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Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar Song Lyrics

Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evenin'
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feelin'
It's so wonderful and warm

Breathe me in, breathe me out
I don't know if I could ever go without
I'm just thinking out loud
I don't know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar

Strawberries on a summer evenin'
Baby, you're the end of June


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Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar Song Reviews

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- art. this sir is art.5 star

honestly he is a god and i wrote a review on HS1 and i will never ever complain about any song of harry styles. brilliant, amazing, wonderful, talented and fantastic. his mind is amazing and his music is so beautiful and i’m in love.

- No1 star

Harry Styles is Dumb

- Amazing5 star

This an amazing album. Honest, real and personal. Starting with Harry each member of the band is extremely talented and they come together to produce an unprecedented sound. It has a realness that I have not heard in years.

- Incredible5 star

Best album of 2019 hands down

- Can easily listen on repeat it’s that good!5 star

Every song is unique and the whole album is a joy to to listen to, would highly recommend.

- Brilliant work of art!!!5 star

Can’t explain what this album means to me, it feels so personal. There is so much heart put into his work.

- Yes5 star

This is by far one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Bring on Love On Tour 2020! Falling is my anthem, I claim it, Fight Me.

- yes5 star

amazing as usual

- tpwk5 star

a masterpiece 💞


such an incredible album

- PerFECTION.5 star


- TPWK 💕5 star

Harry has created the most amazing album!!! I’m so in love and so incredibly proud ❤️ BEST ALBUM EVER

- The best of the best!5 star

I can already tell how great this album is gonna be! 🥴🥴 I CANT WAIT FOR DECEMBER 13TH!!!! Ahhh

- Best album5 star

Most amazing album yet (so far)

- TPWK5 star

By far the best album ever created and it hasn’t even come out yet. 10/10 👏🏻 worth listening to

- The best5 star

It’s amazing so great I love it so much best album out haven’t heard it yet but I’m getting the vibe it’s gonna be great

- 🥺💘5 star

Very good song keep up the work 🥺💘

- Big J5 star

You are right peeps. Harry can blow dawgs.

- Wow5 star

Never thought I’d like a Harry styles song and here I am buying the entire album 😳😳

- 🛐5 star


- Incredible5 star

It’s a different... brand of bean

- Yas we Stan him5 star

Best albummm

- Amazing5 star

Work of art

- Amazinggg5 star

I mean, come on. It’s Harry Styles. Of course this is gonna be amazing.

- amazing 10/105 star

stan the musical genius named harry styles

- t5 star

he is a king

- CHEFS KISS😚5 star

amazing album!!! 10000000000% recommend 😻😻

- ❤️5 star

𝙸 𝚖𝚎𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚢 𝚂𝚝𝚢𝚕𝚎𝚜 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚎𝚕𝚜𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝙸 𝚜𝚊𝚢 ❤️

- amazing5 star

a musical masterpiece that deserves all the love and recognition

- Good5 star

I really like this album he’s a god we can tell

- ❤️🔥5 star

It’s a great album and I’ve been obsessed with it since it’s release especially the song “Adore You”

- Beautiful!5 star

These songs ( the Harry Styles album included) got me through a ready hard time in my life (my dad had just passed away) and these songs really lifted me up through that dark time. I’m so happy that I gave it a shot because he is now my favorite artists. Every single song in this album is really well written, and they are amazing! The vocals and instrumentals work really well together, and each song is an art piece that Harry should be famously proud of. I love this album with a burning passion! And by the off chance Harry stumbles across this, I want to thank you(Harry .S) for making me who I am again through your music. Thank you for getting me through my darkest moment(s) in my life; your songs kept me going, and I am so thankful to you and so happy that I got the chance to listen to them.

- watermelon suga!5 star

harry styles yesss! so so good! totally recommend 🍉

- Words can’t say enough5 star

He is truly a great artest that has made it just a big on his own as well as in a boy band!! His voice and talent as a single artest as well as a band member is legendary !! Keep up the great work bro

- A New Classic5 star

I put Harry up there close to Taylor Swift. Amazing songwriter, amazing feeling in every track. LOVE IT

- AMAZING!!!5 star

i love harry so much!!❤️🦋 i’ve listened to One direction all my life and when they split up, i was like, is Harry ever gonna write his AMAZING songs again? well, yup. he did!! i love Harry so much.

- Brilliant5 star

Absolutely Illuminated. Entire album is a Breath of fresh air.Thank you Sir Harry.🍉

- Love it5 star

So good he is so talented and he really uses his emotions and falling is a masterpiece It brings me to tears the 8 times I listen to it a day and the whole album is such a vibe and Treat people with kindness is great I love it and the whole album is Just amazing and mind blowing!👍❤️

- Timeless Music5 star

This is the first Harry Styles anything I've ever listened to, Adore You caught my ear then She and listening to the album from top to bottom it is a beautiful project. Pop has this very superficial reputation but I think it can be a complex, nuanced genre like it used to be from the 70's to the early 2000s. I'm hearing Ska on Sunflower, R&B influences on She, country throughout Canyon Moon, Disco on Treat People With Kindness and it all works seamlessly. If Harry never creates another piece of music again, he should be very proud of this album. I only skipped one song, otherwise it is absolute perfection.

- SO GOOD5 star

Listen to it. It’s so good

- Cured a Broken Heart.5 star

This Album came out while I was suffering over a breakup, and really helped me get through it. After months of nonstop crying I listened to his lyrics and really found that every song spoke to me. They helped me accept the situation and grow. Very pleased with the instrumentals and Vocals. Beautiful story telling, Wonderful tracks. I can’t say there is a bad song on the Album. Will be listening to this for years to come.

- ❤️5 star

I literally love canyon moon soooo much😭and it’s always stuck in my head. Super catchy. this is the best Harry Styles album in my opinion, but all of them are pretty good.

- it’s amazing 🥺💗💗💗5 star

fine line has definitely changed me for the better. the song fine line brings me to tears each time i hear it 💗

- I have one request 🤨1 star

Please walk through fire and burn alive 🙃

- Amazing5 star

The flavor is immaculate as always.

- wish i could give 100 stars.5 star

that’s my baby. i am so beyond proud of him.

- the best5 star

album ever

- Immaculate5 star


- Summertime and Sadness5 star

I think this is an outstanding record. His writing is incredible and the style is truly something else. I like the diversity he holds from his first and second album. Adore You is a mainstream but great song you never seem to get tired of. Sunflower Vol. 6 is one of my personal favorites, with such a happy feeling. Treat People With Kindness is something I never knew I needed, To Be So Lonely is all I’ve ever needed to say, and Falling and Fine Line are so well written, with such a sad yet healing factor. Truly amazing, and I cannot wait for any more music from him. Truly a legend!!

- iconic king!!!5 star

nobody is doing it like him!! i can't believe harry saved the music industry by himself!! if you don't listen to his music, you live a sad life :) so STREAM 😌😌😌

- THE BEST5 star

The best album ever!!!

- I loved it5 star

It’s getting me through quarantine. I love it. I might be going to his concert if I can earn enough money.

- AMAZING5 star

he’s beautiful and hot larry is real

- a masterpiece.5 star

his best album to date. definitely deserves the awards it’ll be receiving.

- This. It’s it.5 star

No kidding this is the best album I have ever heard, I could not pick a favorite song if my life depended on it. A phenomenal job. Absolutely mind blowing.

- best album ever5 star

this may be biased as i have been a fan since one direction, but this album HAS. IT. ALL. it has songs to make you cry, dance, scream, and just vibe to. i love this man with everything in me.

- Ok1 star

Same vibe throughout album

- Never liked his music until now5 star

Very impressed - never liked his music until now. Music is catchy and unique.

- very good5 star

love harry, stan harry

- he wins5 star


- Ooh5 star


- Hes a god5 star

Harry is the definition of indescribable. That's doesn't even make sense. He's that good. He's a god and the world doesn't deserve his talent and kindness. I'm shocked by him every day he's such a beautiful person. Treat people with kindness👑

- OMG5 star

So proud of Harry! Keep up the good work! Love every single song on this album

- Iconic5 star

Harry Styles never fails to amaze me. His music is something I can’t put into words. Definitely an album to listen to, along with HS1. Wish we had more music like this. He’s truly legendary and he has left his mark on this world!

- In love5 star

This Album really shows who Harry is and who he has become

- Wow5 star

Amazing album


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stylesxcvii - music to cry5 star


Sara Styles :) - BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

Best album to ever exist. Honestly.

isha2526 - Listen to this ppl5 star

Heaven Specially for Taylor swift on her birthday

HNRao - Good one5 star

BEs on

Nivetha Sivakumar - A beautiful masterpiece5 star

Absolutely Brilliant and Iconic!!! This album is out of the world and it is my most fav album ever. Each and every song on the record is beautiful, different and completely honest! Harry is an incredibly talented, special and wonderful artist and has totally outdone himself. Thank you Harry for this incredible masterpiece. ❤️

chandpc - Emotional Album5 star

Harry's vocals are amazing, he has real emotion in his voice.. This Album deserves a Grammy.

RIwrld - BEST!!5 star

He’s so vulnerable and open, which even makes us reflect on ourselves. This album is something we don’t get to listen nowadays. I live it!!!!!! :))

Bhumistyles - He never fails...5 star

Harold has done such s great job in the second Album.. love it..

all i am saying - My ears are blessed.5 star

What an incredible album by an incredible artist. This man is getting better with each album. Album is gonna be heard on loop by me.

ROCKER_JANS117 - Love it!5 star

There’s so much soul, so much truth and love in this album! Fun yet soulful listen!

ñîçk - Harry brings feel back5 star

Love....I’m not ever going back..

Sunny Gangar - Anticipated5 star

The album haven’t released yet but the 2 song of the album was amazing, excited for the album and music video too lol....

Vivek Budhrani - THE BEST ALBUM EVER TO BE MADE5 star

The album is not even released yet but I can already assure you that this album is a pure bop !!!!!!! BEST ALBUM OF THE NEXT DECADE.....

bsrao7777 - LOVE IT SO MUCH5 star


deepanksh 4 - Masterpiece5 star

Perfect gift to everyone by HARRY STYLES on dec

ShrutikaPatil - Grammy winning5 star

Even before it’s released, I can still say it IS a Grammy winning album

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Dena2426 - beautiful😩💖5 star

I absolutely loved it. His lyrics SPEAK your soul. My favourites are adore you, canyon moon, golden, watermelon sugar, lights up...basically the whole album. I can’t choose 😰💛

cp64918299736 - Best thing ever5 star

A huge upgrade from his first album, he’s opened up so much more and you can tel by this album that he’s so happy and content with how his music life is and I’m so proud of how much he’s grown

44274819 - FINE LINE5 star


fizzingwhizzbee - A bit too psychedelic for me.3 star

I love Harry but if I’m honest, I only like two songs on the album. The stand out for me is ‘Falling’. It’s a beautiful song and has the potential to be a timeless Harry classic.

richardzuckerburg - Incredible5 star


chyann.smith - awesome!5 star

This album is beautiful, amazing work Harry!

cloee bryant - Album of the year!5 star

Beautiful masterpiece 🥰

maddpandazz - Amazing5 star

No skips, the whole album just feels so ‘Harry’ ya know? Something it for everyone and is just a beautiful album.

shsmsbjsjcjaksjn - give fine line a grammy award5 star

this is one of the best albums i've ever listened to and was worth the wait harry's a legend

Imfallingforharrystyles - Harry Is amazing5 star

This is the best album in the world

jorja 💕💕 - Best album!5 star

So amazing! In love with every song

JustAnotherMuso - A Masterful Body of Work5 star

What an outstanding body of work, a multitude of genre influences, great vibes, just a really great representation of Harry!

I LOVE IT!!!1 - beautiful piece of art5 star

the album his a whole story book, it’s beautiful, amazing, fantastic and perfect. I’m so proud of him!

naaaaddii - So beautiful! Loved it so much!5 star

I cried so much for fine line!!

muhovic - fine line...5 star

this album is very good,, probably the best one i've heard. reminds me of a summer holiday

alex_n1234 - faultless5 star

Harry back at it again with another amazing album, this album I can't even find anything to fault all the songs are so amazing even though some are so sad I cried so much while listening to them. he never fails to amaze us all, im so proud

just a music lover x - Amazing xx5 star

Incredible album. Proud of him and how open he has become with this album.

harry oh harry - Yes Harry yes5 star

Seriously the best album holy

Karunadarcylongman - Fine line5 star


Sam_Smith_xox - masterpiece5 star

no words. it. is. everything

Agelfnwpane - brilliant5 star


uniswanihorn - best album5 star

best album ever. stream fine line now !!!!!

Ashleighs03 - My heart5 star

The whole album is so pure and amazing Harry should be proud

courtnuey - gold5 star

he’s an angel, only angel.

Piper Adams - phenomenal5 star

Harry really wrote with his heart in Fine Line, you can tell. The music is so honest and true, the album prepares you to dance all night and cry all day. It’s art. Congratulations Harry on all the success.

Hayley Menser - Fine line5 star

The album is amazing. Really raw and beautiful. Falling is my personal favourite at the moment. Everyone do yourselves a favour and listen to Fine Line the album ❤️😍

Kdjsysuoqisishdhdnksos - harry i love you5 star

best album of the year (or up there with yours to keep by sticky fingers)

Sarah Basson - absolute masterpiece5 star

would highly recommend this album to anyone that has ears, thank me later.

harry styles wife 16 - MUSIC TO MY EARS5 star


zaynzaddy - 🥺🥺🥺5 star

literally couldn’t be anymore perfect i’m in L O V E

mixer4life🤪 - .5 star

Definitely one of the best albums of 2019! Thanks, Harry

j!!!!!!!!! - Masterpiece5 star

So so good, so proud of you Harry

Silli Rabbit - The perfect mix of heartbreak and happiness.5 star

From the guitar solo on “she” to the piano melody on “falling” every song brought something new to the albums overall sound and cohesively made the best album from Harry Styles to date. It has a well balanced mix of soft ballads and songs anyone can dance along to. Definitely something for every person, or every genre. Would recommend giving it a listen!

shinylarzi - Amazing5 star

Really surpassed any and all expectations I had of him, which were already pretty high after self-titled. I’m gonna be listening to this for weeks and weeks to come, I just know it. I can’t wait to see it live!

ttttttttttttttttkk - Omg5 star

How am I listening to your songs right now?????!!!

miamiamoomoomiamoo18 - Love5 star


awesomelyamanda - absolute artistry5 star

this album slaps dude!! this is gonna be the album of the 20s. my children in the future will envy me as i was born during a time when this album was released no cap

quynh-an - get ready y’all5 star

claiming track 9 🌻

SarahStyles94 - Harry is EVERYTHING!5 star

I Adore Harry & his Music! <3 <3 <3

E M I L Y 12345678900987654321 - musical genius5 star

so deeply in love with this album already

chickenparmi - loveee5 star

this man cannot do wrong

DHwvFf22 - Jack’s opinion1 star

Bad 🤢🤮🤮🤮

Anna Pantelis - incredible.5 star

no further explanation needed 😚

kevin the pigeon - pure talent.5 star

treat people with kindness ✌🏼

Baht what - GOD5 star

Harry is literally God himself

JDLanau - Love it4 star

I love it! Keep making them!

Anniegotdaboom! - ily5 star


funnygirlaaaaaaaaaa - I’m in love 😍5 star

help 🥰 i will be buying and Harry is gorgeous and an incredible singer. lights up and watermelon sugar are such good songs I could cry

jasminehayleyy - OMGGGG5 star

2 songs that go for 6 MINUTESS WTFFFFFF🥺🤩

katelynrusselll❤️ - Track 7 :))5 star

I claim track 7 guys because I know it’s going to be good haha x

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Lilsmaeb - Beautiful5 star

Love it

kaswasherelol - Amazing5 star

Love this Album so much it’s fantastic!

Safloves1D - BLOODY BRILLIANT5 star

hs1 & hs2 are my babies, heard this live at the secret london show masterpiece. see you on tour. 😭❤️🥺

mollietoft - AMAZING5 star

Harry is so talented and this album is so good I want to die . Literally one of the best albums of all time I’ll steam it until I die . Love you harry🥰

its.vee - Loved it5 star

One of the best albums so far. Ended the decade creatively

JamesChatterton - Exceptional5 star

Da da da duh, da, da da da duh, da da da duh. YOU’RE SO GOLDENNNNN. Tracks 1-8 have made this January’s car journeys an absolute joy!

liz170213456 - So bad to Pay1 star

Soooooooo baaaaaaaddddddd

NixHp - NixHp5 star

Best album I’ve heard in ages.

joshhp - Not bad!4 star

Not a bad collection of songs. The songs all sound quite good, my problem is how much they sound like a Bowie (my hero) song or a Beatles track. The guy is likeable, an amazing voice and some very good songs. Please stop trying to sound like others that have influenced us and you influence us with your talent. X

Katyyy01 - Telling a story though music5 star

Being a huge fan of Harry for about 7/8 years he was my favourite when he was in one Direction, and his music really tells a story

PGauden - Delightful5 star

I recall listening to Harry's first album a while ago, thinking how mature and balanced the album was. This new album surpasses and continues to ooze delicate mellow tones, combined with beautiful lyrics. From the first track Golden, to Water melon sugar and Sunflower you cannot fail to smile and feel warm inside whilst listening. A truly beautiful piece of music.

Powee.com - Oh my god5 star

I’ve always loved Harry, so i’m slightly biased. But i haven’t listened to this or his debut album until maybe the last month(?) and i am listening to both on repeat, especially fine line, all day, every day. Some of the songs this album consists of, such as falling, to be so lonely, cherry and she are beautiful and raw (so much so to bring me to tears) and then others such as golden, sunflower, adore you, lights up, and watermelon sugar bring me into a feel good, bubbly mood even when i’m at my worse. i have contemplated many thoughts this past month, dark thoughts, and i almost came close acting on one of my worst days, but this album calmed me down and saved me. i’m eternally grateful to harry and his albums for helping me, and if you’re even considering buying fine line, do it. you only live once, as i’ve learnt, and you will not regret it in any means. thank you.

sarahlmxx - incredible5 star

10/10 💖

Dearsociety13 - PLAGIARISM!1 star

He’s plagiarised smaller indie artists’ work on this album. Absolute trash

eusgdvd - Very good5 star

Well done Harry styles

will7163 - Rubbish..No Stars1 star

I’d give this no stars if I could, bland and boring bit middle aged sound rather than a young man with all the backing behind him, he struts around like a young 70s Bowie or Bolan but with one thing missing Talent

Maryam Sakinah - a masterpiece, not surprised5 star

listening to harry styles debut album through the period of few years, i was expecting no less than brilliant songs on this album, both lyrically and musically. i expected perfection as mr styles had never not delivered anything but excellence. but the album fine line exceeded my expectations immensely. you’d think perfection could not be more perfect. harry styles proves that thought wrong. an absolute masterpiece, harry styles

daniyahkhan - ITS AMAZING5 star


Deyana Styles - BestbAlbum Ever5 star

The best album of the year. So proud of Harry

Catskils - V good5 star

Never listened to any previous stuff, it is (surprisingly) positive, sufficiently eclectic and ‘feel-good’ emotional pop. Cool. Listen with fresh ears and be surprised.

pirate prentice - Fine & Dandy5 star

Too old to in the tooth to fall for the pre packed pubescent pap of 1D, I have been overwhelmed with this fine & dandy mature mix from young. Diverse & delightful.

Winkin-Paulio - Top album5 star

One of my most favourite albums at the moment and I wasn’t even a fan before, love the alternative sound... definitely a keeper ⭐️

Messi lions - trash1 star


I-Opinion - Matured5 star

I was never a one direction fan and I couldn't name one track, but since HS has becomew solo, great music, this album is better is than the first, which I also liked but this I LOVE, great blend of styles with an 70s vibe at times.

Laumandu - Gotta give it to you Harry, its brilliant!5 star

I was never some big 1D fan but have seen the songs since they went solo and Harry this is a stand out! Surprisingly amazing and had to buy it. You are emerging into your own lane and its really cool. Some of my faves just so far (haven’t got through all of it fully yet but this shows how great it is) are ‘Adore’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Watermelon sugar’, ‘lights up’ but everything I have heard so far is a hit and I love the balance between the upbeat and the more melancholy eg ‘ Cherry’. I didn’t expect to buy this album at all as its not my from one of my usual artists but “take this as a compliment...Harry....keep moving forward with a body of work like this and you are going to be a shooting star!💫💫⭐️ Congrats!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

S@r@h Eliz@beth - Sensational5 star

100% worth the wait. I love the mix of melancholy ballads against the 70’s upbeat tunes.

wAhOo LiKE YaHoO - Amazing5 star

The songs here are so passionate. Harry has come so far from 1D and I wish him the best. Oh, by the way, these songs are a definite recommendation!

Charlottek xx - Amazing5 star


cjkw - Grey's Worthy5 star

The biggest compliment I can pay to Mr Styles is that I can hear every song on this album on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Pure genius!

Luxury soap - Will always be one of my favourites5 star

This album will always be on I will go to when I just need some good music to vibe and dance to, every song is a banger. Harry Styles will always have my heart

Cheeseplantonfire - Pensioner likes Harry Styles shock!!5 star

What’s a 60+ male doing listening to this album? Well, he’s certainly not boring and songs like Sunflower show a fair degree of risk taking which is refreshing in young artists. Excellent mix of retro 70s melodies peppered with his distinct voice and style. Well done young man!

philnb02 - Amazing5 star

I feel like, yes of course Harry should be recognised for his amazing vocals, however I have failed to see a review truly appreciating the art and sound of this album. I’m not quite sure what it is, but the more I listen to each song the more I appreciate the lyrics and the sound, in particular, track no.12, Fine Line. This song is so so beautiful, and each time I listen to it I feel a different emotion, to have made such an impact shows how talented he is! In my personal opinion this album is a piece of art, and I know I will love and appreciate it for a long time.

Emmmmmmilyyy walleesss - Something for everyone5 star

So much has changed since Harry’s 1D days. This album reflects him and his growth 👏🏼

Animals in adoration - Amazing5 star

Defo the best solo music out of 1D

Mattimoo - Fantastic album5 star

Loved the first album but this one is even better, well done Harry Styles you’ve done it again

bast im - Classic 👍4 star

Great Comeback,Would Be Better Though Without Watermelon Sugar. That’s Terror

Scottywolves - Awesome new album5 star

I’ve not listened to Harry Styles music out of 1D but this is a really great album with very mature and deep songs, I’ve become a very quick fan, keep it up styles ❤️

courtney louise :) - :)5 star

The fact that Harry stays true to himself in this makes it all the better. I didn’t know what emotions were until I listened to this at 3 in the morning on a school night.

cj coo - Amazing 😉5 star

He literally has the best singing 🎤 everrrr

Kalel.sml - Disappointing1 star

What is all the hype about, loved the first album but on this one there’s only two songs likeable, really disappointed

Avacleary16 - Unreal album5 star

Beautiful person with beautiful style. Amazing music and the album is such a perfect display of his talent!

grace deere - Harry5 star


Mattystuart - New sound is on point5 star

Loving the new material it’s brilliant. Enough said.

milj99 - Don’t be a snob5 star

There’s a lot of musical snobbery regarding this album simply because it’s Harry Styles. The simple fact is that it’s a very good album, with a few absolute gems, not at all what you’d necessarily expect from him, if you still associate him with a manufactured boy band. I heard ‘She’ without knowing who it was, and I was blown away. His vocals are great, the songs are pure class. Very impressed.

Bobbyjojo5 - Well done2 star

He’s definitely the only one from 1D who’s cool

ellwes09 - HIS BEST ALBUM5 star

Pure raw emotion. He’s so talented

kiss my glarse - Not as good as the first album ...4 star

... but it is good to see his progression as a solo artist. Watermelon Sugar ..... my favourite one on this album.

1uk3 8urn5 - 🤭🤢🤮1 star

Hated one direction and spilt up they’re worse

Adamsid - Every song sounds the same1 star

All the 12 year old stans here would listen to Harry on the toilet Taking a fat dump. You’re a bunch of little girls

Marshy6186 - Fine lines throughout5 star

Ok, so Harry Styles nails it here. It’s retro, classy, sassy and original. Vibes from the 60’s and 70’s and a light dusting of Beatles in the mix. Styles doesn’t need three (or four) around him and has musically matured since his last album. Put this on repeat and let the music sink into your skin and your soul and you won’t want to stop it. Fabulous album, in fact one behind his years and can’t wait what’s to come next.

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CryBabyBarbiee5 star

@lovethe5boys: ahora las locals usan watermelon sugar pero VERSIÓN REMIX OJO

Camarobill5 star

@PopCrave: Billboard Hot 100: #7 (+1) Watermelon Sugar, @Harry_Styles *new peak* [16 weeks]

YamileSofia5 star

@chartdata: Billboard Hot 100: #7(+1) Watermelon Sugar, @Harry_Styles [16 weeks]. *new peak*

Ladyrrriot5 star

@timoteochademel mas agora pro harry styles fazer um 'eu te amo mil milhões/watermelon sugar - remix' só dando a bunda ne

Ilysbow5 star

🙈, está ouvindo… Watermelon Sugar de Harry Styles

Princesslouit5 star

@PortalTracklist: HINO: Watermelon Sugar do Harry Styles volta a quinta posição do Spotify Global e atinge o maior pico da música até o…

Hw3_no_Kwasiabi5 star

@PopCrave: Billboard Hot 100: #7 (+1) Watermelon Sugar, @Harry_Styles *new peak* [16 weeks]

KidInStylinson5 star

@billboardcharts: .@Harry_Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" hits a new peak on this week's #Hot100 at No. 7.

0XXPAPI5 star

Crazxharry5 star

@PortalTracklist: HINO: Watermelon Sugar do Harry Styles volta a quinta posição do Spotify Global e atinge o maior pico da música até o…

Lovelqcherry5 star

@CynthKao: The Watermelon Sugar music video made me gasp more than any sex scene.

Sunflwrvol995 star

@ERSKINERCRDS: So it’s ok to talk about how Medicine is about giving the good gluckgluckgluck but when we say Watermelon Sugar is about…

LouisMiBolu25 star

En fin, mis tinistas, Watermelon Sugar fue dedicada para Tini y #Tinarry is real. Bye😘🍉🍓

Leahnavratilova5 star

@Harry_Styles: Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run.

Hw3_no_Kwasiabi5 star

@billboardcharts: .@Harry_Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" hits a new peak on this week's #Hot100 at No. 7.

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About Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Harry Styles, album Fine Line, song Watermelon Sugar, released 13 December 2019. Listening online to Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles song preview is free and does not require registration...

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