:57
2. Rock with You Michael Jackson 3:41
3. Billie Jean Michael Jackson 4:54
4. Beat It Michael Jackson 4:19
5. Thriller Michael Jackson 5:12
6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Sied.. Michael Jackson 4:13
7. Bad Michael Jackson 4:07
8. Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson 4:18
9. The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson 4:59
10. Man In the Mirror Michael Jackson 5:04
11. Dirty Diana Michael Jackson 4:42
12. Black Or White Michael Jackson 3:20
13. You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson 4:36
14. Earth Song Michael Jackson 5:02
15. You Rock My World Michael Jackson 4:26
16. Break of Dawn Michael Jackson 5:33
17. One More Chance Michael Jackson 3:49
18. Ben Michael Jackson 2:57

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About Michael Jackson - Number Ones Album

In the U.S, it was certified Platinum in November 2005, and according to Nielsen Soundscan sold an additional 227,000 copies through to April 2007. World-wide, the album has sold more than six million copies. A partnering Number Ones DVD was released simultaneously, also to significant success As well as including most of Jackson's international #1 hits, the compilation included one new track: "One More Chance", which was written for Jackson by R. Kelly. The U.S. release also included another track, this time a live rendition of "Ben". ..

Number Ones (Michael Jackson) Album Comments

Number Ones (Michael Jackson) Album Reviews

  • Michaels legacy will live on.

    Michael is so inspirational he’s sexy and he knows it. He’s truly an amazing person p. He loves children. Cares about others. And invented being helpful and kind. We love you Michael. And we will never forget how much you mean to us fans.
  • Why hate?

    maui ohana
    Man all you haters that hate him why honesty he never did anything wrong he wanted peace in this world and his songs and clothes and looks were awesome why do you have to hate him and swear and other things that’s not cool if you really don’t like him that much then don’t make a really mean comment like mature out
  • Still The King!

    This is the greatest music ever and will always be. All for l.o.v.e MJ!
  • It’s pretty good

    jacob satorious is gay
  • YAY!!!!!!!

    The Tickler 85
    Just 1 little problem. I know I have all the songs. Yet it would appear that when I go to my music I’m missing Billie Jean. Hmmmmm

    Gone Too Soon!
  • Success!

    The number ones is a great enjoyable album to have because it contains most of Michael’s big hits. This album is perfect for younger/new fans but satisfies any MJ fan. I disagree and the critics who thought this album ‘failed’ with initial sale of 75 million. The tracks evoke nostalgia and I always get positive feedback when I play them around friends and family. ❤️The King of Pop forever reigns
  • 😇Michael Jackson😇

    He still lives on in the music and he is an angel and I have the music in heart ❤️ to remember him and I love ❤️ him forever
  • ❤️ it. Has all jams from his more older work

    I remember my mom buying this CD when I was younger, after his death... it was a bittersweet moment and played all the songs immediately, cause I loved him and it so much. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson ❤️❤️😭 1958-2009💕💕💕😢😢😢💕💕❤️
  • Classic

    love mj for life

Michael Jackson - Number Ones Album Wiki

Number 1s, #1s or Number Ones A type of greatest hits album in which all or most of the songs were number-one chart hits. Among them are: Number Ones (ABBA album), 2006 Number Ones (Bee Gees album), 2004 #1's (Destiny's Child album), 2005 Number Ones (Janet Jackson album), 2009 #1's (Mariah Carey album), 1998 #1's (video), the related DVD by Mariah Carey Number Ones (Michael Jackson album) Number Ones (video), the related DVD by Michael Jackson Reba #1's, an album by Reba McEntire Number 1's (Prince Royce album) #1s... and Then Some, an album by Brooks & Dunn Number Ones (TV series), a Canadian music-video program The Number Ones, an album by the Beatles.