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Best Alan Silvestri Albums

1Stream & download Back To the Future, Pt. III (Original Motion Picture Score)Back To the Future, Pt. III (Original Motion Picture Score)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 29 May 1990
2Stream & download What Lies Beneath (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)What Lies Beneath (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$10.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2000
4Stream & download Allied (Music from the Motion Picture)Allied (Music from the Motion Picture)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 18 November 2016
5Stream & download Pinocho (Banda Sonora Original)Pinocho (Banda Sonora Original)$11.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 08 September 2022
6Stream & download Dutch (Original Motion Picture Score)Dutch (Original Motion Picture Score)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 05 May 2017
7Stream & download Night At the Museum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Night At the Museum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2006
8Stream & download The Abyss (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Abyss (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 15 August 2011
9Stream & download G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2009
10Stream & download Pinocchio (Original Soundtrack)Pinocchio (Original Soundtrack)$11.99Genre: MusicalsDate: 08 September 2022
11Stream & download Alan Silvestri at Film Fest GentAlan Silvestri at Film Fest Gent$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 23 October 2015
12Stream & download FernGully...The Last Rainforest (Original Motion Picture Score)FernGully...The Last Rainforest (Original Motion Picture Score)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 31 March 1992
13Stream & download Mouse Hunt (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Mouse Hunt (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$13.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1997
15Stream & download The Croods (Music from the Motion Picture)The Croods (Music from the Motion Picture)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2013
16Stream & download Ready Player One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Ready Player One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$13.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 30 March 2018
17Stream & download Richie Rich (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Richie Rich (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$7.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1994
19Stream & download Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$11.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 26 April 2019
20Stream & download Van Helsing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Van Helsing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 04 May 2004
21Stream & download Volcano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Volcano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1997
22Stream & download Back To the Future Part II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Back To the Future Part II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$7.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1989
23Stream & download Pinóquio (Trilha Sonora Original)Pinóquio (Trilha Sonora Original)$0Genre: SoundtrackDate: 08 September 2022
25Stream & download The Walk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Walk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$10.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 25 September 2015
26Stream & download The Mummy Returns (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)The Mummy Returns (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)$7.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2001
27Stream & download Young Guns II (Original Motion Picture Score)Young Guns II (Original Motion Picture Score)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 20 July 2018
28Stream & download Welcome to Marwen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Welcome to Marwen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 21 December 2018
29Stream & download The Back To the Future TrilogyThe Back To the Future Trilogy$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 20 September 1999
30Stream & download Red 2 (Original Score)Red 2 (Original Score)$7.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 16 July 2013
32Stream & download Avengers: Infinity War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Avengers: Infinity War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 27 April 2018
36Stream & download Beowulf (Music from the Motion Picture)Beowulf (Music from the Motion Picture)$14.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 12 November 2007
38Stream & download Voyages (The Film Music Journeys of Alan Silvestri)Voyages (The Film Music Journeys of Alan Silvestri)$0Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1995
39Stream & download Forrest Gump (Original Motion Picture Score)Forrest Gump (Original Motion Picture Score)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 August 1994
41Stream & download The Witches (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Witches (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 23 October 2020
43Stream & download Father of the Bride (Music from the Motion Picture)Father of the Bride (Music from the Motion Picture)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 12 December 1991
44Stream & download Contact Soundtrack (Music from the Motion Picture)Contact Soundtrack (Music from the Motion Picture)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 19 August 1997
45Stream & download A Christmas Carol (Motion Picture Soundtrack)A Christmas Carol (Motion Picture Soundtrack)$8.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2009
46Stream & download The a-Team (Original Motion Picture Score)The a-Team (Original Motion Picture Score)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 21 June 2010
47Stream & download Pinocchio (Colonna Sonora Originale)Pinocchio (Colonna Sonora Originale)$0Genre: SoundtrackDate: 08 September 2022
48Stream & download The Avengers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Avengers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2012
49Stream & download Volcano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]Volcano (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]$11.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 04 December 2020

Best Alan Silvestri Songs

1Stream & download Main on EndMain on End$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
2Stream & download All Hallow's Eve BallAll Hallow's Eve Ball$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
3Stream & download Young Guns II (Main Theme from the Motion Picture) .Young Guns II (Main Theme from the Motion Picture) .$0.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 November 2010
4Stream & download The Joe's MobilizeThe Joe's Mobilize$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
5Stream & download PortalsPortals$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
6Stream & download The Real HeroThe Real Hero$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
7Stream & download Practical MagicPractical Magic$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 06 October 1998
8Stream & download ForgeForge$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 27 April 2018
9Stream & download Beowulf Main TitleBeowulf Main Title$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 12 November 2007
10Stream & download Suite from Forrest GumpSuite from Forrest Gump$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 August 1994
12Stream & download Seeing Is BelievingSeeing Is Believing$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 November 2004
13Stream & download Theme from The BodyguardTheme from The Bodyguard$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 17 November 1992
14Stream & download "This Is My Choice""This Is My Choice"$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
15Stream & download Fast ForwardFast Forward$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 October 2001
16Stream & download Night At the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianNight At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 18 December 2006
18Stream & download A Christmas Carol Main TitleA Christmas Carol Main Title$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 30 October 2009
19Stream & download Spirit of the SeasonSpirit of the Season$1.29Genre: HolidayDate: 02 November 2004
20Stream & download One Way TripOne Way Trip$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2012
21Stream & download Cosmos Main TitleCosmos Main Title$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 03 March 2014
22Stream & download A PromiseA Promise$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2012
23Stream & download Captain America MarchCaptain America March$0.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 2011
24Stream & download I'll Be Right HereI'll Be Right Here$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 August 1994
25Stream & download Smash and GrabSmash and Grab$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 15 March 2013
26Stream & download Amas VeritasAmas Veritas$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 06 October 1998
27Stream & download Doubleback (Acoustic Instrumental Version)Doubleback (Acoustic Instrumental Version)$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 29 May 1990
28Stream & download Forrest Gump SuiteForrest Gump Suite$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 October 2007
29Stream & download Contact - End CreditsContact - End Credits$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 05 August 1997
30Stream & download AssembleAssemble$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2012
31Stream & download I'm Forrest... Forrest GumpI'm Forrest... Forrest Gump$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 August 1994
32Stream & download What We Need Is a HeroWhat We Need Is a Hero$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 12 November 2007
33Stream & download ArrivalArrival$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2012
34Stream & download Run Forrest RunRun Forrest Run$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 August 1994
35Stream & download One ShotOne Shot$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
36Stream & download PorchPorch$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 27 April 2018
37Stream & download Captain AmericaCaptain America$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
38Stream & download Suite (From "The Polar Express")Suite (From "The Polar Express")$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 23 October 2015
39Stream & download Spirit of the SeasonSpirit of the Season$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 02 November 2004
40Stream & download FinaleFinale$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 July 1989
41Stream & download Touch My RobeTouch My Robe$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 30 October 2009
42Stream & download Seeing Is BelievingSeeing Is Believing$1.29Genre: HolidayDate: 02 November 2004
43Stream & download The AvengersThe Avengers$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2012
44Stream & download HelicarrierHelicarrier$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 May 2012
45Stream & download Getting Past SecurityGetting Past Security$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 18 May 2009
46Stream & download Predator - Main Title from the Motion Picture (Alan Silvestri)Predator - Main Title from the Motion Picture (Alan Silvestri)$0.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 14 August 1993
47Stream & download Doubleback (Extended Version)Doubleback (Extended Version)$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990
48Stream & download Captain America Main TitlesCaptain America Main Titles$1.29Genre: SoundtrackDate: 01 January 1990

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Alan Silvestri Biography

Alan Anthony Silvestri (born March 26, 1950) is an American composer and conductor of film and television scores. He has been associated with director Robert Zemeckis since 1984, composing music for nearly all of his feature films including the Back to the Future film series, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Death Becomes Her, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and The Polar Express. Silvestri also scored many other popular movies, including Predator, The Abyss, Father of the Bride, The Bodyguard, Eraser, The Parent Trap, Stuart Little, The Mummy Returns, Lilo & Stitch, The Wild, Night at the Museum trilogy, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Croods, Ready Player One, and several Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including the Avengers films. He is a two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee, and a three-time Saturn Award and two-time Primetime Emmy Award recipient.

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Alan Silvestri images
Alan Silvestri images
Alan Silvestri images

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