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Circles by Post Malone Song Info

“Circles” is the fourth single from Post Malone’s third studio album, 'Hollywood’s Bleeding'. The track continues the heartbreak theme from the third single, “Goodbyes”, as he struggles to maintain a strong relationship with his partner. Like “Goodbyes,” “Circles” fell victim to leaks before the official announcement. A snippet of the track originally surfaced online in July of 2019, with an early version of the song being leaked online later in August. In 2018, Post released the song “Stay” in a very similar fashion—the song was debuted on April 4, 2018, during his first Bud Light Dive Bar Tour show in Nashville, Tennessee. Like “Stay,” “Circles” features a more unique instrumental compared to the majority of Post’s discography, and is sonically similar to his 2016 track, “Hollywood Dreams / Come Down.” An official teaser was shared on August 5, 2019, and the full song was later debuted by Post during his Bud Light Dive Bar Tour performance on the same day in New York. During his performance at the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, Post said that the track would be released the next week, leading many to believe it was supposed to be released on August 16. However, the song was not released on its original expected release date. In an Instagram post on August 28, 2019, Post announced the song would be released on August 30, 2019, alongside the song’s cover art.

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Post Malone - Circles Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Post Malone song Circles coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse. Horses are hung like Chuck Norris.

Post Malone - Circles Song Comments

What do you think Circles song? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Post Malone - Circles Song Reviews

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- Sorry1 star

I don’t know how I feel about this more poppy stuff

- What?1 star

Absolutely boring, thoughtless, and unoriginal. I thought I was listening to one long pointless song and then I realized I had finished the album.

- Stop being haters already! You are all giving him one star because you are all followers5 star

Stop being followers already! I am sure you guys love his songs! Just because one person says he is awful don’t mean y’all can conclude in that! #team posty

- So good5 star

Honestly the people who give this one star cause of the “crappy” music legit cannot hear one cuss word in one song like chill the heck out. It’s the music I like and a lot of others, and if your just gonna hate cause it isn’t you clean kids bop stuff why rate it?

- Phenomenal album5 star

It has definitely grown on me



- Epic5 star

Luv this man ❤️❤️❤️


i’m literally obsessed with this album 🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️ love u post malone

- !!!5 star

Best album by far.

- 🤍🕊5 star

love this. get well Post ..

- Fans Stop Policing People4 star

His music is pretty catchy, but some of his fans are incredibly childish and ridiculous. Addicted2HipHop116, You’re the one who needs to grow up. Anyone can rate Post Malone’s music, and give their opinions. Stop being immature. If someone doesn’t like his music, it doesn’t make them uncultured or low-lives. What it really means is that they have different taste in music, but you can handle that.

- 😍5 star

Absolutely love this album!!!!!

- Post Malone is King5 star

I love post malone he’s such a sweetie pie and deserves all the love and support. his music is amazing I love his voice.

- Keep Doing Your Thing, Dude5 star

I never understand when people knock an artist for evolving. You don't have to like every chapter of someone's musical career. It's his journey, we're along for the ride. I happen to love everything he is putting out. The very thing that people are critizing about him is what I appreciate about his music. It's not contained in a small box, he's all over the map. I love that about him. Keep 'em coming, man. You're crushing it. Be true to yourself. We love that about you and your music.

- Why1 star


- Scary!1 star

Someone called this garbage “cultured” and said we should grow up because we don’t know good music. That’s scary! Looks he’s a great guy and I’m sure he’s talented. It’s just not in the genre of music.

- AMAZING 🤩5 star

My personal favorite is Allergic, his songs are so catchy and they blow my mind on how good they are. If you are a person that likes rap and pop, this album is GREAT for you!

- good work4 star

litrally love this

- Hollywood’s bleeding5 star

I thought it was fire. Although certain songs weren’t as popular I still like it.

- Hollywood’s Bleeding5 star

Love it keep up the good work my favs are circles And Hollywood’s Bleeding 😁😁😁😁 I would like more stony vibe but I love this album and I love staring at the sun 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

- Sir3 star

I’m sorry to Tell you This post but I asked My entire grade and entire bus which is better post molane or Daddyphatsnaps.... Anime raps are better then you 😂😂😂😂

- Trite.1 star

Stay away from Ozzy Osbourne you walking talking drawing board.

- Uncultured swines4 star

People who complain about pop music are people who can’t grow up with our society. Half of songs that are popular is pop and rap music, so quit whining over songs like this. I know classic rock, 80’s, 90’s were good and all, but music has evolved into rap, pop, more country music, R&B, and new rock, etc.. I’m just putting it out there for people who aren’t flexible with music.

- His best yet5 star

I love this album

- Absolutely amazing.5 star

No flaws. Baaangers.

- Love This Album5 star

I listen to this album on the way to and from work everyday.

- Unbelievably bad1 star

Horrible music

- OH MY GOSH!5 star

Best album YET! I love it so much! Your songs make me inspired to get over my ex bff! My favorites are Take What You Want and Goodbyes! Someday I want to go to one of your tours. Post Malone, every time I have a bad day, the first thing I do is listen to your music, sing it as loud as I can, then I feel better. Ignore those haters getting on your nerves I believe in you! Keep up the great work! If you read this, have a great day! Yours Truly, agentcaitlin😁

- Terrible1 star

This is just god awful......he sings like a girl!

- My favorite5 star

Great album!!!

- Meh1 star

He’s no Mac Miller, and can’t even rap. It’s a lapdog hippopotamus

- 🏖5 star

Beach theme man for this year

- you do you man1 star

I mean I tried everyone said he's good but its just not my thing, just know I at least listened to a few songs so dont @ me. I respect your opinions but just dont try to change mine. also I heard his body guard quit because post Malone smelled to bad lol

- Post5 star

I love!

- Meh3 star

I used to like Post Malone but know I feel like he makes more pop music then he does rap. He makes good music just not that much rap, if your gonna make more pop type music just put your album under the pop category of music and stop putting it as rap. Like enemies with DaBaby for the most part DaBaby is doing most of the rapping on that song. I just want more Stoney vibes when he actually use to rap.

- The best5 star

Post just keeps getting better

- Good4 star

This album is good but I’d like some more stony vibes

- Posttty5 star

My fav voice

- Sunflower5 star

Omg I don’t know why I love Postie, but I do! Swae Lee slid on the track and made it special. The album, well, I bought, but haven’t listened because I cannot take sunflower off of repeat! Sunflower...

- WOW.5 star


- Really?1 star

Do people really listen to this rich poser cry about how sad he is while wearing a 24k gold grill and driving cars that cost more than your house?

- It’s perfect 👌🏻5 star


- view5 star


- Great album5 star

Love listening to this album while I’m working, chilling with my headphones, or streaming. Post Malone is a national treasure.

- Love his music5 star

He is so good i wish I could see him i love your song circles Hollywood’s bleeding and wow know what I love your whole album #BEST ALBUM EVER ps make a CLEAN !!!!

- So good post Malone I’m a fan5 star

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooôoooooooooogooooood post malon

- It’s OK3 star

Not his best work but the Album isn’t horrible. Maybe his next album will be better.

- Without a doubt the best Album5 star

This is the posty we love. I like all of his music but this album by far is my favorite. Hollywood’s Bleeding and Take what you want are bangers!

- amazing5 star

best album ever ;)

- Love it5 star

My favorite album from him


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Gagaoafwpsba - Blown Away🤯5 star

I’ve been a Post fan long before Stoney even came out. I’ve literally watched this dude grow not only as a person but as a musician and I’m so proud. That being said, I feel like a lot of the people going into this are going to be strong advocates of beer bongs and Bentley’s but personally I think Posty is more than just heavy trap beats and that really shows with this project. Not there’a anything wrong with trap, but I’m glad that’s not where he took it this time around.

YoYOScumpP - Love it!!!5 star

All the songs are honestly quite fire/hella good and I recommend buying it... 10/10

Xouly - Best album5 star

the best beat of post malone i listen now

Deregulation 457808895 - Jeez5 star

May be his best body of work yet. 🔥

Thegeneraljay - Great work by postie5 star

Thanks post huge album. Love Internet

Peteymunro117 - A messy canvas of beauty5 star

Post Malone, take a bow. Ever since listening to Congratulations, I have been a huge fan, taking steps forward developing not only your writing style, but melodies is one that is brave and deserving of such praise. None of your songs from this Album feels like the next, each has a very distinct tone and I’m completely blown away by the string work. This is a huge leap for posty and I’m all in for what ever is next.

BigCuteDyl - Love it!5 star

Post Malone is someone I didn’t see myself listening to a year ago. Then I found Beerbongs and Bentley’s. Then I preordered this and am not disappointed. Each song is unique and very fresh. A great mixture of lyrics and melodies. Not to mention an Ozzy feature!

DamianObsession - 🔥5 star

All songs are 🔥🔥🔥 mostly the one with Ozzy 🤘😎🔥🔥🔥

YNG Inferno - My favourite album this year💜💜🔥🔥5 star

This is so amazing. I look up to Austin Post while i am making music. I wish to achieve this level of GOAT.

lechepapi - 🔥5 star

Goodbyes gotta be the best song👀

wydybdjwoaokdbrgejdubd - banging5 star


bellenorsteph - So good5 star

He never disappoints, amazing !!

Kaze1264 - Big sigh...2 star

Expect better work from post. He’s more talented than this. This is pretty weak comparatively speaking to past projects...

ryanlikesbaseball - Absolutely Amazing5 star

This album is soo good!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mase2060 - Never disappointed ever!5 star

Every song is a banger from day 1!!

🦄BELIEVE!!! - Much Love!5 star

i’ve been a huge fan for a while now and post encourages me to learn and memorize songs on guitar, i can’t wait to learn as many as i can on this album! this was an incredible album and i loved every bit of it. <3

Stony BD - Posty 🥰😈🥰5 star

As usual best .... 🥰 already purchased!!!

Kv77777 - Not bad4 star


ROCKON3451 - Beautiful 🥰5 star

Beautiful vocals and beats! Can’t get enough ❤️❤️❤️

TaykenOshimaQC - YESS!!5 star

Posty is back at it again for sure!

Mraghan - Every song he makes is always GREAT5 star


chrisgeorgechahine - Finally !!!!!!!!5 star

One of the most genuine artists out there.

Cawlisse de marde - Post is awesome5 star

Every song that he sings is the best.

Jerri4210 - Aces5 star

Absolutely love today’s release, Circles. Looking forward to The Runaway Tour and listening to the collab with Ozzy! Hollywood’s Bleeding is hugely anticipated.

ZeSquareCircle - Back at it again!5 star

Post Malone’s newest album is certain to be a banger! The singles which have been released thus far; Wow, Sunflower and Circles all show different styles of music that he’s able to pull off and he does them well. It’s a treat to have Post making music for us!

butya007 - Awesome5 star


cruelovers - lover1 star

stream/buy lover instead

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Lelatu - Top drawer5 star

This guy is a genius

Great fun!!!😄😄 - Masterpiece5 star

Post Malone has successfully mixed pop rock and rap into one album in such a way that they compliment each other. He’s not afraid to take risks which is proven throughout his years in the industry and through this album. He has grown to be more than just an trap rapper. He really is a rockstar.

Booby Ruby - .5 star

I love it

steve - hollowman - Computerised voice1 star


ReeceREECEReeceee - Post Malone is a KING5 star

Although the Album isn’t out yet... I know he won’t disappoint 😇

brosqu - FINALLY!!!5 star

He took his time, can’t wait to hear it especially the new song with Halsey!

Steveyzor - Pog5 star


shady44 - Game changing5 star

Posts never disappoint always growing as an artist and adjusting his style, you can tell this is going to be game changing album, just from the feature list and the current songs, you can tell he has been influenced by several different genres other than rap, 5 stars from me ⭐️

ok google play tunechi - Just here to balance out the scores1 star

I’m not gonna let y’all give this 5 stars when it isn’t out yet so I’m here to balance it out, I’m sure the album will be great but it’s not out yet

ckdnckskc - Omfg took him a while5 star

I actually can’t breathe I’m so exited for this album, I already love the 4 available songs and I know I’m going to love the rest. This is money well spend mates.

i love postmalone - 10/10 music5 star

I’ve just heard four songs from this album and I there all great and I can tell the rest are gonna be too

Louis0215 - Finally 👌🏻5 star

After days of looking. Circles is here 🎉 great song

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Temtopofficial - My Best Album!5 star

This has been my best played album since 2019!!! This is really awesome Posty! I love this! Love from Nigeria! ❤️💫✌🏼

Ekographs - Best5 star


Maxspurslord15 star

@THFCelite W we both in each others inner circles 🤝😎

1969Human5 star

@LHolt99: @JakeWilliamsUK @Alliance4Unity @georgegalloway And silences or gags them too. See the recent exhortation in nat circles to 'w…

RoseMQueen15 star

@beta_jeremy @GeneralTankMan @Siyphis and sometimes we just accept some people are merely talking in circles so we…

DrJohnHardie5 star

@Rusty55722195 @KedronBardwell @JemarTisby Tells me how out of touch you are with people not in conservative evangelical circles

FeltsBrook5 star

@girlsreallyrule Agreed. Kennedy and Graham are a couple of good ole boys mad at Ms. Yates because she can watch circles around them.

J_jh0pe5 star

@TwoPickup: Post Malone - Circles

ButSeeking5 star

@AmazonChique: Just saw someone blaming bisexual lesbians for the fact that men feel entitled to ask les ins out. As someone whose been…

Carlawaslike5 star

@GabrielJBump: “O Lord, Sula,” she cried, “girl, girl, girlgirlgirl.” It was a fine cry—loud and long—but it had no bottom and it had n…

Fred4everM5 star

@Teachers__Unite I just read the SCDSB plan and there is some vague BS about cohorts sitting together on the bus. I…

Daydreamer5585 star

@callmebywinner: Not being biased but I think us “INNER CIRCLES” have the classiest fandom name. #송민호 #김진우 #이승훈 #강승윤 #위너 @yginnercircle…

AlifreeLife5 star

@JoannaMerson: 3/x A curious and well intentioned person used an online tool that slaps circles onto google maps, but none of the maps s…

Finessingtaye5 star

I feel like I’m going in circles.

Richytheartist5 star

@previous_self Nonsense to me - it's just going round in circles. Sorry, over & out.

MinDistortions5 star

@MonstaNerd34 Well you can’t articulate it very well. You talk in circles, using $5 words, that you don’t seem to u…

Yuna_16honmaru5 star

@7seinoken: 【告知2】本日より[PSYCHO-PASS.TRPG]関連の通販を再開いたします。 #ピコケット

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About Circles Post Malone Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Post Malone, album Hollywood's Bleeding, song Circles, released 31 August 2019. Listening online to Circles - Post Malone song preview is free and does not require registration...

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